Random Acts of Kindness Month

DSC01396.JPGYesterday at lunch, Knitting Daughter (aka Starbucks Barista) was telling us about a lady who comes through the drive-through line for her coffee and frequently pays for the person behind her, too. Now wouldn’t it be fun to drive up to the window and hear, “Yours is free today – the lady ahead of you took care of it.”? Since I frequent Starbucks quite a bit once in awhile, I decided that I’d do that on occasion, too. Not all the time. But maybe once a week. Which got me to thinking about other Random Acts of Kindness that I could be doing during this season of giving. And then I started thinking about how fun it would be if we all did that from now until the end of December! So we going to sponsor “Random Acts of Kindness Month” here at The Loopy Ewe. Each Monday, we’d love to have you leave a comment about a random act of kindness that you did during the past week. Some people like to do this anonymously (like me), but rest assured that the people you are being kind to probably have never heard of this blog, so you’re safe in sharing it with us. Not only will you enter yourself into a weekly drawing here, but you will inspire all of the rest of us with your ideas and kindness. (And really – inspiring others to random acts is, in itself, an act of kindness, right?) Since you’ve had no warning for today’s contest, I think it’d be great if you’d leave a comment about a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) that someone has done for you. That will give all of us some great new ideas. (Or if you do one today, enter it today.)
The prizes? Each week we’ll pull one name from the list (and if you do more than one act, leave more than one comment – you can be entered more than once) and we’re going to send you a fun Loopy Loot package worth at least $75. (Hey all of you book authors that are Loopy customers – and there are a lot of you! – if you’d like to donate an autographed copy of one of your books to put into one of these 6 drawings, we’d love that! Ditto to all of our Loopy indie dyers and Loopy indie artisans. I’m not going to email you and solicit products – we are happy to stuff the packages right from inventory here, too, but if you want to contribute, it could be your RAK for the week!) We will ship all winners at the same time – on January 2nd. That way we can make sure that all 6 packages are of equal value. We’ll do drawings for the next six Monday posts (including today and ending 12/31. We’ll draw on Tuesdays, so that all of the Monday comments will be included.)

I did go through the drive through today and I did pay for the person behind me. I was hoping that someone who really needed a free coffee would pull up behind me. Instead, a guy in a fancy sports car pulled up. What to do? Because of course I was making judgements about him and his fancy car and the fact that he could well afford his own coffee I wondered if he’d appreciate it? Then I stopped myself. I decided he must need a kindness today, so I went ahead and paid for him and then sped off as fast as I could so I would stay anonymous! And, unbelievably, on the back of my Starbucks cup today, I noticed that it says: “Pass the Cheer. A good way to pass the cheer when you’re on the road is to pay the toll for the car behind you. Do this and you might start to look at stoplights as holiday lights instead. Red means to stop and be thankful for a moment. Green means to out and do nice things.” What a coincidence! But you don’t have to spend money to show a RAK. How about letting the person behind you in the grocery line go first? Or go to the manager of the next store you shop at to tell him or her something nice about the person who checked you out. Or …. well, you get the idea. Share your other ideas with us.

Speaking of winning things, I totally forgot to announce the winner of our November Blog Contest last Friday. I think I was too involved with getting my holiday rules down (and you all added some very good ones to the list – thank you.) The winner of the November blog contest is: Genny. Genny has a fun Loopy credit in her account to spend on her next order. Thank you again for all of your great musical suggestions!

Lastly, we have more fun yarn coming from Cherry Tree Hill. We’ll be getting some very special Supersock, at a really good price (a savings which of course we pass right along to you.) More details when they arrive! We also just got a large shipment of Lorna’s Laces today, which we’ll be putting up. And we’re still working on this week’s Sneak Up for you. It’ll be a good one.

Sheri can’twaittohearaboutallofyourwonderfulkindnessesinthecomingmonth!


  1. This is fun! I’m not sure if this counts b/c it’s not a specific RAK, but a broader one. I decided earlier today to donate a sheep to Heifer International (heifer.org) and I purchased it in honor of the online knitting community & posted a contest on my blog to get other knitters to donate. I got an unexpected bonus at work & I wanted to do something for somebody who was in need. I hope the generous spirit of my readers will help turn my single donation into more donations for such an amazing organization – and I really like the idea that I’m helping there be more wool in the world.

