Random Acts of Kindness Month

DSC01396.JPGYesterday at lunch, Knitting Daughter (aka Starbucks Barista) was telling us about a lady who comes through the drive-through line for her coffee and frequently pays for the person behind her, too. Now wouldn’t it be fun to drive up to the window and hear, “Yours is free today – the lady ahead of you took care of it.”? Since I frequent Starbucks quite a bit once in awhile, I decided that I’d do that on occasion, too. Not all the time. But maybe once a week. Which got me to thinking about other Random Acts of Kindness that I could be doing during this season of giving. And then I started thinking about how fun it would be if we all did that from now until the end of December! So we going to sponsor “Random Acts of Kindness Month” here at The Loopy Ewe. Each Monday, we’d love to have you leave a comment about a random act of kindness that you did during the past week. Some people like to do this anonymously (like me), but rest assured that the people you are being kind to probably have never heard of this blog, so you’re safe in sharing it with us. Not only will you enter yourself into a weekly drawing here, but you will inspire all of the rest of us with your ideas and kindness. (And really – inspiring others to random acts is, in itself, an act of kindness, right?) Since you’ve had no warning for today’s contest, I think it’d be great if you’d leave a comment about a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) that someone has done for you. That will give all of us some great new ideas. (Or if you do one today, enter it today.)
The prizes? Each week we’ll pull one name from the list (and if you do more than one act, leave more than one comment – you can be entered more than once) and we’re going to send you a fun Loopy Loot package worth at least $75. (Hey all of you book authors that are Loopy customers – and there are a lot of you! – if you’d like to donate an autographed copy of one of your books to put into one of these 6 drawings, we’d love that! Ditto to all of our Loopy indie dyers and Loopy indie artisans. I’m not going to email you and solicit products – we are happy to stuff the packages right from inventory here, too, but if you want to contribute, it could be your RAK for the week!) We will ship all winners at the same time – on January 2nd. That way we can make sure that all 6 packages are of equal value. We’ll do drawings for the next six Monday posts (including today and ending 12/31. We’ll draw on Tuesdays, so that all of the Monday comments will be included.)

I did go through the drive through today and I did pay for the person behind me. I was hoping that someone who really needed a free coffee would pull up behind me. Instead, a guy in a fancy sports car pulled up. What to do? Because of course I was making judgements about him and his fancy car and the fact that he could well afford his own coffee I wondered if he’d appreciate it? Then I stopped myself. I decided he must need a kindness today, so I went ahead and paid for him and then sped off as fast as I could so I would stay anonymous! And, unbelievably, on the back of my Starbucks cup today, I noticed that it says: “Pass the Cheer. A good way to pass the cheer when you’re on the road is to pay the toll for the car behind you. Do this and you might start to look at stoplights as holiday lights instead. Red means to stop and be thankful for a moment. Green means to out and do nice things.” What a coincidence! But you don’t have to spend money to show a RAK. How about letting the person behind you in the grocery line go first? Or go to the manager of the next store you shop at to tell him or her something nice about the person who checked you out. Or …. well, you get the idea. Share your other ideas with us.

Speaking of winning things, I totally forgot to announce the winner of our November Blog Contest last Friday. I think I was too involved with getting my holiday rules down (and you all added some very good ones to the list – thank you.) The winner of the November blog contest is: Genny. Genny has a fun Loopy credit in her account to spend on her next order. Thank you again for all of your great musical suggestions!

Lastly, we have more fun yarn coming from Cherry Tree Hill. We’ll be getting some very special Supersock, at a really good price (a savings which of course we pass right along to you.) More details when they arrive! We also just got a large shipment of Lorna’s Laces today, which we’ll be putting up. And we’re still working on this week’s Sneak Up for you. It’ll be a good one.

Sheri can’twaittohearaboutallofyourwonderfulkindnessesinthecomingmonth!


  1. BRILLIANT idea, Sheri! The world can always use more kindness. My RAK for the week was actually on Black Friday, at the height of the crazy shopping. I’d scored all the important items already, and was in a long line happily waiting to pay. There was a harried looking woman with one or two items trying to find the end of the line (waaaaay far behind us!), so I let her go ahead of me. 🙂 I probably annoyed somebody behind me, but that’s okay. She was very grateful, and I didn’t mind waiting the extra minute or two.

