Spinning out of control

DSC01402.JPGDSC01400.JPGDSC01399.JPGSo, I’ve been spinning some more. Three more rovings done up for your perusal. I do feel like I’m getting the hang of it a bit more, but (as you can see) I still have a long way to go to get to sock yarn! The purple and green roving came from Miss Violet in my last L&V order, which was very fun! I love how it turned out. The Purple and Blue is from CopperPot Woolies and I have more from her that I am anxious to work on. The last one came with a colorway name on the band but no company/web address info, and so of course once I opened the envelope and put it on my roving shelf, the whereabouts were gone. (Note to etsy sellers: put your info on the bands so that we can come back for more when we want to!) I still haven’t washed and hung them to set the twist. Consequently, all of the candle jars (there are 3 – filled with coffee beans and candles) and one of my fall glass vases, are lined up along the mantel with yarn wound around the bottom of them. I either have to wash these, or stop spinning. I’m out of temporary places to keep the yarn. My assignment from my last spinning class was “practice, practice, practice”, and I think that I have complied. Now I’m supposed to spin some plain white (boring) roving that they sent home with us, so that at the next class we can “learn to ply”. I never was very good at waiting for things.

I made myself stop spinning after last weekend (actually MOVED the wheel to a corner of the family room) so that I could work on knitting. I am supposed to be shipping off a pair of socks this week and I still have the heel and cuff of the second sock to do. I also made this fun fingerless mitt over the weekend and I love how it turned out. I used Monica’s pattern, (pattern sold out again – more being shipped to us today) along with some beautiful J.Knits yarn (I really like all of the J.Knits semi-solid colorways). Unfortunately, these are for someone else, so I will have to re-knit them DSC01406.JPGfor myself when this pair is done. It’s a quick knit and would make great presents. Mitts don’t take a lot of yarn and there are so any wonderful patterns out there. (Monica has others, including a new one that she is shipping to us. Knitspot also have some fun fingerless mitts that we ordered last week, too.) If you’re running out of time to knit socks for people for the holidays, consider some fingerless mitts.

We got all of our new Hill Country Yarns in this week and they’re being photographed today. Wow, I really like that line. Gorgeous colorways! More fun stuff arriving this week and next week, too. But in the meantime, we’re still working on alllll of your Sneak Up orders from this week (you all had a lot of fun, didn’t you? We’re having fun packing them, too!) I also want to tell you that I’m really impressed with how many of you have friends and family members who have already purchased lots of nice gift certificates for you for Christmas. Either you have done an excellent job of being on top of them about this, or there are just some really nice relatives out there. You’ll be happy. πŸ™‚

The Random Acts of Kindness comments have been so inspiring to read! I might point out that they don’t have to be “random”. I think kindness in general needs to count, as long as you are going out of your way to do something nice. It’s ok if it’s pre-planned and not exactly random. I did the first random drawing this morning, and the winner of our first $75 gift basket (which will be shipped out to you on January 2nd – so you do have to wait a bit) is: Candace. Congratulations, Candace (and please send me your address so that we will know where to send your gift!) Now, start saving your Random Acts that you are doing this week for next Monday’s blog, where we’ll do the next drawing. I found several fun new things that I want to put into practice, just from reading through all of your ideas. You all are really kind. No wonder I like you so much!

Sheri itmightsnowthisweekend-yeehaa!!


  1. Impressive spinning, Sheri! – Just, please, don’t give me any ideas! Love the fingerless mitt, too. Is that the Eureka colorway? I’m going to be casting on sometime soon with that for a pair of socks for my sister (not as a holiday gift, just in appreciation for some unpleasant family stuff she’s been taking care of), as soon as I decide once & for all which pattern to use. And now you’re talking about another new yarn line & more fun stuff… Do you realize that I now know my Visa card # by heart – also that 3 digit security code from the back of the card?! Must.Take.A.Breather.From.Stash.Enhancement! and/or Must.Knit.Faster!

