You Know You’re a Little Loopy When….

littleloopyYou know you’re a little Loopy when:

1. You think that a little stuffed sheep with a tan bellybutton needs to wear a red t-shirt that says “A Little Loopy”.

2. You do a Sneak Up on a week that Susan-the-awesome-assistant is on vacation and not around to help at Loopy Central.

3. You decide that a Dream in Color Knit-A-Long would be fun, and hey, why not offer a discount on the yarn, too?

4. You have no time to knit all of the socks that you want to knit, much less a whole sweater and a lace project that you have committed to doing, but you go ahead with the KAL anyway.

5. You have no idea what’s for dinner any night this week, but you’re convinced that it will all work out just fine.

6. You can’t keep up with the yarn and accessories that keep arriving, but you continue to order more anyway.

7. You always always stay away from the chocolate that is provided here for the enjoyment of anyone who pops into Loopy Central, and you’ve already partaken of it today. Twice.

8. You have people stopping by your house for a visit after dinner tonight and it completely slipped your mind until your on-top-of-it spouse reminded you about it 10 minutes ago.

9. You think that it’s perfectly ok to have a cup of Peet’s Coffee at 9 pm at night because you’ll be up working late anyway. And then you wonder why your spouse is looking at you funny when you start talking a mile a minute, nonstop.

10. You think that your Loopy Friends will totally understand being “a little loopy” and will probably have a few “you know you’re a little loopy when” comments to add to the list.

Sheri whatacrazycrazycrazyloopyweekithasbeensofarandit’sonlyWednesday


  1. You check your recent orders every 5 minutes to see if they might be shipped. 🙂

    You have a lot going this week. Make sure you take care of yourself too!

  2. Woohoo, am I still first? You knew you’re a little loopy when
    your DH takes DS2 to an appointment so you can stalk the computer even though you just ordered yarn for a KAL
    You know you’re alittle loopy when you order yarn for a KAL becuase you have one of the mulitple skeins you need anyways.
    You know you’re a little loopy when you sit typing this when you should be napping for work.
    You know you’re a little loopy when you thank your lucky stars you didn’t miss a sneak up due to work

  3. Awesome sneak up today! I ordered an obscene amount of Nummanumma and can’t wait to get it. You must be swamped this week with the KAL and the sneak up!

  4. I’m feeling really dumb today. What is/are “Loopy Legends” as listed on the sneak-up list??? Is that a generic term for all the Loopy-branded stuff?

    So…these are people whose company you enjoy? Order some pizzas or Chinese food and just relax and enjoy the company. They’ll understand. Really 🙂 You can put out a big bowl of that chocolate for dessert!

  5. You know you’re a little loopy when you stalk the Opera’s Web site looking for the announcement for next season, then get your season tickets renewed on line the day BEFORE your official renewal material arrives at the house.

    You know you’re a little loopy when you have so much yarn that you can’t decide what to make next.

    You know you’re a little loopy when you put yourself on a yarn fast for Lent, but go ahead and buy patterns anyway.

    Oh, this list could be endless…. Just ask BFF Liz…. 😉

  6. You know you’re a little loopy when you keep your laptop open next to you while folding clothes, paying bills, etc. just so you can check every 5 minutes to see if the sneak up has been put up, because after all, it’s wednesday and she usually puts sneakups up on monday or tuesday what is she waiting for. You also know you’re a little loopy when your new favorite saying is FPS.

  7. You know you’re a little loopy when you order two new bags and three new circular needles so you can start more projects instead of finishing up the ones you already have on the needles.

  8. Awsome!!!! I finally caught a sneak up!!! I got one of the Loopys, the sock notebook and a couple of patterns. Now to wait a day or so and order the yarn..gotta let the crowds die down, it seems some Loopy tipping occured seeins how the site froze up a few times b4 I checked out.

  9. YOu know you are loopy when your wishlist is long enough to make Loopy central crash! I dont even dare put all my wishes on my list.

    You know you are loopy when you stalk for a sneakup eventhough you cant even buy anything cause your card is short before E.

    You know you are loopy when you try to convince everyone you know to shop at SHeris exclusively.

    You know you are loopy when you sign up for sock battles just so you can order more yarn from SHeri.

    You mean you posted the sneak up without Sue! ARe you crazy? No you are just the best Friend anyone could have. Give yourself me time even if it means raiding the chocolate bowl more than several times. ANd the coffee thing. I know how that goes!

    REally hope your dinner guests are real good friends and they try to surprise you with a potluck. CAN DH cook? SInce he brought up the dinner I sure hope he knows how to cook! Maybe you could order chinese takeout and watch a movie or something.

    I love that little Loopy he is cute. WHere did he come from? Where is big Loopy, probably keeled over from exhaustion. I hope paypal doesnt give you any trouble this time. Hope the cold isnt being too much of a bother. All this week the warmup day keeps getting pushed one day over. Keep warm and safe.

    ibeleiveinmiriclesandhopeiwillberichsoonsoicanshop and swiminTLEyarngoodness


  10. Haha! You had to know the sneak up with the restock of little red canvas bags was going to be crazy!

    You know your loopy when you order yet another little sock project bag!!
    (guilty as charged)

  11. Well, at least you know the day of the week. At our house, we take turns figuring it out, even though I work every dat.,.. C:

  12. You know you’re a little loopy when your Ravelry stash is up to almost 100 sock yarns, it is far from complete, and still, you have a little accident with your paypal account when the sneak up occurs.

    who, me?

