Goody Bags and April CONTEST!

DSC01744.JPGOne of the fun things that we did at the Fling was to have everyone sign a 6 ft. tall Sock Blocker for Loopy Central. (I did get some funny looks as I was carrying this big “sock” through the hotel. Some guy accused me of being a Red Sox fan, FPS!) I found the perfect place to hang it in our foyer, so that we can remember all of the fun people who were here for our first Spring Fling. (I photoed it with the door in the picture so that you Flingers would be able to picture where it is, now that you’ve been here in person.) I wonder how many of these will fit on the walls here? I guess when we’re out of wall space, we’ll stop having Flings? (Or move. Yeah, that’s a better idea. We’ll move and get more wall space.) Now I get to walk by the Big Blocker every morning, and think of all of you as I start work! It’s very handy to have a hubby who can make such things. πŸ™‚

DSC01742.JPGHere is a picture of the Goody Bags that we gave to everyone when they checked in. It includes the red/black backpack (which I liked a lot because it has pockets and straps and is designed vertically instead of being a horizontal carrying bag). Inside was a skein of Wollmeise which Claudia dyed up for me just for the Spring Fling. (This is the first time she has done more muted colors – it almost looks like a watercolor painting of meadows and sea – which makes it a very special colorway, indeed.) We also included a pattern and samples from Cherry Tree Hill and Claudia Hand Painted (enough to make some sock blocker keychains or mini socks), some wonderful “Everything Balm” from Goodies Unlimited, a brand new pattern from Wendy and one from Cookie A (along with my favorite new heavy vinyl “pattern holder” – I use these all the time when I knit), a Loopy Ewe coffee mug (no, we can’t sell them because we don’t want to ship them, but they were perfect for giving away in person!) and of course some Loopy Kisses. We had a great time putting these together for everyone. And now, you have a chance to win one! Remember when I told you about April’s blog contest and gave you all month to do three random acts of kindness? Today is the day to report in and leave your comments as to what you found to do for others this month! You need to have done three RAKs to be entered into the random drawing, and I will draw the name a week from today. If we have a lot of entries, I’m happy to draw for 2 or 3 Goodie Bags. We love giving away prizes. So leave a comment with your RAKs and inspire all the rest of us to get out there and do the same!

DSC01746.JPGNo Sneak Up this week, but we have wonderful things in store for you next week. All of the shirts, hats, and sweatshirts will go up. (Don’t worry – we ordered a lot and still have multiplies in all sizes. The Flingers didn’t clear us out!) We also have more Pattern Tamers, a fun Loopy Necklace, Lawre’s Laine BigBags (ohsogorgeous), Duets, Schaefer Anne, Yarn Love, Seawool Fiber Roving from Creatively Dyed, Cashmere Sock Yarn from Perchance to Knit, and possibly (depending on how much time we have to get photos done) two new indie dyers – Beyond Basic Knits and Enchanted Knoll Farms.

Guess what? It’s time to Take Loopy on Vacation again! He had such a wonderful mix of adventures last summer and he has been bugging us about it all winter long. He’s ready to go again! Beginning with orders placed on May 1st, we’ll be including a Loopy Postcard in your order while supplies last. (We will plan to send one postcard with your first order in May. If for some reason you need a second postcard with your next May order, just leave us an order note.) I know that a lot of you have your very own Little Loopy, and it’s perfectly acceptable to pose and photo Little Loopy on your vacation, instead of the postcards. We’ll leave it up to you as to which you prefer. We’ll start a new ’08 edition of Loopy’s Summer Photo Gallery next week so that you can start sharing his adventures. We will have prizes at the end of the summer again, and will have you vote in several categories, so get photo-ing. Last year we had prizes for: Best faraway place that Loopy visited, most famous person that he met, most creative photo with Loopy, and most unusual place he visited. If you have any more fun ideas for additional categories, email me and I’ll share them on a future blog post.