  2. I bought someone a bottle of water last night at my knitting group, just for the heck of it.

    It’s not exactly random, nor is it anonymous, but
    I’m in the middle of working on a project for Afghans for Afghans. I’m collecting mitered squares that I will assemble into a blanket headed for Kabul. Anyone who is interested should drop by my blog or hunt up the Charity Miters group on Ravelry. I’m accepted striped, cascade 220, wool, stockinette miters. Anyone wanting to perform an RAK could send in a square!

  3. lol — I was two steps ahead of the meter maid today, putting in quarters for expired meters. He as not happy with me but I did not get arrested! Would you have posted bail for me if I told them that you sent me to do a ROAK?

  4. Hope I’m not too late but my mom asked me at the last minute to knit her up EZ’ BSJ for a co-worker who was having a baby the day before we left vacation. (She’s a crocheter and had admired the one I knit up for my manicurist out of a Loopy Ewe yarn purchase). I went to my LYS for yarn before we left, and ended up using stash yarn for the last couple of rows as I ran out. I put all my planned vacation knitting on hold and actually completed it for her in record time.

  5. I have a friend who is in the military and went out to dinner with him when he came back. (He is since redeployed) This one couple came to our table and thanked him for serving and protecting our country. i thought that this was soooo swwet adn so did my friend. he was really moved by this. Well about an hour later when we asked our waitress for our bill, she told us that the bill had been taken care of. The couple that had stopped by our table ended up paying for our meal. I had never had this happen to me before but I was deeply appreciative of this and so was my friend.

  6. Today as I was driving out of a shopping center I noticed something fly off of the roof of the car in front of me. As I pulled out I saw two cars pulled over picking stuff up off the ground. The woman who pulled out before me had left her purse on the top of her car and this is what I saw fly off. I raced to the traffic light ahead because I could see she was stopped at it waiting to make a left turn. I pulled up next to her, motioning her to roll her window down. At first she looked at me like I was crazy and then did roll it down. When I asked her if she had her purse she looked completely shocked, looked at the seat next to her and practically screamed “NO”. I told her what had happened and that she should pull in front of me and turn into another shopping center which would give her access to the area where her purse was. She did and I could see in my rearview mirror that she made it to the place where her purse was and people were handing over the contents. I know if this had happened to me and someone saw it I would want them to try to catch up to me and tell me. She had a young child in the backseat in a carseat and had probably put her purse on the roof of her car to put the child in the carseat and then forgot about it.

    As I was talking to her people were honking their horns at us and one “gentleman” raced around us to make the light and gave us a “lovely” gesture to show what he thought of my kindness : )

    Love the cup in the picture – now every time I stop at a stoplight I will think of the saying printed on it.

  7. I absolutely love this idea. 🙂

    Right now I seem to be having a mental block though. The most recent thing I can think of is when we went to McDonald’s quickly before getting on the road for Thanksgiving. My brother, and all three of my children in tow, of course. Well, as we were standing in line, my mother calls to check on us, so I tell my brother to order for us (we had already talked about what everyone was getting). He’s not really used to ordering for anyone else, and made a mistake about what I wanted…as well as forgetting to purchase a drink for me. lol The girl who had taken our order walked over to check on us just as I realized what had happened (I blame my youngest’s irresistible blue eyes for luring her over), she immediately took care of it and gave me a soda free of charge. I know it doesn’t really seem like much, but I never had to get out of my seat, and when you are with three children under the age of five, it’s really helpful.

    Just recently I purchased a skein of the new STR Raven Clan for someone I met on Ravelry. He has no real place to live and recently someone stole all of his belongings! Including a stole in progress! Thinking that that was the worst thing I’d ever heard, I immediately offered him some yarn. Then realized that I could either not part with what I had, or it just wasn’t good enough. So I bought some yarn, and am sending it out tomorrow. 🙂

  8. A random act of kindness was done for me yesterday – I was saying how cute I thought a knitting pattern was – and someone bought it for me and emailed it to me!!! I was so excited and thankful :o)

  9. I gave blood today. Though I do it regularly, it is an effort. And I HATE needles. I am always totally terrified of the finger prick and the needle in the vein. But after that, no problem.

    Plus, every donation saves three lives!

  10. I wanted to tell you about a wonderful act of kindness that was bestowed on my family for Thanksgiving. My DH had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in October and he has had multiple complications and is still hospitalized. My coworkers had Thanksgiving diner catered for my children and me so we wouldn’t have to worry about cooking! Their generosity completely humbled all of us!

