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DSC01379.JPGIsn’t this a great sign? On days like today, it’s definitely “Send in the Elves!” day! We love our Loopy Elves here and even on busy days, we have a lot of fun. πŸ™‚ (Chocolate and Starbucks helps, too.) We did do a Sneak Up last night, and I did send out the Loopy Groupie email. For some reason, not everyone received it and we are looking into that. Some of you might find it in your spam folders, but others must still be floating in cyberspace or lost in the same place that our second case of Wollmeise seems to have disappeared into. Hopefully we’ll have it all figured out before the next Sneak Up. We’re working on it.

I thought today would be a good day to answer questions that I keep getting. (If you know all the answers, you can skip today’s blog and you get an “A”. Come back on Friday!)

“Do the current Sock Club members get to renew automatically, or do they go into the lottery with everyone else?”

I’m sorry for not making that clear. Yes, current sock club members get to renew automatically. You all have been great to work with and we’d love to have you again. I’ll let you know when we’re ready to take your renewals. (There will also be plenty of new spots, as we’re increasing the numbers for next year.)

“Do you know the cost of next year’s Sock Club and how that will work?”

We’re keeping it the same price as this year – $33 plus shipping. For that, you will receive the limited edition yarn dyed up just for the sock club (we use a different dyer or yarn company each time), and a pattern written especially for that yarn. You’ll also get different fun things in each shipment. Most of the yarns are $24 or $25, the patterns are $5, so you’re only paying $3 or $4 for the “something fun”. Those of you in this year’s Sock Club know that the value of these extras has been much more than that. We know you like those surprises, and we have fun finding them for you! Also, next year we will do 5 shipments and they’ll come every other month, starting in March.

“I placed an order last night and another one first thing this morning – can you ship them together?”

We always check your account as we’re doing the shipping labels, because, honestly, this happens a lot. (And we totally understand that!) If you have two or more orders in with us, we will definitely send them together and save you shipping (or delete the shipping if the combined total is over $75.)

“I’m just ordering patterns and the website charged me $5.95 for that. I don’t think I should have to pay that.”

We don’t think so either. When you have just ordered patterns, we ship them to you in an envelope and we go in and change the shipping amount for you. Depending on how many you order, the cost is usually $1-3. When you get your email that says your order has shipped, you can log in to your Loopy account and see how much the shipping ended up being.

“I am an international customer – does it really cost that much to ship to me?”

It depends on where you live. πŸ™‚ The website will charge you the default rate, but if it’s less than that, we change the amount to save you money. The minimum international rate is $5. The maximum rate for Canada is $10 and all other countries is $16. That means if your shipping goes under those amounts, we save you the money, and if it goes over those amounts, we pay the difference.

“I really really really love you guys. Can you save a skein of Wollmeise for me? Pretty please?? You’re my favorite shop!!”

We love those emails! They make us smile! They make us feel good! They make us use exclamation points excessively!!! (sorry. ahem.) But, unfortunately, they don’t convince us to save a certain yarn for you. πŸ™ We’d love to be able to do that, but of course it’d get way out of hand. We really are sorry that we can’t let you reserve yarn. It would be awfully handy if we could.

“When are you getting more __________ in stock?” (You can pretty much fill in the blank with anything.)

Almost everything here is always on order. Most of our yarn lines and indie dyers are on auto-order, meaning we have revolving orders in with them all the time, as often as they can do them for us. When they get done with one, they are usually already working on the next one. They’re awesome. So if you’re wondering when something is coming in, do feel free to email and ask, but just know that most likely it’s “soon”!

“I really want to come to your Loopy Spring Fling Sock Retreat. Do you have dates yet?”

We’re still working out the details (we have fun things planned!) but the weekend I’m planning for – barring any hotel issues, which still need to be worked out – is April 25-27. Second choice is April 18-20, but we’re trying for our first choice.

“I found a new sock yarn that I love. Can you get it at The Loopy Ewe?”

We’d love to hear about it and we’ll definitely look into it. Email us.

“What new things will you be getting in?”

Ohhhh, there are a lot. We’ll fill you as they each get closer to being here. There is some really great stuff on order!

“Have you bought a wheel yet???”

No. But I do plan to try some out this weekend and then make some decisions. Which of course means that roving for sale at The Loopy Ewe is not far behind…….

Sheri Friday’sblogwillhaveourNovembercontestANDtheamazingpumpkindessertrecipe!


