Around Here? Loopy. And Icy.

Aaaahhh. Y’all make me feel so much better. If I’m loopy, then I’m certainly in good company. (And for those of you who read the last post and wondered about all of us? You really need to get your “loopy” on. Just sayin’.)

It’s another icy day here in St. Louis. Schools are closed for the second day in a row (which means Knitting Daughter will be in again to help pack orders – after she sleeps in and enjoys her morning.) My friend Janice in Iowa has cried “Uncle!” this winter season. She has had enough snow to last her for a long long time. So I’m wondering, if “uncle” means “enough”, does “aunt” meant “keep it coming!”? I love this weather. Not necessarily driving in it, but I love sitting inside and watching it come down. Is there anything cozier than sitting by the fire with your family, latte and knitting in hand? Maybe a good movie on the tv, or maybe with the tv off completely? I think not. (Well – maybe a fire, a latte and a good book if the family isn’t around.)

IMG_1785.JPGHere’s a photo of my Farmhouse Fannie’s Fingering sock that I finished up over the weekend. This is soft and squishy sock yarn. Fun to see how the colors knit up. (I used the Stansfield 16 pattern on it, which is one that I like for yarns with a lot of colors, where a more detailed pattern would get lost. It’s from one of Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Socks books.) We have sold out of most of the Farmhouse yarn already, but will have more again soon. One of my favorite colors is still in stock – Autumn. It’s beautiful! And now that I’m done with this sock, I started that gorgeous green sock yarn that I’ve been dying to cast on for a bit now. That is from The Sanguine Gryphon, and we will have that up in the next Sneak Up. It’s knitting up beautifully. I’m so glad to have this line coming to The Loopy Ewe!

A few quick answers to the questions I have been getting:

– We will have a full re-stock of Dream in Color Classy around mid-March. I will let you know via the blog when it’s back in, and we will offer the DC-KAL discount on it for those participating in the KAL, one more time for a week or so. I’ve lost count of how many of you are KALing with us, but it’s a ton of people and it will be a lot of fun! (We can’t take pre-orders on the colors, so just keep an eye on the blog if you’re waiting on it.)

Smooshy gets fully re-stocked every month – it’s a standing order (just like Classy and Baby). We will have more of that in March, too.

Rio de la Plata will be here again in about 2 weeks. Aruacania and Noro have both been on re-order since before our first orders even arrived, and I have no idea when those orders will be in. No one seems to know. FPS. (I’m wearing my Noro socks again today. Love them.)

All Things Heather is coming back! The order just shipped. We’re so glad that Heather is set up again for dyeing, now that they’re settled in in CA.

– Thanks for your wonderful response to our new Loopy Legends line. (To see all of the colorways we had, click on the “0”. My very favorite colorway out of all 12 of them was the one that is still in stock – Janice’s Sunshine in Winter. I took a skein of that out as soon as I opened the boxes up! Although I must say, I really did love all of them and have plans to continue adding to my stash with each order that we get in. I just didn’t want to hog take any more than one the first time.) Yes, all of the colorways have been re-ordered. We have a couple of other orders in with Zen String first, but then we’ll get more of those Legends colorways. Plus, we’ll probably introduce another 12 Legends sometime this summer.

– More Wollmeise will be up sometime in the first couple of weeks in March. I’ll announce it the week before on the blog. (We can’t take pre-orders on Wollmeise – sorry!)

– Yes, I will order more of the Loopy’s Red Canvas Tote bags again. Today. Also, more travel mugs will arrive in a couple of weeks.

We’re going to be packing this week’s Sneak Up orders until the cows come home, so thank you very much for your patience with our “little longer than normal” turn-around time. We’re working as fast as we can! We so appreciate your orders this week. πŸ™‚

Sheri contrarytowhatyoumightbelieve,IhavenotgivenupStarbucksforPeets.


  1. Yay for icy, sleet-y days! I love them too! With the wind howling! And if the power goes out (which it usually does), I have my trusty headlamp to knit by. Bring it on!

    So glad there will be more DIC soon!

  2. The ice missed us this time…it went north of us, although it is still cold and messy around here. I got a Loopy and a Loopy Canvas Tote πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to get them! Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Another voice from Iowa echoing “UNCLE”!!! This has been a tough winter and I’m ready for it to be over. It is okay when the weather is too bad to go out and do anything and you just have to sit and knit.

