Your perfect knitting room?

DSC01527.JPGThis is my knitting room in our basement. (Actually, it was where we had our first Loopy space. Can you believe we started in this cute little room? I can’t believe that either. We went from here to “the whole rest of the basement” to where we are now. We like where we are now. But I digress.) I decided that this little spot would be a nice place for knitting. I put in a comfy chair (which is just barely visible in the right corner) and a case for my sock yarn stash, and an area for my spinning wheel and roving. I love it down there. I really need to add a bookcase for my knitting books. (The antique cameras are WH’s collection, and I like those, too.) DSC01532.JPGSo I’m interested in hearing what you all would do with a room to make it your ideal “knitting room”. I would add a fireplace and windows. Not possible in my room, but it would definitely be on my “ideal” knitting room list. I’ll probably add a little tv on that cabinet there. That’s do-able. And obviously I will need much more storage space for roving, so I’ll have to deal with that as I go along. But I do like it in there. Now I just need to find more time to be there. Maybe “no clocks” ought to be a rule in knitting rooms. Who wants to watch the time when there is knitting to be done? (Hey – if you click to enlarge the spinning wheel photo, you’ll see an eerie picture of Zoe, hiding behind my wheel. That brings up another “must have” in a knitting room – a cat or two. But preferably ones who won’t play with the yarn or roving. I lucked out – neither of our cats play with knitting stuff, although they’re totally up for playing with yarn if you pull it along the floor and make it look fun.)

DSC01537.JPGWe’ve been busy putting away yarn and adding more shelves here. Here is my favorite row – we call it “Dream in Color Alley”. (Is that like Diagon Alley in the HP books?) Actually, it’s not currently fully stocked and it only contains the Smooshy and the Classy – the Baby is in our lace section. But boy is it fun to have a whole row of DC. Don’t you love the smell of their yarn? That whole row smells great.

I made it through all 689 entries of last week’s blog contest, and it’s time for the winners! Actually, since there were so many entries, I drew three names to win instead of one. All winners have been emailed. Congratulations to Sharon in TX, Chris in Canada, and Jen, who will be getting a skein of Wollmeise as their prize. I think this was one of my most favorite blog contest questions, as it was just so fun to read all of the responses. BOY did you all make me feel a lot better. 🙂

Sheri wehadsomuchsnowlastnightthattodaywasanoschoolsnowday-woohoo!


  1. For my perfect knitting room, I’d choose a huge comfy chair, bay windows, a fireplace, plants, my cat, speakers for my iPod, candles, my own personal Starbucks (what do you have if you don’t have your dreams?) and a bowl of chocolates. Oh, and lots of yarn 🙂

  2. I think there are “portable” gas fireplaces you could get for in your knitting room. A local restaurant has one and although it doesn’t add warmth it certainly adds atmosphere. I wish I had a knitting room to myself. I love your chair!

  3. If we manage to extend our house as planned (to give baby his own room) I will actually get my own knitting room in the next year or two!!! It will have much the same things as yours, plus space for my sewing machine and fabrics. And my computer is a must! For playing music, podcasts and audio books, and for looking up more yarn, and playing on Ravelry…

  4. Ah, to have a knitting room of my own. How glorious that would be. I would want everything you have, plus the ability to brew tea. My tea cabinet could be in there. And of course, my sirius radio – just got that for Christmas – perfect for knitting. You can choose your style of music and listen, commercial free. Maybe my computer too, in case I want to buy some yarn….


  5. My dream knitting room would have lots of windows and a great view. I’d also like a fireplace and a super comfy chair. Oh, and no phone. 🙂

  6. Your knitting space looks very inviting…can I move in?? I love your glass-fronted cabinet for yarn storage.

    My ideal knitting space would be a 4-seasons sunroom so I could look out and watch the activity in my yard. This time of the year, I would watch the birds at the feeder and our neighborhood squirrel. And during the summer, I can enjoy all the colors of my flowers and green grass. Plus I would have a front-row seat to all the baby birds and moms trying to keep those little beaks full of food. I would keep a small tv/dvd out there so I could watch old movies on days like these….cloudy and gloomy.

  7. Your room looks like the perfect knitting room. Although I must admit that I like the additions that you mentioned, as well (the fireplace and window). This is lovely! I wish that I could have a knitting room. I think that mine would also have to have a bookshelf for knitting books and great literature, as well (sometimes when you break from knitting or spinning, you want to read, too). This is lovely!

    Btw, what type of wheel is that? I love how it looks – I don’t know much about them yet, as I am a new spinner and have only used drop spindles. I have a wheel on my list to research and then add to the ol’ Christmas List for 2008. 🙂 Yes, I plan ahead for bigger items like this.

    Lovely room, Sheri!

  8. Thanks for the picture of zoe hiding behind your wheel. I had a bunny in my knitting room, but he died today. We’re devastated and now I don’t even want to go in there. You probably didn’t want to know, but it just happened. I’m glad you have a kitty in there to love. It makes things so much better to knit with a furry friend, don’t you think.

