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DSC01151.JPGYes, it’s true – the Wish List feature has been added to The Loopy Ewe, just in time for you to get some really great things for the holidays! Once you log in to your account, you will see the option to add items to your Wish List in the purple box, next to “My Account.” You can email this to people as well as linking to it on your blog. (It’s a cool wish list – photos and everything. Web Guy outdid himself on this one.) Also, if you have something in your shopping cart (the way most of you do, in between visits) and it sells out in the meantime, it will automatically pop over onto your Wish List. We’re still working on putting all of the “in stock” items at the top of the list, and deleting it from your list once someone buys it for you. (Although then you’ll know someone bought it for you – is that a bummer?) Go on over and try it out. I know many of you have been creating wishlists all day long! (It was a topic on the Ravelry Loopy Groupie board first thing this morning. If you are on Ravelry and haven’t joined the Loopy Groupie group, come on over and join up.) We’ll keep working on fun features and things on the website for you. (Ok – there is no “we” about that. It’s all Web Guy. I must be honest.) And the photo of Zoe? Well, because I know that Web Guy doesn’t like his picture on here, I thought I’d show this one instead. Zoe was sitting there for about 5 minutes, just staring at all of the photos. Then she very daintily reached out one paw and patted the picture of Web Guy. She misses him. I thought it was so sweet. (She hadn’t done that before and hasn’t done it since.)

Another thing that we have added here at The Loopy Ewe is the “Hacker Safe” designation. This is a company that employs professional hackers to try and break into websites on a daily basis. They then send an email telling where there might be vulnerabilities (if any). We came out great, but our website continues to be checked daily through this program to insure the highest quality of security for you. When you check out, you will see the Hacker Safe icon on your checkout page, as well as the last time that our website was updated and checked. We always want you to feel secure about doing business with us, and we take your privacy very seriously.

Today was a holiday here in the U.S. (Veterans Day) so no boxes went out. However, we did pack and label a bunch, so it’s a good thing that we have that front entry room to stack them in! In addition to orders, we also have almost all of the sock club boxes done and going out tomorrow. If you are in our Sock Club, be sure that you have paid your quarterly fee. You’ll find it waiting for you when you log into your account. (If you didn’t get an email about it, be sure to let us know. The emails went out last week.) Just a reminder, this Sock Club is full, but we do have a new one starting up again for 2008, and we’ll do signups in mid-January. Since our 2007 Sock Club sold out overnight, we thought the simplest way to do the 2008 one would be to have a full week of sign-ups and then we’ll draw names to fill the spots. That way none of you have to be worried about missing the sign-up deadline, and I don’t have to be buried in emails. 🙂 Current sock club members, you can renew during that week, too. (Don’t worry – we’re adding plenty of new spots as well!)

The other case of Wollmeise that we’re waiting on appears to be held up at the moment. I’m tired of waiting on it. We’ll put what we have up this week, and the other half of the colors will go up when they get here. More Wollmeise Sock Yarn will be here in December for you!

Sheri burningaJackFrostYankeeCandleinmyofficeIlovethatpeppermintscent


  1. Love the wishlist! Thanks so much to all of you. Love the idea of updates around the bend! Take it easy this evening and knit a little. It’s the new yoga, you know!

    Hint: the last was sarcastic. I wish it was yoga, I would be flexible again. However, knitting is meditative and wonderful for keeping me calm in stressed out times.

  2. I love Yankee candle Autumn Wreath,one of my new favorites. We have the original Yankee candle here in Deerfield, Mass. It is an awsome place to visit for a day, yes a day. Web guy is the very best. Made Ethan mittens this weekend, and did the back of sweater. The two fronts are done. Nothing like being backwards. Hugs

  3. I LOVE the wishlist feature…TLE just keeps getting better and better 🙂 Oh, and my fav candle is Baked Apple Pie and Candy Cane..mmmmm

  4. That picture of Zoe is so cute! I thought she might be staring at the photos b/c you all have been away at the new office so much and she misses you…
    oh little Zoe, it’s almost Thanksgiving – Web Guy will be home soon!
    Thanks for the wish lists, Web Guy!

