Three Things Day

Three things that I find unbelievable:

DSC01522.JPG1. It was 73 degrees at noon yesterday and hailing and snowing by dinnertime. FPS. What a weird place to live.
2. The number of boxes of yarn that have arrived in the last two days, waiting to be unloaded and inventoried and put up. Poor Elf Kathy is pulling her hair out.
3. The responses from last week’s blog contest. I have loved going through them, and have read every single one. There were way too many times when I sat there reading, thinking, “Oh, me too!” And of course I was all ready to click on “reply” to tell each of you what I loved about your posts …. and then realized I cannot reply to them all and still get through all 549 of them. Just know that there were many I wanted to reply to. I’ll pick a random winner on Friday!

Three things I did with College Guy, who was home for a long weekend and went back to school yesterday:

1. Played Guitar Heroes. (He’s really good. I’m really not.)
2. Watched movies. (I knit during them. He does not.)
3. Stayed up late and got up early. (He stayed up late and got up late. Parents can’t usually do that. Someone has to go to work to pay those college bills.)

Three commonly “stashed” items from last week’s contest:

1. Tea. So many of you have a tea cabinet. I have a coffee/tea cabinet and have a habit of buying tea, even though I rarely drink it. My friend Wendy (also a Loopy Elf) has special tea cabinet knobs on her tea cabinet. I like that!
2. Black beans. This I don’t understand at all. I don’t like black beans.
3. Lotions. I totally understand this one and am guilty as well. Never mind that I usually forget to use it. At least I have a good supply on hand.

Three things I’m currently knitting:

DSC01521.JPG1. A sock out of that skein of Neighborhood Fiber Co. sock yarn that I showed you on the blog awhile back. It’s going to be one of my favorite socks – I can already tell. I will have to knit the partner to it.
2. The shawl-that-I-will-never-get-through but am determined to finish for the Q1-08 Challenge.
3. This yarn from a new indie dyer. Ok, so technically I haven’t started knitting it yet, but it’s sitting here on my desk, teasing me. I refuse to wind it until project #1 is finished. I must not be distracted. But OH am I ever dying to start it. (Notice I did not commit to leaving it alone until project #2 is finished. I’m no idiot.)

Three things I just don’t understand from last week’s blog contest:

1. Mashed potato fudge. Ugh.
2. Jenn, who forgets that she has ice cream in the freezer after she has tried a bowl of it. (Are you kidding me??)
3. All of you who have an excess of chocolate and wonder if this is a problem. (Um …. no. It’s not.)

Sheri thedeliverymanjustdroppedoffmorenewyarnshelvesforus


  1. Aw, poor Kathy-elf! She’s too darn cute in that pic — tell her not to pull her hair out over it though! πŸ˜‰ Ha ha. I can’t wait to see all the goodies ya’ll have in store for us.

    We had crazy weather here in Nashville yesterday too — crazy high winds and rain, and the temperature dropped super fast. Yuck!

  2. That new yarn sure look yummy!!! That’s the colorway that usually speaks the loudest to me. Can’t wait to see the other choices.

    Glad you had a nice visit with College Guy! My 9 yr old is just getting started at G.Hero – I won’t even try.

    Keep warm! It’s 25 below in WI today and the wind is still whipping! FPS

  3. Both boys got rock band for Christmas and have guitar hero….it is a virtual concert here when they are both playing, Rock band comes with drums and another guitar!! I have not tried any of it…too busy painting, papering, stealing some knitting time. hat new yarn looks gorgeous!! I love the colorway…
    Nice to have the CG home, isn’t it? My DS2 is at college, which is currently 1.5 miles from the new house….I get to run a high calorie shake to him nightly as he is post surgical and needs the calories. Sometimes I get to say a quick hi as I have to drive through campus to go home….how great is that?
    Poor Loopy Elf…where ever will all the new yarn go?

  4. Hey I know that feeling..but for me it comes when I do wedding planning or write too many reports at work πŸ™‚ I did want to ask when you will be getting more Namaste bags in? They got snached up pretty quick and I would rather buy one from you than anyone else πŸ™‚ I will keep my eyes peeled for the next sneakup!

    Poor Loopy Elf…maybe they need chocolate??

  5. Wow, 549 responses for the contest? That’s a lot of non-yarn stashing! I feel better now, knowing I’m not alone, as I seem to have a lot of friends who do not stash, and do not get it.