    I do love reading RAK stories…it does the heart good, especially at such a stressful, brittle time of year. You rock, Sheri. 😉

  2. This happened to me last week…
    I was in line at a local craft store all set to check out when I realized I forgot my 50% off coupon. The woman behind me gave me hers. She said,” Well I am only getting this one thing and you can save more than me.” How sweet!!! I then gave some one some change that they were short. I t just keeps going…
    A family friend often pays the bill at resturant for a Mom siiting with her kids. It is just fun. We now pay some one’s bill and leave before they can find out who it is.

  3. I had EAEO training tonight and had to knit something, so I made a 16 stitch sock ornament. I gave it to the instrutor and he was very excited to receive it. It’s his first Christmas in Indiana and the first ornament that he had been given from Indiana. 🙂 I had so much fun making it that I might make several more.

  4. This contest is seriously going to eat in to my knitting time because I have to read ALL the comments. 😉 You guys are great!

    To Me: I broke my foot years ago. One of my co-workers decided to pick me up for work every day (many miles from his house) and drive me home or to school. I’ll never forget that.

    From Me: I regularly e-mail thank you letters to bosses of people that I work with or that have provided a service to me. It always helps them for reviews, bonuses, etc.

  5. Last winter while driving to Maine late at night I came to a toll booth. I had my money ready and hung it out the window only to be told that the car in front of me had paid for my toll. That was a totally unexpected act of kindness. I have never forgotten it.

    Well without knowing about this, I had an opportunity to do this for someone over the weekend while driving on the MA Pike. I paid for TWO cars behind me. It made MY day to do that and i wasn’t even the recipient!

    I am up for the challenge. I will be sure to do something at least once per week all month.

    Thanks for the challenge Sheri!

  6. ok weird…I just went bck up and read your WHOLE post and just saw what your cup said about the tolls….freaky. see my post above!

  7. It feels small compared to everything else on this list but it was nice and not asked for. I got a new stereo installed in my car tonight, and I asked if they could make the i-pod cable go into the glove box. They said sure, but it would cost an extra $13. I didn’t care, this is my Christmas gift from Hubby so paying $13 for it is nothin’. Well when I went back to get my car and pay the extra, the nice guy said not to worry about it, it was nothing extra to do. That sure was nice of him!

  8. I wanted to mention one more thing….

    last year I raised money for a family who was struggling financilly. Because of the money I helped raise, they had a ncie Christmas.

    This year, we had a bigger situation on our hands. One of my coworkers fell out of a tree and is paralyzed, out of work with no disability insurance. i work with incredible people…..we have about 30 people so far, planning a big fundraiser breakfast, bake sale, cookbook sale, “no-can” can drive (cash only), tea cup raffle and afternoon coffee/snacks event in our office building to raise money for him and his family. We plan to present him with a big check for whatever they need, a big gift card for groceries and a gift basket with boredom busters to help him get through his recovery period.

    When you start something, it catches on. Be nice to comeone, and it will eventually find it’s way back to you. people ARE genuinely good. sometimes they just need to be reminded.

  9. I am very fortunate that I live in a community where I see RAK almost everyday – most recently I had a flat tire (and spare) while at the post office. While waiting for AAA not one, not two, but three different strangers pulled over on their way out of the parking lot and offered to help.

    As for me, my Karma story is amusing – I pulled into a very full parking lot the other day – cursed the guy who had taken up two spaces – parked near him and laughed to myself as I realized he had left his lights on – then saw that in addition his door wasn’t properly closed – oh well – bad luck and a drained battery for him – wait a minute – as I realized what a small minded person I was – I turned off his lights and closed the door – thought about locking it but with his Karma his keys would have been in it!

  10. My most memorable RAK was one that I DIDN’T do, and should have. Traveling through Germany with my little (20 yo) brother a couple of years ago, we were approached by a young guy at the Berlin train station who took the time to ask us (in English!) for our subway tickets, as we were leaving the city. I had apparently become so jaded from the hustle-and-bustle life I had been living that I said no without thinking about it. My brother was shocked at how calloused I was to a perfect stranger. While I tried to make up for it by offering those same subway tickets to another young girl who asked us for money, I’ve never forgotten the lesson. All the same, these stories remind me that perhaps I should take action on this lesson more often!

