Loopy Tipping and TNNA

DSC01512.JPGMuch to report on today. You might need to get a cup of coffee. Do you know about Cow Tipping? It’s an urban myth and it’s actually not possible, it turns out. Then there’s Tractor Tipping, as practiced by the funny folks vehicles in the Cars movie. Also, not possible. And lastly, there is Loopy Tipping. It has only happened a handful of times. You could count them on one hand and still have fingers leftover. So if you have experienced it, you’re lucky fortunate unique. It happened again on Monday night during the Wollmeise-fest. Web Guy and I sat at our computers, watching in disbelief. Website usage was 200% over our average and ….. Loopy tipped completely over with his toes tickling the air. (Do sheep have toes? No. I guess not. Hooves, right? Ok, his hooves were tickling the air.) So, apologies to any of you who were online when it happened, to any of you who have been “waiting for months to get a skein of Wollmeise” and didn’t get one, and to any of you for the slowness you experienced. We are researching another move to a bigger server once again, and I will also put future Wollmeise yarns up on their own, outside of an official Sneak Up. (The next order is due in about 6 weeks.) And a big thank you to all of you who were so wonderful and understanding about it all. We think you’re the best! (The nice thing about Loopy Tipping? He always lands in a nice big bed of Loopy kisses. There’s a lot to be said for that.)

DSC01503.JPGOn to my TNNA report! The weather was wonderful. This is a view out my hotel window on Saturday morning. The convention center was just a few blocks away. I had a great time connecting with all of our vendors and finding new things. I also had fun dining with the Dream in Color Wonder Girls (Veronica and Nancy) one night, and having lunch with Cookie A on another day. They all have exciting things planned and we had a great time talking. But you want to know what new things I found for all of us, don’t you? These orders will begin arriving soon, and will continue to trickle in through March, but I thought I’d let you know about all of them so that you can plan for it.

DSC01508.JPGI was happy to get an order in with Karida at Neighborhood Fiber Co. We’ve been emailing since last fall, but she couldn’t take on any new accounts until this month. (And she hit her max again at TNNA. Everyone loves her yarn!) Her colors are deep and intense and wonderful. We have her Fingering weight, 2 different blends of lace weight, 2 different types of roving, and her Watershed Seacell Sock coming to us. We ordered a lot, so it will come in batches over the next several weeks. I’ll be working on knitting up a sock (ok, ok – maybe I’ll do a pair) from this skein of her fingering weight, so that you can see how it works up.

Next is Paca Peds, coming from The Alpaca Yarn Co. I got a skein of their yarn last summer at TNNA and starting testing it out a month ago. I love how it is knitting up. It’s going to be warm (that wonderful alpaca) but not fuzzy, so the stitch definition is easy to see. I’ll photo the sock (ok, ok – maybe I’ll do a pair) when I’m done and will share it on the blog. They have 10 colorways (more coming this summer) in regular, and then the same 10 colorways in their “Heels and Toes” line, where you get a coordinating mini skein of a solid color. We’ll have both lines for you.

DSC01507.JPGAnother great new company that we will have here soon is Farmhouse Yarns. This is a family owned business and I really enjoyed talking with them. They have a brand new sock yarn (not even up on their website yet) and I fell in love with it. It’s squishy and soft and beautifully dyed and I am anxious to get our order in. Here is the skein of it that I now have in my own stash, and again, I will knit up a sock (ok, ok – maybe I’ll do a pair) so that you can see how these colors blend together.

Due to popular demand and pleading, we have also added Great Adirondack Silky Sock. Patti’s colors are gorgeous. I had a hard time deciding which ones to get for us, because there are so many. (I think they told me over 100 colorways. They were all lined up on hanging dowels.) I picked a bunch, and we’ll add more over time. I have had this yarn in my stash for almost a year, and thought it was great when so many of you started asking for it on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry. We definitely needed it and I know you will like it, too.

DSC01509.JPGWe already have Lorna’s Laces (in fact we’ve had that line since we opened), but we have now decided to carry their roving, too. They have two different types – one is their Superwash Merino (great size for spinning yarn for socks) and the other is their 100% wool in a big 10 oz. package, wonderful for spinning yarn for other things. I already know how much you like their colorways, so it will be nice to have their roving here as well. DSC01510.JPGThey also have a few new colorways just out, which we are expecting to arrive any day. One of them is this blue/green combination in the roving photo above. I’m looking forward to spinning that. (It has been hard to have all of the beautiful roving arriving at Loopy Central every week. Each one is prettier than the next. I don’t know how I managed to avoid the allure of spinning for so long. All of you non-spinners, watch out. It will catch you when you least expect it. And you really ought to just go with it.)