    And yea, I hear you on the weather. It was balmy yesterday morning in Chicago, but I left work early so that I could get home before the “flash freeze” hit. What’s up with that? (Although it is a good confuse-a-cat strategy, take the snow away and make it warm, then freeze it up again.)

    My three things for this week:

    1. Corporate reorganizations s*ck. While my job (I’m a contractor) is, for the moment, fairly secure, (and I stress for the moment), a good friend of mine at work lost hers, and a couple of people who are basically worthless had no ill-effects from it. Go figure. (Although it’s balanced out by good job news for BFF Liz! Whoo-hoo!)

    2. I taught a couple of private crochet lessons in the past few weeks, which is money towards the Loopy Retreat. πŸ˜€ I may make it to St. Louis yet!

    3. Crocheting Kidsilk Haze makes the most glorious wonderful swatch I’ve ever touched in my life! I need to crochet me a sweater out of it….

  6. They deserve it. I don’t mind letting them have mine I don’t need them though I enjoy them. I understnand about the weather it was 40 here on Monday and yesterday -3 with a windchill of about -35 there is something wrong with that. I know you can do the lace I am doing Secret of the Stole 2 and I am really enjoying it.

  7. I humbly agree to take all extraneous chocolate and / or ice cream off anyone’s hands if they inexplicably have no use for it. Seriously, who are these people? Sweets: get out of my blogs and into my belly.

  8. Pretty crazy weather here too…Almost 80 yesterday, then down below freezing this morning, cold all day today and thunderstorms forecast for overnight and tomorrow! No fun with this flu/cold junk I am dealing with…

    Looking forward to seeing all the new indie dyers coming this spring!

  9. College Guy is ok with the not knitting and sleeping late since he’s a Knitting Supporter in his role as Web Guy!

    Another vote for crazy weather! Yesterday for lunch I sat in my car and got sleeted on then came back in the building and watched the sun come out, then it snowed last night. Go figure.

    Leftover chocolate? Whose house is that ’cause the next S-n-B is gonna be there πŸ˜‰

  10. The mashed potato candy yucky!! My DH makes the 2nd version with the peanut butter spread on the mashed potato and powdered sugar mixture (no coconut) it is gross!! He absolutly loves it though

  11. Oooh that skein of yarn is pretty!!!

    No crazy weather here, just getting dumped on by snow. I haven’t left the house in like…10 days. Yeah, I’m getting a little cabin fever… and no leftover chocolate here…

  12. We have a saying down here in Texas; if you don’t like the weather–it’ll be different by tomorrow!! 80 degrees yesterday and barely above fifty today!!
    Thank goodness for Loopy kisses! After a day like today I NEEDED chocolate and the only thing I had on hand was my chocolae from the last Loopy shipment!

  13. Sheri, it was 50 when I left for work at 2:00 pm yesterday. I had my window open a wee crack and forgot to close it. Got home at midnight last night…it was 6 degrees and there was snow on my couch. I had to dig out more blankets, and the cats were looking a little wild-eyed.

    Ooh, that new yarn is fantastic looking! Must…avoid…temptation! But I got a new job today!!! And I’m thinking a little yarn therapy might be just the right thing to celebrate!!

  14. Three things I find unbelievable:
    1. How you keep finding more new and beautiful yarn. Just when I think I can’t be tempted anymore there is yet another irrestible yarn. Is there no end to it??!!
    2. How great my Fiest Boomerang Wild Oak socks are turning out. The colours are stunning (I love blue and brown together) and they will be so warm and soft to wear. Plus they are knitting up so fast that I will be finished them in no time. This is especially appealing because of the contrast with the sweater I am knitting on size 0 needles.
    3. People with excess ice cream and chocolate. That is never a problem in our house!

  15. Oh, so THAT’s how you get such good turn-around on your orders…you bribe the shipping people with Loopy Kisses! Way to go!

  16. It’s no surprize that the your delivery people need to dip into your bowl of kisses. They have to keep their strength up, after all.

    Three things I find unbelievable:

    1. Mash potatoe fudge? I just can’t believe it.

    2. Everytime I think I’ve planned out what yarns I want to get once I get my current hoard a little smaller, more great color ways turn up. At this rate, I’m still goininng to be knitting well into the next century.

    3. As soon as the temperature rises the least little bit, college students around here break out the shorts. I want to say to each and every one, “Put some clothes on!” Am I turning into my mother?