  13. You know you are a little loopy when.. you order your very own Little Loopy… and then place a second order for your two daughters so they will have their own Little Loopys so they will leave yours *alone*.
    Ahhhh Who cares if i am a little loopy… I am in GREAT company!!!!!

    Besides, I’m Michelle with 2 L’s which stands for Little Loopy!! LOL I crack myself up…


  14. I couldn’t resist commenting after a Michelle! Anyway, I’m in good loopy company and I had Monday off, too! Why do the short weeks always seem looooonnnger?!!

  15. I can somehow relate to #4…shocking, isn’t it, lol?! Although I haven’t officially committed to the KAL – maybe once my color choice(s) are restocked… I’m supposed to be on a yarn diet until Spring Fling, FPS! You see I can’t really stick to that… : )

  16. Well, really Loopy would have been adding Wollmeise to the sneak up…so you’re not ready for the loopy-house yet! I’m working hard on my urban aran so I can start my DIC project when the yarn comes in!

    Ice cream makes a very elegant dessert for the drop-in friends!

    Pace yourself

  17. You know you’re a little loopy when the ewe is a page I check daily at lunch! I’m hooked. And when you eat 1/2 a bag of caramel Kisses-Yummy-when going to get Thai food for dinner.

  18. You know you’re loopy when a potential Sneak Up day arrives and you know you won’t be near a computer much of the day, so your day goes like this:
    Stalk Loopy Ewe for sneak up until you have to take all the short cuts to get to work on time.
    Go to the doctor, but call friend first to stalk Loopy Ewe for me. Go home, stalk Loopy Ewe.
    Go to the bank, but call friend first to stalk Loopy Ewe for me. Go home, stalk Loopy Ewe.
    Go to DMV, but call friend first to stalk Loopy Ewe for me. Go home, stalk Loopy Ewe.
    Go back to work. Hard to concentrate because want to stalk Loopy Ewe for sneak up.
    Finally catch the Sneak Up, spend more money than planned ,but decide the Post-Sneakup-Loopy Stupor is very satisfying!

  19. I’m getting a little Loopy working at a CPA firm – will April 15th ever come?

    I’ve discovered a cool thing in town, and I’m sure your area has them also – where you go to put together meals, take them home to put in your freezer, and take out when time is limited. Our’s is called Dinner Helpers. That may relieve some of your Loopieness 🙂 I hope you take time for yourself inamongst this latest craziness of your successful business.

    Oh, and when do you expect to offer the cool yarn by Neighbor Fiber Co. that you pictured in your blog last month? It looked really yummy!

  20. 1. You know you are a little loopy when you sign up for a SWEATER KAL even though you have a million other things going and precious little time to knit! Please, please tell me you are going to have more Classy before the end of February…I really, really want to participate in this KAL!!
    2. You know you are a little loopy when the best thing to happen to you all week is that you finally snag a skein of coveted Posh cashmere yarn!
    3. You know you are a little loopy when you hubby get you a RED cell phone for Valentine’s Day and the first thing to cross your mind is to wonder if Sheri has a red phone too!
    You know you are a little loopy when can’t see a bag of Hershey’s kisses and not think of Loopy Ewe!

  21. Your friends text you to tell you at work that the site has had an update and then order you some yarn because they know that you’ve given up buying sock yarn for Lent. I have the best Loopy friends!

  22. You have Peet’s there!?

    You know your loopy when your reading ones comments and thinking Ophra has season tickets? It takes you a few readings before you realize opera – yes that makes sense. Then again I know I’m loopy because everything you said made total sense 🙂

    I bet it’s the moon 🙂

  23. You know you’re a little loopy when you are in your last night of work at the job you’ve joyfully quit but you’re still worried about that massive project that will take at least 4 hours to do but there are only 2 hours left of the night and you’re NOT going to work a SECOND late because it’s your LAST NIGHT EVER but WHY haven’t they turned in that project yet????

    And BFF Sarah up there makes an excellent point about stalking. We often start conversations with, “Well, you know I don’t obsess about these things….” I’m a little loopy because I know she gave up yarn shopping for Lent, so I don’t tell her about sneakage even though I want to giggle madly over yarn called Fishnets. And she’s a little loopy because she DOES tell me about sneakage even though that puts her in the way of temptation. And we’re both loopy because we have SCADS of yarn and it will only be the skein that we need something very specific for (a pattern, a needle, cross-eyed fish-shaped stitch markers) that calls to us at the moment.

  24. I went VERY crazy during today’s sneakup…but gee, it is still cold and whatbetter time to order yarn??!! A KAL…I couldn’t access the link…will you post the info in your blog? Thanks!