  5. I know it is a bit early but you said your sock club was quarterly, right? Do you have any idea how much it might be? Since you take paypal I might want to start saving my pennies.

  6. Can’t wait for the update!!!! WOLLMEISE LACE, YUM! Can’t wait to see the colors you’ve gotten your hands on 😉

    My favorite candle scent is one I created — called Autumn Frost, which reminds me it’s time to make some — I don’t burn candles in the summer — but fall and winter are the perfect time for them! Hope I can find the recipe.

  7. Tell Web Guy he is really great. I know you are proud of him as are all his adopted Knitting-Moms. Is there a limit on how much you can have in your wish list? I find myself adding something every time I get on the computer. Might as well just add your whole inventory. LOL

    I love vanilla candles. My friends have a country store on their farm where they sell their milk. They make candles and made a new favorite of mine – pomergranit (my spelling stinks but I can knit so who cares). My very favorite smell is the wood burning in the wood stove. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  8. Being a foodie, I LOVE food candle sents. Christmas Cookie, Oatmeal Cookie, Pecan Praline, Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Coffee etc, see what I mean 🙂

  9. My favorite candle scent is “Spiced Pumpkin” from Yankee Candle….perfect for fall, but I use it year round just because! But, every now and then I mix it up with “Buttercream” from Yankee Candle which makes my whole apartment smell like a fresh cake is baking in the oven. Its my cousin’s favorite scent and she’s convinced me I needed that scent too… : )

  10. Pumpkin spice candles from some nameless brand, sold by my local Walgreens. I love them so much I buy a whole box of votives every year, and stash one in my armoire. LOVE. The pillars are wonderful too, but so oily that they stain EVERYTHING! It’s no matter – they go straight into the candleholders and don’t last that long up there.

  11. Awwww…Zoe looks so cute sitting there looking at all the pictures! Thanks Sheri and Web Guy for the wishlist – it is great! I can’t decide if I want to share it or just ask for a gift certificate…there is always something new coming in that I just have to have!LOL

    I love candles too! Right now I am burning a Patriot Candle called “Vanilla Custard” and it is pretty yummy! My very favorite is from Cinnsom Heritage Candles in the fragrance “Good Earth”, and my second favorite brand would have to be Tyler candles…Just love ’em!

  12. I love Yankee Candles too! But pick a favorite? Hmmm… Sparkling pine, buttercream, sand and sun, macintosh, pumpkin pie, jack frost, lilac. That’s just off the top of my head.

  13. Can’t wait to check out the Wish List feature – what a cool idea. I appreciate all your new ideas to make things easier for other people to get what we’d really like. The new security precautions are a great idea too.

    Isn’t it cool when your pet does something unique? I’ve taught my 6 mo. old puppy to get his leash when it’s walk time. Very cute.

    Favorite Yankee scent? I currently have a Green Apple votive burning and it’s my last one!

  14. Squee!!! You’re the greatest! No more Christmas list making for me; I’ll just send ’em all to you!!

    Favorite candle? Well, this time of year, it’s Sparkling Pine. Hubby loves any of the sweet food scents, so there’s always a sugar cookie of some variation in the kitchen…

  15. Thank web guy for me. I’ve been playing with the wish list option, it’s super fun. I wish there was a way to add the number of skeins. Most of my friends are knitting muggles, so they wouldn’t know that I need two skeins of Claudia’s in the Steelers colorway. I’ve been adding it to my notes, but it would be super cool to be able to have a quantity button.
    I would have to say that my favorite candle scent is Beanpod’s Hot Apple Cider. It smells so yummy!

