You Know You’re a Little Loopy When….

littleloopyYou know you’re a little Loopy when:

1. You think that a little stuffed sheep with a tan bellybutton needs to wear a red t-shirt that says “A Little Loopy”.

2. You do a Sneak Up on a week that Susan-the-awesome-assistant is on vacation and not around to help at Loopy Central.

3. You decide that a Dream in Color Knit-A-Long would be fun, and hey, why not offer a discount on the yarn, too?

4. You have no time to knit all of the socks that you want to knit, much less a whole sweater and a lace project that you have committed to doing, but you go ahead with the KAL anyway.

5. You have no idea what’s for dinner any night this week, but you’re convinced that it will all work out just fine.

6. You can’t keep up with the yarn and accessories that keep arriving, but you continue to order more anyway.

7. You always always stay away from the chocolate that is provided here for the enjoyment of anyone who pops into Loopy Central, and you’ve already partaken of it today. Twice.

8. You have people stopping by your house for a visit after dinner tonight and it completely slipped your mind until your on-top-of-it spouse reminded you about it 10 minutes ago.

9. You think that it’s perfectly ok to have a cup of Peet’s Coffee at 9 pm at night because you’ll be up working late anyway. And then you wonder why your spouse is looking at you funny when you start talking a mile a minute, nonstop.

10. You think that your Loopy Friends will totally understand being “a little loopy” and will probably have a few “you know you’re a little loopy when” comments to add to the list.

Sheri whatacrazycrazycrazyloopyweekithasbeensofarandit’sonlyWednesday


  1. You know you are a little loopy when you swore to yourself that you would stop buying sock yarn until you could score a skein of Wollmeise, and you totally caved when you saw the Loopy Legend colorways…

  2. Hang in there Loopy Lady! It is the sweet smell of success! Nobody (sadly) said that it would be easy. Easy is probably looking like a distant hike right about now! BUT it will be better!!!! I promise. If I can do anything to help, I’m right down the road, you let me know! (I mean this Sheri!)

    Have you seen your article from Quilts, Inc? I have it on my blog today, pretty dipdang cool if you ask me!!!

  3. I can’t wait to hear about the KAL, the link didn’t take me anywhere. I know I’m loopy when I’m even remotely considering a KAL when I’m buried in UFO’s, not to mention all that sock yarn screaming at me to be knit up! -patti

  4. I sure identified with a lot of those so I must be loopy too. I especially wonder when I’m actually going to knit all this glorious yarn into socks!!

  5. Yum peets! I could have used some peets to pry my eyes open this morning.

    And thanks for the sneak-up. I can wait for my numma numma to get here!

  6. I guess if the stuff on your list makes you loopy, then I’m guilty of a couple of things like that too. Like the dinner, which turns into a YOYO night, the coffee at 9pm, because I’ll be knitting half of the night, otherwise, if I go to bed early I’m up at 4 am anyway, right? Keep on being loopy and we’ll join right in.

  7. Hi Sheri!
    I just wanted to know if you knew when you would be getting in more Namaste bags?? I wanted to order one of the Laguna bags 🙂

  8. I’m loopy because I haven’t allowed myself any chocolate today (I can hardly count the mediocre fat-free chocolate pudding, can’t I).

    Also Loopy because I want to knit at work and am instead driving myself batty trying to finish 15 thousand tasks.

  9. You know you’re a little loopy when you are happy that your car window falls into the door well so you can take the car to the shop and go home so you can stalk the website looking for an update on one computer while replying to e-mail on the work computer.

    You know you’re a little loopy when an ice storm is coming and the thing you ask your husband to do to prepare is take Sheri’s birthday present to the post office so it will get to the Post Office before the storm hits.

    You know you’re a little loopy when you get a site update notice for Yarn Nerd and stalk it the wrong day. Then on the right day, you want to buy something and you can’t checkout because PayPal is screwed up so you choose the check option so you don’t loose the yarn and then go through PayPal later. Are you going to be getting his new fiber blends? The Emerald City colorway is lovely!

  10. When you notice the “Loopy Accessories” picture has changed to the tote bag (from the commuter cup) and stop all work to hit “refresh” compusively on the browser window.

    When you buy a pattern for a KAL, even when you can’t get the yarn you need.

    When you reach the point where you really, really, really NEeeeeEEEEeeeeEEEEd that yarn because life may not be complete if you don’t participate in the KAL, even though — two days ago — it would not have crossed your mind to buy this yarn and make the planned sweater with it.

    When you stay up knitting until 2 a.m. most nights even though you get up to go to work at 6 a.m. every morning.

    When you have a bag of M&Ms, a Cadbury Creme Egg, and a lollypop for breakfast because the Venti coffee didn’t have enough umph to get you going.

    When you read a “You know you’re loopy when . . . ” post, and THAT’s the first time it occurs to you that some of how you live your life might not be viewed as normal by the rest of the world.

  11. You know you’re a little loopy when a snow storm is on the way and you are more worried about the amount of yarn you have in the house instead of milk, bread, and toilet paper.

    Or perhaps that is normal and the rest of the world is a little loopy for not following my line of thinking…

  12. Aawww, Little Loopy is really cute. i ended ordering 2, as in take 2, they’re small? I also finally got my red tote bag! Hooray!

    You know you’re a little loopy when you’re driveway is a sheet of ice, after an ice storm on Sunday, followed by more snow this week. I’m with Janice–enough cold, snow, and winter, already!!! UNCLE!!! Our area has already set a record snowfall for the month of Feb., and we are already at double the normal annual snowfall, and we could get more snow for almost 2 more months! Who said global warming? That concept is loopy this year, at least in the Great Lakes and upper Midwest areas, as well as the Pacific Northwest!

    You know you are a little loppy when you join the DIC Sweater KAL, after being hesitant to join. But, you just keep reading more about it on Ravelry, and then you are now interested in possibly knitting more sweater, in different colorways, if they get in, in time, etc.

  13. Correction to above, should read:
    “You know you are a little loopy when you join the DIC Sweater KAL, after being hesitant to join in the first place. But now, you just keep reading more about it on Ravelry, and then you are now getting interested in possibly knitting more sweaters, in different colorways, if I can get the first one sweater done in time and you get the other colorways back in stock, in time, etc. Hmm, what the power of suggestion can do…”

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