  2. Spinning is gorgeous…way to go!!! I love the look of the finished mitts. I bought that pattern from you a few weeks ago and after I finish Christmas knitting I am making a pair for myself. The heat in my office leaves something to be desired…sigh…think I am going to use one of the fun Seacoast colors I bought from you.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your spinning photos! Even though I’m not a spinner, I think it is still fun that you are sharing your newest hobby. Looks great! : ) That photo of the fingerless mitts – I just might have to try them out. I’m primarily trying to stick to solely working on my Loopy swap item now, though in my limited knitting time. Oh, I have time to knit, but I am actually distracted by a book I’m reading now – its all I want to do when I get home in the evenings. After settling in, I just want to put on my relaxing music, light my candle and just engross myself in the book – and its the first in a series of 5!
    And, I have already decided what my next “random” act of kindness will be, but I’ll share next week…

  4. YAY!!! A sneak up is coming!!! Maybe i can convince my mom that I need some more stash enhancement…..I told my family that knitted items would ne easier to come by if …maybe …theyd consider a gift certificate or something like it from a few of my favorite spots to get yarn esp the LoopyEwe. RAK, hmmm willhave to think on that for a bit and will let ya know monday!! HEHEHE, Now back to my regularily scheduled knitting (gotta finish my grandmas socks) Oh, yeah I registered my new blog on the LoopyEwe site, http://sannybug.wordpress.com

  5. I wonder how long it would take me to convince my husband I NEED a spinning wheel? If I start working on him now I may be able to get one in a few years. But since I am running out of storage space for the yarn stash, I am sure I have no room to add additional fibers … in his opinion ayway.
    The mitts turned out fantastic πŸ™‚ I am glad you enjoyed them.

  6. Gorgeous spinning! I love the beautiful colours. And those fingerless mitts look so elegant. Way up here in Ontario, fingerless mitts don’t quite cut it for me by this time of year, I’m generally wearing the full hand variety from now until March or April. Last week we had our first heavy snowfall and we went hiking through the drifts in the woods on the weekend. We all had a riot! I think our dog loves the snow even more than the girls. Now everyone is in the mood for making Christmas presents and decorating. I hope you get your snow this weekend!

  7. Doing good on the spinning. My RAK yesterday – I’ve been using a wheelchair between gates at airports because of a hip problem, but I can walk down the ramp to the plane if I have to. We had just arrived at the gate for our departure and I was still sitting in the wheelchair when I heard an elderly woman who had dismissed her wheelchair now found she needed one again to go down the ramp since her back was really bothering her – but she’d have to wait awhile until a new one came. I promptly offered my chair so she could be wheeled down to the plane.

  8. I keep wondering whether to drop a hint to my lunch bunch about GC’s from here. I eat with a bunch of guys, and they really remind me of the cat. I pull out the knitting after lunch, and all eyes turn to it and become locked. It’s like they’re mesmerized. Doesn’t matter what I’m knitting, they’re fascinated by it. Hats, socks, crocheted baby blankets… It’s kind of funny. Fortunately, they don’t try and attack the yarn. Anyway, they could get a GC or pick something out which would keep them fascinated for hours.

    And your spinning looks great! You’ve got some great colorways! Can’t wait to see what you knit out of it.

  9. The mitts are great, one of the few I have seen that I could be lured into making.

    Your spinning looks like it is definately coming along. I think that I like the un named one the best. Very pretty. I think maybe that I am going to put, eek, I can’t believe I am writing this, spinning lessons on my Christmas list. I know that I shouldn’t even go there, but it is very intriguing. And, for a beginner, you have turned out to be a very accomplished spinning enabler.

  10. The spinning looks great!! My wheel is here but not put together. I’m nervously excited!!
    I can’t believe you are excited for snow!! Don’t you know that means it’s cold out??? What are you thinking?????

  11. Love all that spinning! Your doing so well. When you wet and set it some of that kink will come out and it will look so different πŸ™‚

    Now I’m off to add some mitt patterns to my wish list πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Sheri,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have used Hill Country Yarns before and had a problem with really bad fading with a couple of their yarns. Just wanted to pass that on so you can nip it in the bud.