Winners of the Q1-08 Challenge – for “randomly drawn from all entries” the winner is: Juli’s skirt. For the Reader’s Choice award from those who voted: Jennifer’s Venezia. Each wins a $25 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe. Congratulations to you both! Don’t forget our Q2-08 Challenge that runs between now and the end of June. πŸ™‚

I had an email from Claudia this morning and she has arrived safely back in Germany. Her family is glad to have her back, but I miss her!

Sheri stillwaaaaybehindonemailsbutIpromiseI’mpluggingawayonthem!


  1. 1. I returned a trash can that bad blown into the middle of the road to the house it belonged too.
    2. Helped another mom, at Ronald McDonald House put there child’s handprint up on the wall. Getting covered in paint in the process.
    3. Took clothes (some still w/ tags on) and toys to Goodwill.
    4. Because I was actually honored to be asked to help w/ the handprint in #2, I got coffee and a donut for a homeless person outside of Starbucks.
    5. Not really a RAK, but very hard to do, I let my son go with Grandma for a visit after an all clear on his 3month scans. I miss him, but know they are enjoying their time with him.

    Loved the sock blocker, and Fling looked like fun, maybe next year!

  2. 1. I went every day for a week, to visit with a friends Mom who has Alzheimers, while my friend was in the hospital and gave her daily reports.
    2. Stocked friend’s refrigerator so that she would have food for when she came home.
    3. Gave a gift card I had to a woman in Target who was explaining to her little boy that the could not get him the ball and bat as they did not have the money.
    4. Gave a pair of socks to a co-worker who loved how they looked.

  3. Looks like Spring Fling was amazing! Hope you all had a great time and my RAKs are below:
    1. Bought coffee for the person behind me at Starbucks.
    2. Made dinner for my boyfriend’s entire (8 guys) med school study group the night before one of their finals. This way they could study, but have dinner that did not come from a vending machine!
    3. Put together a garden party for a friend, including seeds, soil, and pots, to inspire her. She’s been through some very rough patches lately.

  4. The Spring Fling looks like it was so much fun! Who do I have to befriend to get to go next year? πŸ™‚

    1. My sister and I took my mom on a surprise spa day (manicure and pedicure).

    2. I procured a particularly delicious skein of Wollmeise for a friend who was really seeking that particular colorway.

    3. I knit a sweater for my niece, just because she’s a cutie-pie. πŸ™‚

  5. Holy COW, what a goodie bag!! That is craziness!


    1. The kids and I were at Bath and Body Works, and the girl in line next to us had a gift card that was just short of what her purchase came up to. I gave the cashier the difference to pay for it.

    2. I received a message on Ravelry from a woman who needed one additional skein of a particular yarn and colorway in order to finish a blanket for her son, so I went ahead and mailed her my two skeins.

    3. Anonymously “donated” money to a friend who needed some financial support.

  6. my 2 year old granddaughter immediately took off with my little loopy, but when i find him, i think he needs to have an adventure in second grade with us.
    yeah, even though one of my little girls BROKE MY TOE today! it was an accident, but holy crap, this hurts!
    here’s what i’ve done:
    1. bought a purse for a coworker. they had them (knockoffs) at school for some reason. jeanne fell in love with one, but she never buys a thing for herself, so i surprised her with it.
    2. kept my granddaughter last night so her mommy and daddy could shop w/o her. not a big deal except my husband just got out of the hospital (yeah, bad luck Lynne over heyah!) and i was exhausted.
    3. gave my SIL two of my favorite dishcloths because i wanted to make her happy.

  7. man, am I sad I missed the fling! gotta start saving now for next year πŸ™‚
    here are a few of my Random Acts of Kindness:
    RAoK #1 : let an older lady in front of me at the express lane at the grocery store
    RAoK #2 : brought muffins and juice to an early morning meeting
    RAoK #3 : brought the garbage cans in from the curb for my neighbors after trash day
    RAoK #4 : put together a learn to knit socks kit for a friend who has mentioned she’d like to learn, but doesn’t have the ability to spend money on a non-school book and sock yarn right now (this one might be slightly selfish, since I want her to learn to knit socks!, so it’s #4)

  8. RAK #1 I am teaching my friend’s daughter to knit. We are having a lot of fun. She is working on her second felted bag and wants to learn how to knit socks. I am afraid to show her my yarn stash. I do “gift” her with yarn.

