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DSC01151.JPGYes, it’s true – the Wish List feature has been added to The Loopy Ewe, just in time for you to get some really great things for the holidays! Once you log in to your account, you will see the option to add items to your Wish List in the purple box, next to “My Account.” You can email this to people as well as linking to it on your blog. (It’s a cool wish list – photos and everything. Web Guy outdid himself on this one.) Also, if you have something in your shopping cart (the way most of you do, in between visits) and it sells out in the meantime, it will automatically pop over onto your Wish List. We’re still working on putting all of the “in stock” items at the top of the list, and deleting it from your list once someone buys it for you. (Although then you’ll know someone bought it for you – is that a bummer?) Go on over and try it out. I know many of you have been creating wishlists all day long! (It was a topic on the Ravelry Loopy Groupie board first thing this morning. If you are on Ravelry and haven’t joined the Loopy Groupie group, come on over and join up.) We’ll keep working on fun features and things on the website for you. (Ok – there is no “we” about that. It’s all Web Guy. I must be honest.) And the photo of Zoe? Well, because I know that Web Guy doesn’t like his picture on here, I thought I’d show this one instead. Zoe was sitting there for about 5 minutes, just staring at all of the photos. Then she very daintily reached out one paw and patted the picture of Web Guy. She misses him. I thought it was so sweet. (She hadn’t done that before and hasn’t done it since.)

Another thing that we have added here at The Loopy Ewe is the “Hacker Safe” designation. This is a company that employs professional hackers to try and break into websites on a daily basis. They then send an email telling where there might be vulnerabilities (if any). We came out great, but our website continues to be checked daily through this program to insure the highest quality of security for you. When you check out, you will see the Hacker Safe icon on your checkout page, as well as the last time that our website was updated and checked. We always want you to feel secure about doing business with us, and we take your privacy very seriously.

Today was a holiday here in the U.S. (Veterans Day) so no boxes went out. However, we did pack and label a bunch, so it’s a good thing that we have that front entry room to stack them in! In addition to orders, we also have almost all of the sock club boxes done and going out tomorrow. If you are in our Sock Club, be sure that you have paid your quarterly fee. You’ll find it waiting for you when you log into your account. (If you didn’t get an email about it, be sure to let us know. The emails went out last week.) Just a reminder, this Sock Club is full, but we do have a new one starting up again for 2008, and we’ll do signups in mid-January. Since our 2007 Sock Club sold out overnight, we thought the simplest way to do the 2008 one would be to have a full week of sign-ups and then we’ll draw names to fill the spots. That way none of you have to be worried about missing the sign-up deadline, and I don’t have to be buried in emails. 🙂 Current sock club members, you can renew during that week, too. (Don’t worry – we’re adding plenty of new spots as well!)

The other case of Wollmeise that we’re waiting on appears to be held up at the moment. I’m tired of waiting on it. We’ll put what we have up this week, and the other half of the colors will go up when they get here. More Wollmeise Sock Yarn will be here in December for you!

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  1. The story about Zoe and the picture is so sweet! Web Guy will be home soon, Zoe! And speaking of Web Guy: kudos for a fab job on the wishlist!

    No candles for me. They make me sneeze!

  2. I love the wish list. I love being able to park colorways & yarns that are out of stock, so I can buy them if they come back in stock.

    I don’t burn candles much (I do not wish my autistic son to become interested in fire), but the scent of vanilla candles always reminds me of a huge decorative candle my parents used to have. (It had a plastic flower wreath around it, which I was always fascinated by as a kid.)

  3. So many exciting developments!!

    😀 Wishlist 😀

    I love anything that smells of cinnamon. I have a deep rooted affection for cinnamon that I attribute to having a birthday in February, as cinnamon candies featured prominently in the celebrations.

  4. Oh boy everyone that I know will get my wish list!!!! This is such a good idea. Love the picture of the kitty. Cats are sooo funny with what they do when they think that we are not watching.
    I love pumpkin scent and Vanilla and Buttercream for yankee Candles. Do not think that one can have enough candles around. But i have to be careful since I have 3 cats that love to jump on places that they should be jumping on.

  5. Oh sock club yarn coming….yeah! Love all of it.

    Favorite Yankee Candle…hmm, I too like the foodie ones….Pumpkin, Apple Spice and so forth. HOWEVER……I have one of those pesky Bengal cats who simply cannot leave anything alone…ever. Whenever I have had a candle burning she leaps onto the table at a run as if she were sliding into home, but it’s the candle. Twice now….with candle wax going everywhere…including me. So, alas…no more candles in this house. I have to be content with plug in air freshner for scents…bummer.

  6. Hi sheri! just place an order but geeeeeeez that wollmeise is quicker than me 😉
    missed the bugger again! congrats on the new location! wish i lived closer 🙁 I’d be a frequent flyer for sure.
    Happy DAy!

  7. Zoe is adorable. I LOVE cats. Wish I could adopt some more but the three U already have (jack & jill – siblings, and worm – long story) would be very jealous.

  8. I have already been working on my wish list, and have sent it to Tony. He didn’t understand how it worked (?!) so I told him to call you. 🙂 And feel free to let him know if there is anything you think I might like. He got a car a couple of months ago (right around his birthday, but not really a birthday present), the least he can do is get me tons of yarn for Christmas!

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