  4. Enjoy your second snow/ice day in a row! I hope we don’t have anymore this season, but that is likely too much to hope for this year. I understand that our school district has at least one more snow day left, before the kids have to make up the lost time, probably at the end of the school year. But, the surrounding school districts in the region have already used more than their allotted snow days. It is a big winter, here. I think the governor is going to have to forgive the time of some of the snow days; she has the power to do it. And, there is precedent, as previous governors have done it in years where lots of extra snow days were needed (a couple in the 1980’s, more in the 1970’s). One thing: I will always prefer tons of snow over ice! Gee, Sheri, if you want more snow, maybe you should come to Michigan! πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to get my box, with my DIC Classy Petal Shower for the Sweater KAL, my red canvas tote, & 2 Little Loopies (they really are cute), etc!

    I hope you all have a good weekend!

  5. So i should not tell you all that I have already dragged 2 dogs in from their morning swim here in Florida. We have had a warm winter here, sorry about that. My kids however would kill to see snow since they never have.

  6. So glad to hear ATH is coming back, and Rio De Plata, and Auracania too! Sounds like March is going to be a wonderful month for us Loopy fans…The first sock club shipment too!! Those of us having to wait for the March restock on Classy will have to put on the afterburners to get done by June 1…I can’t wait to get started!!

  7. The Legends yarns were all really pretty…but I still have to knit up the contents of my last order!

    Any chance of you getting in solid colors of Mountain Colors Bearfoot? That is my latest favorite winter sock yarn and I’d love to do some cabley socks in solids.

  8. Congratulations to all the Loopy Legends! I love the colorways. We had snow, rain and sleet last evening through this morning. I’ll gladly ship some to Allison in Florida. πŸ™‚ Luckily, I took a vacation day today (taking care of sick hubby) and didn’t have to drive. Clicking over to Ravelry to join the DC-KAL.

  9. I, too, love the Loopy Legends colorways. I got Janice’s Sunshine in Winter, but they’re all beautiful. When they’re restocked, I’m hoping to get a few more of them.
    The Loopy Legends is such a great idea!

    It’s snowing here in Boston today; we’re going to get as much as 10 inches. I love winter, so this is my kind of day!

  10. Pssssst……don’t tell Sheri that I told you, but Sheri’s birthday is arriving next week on Feb. 28th…… please wish her well on her natal day.

  11. I wish we would get some winter weather where I live in NC – I miss a little bit of snow. But then I get cold really easily, so maybe I should just appreciate my mild winters. Today isn’t even that cold (40s) and I’m wearing TWO handknit sweaters. =P

    I’m so glad you’ll be getting in another order of the DC Classy in March – it’s fairly picked over at the moment!

  12. Speaking as someone actually in Starbucks home territory – there *is* definitely better coffee than Starbucks (I know, there will be a green awning and a warning note attached to my door when I get home). There is a fabulous chain moving out of Oregon called Dutch Brothers that I think is the BEST coffee I’ve had (I make it a point to stop whenever I have to drive through Oregon). Many folks love Starbucks, but their coffee is bitter/burnt tasting to many of us, and much higher priced than most other coffees. Their recent layoffs and slowdown should be a clear sign to them that it’s time to be competitive! Like…their tall/grande/venti sizes? 1/2/2 shots respectively. Dutch Brothers (and others) go 2/3/4 on shots for the same sizes and for less money (and not so bitter!). Coffee tasting in Seattle is a bit like wine tasting in other parts of the country I suspect πŸ˜‰

    I like patronizing the little one-off coffee shacks around here – the little mom and pop places. It’s like buying yarn from you Sheri – we’re supporting small businesses instead of giant corporations πŸ™‚ (I had to fit knitting in here, right?!).

  13. Thanks for all your hard work this week! It sounds pretty crazy at Loopy Central. I am looking forward to all the new yarn & colors coming up. You’re the best for keeping our interests peeked!
    I’m with you when bad weater arrives – I’m excited. I just get that cozy, hibernating feeling and want to knit & cook soups & casseroles!
    Enjoy your day – till the cows come home.

  14. It’s been snowing since I got up here in central MA–and it is supposed to get heavier as the day progresses through tomorrow. While the weather is perfect for knitting, I just placed my seed order for my first garden and that makes me wistful for the end of winter.


  15. Sheri
    I loved all the Loopy Legends colorways and was very dissapointed when I missed getting a skein of my friend’s Spring time in Washington yarn.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get it next time.