  11. Yesterday at church I was talking to one of the altos in my choir. She’s having brain surgery Wednesday morning to have a tumor the size of a potato removed. She commented that she was concerned because they would have to shave her head, and she’s always cold anyway and it’s bound to be colder when you’re bald. I went home after church, dug through my stash to find a skien of Malabrigo that I adore and have been saving for lord only knows what, and spent the rainy afternoon knitting her a hat. Does knitting qualify as an act of kindness? I wonder, because I think of an act of kindness as a sacrifice and I think of knitting as an indulgence. Maybe they just cancel each other out.

  12. What a great idea! I LOVE Random Acts of Kindness…and this is the perfect season to put them into practice!! It’s fun to read all about ways people have shown and been shown kindness. (If only the media would pick up on how powerful it is to tell these kinds of stories instead of what usually fills our papers and News hours!). Just the other day a good friend showed me a RAK. I received in the mail a beautiful book for no reason other than it had reminded her of me and so she bought it and sent it with a beautiful hand written note!

  13. I have a co-worker who bought me a little zipper case just because she knew I liked the little character on the front. She gave it to me at a time that I was really in need of something to make me smile.

  14. When I met my hubby 14 years ago, he had just finished basic training and was returning from Christmas leave. My cousin, who introduced us, told me that he sat alone on Thanksgiving! No one invited him anywhere (she didn’t meet him yet)…so after that, my hubby invites any of the soldiers who don’t have family or can’t go home for financial reasons, to our house for Thanksgiving dinner and/or Christmas dinner. This year, my hubby is deployed and it’s getting cold in Iraq, so I am making hats. I just sent a package for hubby and secretly made his roommate a hat too. I’m going to make more and send them also.

  15. I’m not sure that this counts as kindness-maybe just courtesy. I was at UPS today and the door was really hard to open. I got inside and just got my package set down when I could hear someone struggling behind me. I rushed over to open the door, and there was a woman juggling two huge packages trying to get that knob turned.

    I think I need to do more for others–I have the impression from the messages I read that that is a common theme here. I do believe in giving money to strangers who ask. I don’t question their need. If I have a dollar or two, I’ll offer it.

  16. There is an older gentleman that I work with, and in conversing with him I learned that he lived not too far from where I do. I then learned the next week that he was taking a one to two hour bus ride, then walking for about four or five miles to get back home. Whenever he works the same shift as I do, I always give him a ride back home, it saves him up to three hours, takes me only five extra minutes, and always provides interesting converstation on the drive home.

  17. These are so fun to read! Much more so than Thucydides!

    When I saw this entry I couldn’t remember anything that I’d done out of the ordinary smiling at people and stuff… but then I thought of this morning. One of my friends is perpetually harried and she’s one of the sweetest people I know, and she’d broken a glass right in a doorway but was already late to a meeting and had to rush off, so I picked it up for her after she’d gone. (Granted, she guessed and gave me some lovely chocolate afterward, but still…)

  18. Sheri, what a wonderful idea!

    I can’t think of any specific RAKs to report. I am good about letting people with fewer items than I have go ahead of me in the checkout line at the supermarket (and that always seems to astonish them, so I gather it’s not a common practice here).

  19. As part of my work, I get freebies that I like to pass along to others. I had a friend who was out of work for an extended period. I sent (anonymously) gift cards that I received through work. I also like to pay the toll for the person behind me. That’s a small thing but certainly one that brightens the day.

  20. A couple of winters ago, I used to drive my adult daughter to school every morning. We passed a crossing guard-an elderly man- at an elementary school that did Yoga poses when he wasn’t busy protecting the children.

    He’d wave, smile, do a little dance, anything to get the harried motorists to smile.

    One day I decided that he needed a bright scarf to keep his neck warm. I purchased a bright rainbow colorway and crocheted him a nice long scarf. We drove by one morning and just reached out the window to hand him the scarf, wishing him a nice day.

    Seeing him continuing his quest to bring a smile into the lives of the early morning drives with a bright colored scarf around his neck brought a bit of warmth to all of us in the car.

  21. What a great idea—- and perfect timing!

    The other day- I went to Walmart- an older gentleman was sitting outside the door- collecting donations for abused children. It was snowing. He had on a thin coat no gloves.

    Before leaving the house- I had just finished up a pair of mittens- and had slipped them into my bag. I dropped some cash into the jar- and asked where his gloves were. “Don’t have any” was the response.