Chameleon Colorworks is another new line for us (and another person that I first started talking to last fall. I like to think things through, don’t I?) Nancy has a great array of colors and fibers and we are glad to be adding two of their lines to The Loopy Ewe (and possibly more in the future.)

I have also added some patterns (Chrissy Gardiner – she does great sock and lace patterns), more Offhand Designs totes (the new fabrics are so fun – including a red bulls eye, which of course I had to order for myself. It’s red.), the new Malibu and Laguna Cali bags from Namaste, and more accessories which will be arriving soon. Here’s how I picked which style and colors of the new Cali bags to order. I met Jess and Casey (from Ravelry) in the Namaste booth. Jess was trying to pick out one of the new bags for herself. I said, “I can’t decide. Which style do you like best?” (there were 2). Jess said, “I don’t know! It’s too hard to decide.” (My problem exactly.) So I said, “Ok, then which colors do you think are just so-so and I can do without?” (there were 6). She said, “I don’t know. They’re all great!” (My problem exactly.) So I bought both styles in all the colors. I am definitely nabbing one of those bags, too. Although I have no idea which style, and no idea which color because I still like them all. I have a bag problem. Does anyone else suffer from that? (Well, you can’t really call it “suffering” now, can you?)

DSC01505.JPGAnd because you can “shop for your shop” at TNNA but you can’t really buy things to take home for yourself (and you really want to after seeing all of that yarny wonder), I had to go to a local yarn shop to get my yarn fix. Loopy friend Sharon picked me up for lunch and yarning on Sunday and we went to this very nice shop. I bought some Prism yarn and a pattern to make a purse. (A purse. Who would’ve predicted that I’d buy that? You see? It’s not all about socks, all the time. Just most of the time.) By the time we were done there, it was time to race to the airport to catch my plane home. (Actually, it was past time. But you know how it goes when you’re shopping for yarn.) I’m glad to be back – even with the Loopy Tipping.

We’ll send out the Sock Club Spot emails to those who are in, later today or tomorrow. There were several hundred emails to go through and it took us a bit longer than expected. Frankly, we’d just as soon have every one of you join us. But we’re a bit limited in what we can ask our dyers to do. We have room for 225 total and had more than double that wanting spots. If you don’t hear from us by tomorrow night, we’d love to have you come back next year. πŸ™‚

Sheri nowneedingtoknitupaLOTofnewsocks.Ibettergetworking.


  1. Loopy tipping! LOL LOL I wondering if YOU had tipped during Sneak Up. I was browsing and it kept jamming so I figured you and Web Boy were up to your elbows in emails. Sounds like gorgeous things you selected for us — aaahhh, how nice to have a personal shopper and especially one with such good taste! I LOVE bags and have way too many….humm…is THAT possible. NOT! Can’t wait to see the new ones.
    Pairs of socks are such a novel idea…..

  2. You know, if Loopy is going to tip over, that is definitely the way to go—into a pile of kisses. Those are some great looking/sounding yarns coming your way. I must knit faster before those hit your store. I was there during the tipping, but didn’t make a dash for the Wollmeise (already have some). Instead, I waited and got what I wanted a day later. πŸ™‚

    I have a bag problem too, but I don’t buy them. I make them myself. I have a pretty big stash of many cool fabrics to make more bags. Fabrics are so tempting to me, just like yarn. When I see bags online, I don’t usually buy them. Instead, I try to figure them out and make them myself. It’s a fun challenge!

  3. *crossing fingers for a spot in the sock club*

    TNNA sounds like it was awesome. Oh to roam and look and touch yummy yarn…and bags, I love bags…must not buy a new bag..must..not…

    I’m feeling the spinning bug trying to get to me. All the roving on the site is irresistible except for the simple fact that I have no drop spindle or wheel…yet…that could change at any moment!

    Have a great day, Sheri!!!!

  4. Oh, don’t get me started on the bags….I definitely have a problem in that department! Never enough!

    I think a yarn trade show would about put me over the edge. How can you stand it! Do the vendors give out lots of samples to tempt you?

    Crossing my fingers about the sock club….