  11. I finished putting together the library’s Xmas donation today–we sponsor a child, buy all of their Xmas gifts and then put together a food care package. This is the second year I have headed the effort, but everyone pitches in to help. And really, who doesn’t like buying toys for kids? and clothes?

    Our kid this year asked for Chapter books. What is more dear to a librarian’s heart than buying BOOKS!

  12. One done for me: Last summer on my way to work I hit a deer. A little freaked out I called my bf and he suggested I drive to a car repair place a mile or so down the road that is on my way to work and so I did. When I pulled up and went into the shop the man behind the counter could see that I was upset and immediately had someone take my car around back to make sure it was still safe to drive. Once they did that they even pulled out the water hose and well….cleaned things up a bit… and they would not take any money from me…and oh yeah, this was all at 5:45 in the morning! Needless to say it is where I get most of my work done now.

    I was also inspired to do a little one today: After the morning coffee rush at work I washed out and cleaned up the office coffee/tea mess…which had not been cleaned throughly in a couple of months!

  13. i’m a charity crafter. since most of the charities i donate to are around the country (and the world!) it’s pretty random, and pretty anonymous.

    does that count , lol?

  14. I ride the bus to work and last week, realized as it pulled up that I had forgotten my wallet, which had my bus pass, cash and ATM card. The guy behind me in line not only paid my fare, but he loaned me lunch money! Wow! Major RAOK! While we both regularly ride the same bus to work, I didn’t know him and had never even spoken to him before.

  15. Recent RAK done for me — a blogging friend sent me a lovely package of bath scrub and lip balm because she knew from reading my blog that I was in the middle of a serious run of crummy events. I have loved reading what other Loopy fans have done as their RAKs … and they’ve given me some great ideas for the future. I brought a pot of chicken soup to my new neighbors when they all had pneumonia, and often express my caring for others by baking for them, and I used a book credit to send a copy of a favorite book to the child of another blogging acquaintance. Feeding loved ones and sharing books is a tradition in my family and my RAKs seem to take one of these forms or the other more often than not. What a great idea this is, Sheri. I wonder how long it will take you to read the posts!

  16. Well it’s after midnight now, so yesterday I just did a RAK that I do fairly frequently. I helped the person ahead of me in line at Sam’s Club take the stuff off the bottom of her cart and put it on the check out belt. She was there with a loaded cart, a daughter who looked to be about six and a baby who was in his car seat in the cart. I remember how it used to be shopping with a baby (mine is 22 now) and how much I appreciated it when someone helped me. I think people are surprised though and don’t know what to think. I am enjoying reading all of the comments.

  17. Every week at knit night at our LYS, we each put in a dollar to cover the cost of beverages (water, soda, coffee) and put our names into a drawing for a door prize. It’s usually something good donated by the shop owners – a book, yarn and a pattern, etc. I’ve won more than once, so I kick in my dollar and I put someone else’s name on the slip of paper – someone who hasn’t won, someone having a bad day, or someone new to the group.

  18. I was doing some Christmas shopping in the centre of London a little while ago, and the nicest thing happened to me. I was trying to find a nice gift for a friend who is expecting her first baby, and so asked the shop assistant in the baby and pharmacy section of the store for some advice. She made a few suggestions, and then directed me up to the gift section of the store. About 5 minutes later, she came running up behind me, gifts in hand – on an incredibly busy Saturday, she’d taken the time out to help me find the perfect Christmas present for a friend. It really touched me.

    Something that I always do is tell people when they’ve left their bags open. I’ve had things stolen from a backpack before, and living in a big city, you really don’t want to walk around inviting people into your bag. It always makes people smile!

  19. I LIKE this idea Sherri! Only, I’m not too sure my husband would like the idea of me buying a coffee for a guy in a sports car…LOL You are just too funny! I guess if we are going to do a random act of kindness we can’t be too selective about the recipient………….

  20. I love this concept…and feel it should be done all year not just for Christmas. People should give to others no matter when the season. Today I decorated a paper mitten(had to keep with the knitting thingy:) ) and I wrote on it…Ho, Ho, Ho, here’s something for a cuppa tea or joe…and I enclosed $3 for a cup of coffee for a co-worker, a teacher, who has a hard time with his class. I plan on doing it for others…a secret pick-me-up…and wwe all need that….just thee giving part makes me feel good, too. Thanks for sharing everyone! Happy Holidays to all of you!