  16. I love scented candles, but unfortunately my husband feels otherwise. I try to smuggle them into the house but he always smells them, even if they’re not lit and still in the packaging and then he gets rid of them. I’ll have to keep searching for a scent he likes. Maybe there’s a chocolate cake one or something like that.
    The wish list is a great idea. I’ll have to let people know about that one!
    One question: are current members of the Sock Club guaranteed a spot next year if we want to renew or do we go into the lottery, too?

  17. I’m with Del and a couple others – I like food scents (gingerbread, hazelnut mocha, cinnamon bun…). I also like a really good pine scent heading into Christmas since I usually take the “Green” route and have an artificial Christmas tree (no place to plant a living tree where I live).

    Thanks for the new Wish List feature. I don’t think that’s a bummer at all on items disappearing. I mean, that’s how a wedding or baby registry works too so that people don’t duplicate in places where multiples are not desired. I guess if someone wants to be surprised going into Christmas or a birthday, then they just shouldn’t peek to see what’s still on their list 🙂

    Web Guy has done so much the last few months! If he’s looking for a suggestion for the future, I wonder if I’m the only one wishing I could search for yarn based on weight – lace, fingering, sport…??

  18. That photo and story of Zoe was so sweet! I had to read that one to the hubby too, so we could both “awww!!” together. (Total animal people.)

    Seconding Valerie’s question: so current members are a shoo-in? Or we vie for the lottery spots too? (No complaints either way – fair is fair’s fair!)

    My favourite last year was the Henri Bendel “Firewood” candle, but after all the Florida wildfires over the summer – well, I don’t know that it’s going to even get lit up this year. I think we’re over the woodfire smell!! I have a pumpkin spice soy melt that’s my favourite right now.

  19. I’m a Yankee Candle fan too!! Ecalyptus is my very favorite…but I have Spiced Pumpkin burning now….and one of those “Jack Frost” car jars waiting to be “hung” as soon as Thanksgiving is over! Tomorrow is my birthday…why oh why do people keep giving me gifts that I have no use for 🙁 All they need to do in click on to The Loopy Ewe web site and hit gift certificate. I talk about Sheri and the sock yarn enough…you would think they’d catch on!!!

  20. Yay for wish lists!

    My favorite candle scents are the spicy ones – Ginger Pumpkin, Mulled Cider, Pumpkin Spice. That and rosemary mint; that combination always gives me a boost.

  21. Sheri,
    Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your shop, blog, being a Loopy Groupie, and your little ways of making everybody feel special. You are the best! 🙂

  22. Love the wish list feature (but you already knew that). My favorite Yankee Candle scent is
    Balasm Fir. It was my Grammy’s favorite scent. We live 10 min from the Yankee Candle flag ship store. We grew up with Yankee Candles. My Grammy now has Alzheimer’s, but she remembers the scent and loves to have it burning in the kitchen (under supervision of course).

  23. YES!!! I love the wishlist, it rocks. I immediately added a million things to mine.

    Favorite candle scents…Honeydew melon, lemon, and vanilla. 🙂

  24. Awww, Zoe! That is so sweet!

    There’s not much choice in scented candles over here (wouldn’t you know), but I’ve got a chocolate-scented candle given to me by a friend who lives in Switzerland!

    Must go play with Wish List now….

  25. The wishlist is such a nice addition. I think half of the yarn that I put on the wishlist is currently out of stock, but at least I can keep it fresh in my aging memory. Please tell Web Guy, “Thank you”!!

    I love candles too. I usually buy Home Interiors candles from a coworker. Righ now, I have Baked Apple PIe, Pumpkin Spice, Dulce de leche, Warm Cinnamon Buns, and Caramel Pear. I aslo have an assortment of tarts. My other coworker has the Autumn Wreath from Yankee and it smells like falling leaves wrapped in spicy home scents.

  26. I think the wish list is a good idea although I don’t think I would use it. A lot of
    people would get what they wanted for their holidays and birthdays instead of
    things that they couldn’t use. My favorite scents are chocolate and lavender.
    I have a huge chocolate candle in a jar that my son gave me. Pier One also has
    some very interesting combinations. My doctor uses Pier One candles in her waiting room
    on top of a little waterfall.