  5. I checked out some of the new yarn suppliers. Chameleon Colorworks and Neighborhood Fiber Co. have some very nice semi-solids. And, boy, you were busy! I think you deserve a Sheri day…full of knitting and Starbucks :-))))

  6. WOW! Sorry to tip Loopy on ya…but it does prove just how bloody popular you are! πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait to see the new lines you have coming in. Exciting things going on down at Loopy Central! And, omgoodness, Lorna’s does roving?! *swoon*

    You know, if I were you, given all the sample socks you need to knit up, I’d just flat give up on the pair thing. You own a yarn shop that specializes in sock yarn, FPS, so why not just wear two different socks? If anyone has an excuse to do so, it’s you. πŸ˜‰ And yeah, you’ve totally gotten me saying “for Pete’s sake” all the time now. Even my husband noticed. πŸ˜›

    *quietly crosses fingers & says a little prayer for luck in the sock club…*

  7. SILKY SOCK!!! YEAH!!! I’ve been lusting after a skein of silky sock in “tapestry”. Great yarn! Thank you for adding it to your stock. Now, if only the wishlist could hold future products I guess I’ll just have to keep checking your site for it. (which isn’t a problem!)

  8. I’m sure you hear it all the time, but I just have so much admiration for you and how you run this business–how hard you (and your elves) work, your dedication, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude which just sometimes must wear a little thin! It truly is no wonder Loopy has such a devoted following! (And no, I am NOT kissing up for a sock club spot, either.)

  9. Hopefully Loopy will recover soon

    TNNA sounds like a blast…..looking forward to all the new goodies

    crossing my fingers and toes for the sock club – of all the ones out there, yours is the one I really want to be a part of πŸ™‚

  10. Oh poor Loopy!!!! Oh man! Someone help that poor guy up! Or just get him out of the way so I can get some kisses. LOL!

    Looks like you found tons of fun things in Cali! And look at all the new yarn!!! Wow! πŸ™‚ Very exciting!

    I know nothing of a bad addiction… Why? What have you heard?!

    Whoo-hoo! I can’t wait for the sock club emails!

    Still plugging away here… Almost half way! πŸ™‚

  11. WOW! Can’t wait to see all the new yarns. Even the newest ones you posted Monday night are gorgeous! You keep things new & fresh and all of us wanting more….
    I’m glad to hear your trip was fun and a success.

    Can’t wait to hear if I made it in the Sock Club. I’ve never been in one before and it sounds fun & exciting – playing with new yarns & patterns.

  12. I LOVE that Farmhouse Yarn-and I can’t wait to try out the Paca Peds.

    Poor Loopy tipped! Just shows that TLE phenomena continues to grow. Sheri, you created a place not just to shop, but a place to feel “special”-most brick and mortar stores can’t do that, much less one online. Just save a little time for yourself to spin and knit!

    I envy your getting to meet Jess and Casey at TNNA. Ravelry is so fun.

    1000 revolutions of the yarn winder prayer wheel to get chosen for the sock club.

  13. Oh wow – Lots of yummy new yarn companies coming to Loopy Central…I can hardly wait to see them all!! Poor Loopy…what a bad night he had on Monday, but I am glad he was able to land in a pile of kisses! I guess I got lucky and got in and out early with my order before Loopy went hooves up. It was a little slow, but no worse than usual at Sneak-Up time. What a response to the sock club! Unfortunately a lot of us will be disappointed, but I am keeping fingers and toes and whatever else crossed that I land one of the coveted spots…can’t wait to hear!

  14. Boy, I’d like to be tipped into a pile of kisses!!! All of the new yarns sound great!! And the roving too!!! We need a knitting/spinning weekend soon!!!!!

  15. Well, I am with everyone else keeping my fingers crossed on the sock club! Also, I love that you put loopy in kisses, so cute! I was thinking about the starbucks thing and wondered if you have ever hung out at your daughter’s store to just sit, knit and people watch (or would that really be considered hovering over your daughter)? I haven’t really gotten to the stage where I have to let go yet (my son will be 10 in March), but I am not looking forward to it. He is such a good boy, couldn’t he stay this age forever! Much love and kisses (chocolate, of course).

  16. Yay, I’m so excited to hear that you’re going to start carrying Farmhouse Yarn!! They’re a local company for me and I really love everything they do.