  21. Since my DH and I were unable to have kids,we started our marriage with pets-all kinds. Then,various crummy issues hit me-like arthritis,spine probs,etc.-boo-who-
    so we couldn’t have as many pets. Our local Humane society used to put down the
    animals that were not adopted after a (what I thought was ) a pretty short time. So,
    I made a deal with them. I find sponsors,pet food ( Thank God not the tainted stuff!)’
    foster homes,people who can’t have pets but will pay for all up keep in the shelter,and my DH and i pay for all the spaying and neutering,goody bags for each family and investigations into homes which are adopting. This is not strict stuff,but gentle help for new and old adoptee families. We send them coupons after and have keep in touch. No more euthanasia (except for animals deathly ill and in pain) !
    And adoptions are way up. BTW I have two shelter adopted cats..

  22. This isn’t my RAK, but my husband shared this one with me. He’s an armed security guard working nights, so he often sees a side of life most of us never see. In our city of Sacramento, there is a large homeless population, and we are forever hearing about “dealing with the plight (or problem) of the homeless”. In this case, my husband noticed two shabbily-dressed homeless men picking up stuff all over a gas station/mini-mart area, and finally asked what they were doing. They informed him it was their “job”. So, he checked inside with the owner to be sure they weren’t stealing something, and the owner replied that, yes, that was their job. Every day they made sure that the parking lot was policed for trash, picking up anything thrown on the ground, cleaned up any spills of liquid, and kept “other bums” from hanging around the property. In return, the owner provided each man with two large hamburgers or sub-sandwiches per day, plus one large can of Red Bull, plus they also had a little “hootch” around the back of the store that was protected from wind & rain where they could sleep safely and dry. I was impressed that here was a business owner who helped two totally unskilled, nearly illiterate men with a job they could do, one solid meal a day, plus shelter, and most especially, their dignity. This cost the owner very little, and the two men were very proud of their ability to survive in a big city without having to move to a government shelter where they felt threatened. Its not much by most people’s standards, but for these two men, its their world.

  23. I’ve been involved with our charity knit nights at our LYS. Last month we decided to participate in the latest afghans for Afghans campaign. They needed to fill 80 boxes with sweaters and vests for 7 to 14 year olds affected by the war. Our goal was to fill one box, 35 sweaters. We actually donated almost 3 times that….as a result they had 81 boxes to send….shipment just hit Afghanistan in the last couple of weeks. Is the best feeling do be able to do this for someone who really needs it, even though I will never meet them. Makes me warm inside!

  24. I’m a toll payer, that’s about the only random thing I do. Actually, maybe it’s the NY/MA thing to do because I also have it happen to me quite often. But it is fun and I love how it just spreads.

    I do have a RAOK tale though. Many years ago, when my now 13 yr old was a wee one still in a sling we were on our way to WalMart when the car just stopped. I pulled over checked things out the best I could and then figured I would just go ahead and walk the few blocks we had left, and from there I would call the hubby and such. Got the kids out of the car and we took off. Well wouldn’t you know, the wind really started to pick up – I mean really pick up, and I was attempting to walk against it with a baby in her sling and a three year old. This elderly couple pulled over to offer us a ride. I of course said no thank you I was only going to Walmart and we would be just fine. After a few moments they finally insisted, and since they did not look like the we are going to kill you and eat your babies type, I finally loaded myself and the kids in.

    They drove us the few short blocks and then let us out in the parking lot when Missy finally made a little noise. They had no clue that I was carrying two kids with me, Missy was pretty well hidden in that sling. Anyway they coo a few moments at the baby and then give me $50.00. I told them we were fine – it was just that the car broke down and that I did not need any money, I mean I was on my way shoppping. We talk a few more moments and I learn that they are here (from FL) because they just buried a grandchild about the same age as Missy. I felt so bad for them. They insist I take the money again to get the kids something special from them for the holidays (it was near Christmas) well after their story I sort of felt obligated for whatever reason. Peter and Mary have now been given gifts to my children for years. We send cards and letters to each other and have been keeping in touch ever since. From that ROAK many years ago a friendship was born. 🙂

  25. throughout the year I will volunteer at various places, my most favorite a kitchen that prepares and delivers healthy meals to those who are unable to cook for themselves who have AIDS, Cancer and other diseases that is located in the West Village. Also, rather than spend money on holiday gifts, we have opted to purchase gifts for those in need.