  17. We got the cold weather here before you so I totally understand where you are at with the “crazy weather staement”. Right now in the SW corner of the State we are under a Winter Storm Warning. I guess for a bit it is winter, Who Knew????:-)

  18. I love the colour of that yarn “sitting” on the table!! It is gorgeous!!! The weather did the same here but we had straight line winds that took out lots of trees and howled all night long!!! It is now COLD!!! I think the planet might just be weird this Winter! Have a great week!!

  19. “Potato Candy” is what my Grandma called it. She always made it at Christmas time. She made the version that is rolled out like pie dough then spread with peanut butter and rolled up jelly roll style and then sliced. My whole family (my mom had 10 brothers and sisters) still talk about that potato candy and how they miss it now that she’s gone! You should try it! It’s great!

  20. My mom does that with ice cream, it is a little odd.

    Lotion, I didn’t think of that, but I’ve got one crazy LUSH stash.

  21. We have had the same crazy weather here. It wasn’t as warm though. It was 60 when we went into the movie theater last night and 30 and sleeting when we came out. And the Tornado sirens went off during the movie. This morning it was 9 degrees.

    Yay. More shelves means more yummy yarn : )

  22. 1. Okay, when I made the comment about mashed potato fudge I was just trying to be as clever and gross as I could possibly be at the same time. I didn’t realize it actually EXISTS?!?!? What a hoot.

    2. Gorgeous yarn sitting there on your desk, I hope you’re giving it regular loving pets so it doesn’t feel abandoned, (like the cats, only with fewer hairballs).

    3. We were watching your temps drop after ours went down here in KC; I figured you’d be having fun with that…it was interesting!

  23. We haven’t had 73 degree weather, but we’ve had ice – YUCK! It took 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive a 30 minute drive yesterday, and I was all over the road at one point…..another YUCK! Friday is supposed to be worse. Just when I’ve started the job that involves a lot of driving…..:)
    I’m guilty of hoarding the lotion stuff too (Bath and Body just had a sale again). I have eczema (since childhood), and sometimes use steroid creams….does this validate my lotion problem? Is it like sock yarn stash or the denial/absence of it? πŸ™‚
    I’m running out of chocolate choices…..I had to raid the kids’ stash from Christmas (chocolate covered pretzels). I’m still hoarding my chocolate covered cherries! πŸ™‚

  24. I so agree about the weather. Last night when I went into the store, it was 48 degrees. An hour later, it was blowing like h@ll, raining and the temp had dropped at least 20 degrees. BRRR! Now there’s a chance of us getting 6+ inches of snow Thursday night into Friday. FPS!

    That new yarn sure is pretty! Any chance you could give a clue about the dyer? Pretty please…just kidding. I like surprises.

    My 3 things: time, time and more time for knitting

  25. And here I thought Oklahoma had the craziest weather. We started the day yesterday in the 50’s, and within 30 minutes it had dropped 25 degrees. It was insane!

  26. Three Things:

    1. Are you sharing the name and vendor of that beautiful yarn on the table. I’d like to put that on my wish list.

    2. Oh, it must be Rock Band that my grandkids had going upstairs at their house last week…at least it sounded like a whole band.

    3. As for black beans…I love Puerto Rican Black Bean Soup with all kinds of garnishes, sour cream, diced tomatoes, diced red onion…yummm! Here’s my recipe:

    Puerto Rican Black Bean Soup

    4-6 cups chicken stock (bouillon cubes O. K.) ΒΌ c. vinegar
    2 cups rinsed black beans 1 tsp. orange or lemon peel
    Β½ c. chopped celery Β½ tsp. cinnamon
    2 large carrots, diced pinch cayenne – to taste
    1 med. Yellow onion, diced 2 tsp. garlic, finely chopped

    Start with 4 cups of stock…and add more as needed, depending on whether you want soupy soup or a side dish with brown rice. Put all ingredients together in a pot and cook slowly for three hours. [Crock pot works for this, too.}Serve with cooked brown rice in bottom of bowl with the following garnishes to be added to taste: sour cream or yogurt, chopped green onions, chopped red onions, chopped tomatoes, chopped parsley, salsa. Serve with French bread, warm tortillas, or tostado shells.

    …and 4) My family had a Family Game Night for my birthday this week for which our CG came home. We played Apples to Apples (everyone’s favorite) and Wits and Wagers. Fun games!


  27. I love the look of that yarn. The Loopy Room will have to expand, if you keep getting in all this great yarn-of course, it all goes out quickly, too, leaving room for MORE yarn. What a great business!!

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend-you deserve it.