  1. I can’t wait for the pumpkin dessert recipe on Friday!! And, woo hoo that I’ll be able to renew my sock club membership next year!! : ) And, I’m going to put in my leave request to come to the retreat in April. Can you believe our CFO’s assistant is getting super organized this year and sending out the “Invite” for our monthly managers/supervisors meeting for the next 6 months? I keep thinking, well, what if it falls during the time I want to take off and go to the Loopy Retreat, FPS?? Really, its not a major deal if we miss one, but I don’t know that I like being locked in for those kinds of meetings so far in advance. So, I accepted for January only so far…

  2. Sheri, thanks for the q and a format…it was very informative! Like everyone else who missed this year’s sock club, I’m crossing my fingers that I get in the 2008 sock club. I’m also glad to know that I’m not the only one who has placed multiple orders in the same sneak up!

  3. Well shoot, there goes that email I was going to send out about holding yarn for me. πŸ˜‰
    Can’t wait for the sock club renewals. I’ve really enjoyed it this year. Wished I could make the retreat. Post lots of pics for all of us who can’t go!

  4. I am one of the groupies who didn’t get the email, oh well…Loved the Q&A also looking forward to a sock club next year. Wish I was closer, would love to come and be an elf!!!:)

  5. Where will the Loopy Spring Fling Sock Retreat be held???? What is it???? How do I get more information???

    Inquiring minds want to know. πŸ™‚

  6. This email made me smile Sheri! I didn’t get the LG update either, but I noticed some extra yarn on the site when I was working on my Christmas, er, Wish List last night (must have missed the Wollmeise again though if any went up).

    Are you coming to Madrona in February?

  7. I totally had a no yarn buying until December relapse last night. That $25 credit was too tempting (ofcourse I ended up spending way more than that, shh!). I can’t wait for the Wollemeise lace to get to me! I’m just sad that all packages from the US are taking 3-4 weeks to get to me now with the congestion at customs πŸ™ I don’t know if I can wait that long…

  8. Hi Sheri, Love the Q&A too! Alot of times people ask questions in the comments and I know that I’m thinking “geeh, I would love to know the answer to that as well” The best news is that we can renew our sock club membership AND that it will be 5x instead of 4. Hoping my husband will think sending me to the Loopy Retreat will be the best 50th birthday present for me plus that’s my birthday month…. (fingers crossed). Kristi

  9. BFF Sarah has no internet at home, so she had me stalking my inbox to see if the Wollmeise lace weight went up. She had already thoughtfully provided me with a list of 10 colors that would be acceptable, in the order that she wanted them. πŸ™‚ Thank goodness one of her colors went up last night, or there would have been a lot of that telephone color describing thing going on. “Well, it’s blue, but the other one is bluer, if you know what I mean. More cobalt and royal. With maybe a little teal. No, not turquoise, teal.” πŸ˜‰

    The bonus of her not having internet at home is that I was able to sneak a couple of stocking stuffers for her into the order. *rubs hands together gleefully*

    Dang, is THAT where my yarn from Canada is? Stuck at customs? *sigh*

  10. Score!!!!! I am so excited that current Loopy Sock Clubbers get to renew. Totally Awesome Sheri Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I am getting close to getting a wheel and I am so excited that you will be carrying roving in the future. I can’t wait to see what you get.

  11. Thanks for the Q&A. I’m a new loopy and you did answer some questions I had.
    Missed the Wollmieise again, didn’t receive e-mail alert. Will be watching for the Loopy Sock Club announcement, hope to get in.

  12. That Wollmeise lace went fast. That boy child of mine was on my computer when the sneak up went up, so I missed it. I am holding out for the sock yarn anyway πŸ™‚
    I would be there as a Loopie Elf if I was closer πŸ™‚ That would be such fun to feel all that yummy yarn.

  13. Have fun trying out all of the wheels!!!! Keep in mind that some take a bit of getting used to. Listen to your gut on which one is for you.


  14. I know I was one of the people bugging you with some of those questions. Thanks for the answers.
    Good luck with the wheel. Thanks to your wheel talk, I got back to work on mine andfor the first time have actually spun and plied some shetland fleece into decent looking yarn. It’s enough to make a pair of warm fuzzy mittens. I’ve finished knitting one of them and it actually looks like a normal (hey, to me it looks way better than normal!) mitten. Hurray!

  15. We loves the rovings! Must have the rovings! πŸ˜‰

    Love the sign too… I need one of those for my office job. Year round elves would be awesome!

  16. Did the first part of the Wollmeise lace go up and off already… I’m confused….

    What kind of wheel are you looking at?

    *wishes she could be a Loopy Elf*

  17. mmm… pumpkin dessert recipe… yanno, I really have to starting thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. PB&J, anyone?

    (Oh, and the wee principessa says to tell “Loopy” thank you for the kisses.)