  26. I Raveler “Paid it Forward” to me by sending me her STR leftovers. So today I sent a very busy Ravelry Mod for the ISO Destash group some yarn from my stash that she liked. I like this! Can’t wait to have another chance to PIF.

  27. I hope this counts as a random act of kindness……while sitting in the 3rd row of the airplane…I noticed a passenger, who boarded the plane after me, attempt to quickly store his bulging briefcase in one of the overhead bins As he lifted his arms….I noticed a price tag hanging from the sleeve under his armpit. I was unable to get his attention….but made sure I followed him with my eyes toward the rear of the plane. I asked a flight attendant to let this passenger know about the tag…but then suddenly heard laughter from the front of plane as this attendant shared this bit of info w/ the other attendants. Once I disembarked…I waited on the side for this passenger to walk by and quickly whispered in his ear about his price tag dangling from his armpit! Hurrah….! The passenger thanked me and said it would have been quite embarrassing for him to work through the entire day with the price tag hanging!

  28. My RAK was inspired by a window decal “The other half of my Heart is in Iraq.” While waiting in a drive-thru lane, I noticed the car in front of me had a lot of Marines bumper stickers plus the window decal. I could see the driver’s face in her side mirror, and she looked like she was having a terrible day. When it was my turn to order, I told the cashier (through the order box) that I wanted to pay for the car in front of me. A few seconds later she tried to pay but the cashier explained what I had done. She then GOT OUT OF HER CAR and came toward me, looking very confused. I explained that I had read her decal was appreciative of the sacrifice her loved one (and she) were making, and wanted to say thanks in a small way. She started crying and said that her husband has just been deployed again that week and she couldn’t thank me enough. It was the best $4 I’ve ever spent.

    lovin’ this RAK thing…

  29. This one isn’t one I’ve done or received, but a friend posted her mom’s account of a RAOK and I felt the need to share it with y’all.


    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. This morning I took my car to be winterized at my favorite (because of the owner’s proven honesty) mechanic’s shop. On the way I picked up some donuts for the guys, and got there around 11:00 am. After about a half hour, I noticed a customer questioning the owner about an issue that they were trying to resolve. I talked to the owner’s wife and offered to give him a character reference, but she felt it wasn’t necessary. They finished talking and the customer left.

    After sitting there awhile, knitting a scarf and watching TV, the manager of the shop told me the battery on my ’93 Sable was “borderline.” He suggested that because winter weather could cause the battery to die, he felt I should get a new one. I told him that this is not a good time, meaning other expenses are taking precedence over a battery that “might” or ”might not” go out on me. And since I rarely drive outside the local area, I am not worried about getting stranded without finding someone available to help me. Having friends in a small town definitely has advantages. Another customer, a man who had been waiting to be helped, finished talking to the manager and left the shop.

    After several more minutes, the manager told me they were going to put a new battery in my car, and that it was from Santa Claus. My eyes are starting to tear-up, but there’s a smile on my face as I’m writing this. After I speculated on who might have given me the gift, the manager told me it had been a customer who had heard my conversation. I’m pretty sure it was the man I saw leaving the shop shortly afterward……… And………in addition to Santa’s gift, the manager of the shop gave him a reduced price on the battery, just because the man’s actions had, in his words “made my day.” (Another act of kindness…how great is that.)

    What an awesome, kind hearted thing for a stranger to do for this old lady. I’m 70 plus years old, but still pretty healthy for my age. I am not destitute, but I feel the need to keep working to make ends meet. After taking care of other expenses, I would have eventually had a new battery put in my car. But I am so touched by this act of kindness, that it has motivated me to try to help others in some small way.

    In past years, during the holidays I have occasionally collected money, food and clothes for the American Red Cross and other charities. But the older I get, the lazier I get and convince myself that I’m too tired to do anything that requires extra energy, even though my conscience bothers me to do otherwise. Anyway…… my Secret Santa has motivated me to get movin’ and do something for others.

    So…..I’ve decided that this year, I will, again, make myself available to try to collect food and/or money for the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross doesn’t take clothing anymore, but I will volunteer to pickup small bags of clothing and/or blankets and take them to the Goodwill Store that is near where I live.

    I have told the auto mechanic shop owner to let Santa Claus know that his generosity is greatly appreciated and has given this old lady motivation to get busy and perform a few good deeds of my own.. I’m also secretly hoping that it might motivate some of my friends to do likewise. And please consider passing this on to your friends and relatives as well. I’m hoping that “Santa’s” kindness is contagious.