    I grabbed the mittens- and handed them over. Told him they were new, I had knit them- and they were warm. I wish you could have seen his face;)

    My goal is to always have a finished knit piece into my bag-(hats mitts etc) and give away as many as I can!

    Warm Hands- warm heart;)

  22. While out shopping this weekend (which I hate to do) I let someone cut in front of me in line at each store I went to. I tried to pick those who were deserving but that was not always the case. Even so, everyone was appreciative.

  23. An acquaintance who knew that I knit was planning a trip to NYC, and asked me about yarn shops there. I only knew what I had read online because I haven’t really been to the city (even though I live 4 hours away). She was shocked and insisted that I go. A conversation began. In the end, she cared for my 2 children and my friends’ 2 children – 4 kids ages 2-5 – for a whole weekend (Friday AND Saturday nights) and insisted that we have a long double date in NYC. I was shocked. I almost didn’t take her up on the offer. I didn’t feel like I knew her well enough to impose in this way. But she said “girl, offers like this don’t come along every day, don’t pass it up!” and I knew she was right. So we took a deep breath and did it. What a wonderful weekend.

    Her only request was that we repay her some day by helping out another young mother. She said that she received lots of help when her son was young and it was a godsend. Sometimes you really need a break from parenting.

    I still get teary when I think about my friend (we’ve become much closer since then!) and the wonderful gift she gave us. I can’t wait to spring a similar offer on another family when my boys are older.

  24. I was out on Black Friday (yup, I’m that nuts) at The Children’s Place Outlet. I had extra coupons, so I handed them out to the people around me. Heck, it was 20% off the total!


  25. Last week, I sent an email to the district manager for the daycare where my children go, to sing the praises of the current director at our center. She is truly amazing — we have been through five or six directors in the six years that we’ve been there, and she is really the first to make the center come together and feel like home.

  26. Sheri, what a great idea!

    My roommate and I just this weekend put together a bag of food for the food bank. I am dropping it off on my way to work today – I don’t know if that counts as a RAK, but I think it does.

    As a side note … I have to speak on behalf of my roommate’s amazing RAK. Her boyfriend broke her leg a couple weeks ago while on vacation in Florida with his grandma. My roomie, L, booked a flight within two days of the accident (despite her boyfriend’s protests not to spend that sort of money) and hightailed it down there. The boyfriend’s grandma wasn’t strong enough to help him in/out of places, help turn him in bed, that sort of thing. L was only going to stay for the weekend but changed her flight to stay through Thanksgiving, because he wasn’t able to travel back to his parents’. She helped him get changed, helped turn him every two hours, carried his leg when need be. That is a true RAK. =)

    I received a great RAK on Thanksgiving. I was running a Turkey Trot 10K and was feeling down and out about my lack of running ability. I had decided I wouldn’t pay the $70 to register for a half-marathon I wanted to run in March – why bother, I’m in bad shape, that’s a lot of money, etc. When I got to the finish line, my friend had won a free entry to the same half-marathon in a raffle. She is moving to Australia and couldn’t be there if she wanted to … so she gave it to me!! It made me cry.

  27. Where I went to college (Mount Holyoke) we had a tradition of doing random acts of kindness for the freshman/sophomores – it was called elfing. Each junior/senior “adopted” an underclassman in their dorm and for the entire month showered them with random acts of kindness. These would include picking up their mail and delivering it to them, leaving small snacks, purchasing an extra bottle of their favorite shampoo/hair gel for them, etc. etc. At the end of the month – the identity of the secret benefactress was revealed. It led to many new and lasting friendships and guidance for new students who sorely needed it.

    I’m inspired by many of those that I’ve read above, especially those involving the senior citizens. They so frequently just suffer on – being of a generation not wanting to request any help – “pull up your own bootstraps”. I am going to do a few deeds for those in my neighborhood….I need to figure out what would be most helpful…

  28. because the traffic where i live absolutely bites, i am all about the rush hour RAK. i let people in from sidestreets when the line of cars is so long there will never be an opening, same with letting people cross in front of me to make a turn; the best is when i get a two-fer, letting both happen at once! it is amazing how happy it makes people and it is so easy and courteous and at best slows my arrival time at my destination by less than a minute. this weekend alone, with the added shopping traffic, i reckon i made more than two dozen people smile.