    RAK #2 I donated a pair of socks that I knit to the silent auction for the Synagogue. They raised $50. It really made me feel good. I don’t even know that person who won them.

    RAK #3 Once a week I have been delivering a meal to a member of the Synagogue who has been ill. I spend about an hour with her and talk with her. I went grocery shopping for her the other day.

    RAK#4 My niece just got engaged. I am giving her a bracelet that my mother-in-law (her grandmother) gave me when I got engaged. She is the only one of her grandchildren old enough to remember her so I thought she would like it.

    Can you tell I am getting involved with the synagogue while I job hunt? At least I am doing something rewarding with my time off.

  9. I love the RAK idea, we should all do it all the time. Three things I can think of that I did. I paid for the coffee for the person in line behind me. I love the fact that it didn’t even faze the girl at Tim Hortons! I spent like 6 Saturdays in a row helping two wonderful friends wire their new apartment. Lastly, I bought some cute shoes that were on great sale, and immediately gave them to my sister-in-law, because she’s a saint and she deserves the world.

  10. Wow. I am now even MORE bummed that BFF Liz and I were not able to come to Fling this year. Not only was there specially dyed Wollmeisse, but there were special LOOPY MUGS???? πŸ™ I am truly bummed.

    But I’m looking forward to taking Loopy on vacation! Whoo-hoo!

    As for the RAKs, I didn’t do any. Well, I probably did, as I have been told that it’s just my nature and I do them all the time, but I didn’t CONSCIOUSLY do any, so I have none to report. Maybe next time.

    OK, counting the pennies for next week’s Sneak. I’m ready for it! **rubbing hands together** 😎

  11. My RAKs in April all involved driving, which I guess isn’t too surprising given the cost of gas:
    1 – I went to MN for the weekend and sat next to a really nice girl on the STL-Chicago leg of my trip (she was headed to Boston). We met again in Chicago on Sunday and had the same flight back to STL. I gave her a ride home (she lived 45 mins southwest of STL – I live about 1.5 hrs southwest) rather than her having to wait for a friend to drive in the city to pick her up at the airport. I know, stranger danger – but we’re both over 30, and we’d already exchanged emails and phone #s on the ride out!
    2 – I picked SOMEONE up at the STL airport during Spring Fling when she took an unexpected detour across the state. No big, but I was just getting into town, and I did this before going to the hotel to see the goodie bags!
    3 – I folded 144 tshirts at Loopy Central. Of course, I got to fondle yarn and eat M&Ms in between sizes, so I’m not sure this was totally RAK, but there ya go!

  12. Spring Fling sounded like it must have been so much fun! Here are my three things:

    1 – Made a batch of special cookies for someone special on their first day back at work from an extended illness.

    2 – Helped find old pictures of a family’s beloved dog who recently passed away so that a portrait could be done for them.

    3 – Picked up a friend stranded at the airport.

  13. OK, here goes…

    1. Gave diapers to a dad in need at the airport.

    2. Gave a skein of Wollmeise away to a fellow Raveler that didn’t have any yet.

    3. Knit hats for charity

    4. Gave a big tip to the Starbucks crew for all their friendly help

  14. I love RAK!!!

    1. At my usual Starbucks, I paid for the person behind me. Very typical, I know, but when I went back the next day, the drive through lady told me it lasted for 15 cars! Woo hoo!!!!

    2. I made all of my close friends a dishcloth. I love making “eweseful things” for people and they were all so suprized!

    3. i took the time to hand write letters of thanks to some of my employees. I also took my own personal money and bought gas cards for three of them. I work with alot of Drs and Nurses who work long and hard to take care of the most deserving of patients – Military and their families.