  28. Three things I don’t get-

    1) Gauge. I’ve knit ripped swapped yarn and am becomming obsessive about conquering the Bird in Hand Mittens… Unless- someone here is a Knitting sasquatch and would like a pair of the worlds longest mittens….

    2) The paper or plastic. Is there really a RIGHT answer for that??? Or is it just teenage boy angst turned against old moms in the grocery line? (posted about it on my blog)

    3) Enough time to knit… The same mitten— over and over and OVER. Someone please help me!!!!

    3) Enough sleep.

  29. Randomly… I was making myself a cup of tea, and remembered your evaporated milk problem. Have you ever considered putting it in your tea or coffee? It gives drinks that rich, creamy taste without diluting them quite as much. ^_^ I pour my evap into a squirt bottle after it’s been opened–the plastic kind you’d use for caramel or fudge. For some reason, it keeps it from going bad quite as quickly.

    Failing that… you could always make, er, lots and lots of fudge…

  30. I will admit that the mashed potato fudge sounded weird but I think I’ve found something weirder–Cheese Fudge. Paula Deen made it a couple of Saturdays ago. 1/2 pound of Velveeta, 1 cup of butter, 1 box of confectioner’s sugar and chocolate or peanut butter were the main (not only) ingredients.

  31. speaking of tea cabinets, I used to have lots of teas both herbals and others, so many, I never drank them, it got to be called the tea museum. And then I took my partner to Imperial TEa court in SF for a tea class with master Roy Fong…and everything changed. I learned that green tea needs to be drunk as soon after harvest as possible, and not kept for more than three months at most. We’ve continued to take classes, and learn so much. Love the aged Pu-erhs and green (non-floral) oolongs, and have learned the Gong Fu chinese tea ceremony, way more fun (can be less formal and austere than the Japanese one) It’s a whole new way of life, and tea, for us. and now we have a proper tea cabinet too and have learned about storing different kinds of tea as well as proper preparation (never boiling water). Needless to say, no more tea museum!

  32. i had to laugh at the little runtogether comment at the end. I have heard of stranger things than potato fudge. Stash of too much chocolate and ice cream. WHere do these stashes live? I will send you over my daughters and you have no problem no more I assure you. lol.
    Love that yarn and the new one you keep mentioning and wont tell us who what and here of? I bet we dont get to find out until SHeri has it knit up.
    Gee i forgot the soap stash, the lotion stash, the washmachineliquid stash, the dishwashingliquid stash and we finally got rid of our tomato soup stash.
    I dont think of my teas and spices as a stash: they are my creative collections. I love herbals and i love cooking from scratch. A tea cabinet? WHat a nice idea Direct me to one please, so i can make one in the summer. I know i wont be able to buy one so i will have to make one. Just like i hope to make a pie cabinet.

  33. o ya i forgot about the wether thing. Since we are west of you SHeri, i had been hoping that since we got the brunt of it Going from 45 down to -35 in one day. You wouldnt end up getting ti so bad. First today our heaters could get the rooms past 63. WHich means warmer. TOday we got 33. How crazy is that. So I hope you get our warm weather soon too.


  34. Yeah, I looked in my cabinet the other day and noticed that I have five cans of black beans, which was odd because I don’t use them that often. Weird.

  35. I hear STL got 8 inches of snow. Perfect knitting weather:-) Here is Iowa we had the big temperature drop – Monday was 54 and the low Tuesday was -2 with windchill -20.

    I don’t consider a plethora of chocolate a stash. That is just a necessity. There can not be too much chocolate!

  36. Yeah this weather is crazy! I was not too far from you in Peoria IL all week…and my flights out yesterday were cancelled. Still sitting in the Peoria airport as I type and praying for flights home!

  37. If Kathy the Loopy Elf needs a break, I’d be happy to trade a week with her! I can come play with …er, make that sort yarn, and she can do my job. πŸ™‚

    Potato fudge??!?! Reminds me of a recipe my Mom has for making cookies with instant potatoes — I hated those when I was a kid. NO veggies in baked goods (well, pumpkin and sweet potato pies are okay, and oh, zuccini bread is okay, but that’s it). What’s next, green bean chip cookies??? YACK!

    Nice yarn — looking forward to seeing your finished socks (I have faith you’ll knit the mate).

  38. Sheri,

    If you think Guitar Hero is fun, you need to try Rock Band. Maybe you have. I never saw the appeal of the video game console until I discovered Rock Band. I cannot buy it for my home or I will become a shut-in.

    Also, I actually have a stash of black beans now that you list that. I wonder why I have them. Garbanzo beans are better. I eat those right away.

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