  29. This was over the top – last April my pregnant daughter lost her baby at 33 weeks. When I couldn’t get an airline seat or ticket to see her, the counter clerk gave me her free monthly pass and reserved a seat on a full flight for me.

  30. I’m thinking you’re going to be spending all your time reading blog comments……eek!

    I’m always looking for opportunities for RAK; your post inspired me to look harder! Yesterday’s fulfilled opportunities were many, due to many, many errands on our list: multiple shopping carts brought in or put away, bag o’groceries for the local mission bought, letting others’ cars in front of ours, letting others go first in the stores, being *sure* to greet and thank each and every store clerk that served us.
    Thanks for the reminder to be a blessing, Sheri! The Christmas season is much more of a blessing when we’re putting others first!!

  31. I have one done for my husband a couple of years ago. He was driving in the snow in Northern Michigan, shortly after his father had passed away. He was feeling like something was wrong with his car’s steering, and this was a new Volvo that should have been doing great in the snow. Long story made much shorter, he was up there to bring his dad’s car back to Maryland for our son, whose car had just blown its engine 45 minutes after a professional oil change (coincidence…I think not). Anyway, when he got there, he found that the car was not in good enough shape to bring home. He went into town to get some groceries, and on the way back a pickup truck was flashing its light at him and flying up on his bumper. His first thoughts were that some jerk was trying to pass him in the snowstorm. So he pulled over to let him pass. Then the “jerk” pulled up next to him and my husband worried that the driver was also going to yell at him or try to start something (comes of living in Baltimore, I guess). Well, in actuality, it was a driver who had seen that my husband’s rear tire was not turning and was trying to help him. The driver and his wife waited while my husband called a tow truck and then drove him home, quite a few miles out of the way. The strangers have since become friends.
    For my part, I just try to do things on a regular that I would appreciate having done for me. I hadn’t necessarily thought of them as random acts of kindness before, but as doing the things that make me feel like a decent person doing them…

  32. I have a friend on the other coast who I buy tea for every once in a while. It’s a flavor she can’t really get anywere else but this one site, and it’s not trouble at all for me to do so.

    The “Tea Brigade” is growing so that not all the work is on one person, and although she protests, she is also grateful for it.

    Not really random (after the first purchase–that was spur-of-the-moment), but it is in the spirit.

    I also live not too far from a large toll bridge, and before the advent of electronic payment here, I would give the toll booth person enough to cover myself and the car behind me whenever I had to cross the bridge.

  33. It is my day off, and there are sooo many good stories, I’m not getting anything done 🙂

    Let’s see…my super nice boss bought me a Starbucks yesterday 🙂

    When the bell ringers are out at our local grocery store, and my kids are with me, we buy a donut or some hot chicken strips for them.

  34. I think I’m getting teary-eyed reading all these comments.!

    Not sure how random this is, but I was playing around with some scrap wool a few days ago and crocheted up several take-out coffee cup cozies. I took them to my favorite coffee shop the next morning and gave them to the barristas that make my yummy coffee every day. The next day, one of them showed me a picture of her Chihuahua wearing the coffee sweater – it fit perfectly!

  35. What a great contest! I go out of my way to let vehicles merge, since I have a couple of major bottle necks on my very short commute. It makes other drivers grumpy, but that’s okay.

  36. I volunteered to organize our moms group trip to the puppet theater for the holiday show. One of my friends (who just had her 4th baby in 4 years) wanted to take her kids but wasn’t able to get the money for tickets to me b/c of new baby expenses. I bought her tickets. I’d been in a similar spot in the past and had a friend “treat” me and the kids to something fun so I told her to PIF. 🙂

  37. I took my two girls to a pizza arcade type place on Saturday….it is a place where you can get tickets after playing the games and then redeem the tickets for “fabulous” prizes…oh how my girls love going there….and they love getting tickets…we watched one little girl playing a game, but in the process she dropped a couple tokens on the ground…I picked them up and my girls and I went up to the little girl and gave her back the dropped tokens…..smile….good for my girls to see…..good for my heart to see the little girl burst into a wide grin at getting two more tokens!