    Feel free to do this contest again! Yay!

  15. 1. Found a bag of medicine samples that my husband had after he had an allergic reaction to them. My grandma can’t afford her medicine. Turns out, I had 6 months worth sitting in my cabinet. She was so happy to save the $800.

    2. Let a lady cut in front of me at the post office. She called me a “blessing” and was excited that she’d not be late getting back to work.

    3. Rang a neighbor’s doorbell when I saw their dog running down the street.

  16. Sheri- found a spectacular new dyer….Looks like it’s only available in Canada at this point… It was a hugely hot seller at the Knitters Frolic.

    She uses nautral dyes and natural fibers… part of all proceeds go to charity. I’m knitting with it right now- lovely base yarn- and gorgeous colorways… You need to see this stuff;) We need a US connection for it!

    ps- I have no connections… just loving the yarn!

  17. People, you amaze me. So many kind and generous souls reading this blog!

    Here are mine:

    1. A dear friend found her dream wedding dress pattern, but it’s way beyond her 1-month-old crocheting skills. So I’ve promised to make it for her!

    2. Another friend was recently made redundant, and can’t really afford to buy yarn right now, so I gave her several skeins from my stash.

    3.Yesterday afternoon I went to a work training seminar, and there was a very shy woman there who didn’t know anyone there. So I abandoned my WIP and went over to talk and work with her for the rest of the session.

  18. Such wonderful things being done!

    My contributions were:

    1. Organized my knitting/stitching group to take on a project called Charity Knitting Sunday. Anything that is worked on during a Sunday is designated to be donated to charity be it premmie hats, baby afghans, socks, etc.

    2. Paid the lawn care bill for our neighbor who recently lost her husband and I will continue to do so through the summer months.

    3. Presented daughter and son-in-law with a paid weekend away at their favorite B&B just because they have been working so hard in their new house and I’ll provide babysitting services while they are gone. Somehow I feel I get the best of this deal by having my grandsons (ages 1 and 3) all to myself to spoil for a weekend.

  19. Ok….3 small random acts of kindness….
    1. Said “Thank you’ with a card and some attached caffeine (Star Bucks card) in return to a friend who greeted me with a random act of kindness a few weeks ago.
    2. Went to a friend’s new small green grocery on opening day to cheer her on.
    3. I wave and smile at the kids’ afternoon bus driver every day (unfortunately none of the kids like him (he can be a bit grumpy) but he delivers everyone home safe everyday which really is a wonderful achievement and the one I most care about.)

  20. I love RAK contests πŸ™‚
    1. (this is a longer-term one) I took on two students in an independent study to reteach a class that I’m already teaching this semester (in half the time) so they could graduate.
    2. I’m giving a shawl that I’ve been working on to a colleague who has had a really rough semester, and who I think could use some cheering up.
    3. I picked up some extra roving from our local market for some new spinners I know.

    Thanks for your act of kindness is having this contest!! πŸ™‚

  21. Oh, I am so excited! I missed posting my RAKs on the 30th, because that is my birthday, and I’d thought I missed my chance! You are the very best!! Extending it a week. I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy! πŸ˜‰

    Here goes:

    1. I made an attempt to be nicer on the road. The plan was to let at least someone go in front of me or turn or whatever every day, for all of April. You got me, though–I may have forgotten a day or two. LOL But I did find that it got to be a habit in a way, so when I was remembering, I would usually do it more than once that day. And it makes other drivers so happy.

    2. I left great tips. So, I gave tips to the lady at the coffee place window (I’m in RI so I go to Honey Dew, but I know you love some Starbucks–don’t hold it against me!), I left super good tips at restaurants a couple of times. You know how sometimes a waitress or waiter just needs to be appreciated, right? I’ve got little ones, so if they were good and went out of their way to be good to the kiddos, I felt they deserved a special surprise. Love doing that.