  13. I love fingerless mitts, and those are just beautiful. I’m so glad that I was able to get that pattern a Sneak Up or two ago!

    Your spinning looks wonderful, Sheri. You should be very proud! Seeing your progress just makes me want to get back into it and get a new wheel, too. But I have so much yarn that I think I need to stick with knitting for awhile…

  14. I LOVE the purple and green yarn you spun!! Very pretty – based on my orders, you may have seen how I love those colors together. ;o)

    I have a pair of socks to crank out before Christmas — I think I can make it as long as I make them plain, vanilla socks. The yarn is handpainted so they won’t be quite so plain to the recipient.

    Happy Knitting and Spinning! Keep up the good work — I’m sure you are the star pupil.

  15. Were those coffe beans in that jar?? Love the yarn you spun! Can’t wait for dh to build me a wheel so I can have another hobby!

    Love the Blog!

  16. And this is why I refuse to start spinning. I won’t have time for the knitting!

    I hope you get your snow! We got some over the weekend. And tonight… they’re saying 6-8 inches! Eeeek! I’m trying to knit the socks as fast as I can. It’s cold!

  17. This is a little one but when I’m coming into the building or leaving, if I see someone who isn’t close enough to hold the elevator for (we only have one) I will send it back down/up so it’s waiting for them by the time they get to it. Sort of an elevator way of holding the door. πŸ™‚

  18. I love the roving, I have a good bit from Copperpot and it’s all gorgeous. I love those mitts too! I have the pattern and the yarn but I need to size them down somehow for my tiny hands. Maybe just drop the needle size…

    We got snow! And are due for more today and all week…it’s pretty but people are retarded on the roads…

    πŸ™‚ Beautiful spinning btw.

  19. What a lovely idea. I have this black cloud syndrome about Christmas. For the past 8 years, something has happened right before the holidays to destroy Christm,as, Car broken down illness etc. Just always something. This week I began dreading the December 1 day coming up. I think I need to really put myself into this RAK and concentrate on making someone elses Christmas happy and forget about mine. It is a plan. Pat

  20. Way to go SpinningSheri! Spinning during a snowstorm is a great way to pass the time. I wish it would snow here more often.

    I have got to have that mitt pattern. Definitely wish list worthy.

  21. Dear Sheri,
    I think that your spinning looks really good. However, I know nothing about
    spinning except that it sounds like a lot of work. Will you spin that to fingering
    weight, DK weight, or worsted weight? Do you have a choice? The colorways
    are wonderful. I also loved the fingerless mitts. They are beautiful. I don’t know
    if I could make any. I have a couple of patterns here, but will have to wait
    until after Christmas. My scarf is back at Nancy’s. There is still one row that
    won’t come out. She hasn’t figured it out yet either. When that row comes out,
    I will do six more rows and be done. HURRAH!!!!!!!!

  22. How long have you been spinning? I am thinking of trying to learn to spin next year, but don’t know if I would like it or be good at it to justify a wheel. Where you learned did you just take a class and then got your wheel, or did you just leap? Love the fingerless gloves, will have to keep my eye open for that pattern. Any idea when Wollmeise will come in? I have been waiting to try their yarn?

  23. Fun RAK exchange in 7-11 this morning… almost!

    Guy ahead of me pays for his stuff. The manager is running the register, and turns away from it for a second. When she comes back, she asks the guy (who is still putting his money away) if he’s ready to ring up. (She’s been there all night — could you tell?) He laughed, and joked, “Yeah, I guess I could pay for her stuff!” (Which I wouldn’t let him do, but hey, it was the thought that counted.)

    Karma was at work though. The cute body shop guy who’s always at the coffee station when I am gave me a compliment on my haircut. (Shh — don’t tell my husband!)

  24. My random act of kindness was covering the grocery bill of the elderly and obviously less than well off gentlemen in front of me in the line at SuperTarget. He was fumbling to get enough money to pay for a bag of oranges and some tomatoes and having trouble understanding American money and he then couldn’t get enough change out of his pockets to cover the bill.