  38. I cleaned out the car a few days ago so that we could help friends to the airport. While cleaning the car out I found 7$ and stuffed it in my pocket thinking I could pay for a drink later in the day on the way back.
    As we were getting off the freeway that day there was a man standing on the side of the road with a sign “Please help”. Normally I don’t have cash at all and it just struck me this time. I dug in my pocket and handed the cash to my husband who gave the cash to the man. I hope my “pocket change” helped.

  39. The RAK I am sharing was from the world’s best neighbor, Roger. He is like a second father to me and is always watching out for me and doing things to help a sometimes naive homeowner. I told him I am starting a compost project now and am collecting tree limbs etc. for the bin. One day a garden sized shredder turns up in my backyard that Roger had purchased at a yard sale and fixed up for me with a new wheel and plunger tool he made. How sweet! This is just one of many similar instances. What a kind-hearted person!

  40. This happened many years ago – my husband had been laid off. We were really struggling to keep our children in the Christian School. When I went in to pay our tuition, I found that someone had paid it for us. It wasn’t until many years later that I found out who it was. I found out by accident and I didn’t thank him because I knew he would be embarassed. So, what I did was go in to the school and paid someone else’s tuition for a month.

  41. I’m a firm fan of the RAK. I think i use it in life to the point that it just being nice now and I love it. Kidding with older ladies at a mamogram site really made my day on Monday. Lord knows its not fun to be at that dr and loosing up is always a good thing. I try to be friendly to the older ladies in stores and such if i can..seems to often they are forgotten….

  42. I let someone go in front of me in line at the very crowded post office yesterday during lunch time. I also brought dinner to a co-worker who just had a baby.
    I also like to leave nice comments on people’s blogs. I feel that they put things out for us to look at and read and enjoy, so if I’m going to read a blog, I should leave a nice comment.

  43. I forgot to mention that I bought a turkey for the community Thanksgiving baskets last week.

    I also let a woman in front of me in line at Wal-Mart today at noon.

    I picked up trash in the street where someone had thrown out a giant styrofoam drink cup that had exploded into several pieces.

    All the RAKs are so inspiring.

  44. I hope I’m not too late for Monday’s contest, but the RAK I have been doing for a few weeks now, is helping out a co-worker who can’t drive. I offer to bring him somewhere for lunch and make gas station runs to pick up a snack almost every day. Also, because of his current living situation, I brought him a slice of homemade pumpkin pie, which he loved.

    Thanks for insiring all of us to be kind. This is an awesome idea!

  45. Once a month, I transport all the donated baked goods from our church to the local soup kitchen. Last week, I found out that one of the regular soup kitchen workers had had a heart attack – Yikes! His wife and daughter were caring for him, but they are both trying to keep their jobs as well. So, I cooked up a big batch of healthy and delicious marinara sauce and put it in containers. I dropped it off with some boxes of noodles so at least they will have a hot dinner that they really only have to warm up.

    They sent me an e-mail yesterday asking for the recipe! It’s a healthy recipe, so even our sick friend can eat it as he recovers.

    Yay! Not exactly anonymous, however, I did have to call them to drop it off. I’ll work on an anonymous one soon.

    Thanks for doing this Sheri!


  46. So many people have done nice things for me that I couldn’t even begin to list them.
    In turn, I always try to do something that will help someone out, whether it’s a good friend or a stranger. Even a small thing like holding a door or helping someone who’s trying to balance packages, kids, etc., I think is appreciated.

    I don’t cook at all, so I eat in restaurants a LOT! When I receive really good service, I always ask for the manager as I’m leaving and compliment my server. I’ve been doing this for many years. The managers always approach me with trepidation–they must be so used to people complaining!–but, having worked in a service industry myself, I think it’s really important to recognize a job well done.

  47. What a great idea, I have decided to use all my scraps of sock yarn and knit the fingerless mitts. I am then going to donate them to the local homeless shelter. It is always better to give then receive.

  48. My boss actually did something really nice for me. I told him that I was going to lunch with a former colleague of mine from the law firm that I worked at previously. I ended up at the same lunch spot as my boss, who was just picking up a sandwich to go. I introduced him to my friend and she and I sat down for lunch. My boss got his sandwich and left. When we had finished eating our lunch and were ready to pay the bill, the waitress came by and said that it was already covered! It was so nice of him to do that! He is already a nice boss, but there was no reason for him to do that! He just did it! He is too nice (and he is a lawyer! – no offense to any knitting lawyers out there).

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