  25. You know you’re a little loopy when you’re getting married in less than 48 hours and realize that you still need to find a nice dress to wear for the wedding — but you’ve already finished and blocked the shawl you’re going to wear, and you’re more concerned that you haven’t finished the felted clogs you’re giving your sister-in-law.

    (Not that I’m saying this applies to me, mind you….)

  26. You know you’re a little loopy too when you order three Loopy Ewe red bags to go with the one you have from the last sneak up there were available. Two for additional sock projects and one for your secret sister swap since you know your secret sister loves Loopy as much as you do and will love the little red bag as much as you do.

    Thanks Sheri for all of the Loopy-ness this week. The Little Loopy is adorable (and yes he fell into my shopping cart today too!).

  27. I must be loopy too, because your list made perfect sense to me—especially not knowing what’s for dinner this week! Actually, it’s a relief to discover I’m not the only one who’s got a laundry list of unfinished projects but decided to jump into the KAL anyway. I bet it IS the moon.

  28. Nothing Loopy about you Ms Sheri. I have been blathering on all week to people about what an exceptionally astute business woman you are – they should use you as an MBA course exampler. Bravo to you – can’t wait to meet you in person!

  29. I don’t think there’s anything Loopy about your list. Well, except the little sheep, but he’s too darned cute!!

    Loopy is driving to work on snow-covered slick roads and not turning off the 4-wheel drive because you’re thinking that you are just a wimp and it’s not that bad. Tell that to my Rodeo after she hit a utility pole. I’m OK, but she is not. I’m soooo ready for Spring. Thank goodness I had a credit because I needed a little yarn therapy.

  30. I guess I am a bit loopy myself this morning. I could have sworn TMTTYRR said Oprah tickets as well. I read her comment twice thinking “I can’t believe anyone is that obsessed with Oprah that they would want season tickets!” When I read Michelle’s comment about it being OPERA tickets, I went back and read TMTTYRR’s comment again….need more hot tea…..

    Then again if Oprah’s fans saw this blog they would wonder about us obsessing over yarn and sneak-ups!

    Now could someone please enlighten me on FPS? Thanks a bunch!

  31. You know your a little loopy when you come home from work after 12 hours and the first thing that you do is check the website.
    You restrained yourself we ate an entire box of chocolates in order to survive yesterday

  32. You know you’re loopy when you can’t even knit what you have, but you want
    to buy more yarn. I want to make everything and having a hard time making
    anything. Don’t drink coffee, but can’t sleep anyway. You know you’re loopy
    when you’ve already posted on this blog, but your comment is gone. Loopy
    doesn’t need any more company anyway. Sometimes, I just like to look at
    the beautiful yarns; they make me feel good. Chocolate doesn’t stand a chance
    in my house. I hope you had a good evening with your after dinner guests. You
    also know you’re loopy when you couldn’t get a picture of the DIC girls on your
    computer, but they are there now. The computer fairiers are loopy too.

  33. You know you’re a little loopy when

    you NEED TO buy more yarn to store in your 4-room house that has yarn stashed in every room but the bathroom…(wonder if my brother will let me borrow his RV to live in or maybe I could rent a POD to store my yarn)

    you U-turn when on the way to knitting group because you got a heads-up from Sheri and you NEED to buy something (this was last week)

    you tell the doctor the reason you gained 2 pounds is that your clothes weigh more than last time there (well they did–I had on shorts and flip-flops last time and he didn’t need to know about the Mint Girl Scout cookies and the Christmas chocolate)

    you have on one navy sock and one black sock (I remedied this I knit my own now and no two pair are alike.)

    you can’t find your leftover CTH cherry blossom (I really need to organize my stash)

  34. You know you’re a little loopy when you risk life and limb to get to the office so everyone else can stay at home safe. Being the boss bites!

    You decide that a grocery store trip in before going to the office is a smart idea. Because we all have to have eggs, bread and milk when it snows or ice’s.

    You take the least plowed/treated road to work to avoid all the idiots only to find that most of the idiots had the same idea.

    Sheri, have you checked out the freezer menus at It has been a life saver for us.

  35. You know you’re a little Loopy when you misplace your brains and accidentally drive to work instead of your parents house (on the other side of town). Then you come home, let the dogs out and an hour later wonder why the house is so quiet. (Luckily they were all there by the back door patiently waiting to be let in). 🙂

  36. You know you are a little loopy when you knit socks at a snails pace, have a huge sock yarn stash as it is, yet you visit the Loopy Sneak Up 3 separate times and order each time (at least one of my orders was accessories – I had to get a cute little Loopy).

  37. You know you’re a little loopy when you continue to watch MSNBC political coverage while reading the “loopy” comments.

    You have Sheri’s blog in your bookmarks bar so you can get it with only 1 click, as well as TLE store site.

    You are addicted to reading every comment on the blog.

    You log into TLE ravely group 3 times/day to make sure you don’t miss anything.

    You browse the yarns at TLE every day, just to see the colors.

    I find that homemade macaroni and cheese in the freezer is perfect for when you are in a bind for dinner. We always make a double recipe and freeze one for later.

    Hope your evening went okay with your friends.

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