    One other idea I have found that has come in handy on occasion is carrying used warm clothing in a small bag in my car during winter weather. The other day I was able to give used gloves and a jacket to a young girl Salvation Army bell ringer. I’ve found they also appreciate a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate on a cold day.

    P.S. The shop manager told me that “Santa” lives in the same town as the mechanic, so I plan to anonymously give this story to the local Times newspaper…I hope he sees it. And….I’ve asked the owner of the shop if I can use his name when I submit this story to a newspaper. Instead of taking advantage of the free publicity, he declined because he felt it would diminish the message of the story.

  30. I am a true believer of RAK. This is something that I try to do once a week. I normally get my coffee from 7-11. They are on my way to work and the coffee is great!! I normally pay for the person’s coffee behind me. And now, my husband also does it. It makes me feel really good to do something like that for someone. I think I enjoy their reaction more than anything and my hope is they will do it for someone else.

    Another thing that I do all the time is hold the elevator. Most mornings people are in a rush for the elevator…why not wait for them. Then you can say good morning and have a nice day also.

    Life is already hard enough, why not do something for someone else. It not only puts a smile on the receivers face, it put a smile on your face also.

  31. Each year I “adopt” a family or child through various agencies for the holidays. This year I’m going to buy presents for girls at The Home for Little Wanderers in Boston http://www.thehome.org/site/PageServer?pagename=events_big_wishes_wishlists. It’s really nice to read a bit about the kids & see their wish list. One of the kids I picked is even a knitter!

    I started doing this randon/anonymous gifting about 8 years ago. Although I don’t love to shop, I do love to buy gifts I don’t have a large family & my friends tend to keep gift giving to a minimum. So, “adopting” kids to give gifts to is perfect. Plus, I love the idea that I do not expect anything in return, except the feeling that I hopefully made the holidays better for those who are currently down on their luck.

  32. My random act of kindness is very painless for me. I just let people who are walking i.e. crossing the road in the parking lot to get to the store or students walking across roads to get to campus to walk first. I’m in my car with heat….I figure they’re cold, I’m not–go ahead and walk.
    Amazingly enough this doesn’t get reciprocated enough when I’m doing the walking, but I figure a make a few people happy.

  33. I was given a RAK 15 years ago by a boy I knew in High School. Having graduated and on my way to visit a college girl friend who lived across town, I had to drive by our local airport. Traffic is always very hectic and people fly through there all the time trying to get dropped off or picked up. Anyhow, having an older car given to me by my mother, it always had electrical problems and would cut out when it got too over heated. Living in FL, its always hot.

    So there I am several yards from the intersection, when my car dies in a very dark part of the street. I turn on my flashers, but the battery is dying and the flashers are slowly fading. So I go to stand behind my car, yeah I know it was very stupid and dangerous to stand behind my car, to wave people over so they would not run into of the car. When someone pulls in behind me. Getting out of his car is Robert, the boy from HS and says to me, “Ma’am you need to turn your flashers on so you don’t get hit.” I take one look at him and say, “Robert, is that you?” He then recognizes me and helps me push my car through the intersection and off the road. He then takes me to a local pay phone so that I could call my girl friend and her husband to let them know what has happened. I thanked Robert and he went on his way.

    Fifteen years later, this past Spring, who winds up sitting next to me during our 20th HS reunion? Yep, it was Robert. I once again thanked him for his RAK and was able to share with his wife how her husband had been my hero for that night. My own husband thanked him for taking care of me that day. He didn’t even remember, but I did. Robert was just that sort of guy.


  34. Just had to share this wonderful RAK done for me, that made my morning…

    Every morning, I fix myself a Carnation Instant Breakfast to drink in the car on the way to work. However, this morning, I had no more mix, so decided I’d just stop & treat myself to a Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts. I LOVE them so much, but don’t get them too often. I pulled in behind a man that was ordering 4 dozen donuts, and a coffee. I thought, How wonderful of him to be taking donuts in to work, or wherever he was going. When I pulled up to the speaker, a young man said, “Just a minute, please”. His “a minute” turned into 6 minutes, and I got more and more frustrated, and wanted to drive away, but also wanted to complain, so that’s what kept me in line. Finally, a girl came back on, I placed my order for my Medium French Vanilla Coolatta, and pulled up to the window. She handed it to me, and said “This one’s on us. I’m so sorry that you had to wait so long, so please take this for free. I want you to have a good day.” She melted all of my anger & frustration, and I was reminded of this blog. Even though this wasn’t random or anonymous, it made my morning, and I really appreciated her. So, I’m going to send in a letter of thanks for her.