    So much yarn, so little time…

  17. Why make a pair of socks when you can simply make singles and wear two different socks – it’s a fashion statement! πŸ™‚

    Ohhh… I can’t wait to see all of the new yarns – I will definitely be going off of my perpetual yarn diet.

  18. I would gladly knit the Farmhouse up for you that was so pretty. I love reds and blues together. Hang in there. I was lucky that I missed the Sneak Up. Yes lucky because I am on a yarn diet so I can buy a wheel and order yarn for three sweaters that I want to make.

  19. You picked some wonderful yarns to add to add to the site! I think that there is a wee bit of torture involved in TNNA since you can’t buy yarn for yourself. It would kill me to pet wonderful yarn all day long and not have any to take back to the hotel to knit. At least you were able to find time to get to a LYS to feed your yarn habit. Have a great day!

  20. Can’t wait for the new yarn! And being a “unique” person originally from the midwest I can vouch that the following are actually possible and have occured before I became a non-teenager: bumper hitching (skiing on boots at high speed behind car while holding on to a bumer — highly dangerous, don’t recommend), riding down steep hill on sleds made of really, really big pumpkins (they don’t roll, they kindof shave off as you’re going down the hill till you run out of pumpkin or hill), and – cow tipping. It was obviously way too boring in OH which is why I am now NewJerseyLaura.

  21. Silky Socks…no, wait, Farmhouse I want to …no, new Offhand Designs bags, I love their…ooooo, new Namaste bags, I wasn’t too interested when I saw them online, but if Sheri likes…Farmhouse, no Neighborhood Fiber, I grew up in that area and have heard great things about…Offhand Designs bags, I have an organizational clutch and have been wondering about…

    repeat ad nauseum

  22. It all looks great. I’m excited to see the Lorna’s roving is coming! I just learned of it’s existance the other day, and was surprised to see how hard it is to find for sale. So glad you got sucked into the spinning vortex.

  23. Okay okay…. I’ve decided. If I get in, I’ll take up sock knitting. If I don’t…. well I’ll just be sad for a bit. : ( (since the hubby approved sock club already) so may the wool be with me

    keeping my needles crossed….
    and oh yeah, no cow tipping? that’s just crazy! i grew up in KY… cow tipping was supposed to be major entertainment there! almost as good as watching mud dry.

  24. I so agree with Jamie, she hit the nail right on the head. You are to be praised for your creative adventures.

  25. Next time I go “toe up”, I hope it’s in a bed of Loopy Kisses, too! I can’t wait to partake of all the new lines, but I guess that means I must knitter faster!

    Thanks Sheri (and Web Guy) for all you do for us Loopy addicts!

  26. Hmmm when I clicked the site and saw Loopy—I thought Loopy was rolling in kisses from happiness;)
    Poor Loopy -good way to recover- if you ask me…. I have a lame formal event to attend on Friday… I may have to use Loopy’ technique;)

  27. I love TNNA reports and I can’t wait to try the new yarns and rovings! There’s a lot to look forward to. I’m also glad to see you’ll be carrying Chrissy Gardiner’s patterns. Keeping fingers crossed that I get into the sock club. Regardless, I can see I’ll continue to be a frequent customer of the Loopy Ewe.

  28. Why, yes, I am familiar with the urban myth of cow tipping – very popular talk of it springs up in small towns in Kansas, lol… I never bought into it when I was a teenage girl. Sorry about the Loopy tipping, but glad he is recovering. It is nice to land on the Loopy kisses, isn’t it!?!

    So very exciting that you will be carrying Neighborhood Fiber Co. I LOVE her yarn. I have had access to it because she’s local to me and has a great relationship with my LYS. I even attended her Launch Party for the Seacell and may have came away with more than a few skeins. Everyone will LOVE this yarn!!

  29. Can I trade some puppy kisses for a guaranteed spot in the socks club?

    The new lines look great! Of course, there are still plenty of “regular” lines of yours I haven’t tried yet…

  30. WOW! If I don’t get to spend my Loopy Bucks on the sock club, there sure will be a lot of great new stuff to spend it on!! It must be so much fun choosing what we will all buy from you πŸ˜‰ And choosing what you get to play with . . .

  31. Wow, I experienced Loopy Tipping…”Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus…I mean Loopy Tipping!”
    Holding my thumbs for a sock club email…I refused all other sock clubs in hopes of this one.

  32. Poor Loopy I did see you tip over on Monday. I said “Oh no,” then then started laughing thinking about how many boxes the mail carrier was going to have to pick up. (I still think about the women at the post office being confused about sock yarn)

    All the new stuff looks yummy.