  9. I know this is off topic for this particular entry but I thought of this blog yesterday when I went to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I took out a jar of peanut butter and it hadn’t been opened yet. I looked for one that was already open. 4 jars later, still no open jar! And I’m not even crazy about peanut butter! At least it was diverse in that there were 2 creamy and 2 crunchy.

  10. I love your knitting room. I’d like a comfy chair and a table for my coffee/tea. A TV and a CD player/IPod so I can multi task if I want to. Lots of storage for all my yarn and books. A fireplace sounds nice if someone else will take care of it. Now if we could arrange some extra hours in the day so I could use it…

    Right now my knitting space is at the kitchen table. We have a CD player & my IPod. My WH usually plays solitaire on his laptop so it’s nice to be with him. It’s nice that we can talk when we want to or be quiet when we want.

  11. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who loves the smell of DC…My DH keeps catching me with my nose in it…he wonders if you sprinkle cat nip on it or something….giggle.

  12. My perfect knitting space would have good light, lots of shelves, a comfy chair, a computer desk, and room for all my craft interests; ideally, it’d be so spacious that I could have my loom, my bobbin lace pillow, and my enormous might-get-done-by-2015 cross-stitch project all out at once.

    More importantly, my perfect knitting space would not be used to store other random stuff, because I’d have another place to store random stuff :-). (This is the big problem with my current crafts room; it’s actually a crafts, office, filing, and miscellaneous random stuff room. It’s so crowded that it’s hard to walk around in, and every time I want to sit down I have to move something off a chair, so I don’t spend any more time in there than I absolutely have to. Plus, the room’s function is fixing to change in the next year, so I have to find new places for the crafts, office, filing, and miscellaneous random stuff.)

    My actual knitting space is one of the chairs in the living room; I just haul my knitting bag over and go to it.

  13. Oh, I DO so remember when the Loopy Room was just in that corner! How far you’ve come! (And, I might add, it’s been much fun being along for the Loopy Ride!).

    I think you need to add a flat screen TV over the low cabinet, a DVD player of course, some surround sound speakers, AND another comfy chair or loveseat so you can share the space with a few select special knitting companions.

    My knitting space? Oh, wherever…the family room, the kitchen, sitting on my bed, the car, the Emergency Room, concerts, lectures…………..!!

  14. I love your space, and it’s so neat and tidy!

    My perfect space would have to have the following:

    1. A lock and key so my children can’t come and bug me.
    2. Comfy chairs (extra large) for me and my knitter friends.
    3. A fireplace, cabinets for yarn, bookcases for books, baskets for overflow yarn and needles.
    4. A plasma TV on the wall (so I can have mindless TV going if I want)
    5. A mini fridge
    6. A cabana boy to wait on me hand and foot, so all I had to do was sit in my comfy chair and knit.
    7. Blankets, because sometimes I get cold and like to snuggle under a good blanket.

    Oh, and someone to keep it all clean and free of moths. I guess the cabana boy could do that job too….

  15. Um, to actually HAVE a knitting room?!?! I keep telling my husband that I need one. Right now, my good yarn is in my personal clothes closet. Some in boxes, some in storage bins. Some in the basement in more storage bins where the hot water heater is. (I don’t have anyhwere else!)

    Books are in my closet. Shelves are too short, so they’re lying down, and I can’t really see what title is where. And forget pulling one out. They all come out, and usually fall over in a heap.

    My needles, tools,etc. are also in a storage bin.

    So, if I didn’t say it before, Oh My Lord – I am SO jealous!!

    If I DID have a knitting room, I’d want a window. Natural light for Ravelry photos :-), and a good view for inspiration. A comfy chair, LOTS of storage, yarn pleasantly displayed, a bookcase or shelf that holds my books properly, and a desk. For blogging about how great my knitting (room) is 🙂

  16. My perfect yarn room must also have a lot of bright windows with lots of different types of bird feeders, including hummingbird feeders. Unfortunately, I am deathly allergic to cats – so much so that my throat swells shut and I have to be taken to the emergency room for shots – so no cats could be in my room, but my dog would be okay. I would also like a nice CD player for Celtic and/or classical music; and a teapot and small fridge close by.

  17. My perfect knitting room would be in half of an attic [though other half for morning writing] with a nice amount of natural afternoon light, a cosy chair with separate foot stool, small round table, pot of tea, a nice spinning wheel and my (now departed) cat. there would be handmade things around everywhere from knitting to weaving [i do not need to think of myself weaving. i must stop. i do not have the space now..] to embroidery and sewing and things. balls and skeins of yarn would be displayed in baskets and shelves. it would be “old fashioned” in some ways, but of course have wifi and a small space to put my laptop when necessary [says the computer scientist]. ooh! thank you for letting me paint a beautiful picture of comfort, cosy, and calm!

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