    Would love to hear the stories of how they got to be a Legend.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  16. I’ve only been living in New York for 2.5 years and my husband always makes fun of me for marveling at the snow. I only saw snow every 5 years or so in California. We’ve had an unexpected amount today and I’ve been completely enjoying it. It won’t be fun later when we have to go out, though!

    One of the things I really miss about California is Peet’s! I used to go there several times a week. They have delicious coffee. I email them every few months and ask them to open a store in New York. They keep telling me it’s not in their plans, but I have to try!

    I’m looking forward to receiving my next order from you. It’s been a tough few weeks around here and sock yarn always makes things better!

  17. Travel mugs?!?!? Did you say travel mugs???? How did I miss those? Please let us know when they’re in. The Loopy Legends are awesome. Hmmm, do I need more yarn? Let’s get real, when do I ever “need” more yarn, I just want it!! Have a great weekend sheri.

  18. What is it with schools and snow days? In all of my life, even in the most drastic storms that piled up so much snow you couldn’t get out of driveways or sometimes open doors even without someone on the outside shoveling you out, I have never once had school closed because of snow. There really can’t be anywhere down in the US that gets more snow than us. This is highly unfair πŸ™

  19. We actually have some sun today! WOOHOO!! I can almost feel myself melting like the snow.

    That green yarn is stupendous! I love how the colors blend and merge. I’m also thinking about the Rio de la Plata. Soo much beautiful yarn, and so little time. What’s a girl to do?

  20. What is this about Peet’s? Never heard of them … OR Dutch Brothers that Tracy likes. I feel deprived. Oh, wait. I have lots of yarn coming any day now. Deprived? Hardly. :>)

    I’m gonna get a Loopy travel mug one of these days. I have 2 stainless steel ones that are going 10 years old now. and I wouldn’t be without them .. but I need a Loopy one for sure.

    As for cold, sleet and snow days… we don’t have many snow days here in the Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona area but we *have* had a much wetter and cooler than usual winter. The desert will be busting out all over in blooms very soon now. In the meantime I have been wearing lots of wooly socks , scarves and sweaters these past several weeks. Nice!!

    Have a good weekend Sheri and Elves.

  21. Oh, Janice and I must be on the same wavelenght. I posted about my snow frustrations yesterday. And it’s still snowing. sigh

    I loved the same Loopy Legends color! I’m still making my decision on what I want to order though. I do need your thoughts on pairing the AL dark chocolate and the cornflower blue.

    And, as if I didn’t say enough, any chance you’ll be selling the cute little keychains (or something similar) that were on the tote bag? I collect keychains, and I covet it that one. lol

  22. WHile i am listening to the often wrong weather suggestions for us I alaways check in on TLE and when i heard ice, I was hopping that Knitting Daughter had off. I am proud of her that she comes to help out. THey all do need their sleep in beauty sleep now dont they. smile, remember i have 3 of them.

    By us snow is melting, which means everything will ice over, so I am for the stay at home and knit. We have had more snow this winter than in the past few combined.Your description sounds like haven, oops typo meant to be heaven but knitting is a haven as well though. lol.

    I am happy that there is alot of yarn coming in in March. Cool. Then i will impatiently patiently wait for the restock. Right now i am waiting for an order to finally get posted for some books, if they dont hurry I will tell them to hold on and order yarn instead. It is so hard not to tell them some choice words and just order

    Have fun packing and shiping all those boxes. I cant wait to hear what those who havent poste all got on Ravelry. How did your dinner go the other night or did i just miss that comment somehow, the one you forgot about? As lovely and kind as you are to us all, i think your guests would mind anything you do actually.

    Hopingthexowshurryhomewithallthatice and youcanspendmoretimeknittingbythefireandwatchingtvandordvdwithfamily.


  23. In response to Jenna’s post about school closings due to snow, well, I have an answer =)

    Snow is honest. Snow is like dirt. You can move it. Don’t need it where it is? Just push it aside in a great big pile. When I lived in Minnesota, things never closed. Even if it meant getting up 45 minutes early to dig the car out from under a foot and a half of the stuff, once you got to the main roads, it was clear sailing. They have lots of equipment (and practice with the same) for moving great big piles of snow out of the way. It stays cold enough that things don’t really melt and refreeze that much – so really, the only ice problem areas are bridges and overpasses.