  33. I am so happy you found Paca Peds. I wasn’t sure who they were. I was looking for a starter skein to try out sock knitting at my LYS and left with a skein of Paca Peds, it was handsdown (to me, and I used to work in drycleaning so I have felt LOTS of fabrics in my young life) the softest skein my LYS had of sock yarn! It’s not fluffy, but soft and almost silk like quality to it even though it is all wool (if I remember the tag correctly) It is lovely peacock colors, teals, blues, and purples. I love it tight ply and soft feel. I liked it right away. Of course, I ended up buying Smooshy from you next and haven’t knit up the Paca Peds yet…. but, I am glad to hear you liked it and will be carrying it! My LYS didn’t have a lot of it left.
    I love seeing all the beautiful new stuff that’s coming too!
    And, that sneak up was crazy, I was watching on Ravelry the back and forth between Sheri and someone about the flashes of the site going up, then Sheri said “Done, it’s up” or something like that, and I jumped to the site- I knew what Sheri meant- she must have just uploaded it when she said that, the site went up and it was amazing to watch the fun, and the Loopy Rolling- I had never seen it before, funny.
    Where did people get the photo of Loopy to take on Vacation with them? I would have taken him with me to NY, he would have had so much fun!!!
    Can’t wait to see the bags that are coming:)

  34. Count me as one more person anxiously watching my mailbox hoping for a spot in the Sock Club!

    Is that a “tipped” Loopy or a “tipsy” Loopy? Given the Wollmeise run, I wouldn’t be surprised if Loopy was having a little drink to get through it all (I failed once again – bummer; makes me worry about my sock club karma). Should be a lot of fun watching all the new non-WM stuff come in!

  35. Oh my goodness – poor Loopy.

    I hope Loopy gets better soon.

    Although a bigger server is an expensive item – it’s a good (?) πŸ™‚ kind of problem to have.

    Waiting for my sock club to roll in!

  36. Poor Loopy, bless his little heart. I took part in the tipping process, sorry Loopy. Starbucks for Recovery??

    Sounds like lots of temptations in the future. yum!

    *fingers, toes, and everything else crossed, along with lots of prayers for a place in that sock club*

  37. Actually – I’m glad I missed the Wollmeise “fest”.

    Lucky me – I have some family who will be in Germany for two weeks on business and I am doing a bunch of favors for them so that they can make the trip – so perhaps some Wollmeise will still be in my future? He-He! πŸ™‚

  38. not to add another email to the list of those you have to send out, but does that mean that if we don’t get drawn for a lottery spot in the sock club that we won’t hear anything?

    i told you i wanted it to go lottery so if i’m in i’ll feel like i was meant to be in, but now the suspense just might kill me! ha!

    i wasn’t intending to do any real shopping on monday night (at least this time i didn’t have any alcohol in me to cloud my scruples/restraint – – but i was high off leading our first meeting of my lys’s sock club!), but fell in love with that new handspun one, and i did have that frequent shopper benefit burning a hole in my figurative pocket! can’t wait to see it in person!

  39. OK the next question is … has the mailman recovered and did the truck make it to the post office. I tried to get a hank or 2 of the Wollmeise but I was caught in the Loopy tipping and it just didn’t work out this time. It was fun to watch though.

    All the new stuff looks like it will be fun. I can’t wait.

  40. Oooo. I cannot wait for the Farmhouse stuff. Stalk Stalk Stalk.

    I have some Paca Peds and the yarn is yummy. I have yet to knit with it. The whole superwash alapaca aspect is what blew me away! Why didn’t someone do this sooner?

  41. It was so nice to see a photo of Long Beach on you post.We were just there in December(we lived there for 9 years).It is so lovely there.I enjoyed the photo of The Alamitos Bay Yarn Shop.It is one of my favorites.The shop is full of beautiful yarn and they have a great guy who works there.Thanks for showing it off.
    I can’t believe all of the wonderful new things that will soon be available on the website.Thanks for all you do to keep us up on the latest in yarns and other goodies.You’re the best!!!

  42. I really hope I get into the sock club (crosses fingers, toes, and other appendages)…..would really love this! I missed the Wollmeise update (sad week, with my friend’s funeral that day, and I was so exhausted that I went to bed at 7:30pm). Looks like you had fun at TNNA! πŸ™‚

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