  27. Favorite candle…Bayberry, no matter the time of year, I love the fragrance!! Tell web guy he does really good work!

  28. oh wishlists! Yay! That’s an awesome feature and I hope it helps many a sweet family member in their yarn gifting this year!

    Pumpkin Pie is my favorite candle scent followed by Caramel Apple. Yum, it’s fall. Time to eat a candle!

  29. I am so excited about the new Wish List feature! My mom has been bugging me about getting her my Christmas Wish LIst, and I’m the only knitter in my family, so I always have to be VERY specific when asking for yarn (although I have trained my mom very well).
    What an interesting job… trying to hack into different websites all day.

  30. Yea Wishlists!! Thank you web guy. (Could you possibly add ranking? Then when I’m sticking to my budget haha, I could order from the top down, and spend hours deciding which yarns I like best instead of doing it in a hurry during a sneakup.)

    I like flowery candles, but you have to mix it up otherwise it’s possible to get sick of one. I’d have to say lilac is my favorite though, it’s my favorite flower.

  31. I already popped a few things onto my wishlist and very quietly emailed it to Hubby! Thanks!

    I love peppermint candles also. But there is a pumpkin spice one that I adore! I love fall and to me, that is what fall should smell like!

  32. My favorite candle scents are lavender, ginger pumpkin and spiced vanilla.

    Perfect timing for the wish list, as my boyfriend just asked me last night what I want for Christmas. The only hard part for this is not going to crazy and clicking everything in sight 🙂 I only recently made my first Loopy purchase and can’t wait to get my goodies!

  33. The wish list is a wonderful idea. My favorite candles are from AI Root, in Ohio. They are beeswax and great. My favorites are rain and moss. Very earthy and fresh. I do live cinnamon amd other spicy autumnal type fragrances.

  34. Favorite Candle: Archipelago Botanicals in the Havana scent.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to Web Guy for creating the wish list feature! I will be making one and sharing it with family before Christmas. Also, thanks for providing us a safe web site to frequent.

  35. I would say Vanilla scented and any that smell like pies/cakes baking!! Hubby and I bothe love those scents. The pic of Zoe is sweet, my girls curl up on hubby’s pillow or anything with his scent (esp the “kitten”) when he is stuck at the funeral home with a body and cant come home till funeral is over.

  36. Sheri, I’m off to check out the wish list! Kudos to Web Guy – he’s doing fine work. I especially appreciate his efforts, since I spend my days as a computer systems engineer.

    My household loves gardenia scented candles, spicy vanilla and fall spicy scents.

  37. Just found the wish list! That will mean I don’t have to keep going through to find that yarn I liked a week ago….

    Just bought some incense from Bangladore at the health food store-what a flashback that odor is!! Makes me think of long, long hair, the Grateful Dead, tofu, and getting honey out of that giant crock with a spigot.

  38. **dancing around cube**


    I love Wish Lists. 🙂

    As for candles, I can’t get my favorite any more. A friend of mine used to make them, and she made a gardenia scent that was out of this world! For the holidays, she made a gingerbread that smelled like the real thing. Still hunting for something to take their places, but so far, no luck!

  39. I live twenty minutes from the flagship store of the “Scenter of the Universe”, Yankee Candle. In fact I was shopping there when it was one room and the seconds were upstairs. Favorite is not a word we can apply. It’s easier to buy a couple of boxes of votives and change my mind often. I love woodsy, earthy smells.

    Uh oh…I feel a candle shopping binge coming on…

  40. WOLLMEISE…….I’ve been waiting for sooooooo long! The last sneak up I almost had some…..waited too long to check out!!!!!

    My favorite candles are always vanilla or vanilla based. And anything spicy, like pumpkin pie!!!! Yum……can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

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