    Now, as for Missouri .. .ice, ice is a problem. You can’t really move ice. I mean, you can scrape it away eventually (it took me 30 minutes to chisel through enough of the 1/4″ coating on my car this morning), but that really isn’t practical for roads. Although the thought of people with ice scrapers going at the roads is pretty funny. What you need to do with ice is change its state. That gets expensive and unreliable. Once you make it into water, where does it go? Around here, it mostly sits on the roads. And turns back into ice. Even up in StL, the suburbs can be somewhat rural. Which means a lot of twisty, narrow, and hilly roads for school buses to navigate. It’d be expensive to clear all the roads so that they were totally safe – if you fail to make them safe, and leave school in session, well – one school bus accident is all it would take. In Missouri, a ditch on the side of the road is a cliff compared to the gentle rolling plains of ditches in Minnesota. Far better (and more cost effective) to take a couple days off. Especially since trucks were sliding off the interstate yesterday.

    All that said, I’m hoping the postman can get enough of a running start to slide his little truck up the hill to our mailbox today. Our cul de sac was plowed and salted last night – the current texture is something akin to a nice, smooth, slippery stucco. I would really, really like for my latest Loopy order to get here today, but I don’t want him to wreck the truck in the process =)

  24. I am tres amused by the budding Peet’s affair. I tell you, it’s almost worse than spinning for getting sucked over to the dark side! Now if only I can keep from joining the DIC KAL so that I can catch up on all my other projects, I’ll be doing well πŸ˜‰

  25. Sorry to hear you’re backed up getting orders out. I would love to come -fondle yarn-er, help ya’ll pack orders. I don’t know if I could handle being in the midst of so much yarn in one place though. It might just tip me over the edge.

  26. You forgot! :-0

    In order to be TRULY cozy on a snowy/sleety day, you need the fire, your family, your knitting, hot drink of your choice (mine would be tea, Mama’s would be cocoa, though either of us would not sneeze at a good latte), either a good movie or no TV (depending on availability of said good movie), and THE CAT!!! πŸ˜‰ You forgot the cat! And you have two!!!

    As for the snow, we’ve had a fair amount here in Chicago this year. More than we’ve seen in a while. People have actually been complaining. I’ve had to remind my mother several times that it’s winter and we live outside Chicago, therefore we are supposed to have snow and below-zero temperatures. I just bundle her up more and try not to comment on what the gas bill is going to look like as she turns the heat up to 76. (She is nearly 80, we let this sort of thing go in favor of her having a better day.)

    Sounds like good stuff coming in March! I just hope some of it waits until after Easter, when my yarn fast is over! 😎 Just a few more weeks….

  27. Almost all the school districts around here were closed today because of icy conditions, & the federal gov’t had the “unscheduled leave” policy in effect today, so I took advantage of that & stayed home. I can’t afford another bad fall like I had last week when everything turned to ice very suddenly. Plus, it’s Friday, FPS! …I’ve already knit up 2 swatches for my DC-KAL sweater, now I just need to wash & lightly block them to see which is better/which size needle to use. And I need to finish up the sock that I’m knitting for *someone’s* upcoming birthday. ;D

    Glad to hear that you’ll have KD’s assistance. [My non-KD just woke up (2:30pm here)!] I guess we’re all a little Loopy at this point! Time to head to S’bux for a venti PSL; yes, the S’bux closest to my house still has them! And it’s all your fault that I’m hooked on them, Sheri! πŸ™‚

    Note to Casey @ 11:38am: There isn’t a separate Loopy Groupies KAL on Ravelry. Just go to the regular Loopy Groupies Group, & look for the DC-KAL thread. It’s close to 600 posts at the moment!

  28. I love you vision of a snowy afternoon sitting by a cozy fire with your knitting! I really wish we could get just one day of snow here! *sigh*

  29. I love the name the Sanguine Gryphon. My daughter’s budgie is named Gryphon, he’s pretty sanguine judging by his happy little chirps, and he’s just about the colour of that gorgeous sock yarn. I can’t wait to see the socks that emerge from it. Maybe I’ll just have to make some for my daughter.

    I guess ice isn’t the best for some people but you’re lucky to have another snow/ice day. I have no excuse to sit in front of the fire and knit, but , so what, I’m going to sneak in a little anyway.

  30. I love the Loop Legend color ways! I’d love to hear a little bit about who each of the legends are and the inspiration for the color choices! πŸ™‚

  31. Your backed up on sending out orders? I don’t think so. I ordered DIC for the KAL Tuesday & it arrived here in Boston today. The speed is just amazing! But, I have to be good & finish a few things before I start the sweater.