    I have done several in the past, but have never had one bestowed upon me. Now I know how good it really feels when someone you don’t know treats you with kindness. RAK’s are so very important. I can’t wait to do some more. Thank you for this topic!!! I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments!

  35. Sheri
    I am so envious. YOU HAVE A DRIVE THRU STARBUCKS!!!!

    In the DC metro area we have to get our of our cars and walk in to the store.

    I can’t think of a drive thru in the area that I could do the pay for the person behind me trick.

    Have a great Christmas.

  36. I was praying about what kind of RAK I could do. I work at a Assisted living facility. The card playing group needed a card shuffler as it is hard for them to shuffle their cards..so that was it…I went to K-mart & bought them a card shuffler with battery included.(haha) They were tickled to death..now they are starting a poker night..they are a wonderful group…it was a joy to do this for them…have a great week!!

  37. I surprised someone at work with some delicious Christmas cookies. He didn’t know who left them for him. It was a lot of fun listening to him keep asking people who left the cookies at his desk!

  38. I decided to pay for a woman’s breakfast the other day. She was an older woman sitting alone. When I told the waitress what my intentions were she was confused. I told her to let the woman know that she was all set and that a holiday elf took care of it for her. I left before she did. I ran into my car and drove away. I smiled all day.

  39. Happy Holidays to all. I am really getting into my Random Acts of Kindness. I have been leaving presents for my co workers who have been having hard days…I have given a teacher, who I knew needed a lift a scarf that I made, another some hand cream, another some shea butter, another some skin care cream, and today I gave the poor remedial reading teacher, who just started in our building and has no idea what’s going on, a small photo frame. Then I gave the third grade teacher a cross-stitch tote kit because she loves to cross stitch. I wrote a note on a big paper mitten that they are special, and said it was from Merry Mitten. SO far no one has any idea who Merry Mitten is and I am having a ball watching them wonder and talk about it all. I am having so much fun! I have started a pair of mittens for another teacher for next week. This is a great idea1 I plan to continue it all year! We all can use the pick-me-up!. Sheri, thanks for the GREAT IDEA!. Lots of love to all, Joanne

  40. This week i compled my 100th baby hat. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to do this in order to donate them to the hospital where I had my son and I finished the last one. I began this project as a beginning knitter who (as a process knitter) just loves to put loops over loops. I’m over 100 now (I think I did 3 more this week after 100). I’ll put up my pics on Ravelry when I figure out how to work flickr.



  41. This was a couple of months ago, but I thought it worth while to post since it made me feel very good.

    I had reserved a Zipcar for a business trip and while using it I noticed there was a wallet in the glove box. In the Zipcar world, if you find something in a car that isn’t yours you are supposed to put it in the glove box for the person who lost it to find. Well, someone had obviously lost something very important (still contained everything from credit cards and their drivers license to cash).

    So that evening when I got home I looked on the zipcar website to see if anyone had posted looking for it. I had just recently lost a pair of (very expensive) sun glasses and knew the feeling of loosing something. On the website, the owner had posted a cry for help as she knew where she had left it. I called the phone number that she posted and told her I found her wallet. While my zipcar reservation still worked, I got her wallet out of the glove box in case someone else needed the car.

    She met me after she got off work. I returned her wallet and she was shocked and elated to find everything still intact. As a thank you she brought me a piece of cake (she works in a bakery). It made me feel even better when she said “Yah know, I think people in this world are a lot nicer then we give them credit for”.

    Whenever possible I try to “do onto others”. If I come across a situation where I know how much it would suck to be on the other end, I try to help or rectify it as much as possible. Even though I had nothing to do with creating the situation in the first place.

    Happy Holidays!