    So, I told the checker to just add his total to mine and I’d pay for him. He was completely shocked. The poor guy was buying good stuff and I was happy to help.

  25. Your spinning is looking good. I love those colors! And the mitts look great. I am hoping to try that pattern just as soon as I get some of this pesky Christmas knitting out of the way.

    Thanks for clarifying the RAK criteria. Yesterday while driving around our little village square, I was wondering if it would count as a Random Act of Kindness if I refrained from screaming at someone for coming at me the wrong way down a narrow one-way lane…!

  26. Love your purple and blue handspun – Just beautiful! You are really getting into the spinning! I love the mitts you are working on too…I NEED that pattern! Looking forward to the next sneak-up…I hope to see some Kansas from J-Knits – I am dying for some of that, and I am looking forward to seeing the offerings from Hill Country Yarns!

  27. Sheri, those mitts ARE beautiful! My first mitts (simple one-cable-down-the-top) didn’t go too well (counting problems), but will be remade shortly. Then I may go for that really pretty pattern!

    Missed you the last couple days — glad you’re back! Maybe I should check the actual blog in case Bloglines missed you for those days — off to do that!

  28. I recieved my order today at work. And all I want to do is pull my yarn out and pet it until it tells me what it wants to be. That isn’t odd, is it ??

    Thank you Sheri and the Loopy Elves, I love my yarn πŸ™‚

  29. I like the blue yarn-I’ll bet I’d go nuts for spinning-may take a class, too. Must buy more GEAR. I’m such a gearhead!!

    RAK – being a continual “encourager” to counteract all those who say “you can’t do that”. YOU CAN!!

    PS May I link TLE in my new blog?

  30. nono, bad snowing this weekend. My family probably won’t be able to make it to my house to celebrate my birthday with me! And since christmas is coming, we don’t have any time to do it otherwise. Let’s pray the snow will wait till monday -then no school!

  31. (where did my comment go? lol. I hope this isn’t a duplicate!)

    Gorgeous fingerless gloves! If that’s a gift, you should defintely make a pair for yourself! πŸ™‚

    P.s- I love your 10 rules post. It made me smile.

  32. Ooooh! I love your spinning work! I’m excited about the Hill Country Yarns you have coming. Can you tell me if you’ll have any of the university colors (A&M or Texas Longhorns)? I’d love to make some socks for my Texas relatives.

  33. gorgeous spinning. Being a new knitter… … someone want to send me a link to their finished products with the yarn they spun up.? I just want to buy some and just leave it laying around the house ’cause it’s that good!

  34. I LOVE the spinning! That last bunch especially, such gorgeous colors! Just let me know if you ever get tired of it sitting on your counters, I think it would be awesome just placed in an apothecary vase to be appreciated all the time.

    RAK question — are we supposed to hold off on posting our RAKs until Monday’s post? Or continue to post them daily?

  35. I Love your fingerless mitts! The pattern shows up much better with that yarn than it does with the yarn pictured on the pattern (which I already have, hooray). What is the yarn that you used for the one pictured, Sheri?

    We have a Winter Storm Watch for tomorrow night through Sunday for a bunch of garbage (snow, followed by major ice, followed by rain, then more ice then snow, if you believe the national weather service). Yuck!!! I just hope we don’t lose our power this weekend with ice & heavy wet snow, because loss of power means loss of heat. πŸ™ I would not mind as much, if it were all snow, so I’ll hope for that! πŸ™‚ I hope everyone stays safe.

    Take care & have a good weekend!

  36. I always see the Copperpot rovings on etsy, they ARE drool-worthy! She has great colors! I’ve not tried spinning them, but I’ll bet that would one you couldn’t go wrong with!

  37. This is all I could think of when you said you were watching Keeping Up Appearances:

    “Please Mind Your Head”
    “Yes Dear, Minding My Head Dear”

    I love this show!!!!

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