  18. I am watching for info on the sock club. I hope to get picked. I was one of those who did not receive a Loopy Groupie Heads up. πŸ™ That’s okay though I have an order on the way. You sure get asked a lot of questions and I am probably one of the askers!!!

  19. Well, I did get the Loopy Groupie email, but by the time I picked it up, my fellow Groupies had had first pickings, so I’ll hold on till next time. Thanks for the Q & A format; I knew most of it already, but it’s always good to be reminded of just why shopping at The Loopy Ewe is so wonderful!

  20. Thanks for the Q&A Sheri…good information! I am crossing all my fingers and toes for getting a spot in the sock club this year AND being able to come to the retreat…How much fun will that be?? My Loopy update also got lost in cyberspace, but I just happened to be on when the sneak-up hit…can’t wait to see the Jitterbug I ordered!

  21. Between the last time we “spoke”, somehow….I ended up….buying….a wheel!!!! LMFAO!!!

    You see, what ha-ha-happened was that my friend and she had a good deal, and i said REAAALLY and then i said OKFINEI’LLPICKITUPFRIDAY!! HEE HEE

    BTW: I didn’t get the loopy heads up email either… πŸ™

  22. Oh good, the retreat is after my daughters birthday (April 6th) so there is nothing stopping me form coming! Well… I need to find a friend to go with because I’m uber shy…

  23. Oh how perfect. The retreat is scheduled for my birthday. The week when I may or may not be able to fly because I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant. (Squee yes pregnant!!!!!) I’m going to have to do some hard fast talking with both my husband and doctor, but I’m still going to try my best to be there. If I can’t I’ll be there in spirit.

  24. Where does one go to try out different spinning wheels? I think due to space constraints, I would have to get a wheel that folds up a bit (read:more expensive) even just to start.

    But I would looooove the Louet Victoria. It’s on my Christmas list. Keep us updated on how the different wheels rank.

  25. Something you don’t want to see when you check on your Loopy package: Your item was misrouted.
    The good news is that my package will arrive before Thanksgiving.
    Thanks for the always great service and products. Anne

  26. Well poo, the retreat would be during Passover, 20th to the 27th. Most Jewish folks stick close to home then because of dietary restrictions.

  27. I never got the “groopie” update either….good thing there wasn’t any Wollmeise sock yarn! You would’ve heard my screams from there!!!!!!! Am patiently waiting for roving…………

  28. Ohmygoodness, I just saw the o/s Wollmeise lace colors. Holy cow. Now I’m just going to have to stalk the what’s new page…

  29. A wheel?!?! Ever since you made the first posting about spinning, I’ve been researching. Maybe I should take a class first to see how I do. I’m not very coordinated at times.

    Thank you for the Q and A. I didn’t know that us Sock Clubbers would have first dibs. I’m going to be pushing really hard to make the retreat. You’re not that far away. If Web Guy can make it home, I can to Loopy Ewe.

    Is your pumpkin dessert made with a box of yellow cake mix? A coworker makes one where the mix is sprinkled on top and drizzled with butter. OMG, I’m salivating just thinking about it.


    Now, if we could get wollemeise to dye it for us and SHeri to carry it for us….


    PS- be sure to try the Majacraft rose… Hubby bought me one—-
    it’s smooth spinning AND beautiful;…

  31. WOW the last 2 days have been just a giddy romp of gifts! Yesterday my winter sock club goodies (lovely, lovely…) and today my Jitterbug from the sneak up! My head is spinning! However let it be known that despite that, I personally will not be spinning any time soon. Not that I don’t admire all you spinners, but if I start just one more obsession…the men in the white coats will just come and carry me away!

    Your packages arrive so promptly I think that you don’t actually use the postal service…I really think you just drive over to my house in the middle of the night and leave the goodies on my doorstep!

    I have some banana bread in the oven and, boy, does it ever smell good! Want a piece?

  32. My Loopy Package arrived yesterday….OMG you really out did yourself…I just love my yarn and extra goodies……..

    I didn’t open it when I came home from work…rushing out for a Birthday celebration dinner for my son….but when we got back, my husband said….your package arrived from the Loopy Ewe…open it…..I want to see what’s inside….this is from the same person who 2 yrs ago couldn’t understand my “need” to learn how to knit socks…and offered up $2 to go to Walmart to buy some……I “think” he’s getting it…..

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you…..

    Blogless Diane

  33. Miss Violet would like to respond to this posting, but regrets to say that she has LOST HER MIND at the thought of TLE having roving for sale. Her brain has melted, and she is literally laying on the floor, burbling something that sounds vaguely like, “must sell kidney to pay VISA in advance…”

    OMG. Roving….

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