    3. Got books signed by the Harlot for my friend who was unable to go to the signing event at the last minute. πŸ™‚ She’s gonna love it!

  22. Love all your photos of late Sheri. It is so cool looking in your shop now!

    * made a little social call to my 70+ year old neighbor. She was stressing about her email not working but was afraid to ask for help so I just went to ‘visit’ and then we fixed her email while I was there.
    * Took the trash and recycling barrels in/out for neighbors a couple of times.
    * Slipped some secret cash into my mom’s purse one day … fixed income living is hard sometimes when you *really* want that special piece of fabric. :>)

  23. Dear Loopy & Friends,

    It’s a tough week to write, though not a tough week to write about kindness. My boyfriend had to put down his fifteen-year-old Labrador retriever on Monday, and Lucy’s death left a huge hole in our lives. I’m even more mindful of it when I think about RAK, because my usual roundup of RAK involves cleaning up the orphaned dog poop in the neighborhood. It’s easier to pick up this week since I am only picking up after two dogs of my own and not three. (I’d rather have Lucy back, healthy and young, and be picking up after three dogs, but we don’t get to make such bargains.) Our friends have been great, and so was the vet. Along with the comments on this blog, their acts remind me that kindness, and acts of kindness, is (are) woven throughout our lives. Kindness can be a way of life. Lucy was kind — she was also stubborn as all get-out, but will be remembered as one of the more loving and patient creatures ever. Plus she had the softest ears.

    My April RAK:

    1) Two donations to Doctors Without Borders, both on behalf of Knitters Without Borders, but on separate occasions,

    2) One pair of alpaca baby socks for friends who are expecting in May,

    3) a prayer shawl for a colleague battling breast cancer,

    and, since the baby socks were pretty small, neighborhood trash and poop pick-up. Also, I had to coordinate volunteers for a pretty major event a few weeks back — it’s not really a random act of kindness, but I managed to stay calm and grateful during the whole event. This was easier to do because of the spirit of the Loopy RAK Challenge, so thanks! I think you can count your challenge among your RAK. : )

  24. Some of these aren’t entirely “random” but they are still good

    1) Filled up the gas tank of my dad’s car a couple times when he came to help me move (fixed income and high gas prices do not mix!)

    2) Gave away some knitting supplies to some of the girls at the Eating Disorder clinic

    3) Put away the dishes from the clinic dishwasher for the cook

  25. FPS- i’ve been keeping a list so i don’t forget the things i did this month for people- and i am sure i missed the cut of but i’ll post anyway, in the off chance you count me in:
    1. was subbing at a high school I work at and one student had a horrible migraine all day, his mom never came to get him, so i drove him home.
    2. someone dropped glass in the middle of our busy crossroad, all the cars were driving really dangerously around it trying not to run OVER it, so i went out in the middle of the road and scraped up the glass with chunks of cardboard so the cars could drive safely again
    3. i saved a bee from the classroom i was in one day, he was trapped and i caught him in a mug and set him free outside
    4. i let people go in front of me as much as poss. while driving
    5. i loaned a student a dollar- loaned as in -not getting it back
    6. i helped April out at a charity event for free working her table for the “dress for success” nonprofit, they give business outfits to women re-entering the work force after getting off of welfare
    7. I volunteered to drive two diff. people to the airport this month, b/c i live close, they park at my house and i take care of their cars while they are gone, instead of paying for parking fees:)
    I am sure the contest is closed, but this has been a crazy week, and it makes me feel good to see it all in print:) so that makes me just feel good about me. thanks Sheri

  26. Wow, the Fling sounds like so much fun… I was sending happy vibes in all of y’all’s direction, and I could’ve SWORN I felt happy vibes coming back towards me!

    Random acts of kindness? I like random. And I REALLY like kindness. ^_^

    1. I escorted a pair of very scared Midwestern civil war buffs out of Church Hill (which is, er, not a very nice area of Richmond. I’m not sure what they figured I’d be able to actually DO if we were happened upon by muggers–I’m half the size of either of them–but they seemed so grateful anyhow. ^^;)

    2. Whipped up a batch of mint chocolate chip brownies… then walked around the hospital student centre the day before a test, offering one to anyone who looked stressed.

