Randomness Day

Random #1: With the whole Loopy move, I also got a new computer. I had to wait until last weekend because Mac came out with a new system, but now I have it. There are good and bad things about this.

DSC01327Good: bigger screen
Bad: things had to be transferred over and new systems/files/folders had to be set up.
Good: Web Guy was here to take care of it.
Bad: I have a sneaking suspicion that I lost some emails in the process.
Weird: Look at this new wireless keyboard that goes with it.
Even Weirder: I like it and it’s easy to type on.

DSC01328Random #2: I have this shelf in my office and I love having all of my cute WoolPets in once place. (Of course I had to have a Loopy, and also a Louise (Loopy’s big sister) and a Bart (Loopy’s no-good brother, the black sheep of the family.) Also, Loopy in his Halloween costume. I’m a bit addicted to Laurie’s adorable WoolPets. (We did get more of the Loopy kits in stock, if you haven’t made one yet.) Also, you need to keep an eye on her etsy shop, as there are several other cute critters that she has available. As for the yarn on my shelf – this is the “fall” display. My current three favorite Fall colorways: J.Knits Reno, Sheepaints Autumn Forest, and Numma Numma Baba Ganoush. I love them all. (I also like having a spot to display a few skeins at a time.)

gracieRandom #3: Gracie is hyper. Truly, she is such a crazy cat. She looks as sweet as can be, and she will lay in your arms and purr louder than a truck as long as you want to hold her, but the minute you put her down, she’s going 90 miles an hour and swatting everything in her path. I have never seen a cat who liked to PLAY so much. This toy – which I went back and forth about, because really, does one need to spend money on yet another cat toy? – is worth its weight in gold. She will play with this thing forever. We have to put it up at night because she drives us nuts with it. I may have finally taught her that she doesn’t need to attack Zoe every time Zoe walks by. (“Oooh – big cat play toy!”) I did not teach her to avoid the dog, but she took care of that all by herself. One loud hiss and a major swipe with claws extended, and I think Casey will carefully avoid that one the rest of her life.

Lucy pic for SheriRandom #4: I’m going on a knitting weekend. (I know -doesn’t it seem like I just did that?? Don’t bring that up to WH, please.) I’m going to spend the night Thursday night with this cute cat (and I’m sure she is a bit more laid back than Gracie the Kamikaze) and then we’re driving up to a retreat place in VA for a weekend of knitting with a few friends. I think I’m going to learn to spin. That’s a very bad thing. I know I will like it. I have no time for spinning in my life at the moment. But I’m going to learn anyway. I think I’m nuts.

Random #5: Next week we’ll have more fun things for you. So far, new J.Knits, a fresh batch of Scarlet Fleece, more Chewy Spaghetti fingering, 8 big boxes of Dream in Color, brand new lace yarn from Zen String, and we’ll see what else arrives in the meantime. I can’t wait for you to see some of the cool things we have on order, which are arriving any time!

Random #6: Yes, it IS time for the next Sock Club installment! However, we’re waiting on the last item for the package to arrive. As soon as it gets here, we’ll get them packed and shipped. Watch for your Sock Club invoices in your email around the end of next week. (And because I know you’ll ask – our Sock Club is full, but we’ll have signups for 2008 in mid-January. I’ll pre-announce it on the blog and in our monthly customer email newsletter, so you’ll know when sign-ups are open again!)

Before I take off for the weekend, I wanted to announce the October Blog contest winner. Jen wins a $25 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments, which I have loved reading. We’ll have another fun contest in November!

(edited: ok – working on getting the photos back.Β  Check in tomorrow! Dumb computers……..)

Sheri whowillreportbackinonMondaywithknittingprogressandbearreportseeek!


  1. I’m currently working on a pair of socks in Lucy colors (STR) πŸ™‚

    How old is Gracie? With all my cats, I’ve noticed that they never really “calm down” until somewhere between 2 and 3 years old. Until then, you just have to figure they’re possibly hyper-active toddlers through teenagers! I had two abbys at one point that constantly ran laps at night (including over me while trying to sleep). I think it takes awhile for cats to go from running on nocturnal schedules to adjusting to their human family’s schedule. Zip ties, straws, grocery store paper bags, milk carton caps–there are so many “found” items that cats love as toys too (although goodness knows I buy lots for mine).

    Wireless is awesome πŸ™‚

  2. Love the kitten! I am anxiously awaiting my first sock club package! Spinning is great and you’re not nuts! It will introduce a whole new appreciation for color and texture and give you great lessons in patience!
    I have been spinning for 9 months now and can’t even begin to imagine our ancestors spinning enough to weave and knit clothing for the family. No wonder cloth and the sewing machine became so popular! Have a geat time. I am ordering the sheep kit today too. Way cute! Kathy C.

  3. Oh, man, where to start? I love your keyboard –it’s so *sleek*! Loopy’s Halloween costume is too adorable for words. Of course Gracie is hyper; she’s a kitten right? Not more than half-grown, by the pictures. And then, too, aren’t you gone for most of the day? She probably sleeps while you’re out of the house.

    Your retreat sounds heavenly. And look on the bright side — if you get as addicted to spinning as you have sock knitting, you can spread enlightenment to the masses; i.e. start selling fleeces in your shop.

    Love the shop; keep trucking!

  4. I am soooooo hoping to snag a Sock Cub Spot this year. I missed it last year and was bummed out for awhile…

    So fingers crossed and watching for he info … patiently I hope… NOT… but I will try! πŸ™‚

  5. I am so envious. What a weekend! At least your blog pictures are coming through for me now. Wendy is just awesome.

    I too, generally work on a Mac. My laptop is Mac, as is my workstation at school/work. At home though it’s this blasted Windows machine. I hate, hate, hate it. Even my college guy is starting to come over to the “fruit side.” The first thing he’ll probably buy after graduation and a real job, is an iPhone. That’s still a couple of years off though, what with co-op assignments every-other semester. Who knows what the guru Steve Jobs will come up with by then?

    I’m deliberately putting off learning to spin until my retirement from teaching which is at least seven years away. Or maybe when youngest child leaves home next summer. It can’t hurt to start the research now though, can it?

  6. You are SOOO very lucky!!! Lucy, Wendy, Spinning, Knitting and a new Mac (plus all that yarn!!!) I love your new keyboard! I need a new one for my Mac and maybe I’ll check that new wireless one out! You will love learning to spin. Have a great weekend. We will look forward to hearing all about your adventure!

  7. Oh Sherri…..You’re going to love spinning…I think it’s great you’re going to try it out. I would love for the Loopy Ewe to offer rovings! Have a great weekend! Love your blog, and I have tried several of your recipes. The Italian Pulled Beef was a hit.

  8. I love your new keyboard! It’s adorable. Although, I have to admit that I love my current one. I love the quiet clicky sound it makes when I type. Have fun on your weekend! I can’t wait to see the pictures from you visit with Lucy and the gang. Congratulations on the Loopyfied sign too.
    P.S. When will the pattern for the baby monkeys be up?

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