    It’s snowing here. Very pretty. IMO, much better than all the rain we had last week.

  32. Ice is no fun – stay safe! And, thank you for the updates re: yarn restocks. I also think it is incredibly generous of you to offer a second discount on the DC Classy (for the KAL)…you really are so good to us!

    Hope you have a good weekend! : )

  33. Love the colors in that sock.
    mmmm Wollmeise … : )
    We finally got some of the white fluffy stuff but are getting the freezing rain today. I do so love the snow.
    I don’t think I have heard of Peets. We must not have them here.

  34. First, I just have to say (because I can’t stop myself), I am so ready for spring!
    Here in western MA, we had our first real snow fall the week after Thanksgiving and we’ve been getting snow or ice, or both, regularly ever since. Today is another example of why I’m not having fond thoughts about the groundhog lately.

    Thanks to the snow that’s falling, I’ve been working at home all morning. I think I’m going to switch gears now and go knit (It’s kind of a public service with the warning of what’s coming in March).


  35. Schools here were closed yesterday, but…thankfully the second and third round missed us so the schools around us (McDonald and Newton Counties)are open, but Jasper, northern Barry andLawrence Co schools werent.I almost ordered a legend yarn and now I wish I had, oh well I can wait until they come back in πŸ™‚ There are 3 that I defitally want! And I too love the idea of curling up on the couch w/ a cupof coffee, some background TV noise and my knitting while watching it snow!

  36. I don’t get snow. I like rainy days for the same reason as snowy ones though. I lose my interest in going out and then I get a lot more done in the knitting or at least housebound arena.

  37. My kids had off today too, it was the 500th snow day LOL
    I LOVE being home, cozy, watching it snow, today it was a really beautiful snowfall.
    My DD J had her BFF K come over today (so her mom could go to work), and we taught K how to knit!! She took home her first FO a little change purse for her lunch money. You should have seen her beam with pride!!
    My DD and I were beaming too. Nothing like making another knitter!!

  38. We had another yucky snowy day here in PA today. I was worried my classy wouldn’t show because our post office doesn’t always make it out to my house when the weather was bad. I was thrilled when the doorbell rang and a nice big box of yarn was there! I can’t believe how much classy I ordered last weekend. I’m definitely LOVING this yarn!

  39. I also got Autumn—not just because so many of the other colors had already sold out but because I thought it was really pretty! And I’ll be watching for The Sanguine Gryphon! Ya gotta love the name!

    My kids would be so envious of all that snow! We’ve had hardly any this winter; in fact, it’s been unusually warm. Doesn’t feel right (although certainly easier to drive around in).

    I don’t remember seeing Peets in Southern California after I moved here but every time I go back for a visit, there seem to be a few more of them. And yes, it’s good coffee..

  40. That should have been “until after I moved here”…obviously the Italian coffee I’m sipping as I type this isn’t strong enough!

  41. You say ‘Aunt’, I say ‘Uncle’….. At least we both agree that sitting and knitting and watching movies is a good way to get through the snow and ice whether we enjoy it or not!!!! And now to have extra sunshine coming my way in my own Loopy Legend colorway, what fun!! They will be the next socks I cast on!!

  42. Lightly snowing here as I write this. But the birds are still chirping outside, so spring can’t be too far off. Getting ready to sit down and work on a sock while listening the latest Stephen King book called “Duma Key”. Hope it’s good.

  43. A great big thank you to you and the groopies for working so hard this week to get the orders out. I got my Classy for the sweater KAL yesterday and can’t wait to cast on!

  44. I’ve cried Uncle, too. I was watching the news the other day and in February alone we have had 3 times the normal amount of snowfall. That doesn’t count December and January which were equally or snowier than this month. My sanity is very pleased that it has gotten above freezing at some point over the past three days….oh, and the knitting retreat over the weekend was wonderful. The kids and I are going stir craZy in the house this winter.

    Who takes their kids to the park to slide when there’s a foot of snow on the ground and it’s 15 degrees? oh, wait! that was me…..

    I will be buying more Noro from you whenever it comes in. It has it’s drawbacks, but I just cannot get over how gorgeous the colors are! And, my socks have been worn and worn and still look perfectly new. Yay for the less than merino soft yarn – it wears like iron.

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