    3. Showed up at a friend’s house in sneakers and jeans and bandanna, carrying my tool kit and a big vegan spice cake, on the day he and his fiancee signed the lease for their new house… so they wouldn’t have to stay in thier Evil Housemate’s presence a moment longer. (Good thing, too… they’d apparently put together their desks and bed with the use of their Evil Housemate’s tools!)

  27. Some RAK…

    I found and returned a cell phone to itself rightful owner, a frantic college student who had put “HOME” as one of her contacts.

    Volunteered at a local animal shelter to walk some dogs who might not otherwise get some exercise. It was all I could do not to bring one home with me.

    Did my elderly neighbor’s grocery shopping (she has trouble breathing and is now on O2 24 hrs and is having a hard time adjusting) and took out her garbage.

  28. Hmm, my previous entry doesn’t seem to be here!

    Mine aren’t totally random, as they involve my best friend and her mother’s death.

    1. Helped my friend out, on short notice, clean out her mother’s possessions from the nursing home. This on a day that I was to go to a business conference, and thought I’d have the day to prepare for that.

    2. Took my friend back to her house, with flowers, pictures, etc., after the viewing, so that her hubby could pick up the kids and arrange some food for the wake.

    3. Acted as an intermediate guide for several of the folks between the church and the cemetery, and then to the wake, as the funeral director told us to stop if the light turned red. Helped that we have a large car with multiple flashing lights (useful in other charity activities we assist with).

    Thanks, Sheri! Loved hearing about the Fling, and everyone’s RAKs!

  29. Here are my RAKs:

    1. I brought some of my mother’s books on tape to a woman who has macular degeneration and can no longer read. My mom is in a nursing home now with age related dementia.

    2. I made cookies for a friend at work when she went out of her way to help me out.

    3. I gave a pair of hand knit socks to a friend who is moving and had to give up her cat.

    I always look forward to reading your blog and hope to meet you someday!

  30. Bonus RAK- the people that live next door had company (grandkids) they came over to play soccer with my youngest- they saw me knitting…and wanted to learn how. (a boy and girl- 8 and 6) I ran inside- grabbed a couple of sets of bamboo needles and some cotton and taught them how to knit!

    Best part- the family is middle eastern- & while the kids speak great english- the parents -not so much. And my lebanese is umm- non-existent. When it was time for them to go home-the grandma’s and mom came out to thank me…then- we all stood around talking knitting! (I had no idea the lady next door knit! knitting- The international language;)

    PS- I knit continental… and so do they:)

    Just had to share!

  31. I mowed our neighbors lawn after they left for work – it was really high, at least 1.5 feet!

    I brought ice cream and chocolate to a friend going through a hard time.

    I bought the starbucks for the car behind me in the drive-thru.

    I had fun doing each of these with my kiddos. They really got it that doing nice things is fun!

  32. 1) I looked after two small kids for no charge so their parents could attend a wedding.
    2) I gave up my Friday night to help a friend look for a place to live, also letting him crash at my place.
    3) I bought dinner for someone who needed it.

  33. My favorite RAKs lately:

    1) Paid the parking fee for the car behind me at Disneyland.

    2) Bought gas for a stranded motorist.

    3) Took the neighbors three small children to the park so she could get some sleep.

  34. Mine are dull, and I admit it still feels awkward to discuss them in public.

    1) Smuggled chocolate into a co-worker’s cubicle on a day when she wasn’t feeling very happy at all;
    2) Quietly gathering up all the dishes in the house shared areas to run dishwasher so that housemate wouldn’t have to think about it;
    3) Ordered a venti green tea lemonade at Starbucks, and a grande showed up. Mentioned this. Instead of pouring the grande into a large cup and adding to it, they made a new one and asked if I knew anyone who would like the grande. “Probably,” I said, and set out to find someone on the street who looked thirsty. Unfortunately, passersby looked more hurried than thirsty. The tea ended up at a drugstore cosmetics counter, where I was assured it wouldn’t go to waste. (They gave me perfume samples to say thank you! O_O )

  35. RAKs to report:

    1. Went through books that I’ve read and took a large stack to the pulic library for their upcoming Friends of the Library book sale.