  42. okay, so today’s RAK or Happy Day event is because we got a brand spanking new Panera Bread 1 mile from my house. Said Panera Bread had a coupon in the paper yesterday that I clipped “just in case” I wanted to use it or could give it to someone else lives near me. I ahve been up til midnight tuesday night and 2:30 AM wed/thurs night/morning sewing on a t-shirt quilt. this morning with only 2 1/2 hours sleep in me I was exhausted. I did not even make my lunch as I took a long VERY hot shower to help my aching muscles AND to wake up 🙂

    As I’m getting ready to hit the “line at the light” I remember the coupon and that i did not pack a lunch. I swing into Panera. As I go through the door I get handed a ticket. I use the coupon and get three bagels free for buying three bagels, get a small container of veggie cream cheese and they handed me a Panera Bread shiny red travel mug! AND I can fill it for free every day until Christmas 🙂 the lady next to me did not want hers and gave it to me. So now i have one for me AND one for dh who is out of town on business. Don’t know if he will stop daily for free coffee but *I* will.

    I brought the bagels into work and left them in the accouting office near the computer lab I work in. later my gf calls to catch up with me and turns out she LOVES Panera Bread and has on her Christmas list a travel mug… because then hot chocolate is cheaper than in the styro cup. Guess who is getting the mug?

    I have a full belly, the bagels and crm ch went quickly, I get to have free coffee until Christmas, my girl friend can have reduced cost hot chocolates.

    And all of that for a whopping $3.82! shoot I still have money left in this week’s discretionary income!

    and the bonus is, it was nearly sunrise and as I’m driving into the parking lot there, I do a double take, I see distant mountains? I live in Florida, highest elevation is top of an on ramp! I had the camera with me and snapped a couple of sunrise pictures that look like I am anywhere but flat plains of florida. That also warmed my heart.

    Wonder what tomorrow will bring for an “opportunity”.

  43. Yesterday a biker passed me by on the road. The wind gushed strongly and the biker’s hat took off and landed almost next to me. I picked it up, walked a few steps towards the biker and gave him his hat. It was really nothing and I would not even remember it, but the biker was so grateful that he did not need to turn his bike around and hike back, that the whole thing stayed with me and makes me smile every time I think about it.

  44. I want to put this in for a friend, Marion LoPrinzi at http://www.mbldesigns.com/index.html . I delivered some of my yarn stash for her to make 11 ear-flap hats for a missionary in Peru to give as presents to children. Anyone who can run a farm, quilt, spin, knit and crochet and still find time at this busy season to make 11 hats for a good cause is my hero.

  45. THAT is an amazing idea! I am going to copy your idea for January!…Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery!

    We all need a boost then too…maybe we can start an RAK ring!

  46. I have been the recipient of so many RAKs, I cant count them. Most recently, I was laid off from work, and, even though my company is giving me a good severance package and I tell people this, a number of my colleagues have been paying for lunches and sharing kind words. Makes me want to lose my job more often!

    On the giving side, I love picking angels from the Salvation Army angel tree that are close in age to my kids so we can go out together to pick gifts. Hopefully they learn something about sharing with others from this activity.

  47. Well I thought of another one. this one I do weekly. at the beginning of the semester a student happened to be talking to me and she mentioned taht the only problem with her tuesday night class was it did not let out early enough for her to watch House. So I have been taping House each week for her and then she views them during her lunch breaks at work on a vcr they have there. now THAT one does not cost anything as I’m using the tapes i used to tape Simply Quilts and Sewing with Nancy so many years ago. And she brings them back when watched and i just tape over them. she calls me her House angel. Oh and I do “bones” too becuase the first week when i taped i was going out so i taped both programs to get it to work and i found out she loves that show too 🙂
    peaceful heart and restful mind wished for you all,

  48. I have a freind who told me about someone she knows who has learned to crochet and has been chroceting blankets like crazy to occupy herself. After completing said blankets she has been giving them away to whomever needs them. My friend also told me that this person is down to only a few skeins of yarn GASP! and her funds are very limited, well I determined that is definately not okay and I have a big stash of yarn that has her name on it; especially since I have a large stash of fiber where I can spin my own. Anyway my friend left with 3 large trash bags of yarn and has told me I made one lady very happy. What a great feeling, especially the fact that I cleaned out some stash to make room for more LOL!
    Deb B

  49. Today I had to get a crochet hook at JoAnns. The registers were pretty backed up, and shopping carts were piling up by the door, so I took a few minutes and organized them and put them back in their stalls in the store. Saved a busy retail person a few minutes work, and made it easier for customers coming in to get carts!

  50. I love RAK. My RAK is putting coins in meters. There’s nothing worse than getting a ticket because you’re a minute late. Altho’ again, another difficult one since in many places, they have the ticket machine that you have to pay for and put on your dash. (those rascally cities!)

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