    2. I got some new shoes recently, so I went through all my shoes and pulled out some that were still in nice shape and donated them to a womens shelter. I have a slim foot and know that it is difficult to find those shoes when you need them.

    3. Took Starbucks to my manicurist to welcome her back from vacation.

  36. My three RAKs:

    1. Invited a neighbour and her 10 month old daughter for lunch. I didn’t know them before the lunch.

    2. Took _my_ 10 month old son with me to visit my mom who lives 500 km away and doesn’t get to meet her grandson very often because she is not well enough to travel.

    3. Sent homemade stitch markers as a surprise to an online friend. She really loved them.

    And, I wish we had Spring Flings in Norway!

  37. My 3 RAKs:

    1. Sent sympathy card to co-worker when her sister died suddenly.

    2. Threw a family graduation party for both kids graduating from different colleges (whew – finally no more tuition payments!)

    3. Knit a new hat for my son and new socks for my daughter – just because . . . and they both loved them!

  38. Three RAK’s
    1. Spent 2 Mondays taking meals to church members who were ill.

    2. Took my grandchildren for the day, so my daughter could have some quilting time. She doesn’t knit so we trade off, quilts for socks.

    3. At a church dinner we were holding a lady stopped in who was out of gas and out of money. She was looking for the pastor but he wasn’t there yet so another girl and I each grabbed for our purses and gave her some money. Hope she got where she was going.

    Loved this content

  39. My 3 RAKs:

    1. I took a neighbor’s garbage cans out on a morning that they had forgotten.

    2. I was reading a book in the breakroom at work. A co-worker saw what I was reading and said she had heard great things about it. I picked up a copy for her and left it on her desk. (“The Thirteenth Tale” by Diane Setterfield)

    3. I brought lunch to my hair stylist since I had a 12:00 appointment.

    This has been fun to read through. I hope we all keep up the good works.

  40. There are so many great ideas on the this list!

    1. A friend moved to a new city very recently. Her birthday was coming up and I knew she probably wouldn’t do anything special since she really hadn’t met anyone yet. So I contacted as many people I knew that knew her and asked them to send her birthday wishes by phone, card, or email and to pass the request along to anyone else that knew her, but to keep who organized it a surprise. She got flooded with birthday wishes and reminders she was loved, but happily she hasn’t figured out it was me who got the ball rolling (she’s not a knitter so she won’t be reading this blog.)

    2. I helped my mother navigate the land of digital photography so that she could include a number of printed pictures in the cards she periodically sends her aunts and uncles. Most have very little family left so her cards, and this time pictures, are always happily received.

    3. A number of my relatives live quite a ways away so it has been years since we have all been together. This year there have been a number of health scares so we decided we should have a little reunion. Since we all live at different points across the country my immediate family (siblings, parents and I) decided we would use are collective frequent flier miles to buy tickets for them to fly out and my parents will put them up at their place. That way this reunion will cost my relatives very little money and they have happily agreed.
    Unbeknowist to my relatives, we had orginally decided to use our collective miles to take a family vacation that we were all quite excited about. In my opinion, using those miles for a family reunion instead is probably my biggest RAK that I have done this year.

    I hope you choose to do this again. I love coming up with RAK’s and hearing about everyone else’s. Thanks so much!

  41. My three RAK’s:

    1. Helped my parents move and when finished, I left a beautiful wreath hung on their front door anonymously. Spent five weekends moving them.

    2. Donated yarn and needles to an elementary school, so that young children could learn to knit.

    3. Donated several bags of clothing to the needy.

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