A Loopy Tour

DSC01316.JPGWell, we’re still waiting on a few things for our Loopy Room here, but I thought I’d give you a few fun photos! Here’s our entry. This was already part of the office space and we weren’t really sure what to do with it. But the red cabinet was perfect there. We’re still working on the area. This is also where your packages sit and wait for the new mailman to pick them up. This route is “up for grabs” so every day there is a substitute postman working the route. They did, however, arrange for a special 2 pm special pickup for us every day “due to the volume of boxes”, so that shouldn’t deter anyone from bidding on this route, right? Did I tell you that the first day we had boxes to go out, the “carrier pickup” notice went to the wrong place, so our old postman Terry came to the new place to pick up all of your boxes just to be nice? This is a different town and zone than he is in, so that was really above and beyond the call of duty. He’s a nice guy and we’ll miss him. (He did enjoy seeing the new space, though!)

DSC01314.JPGMy favorite part is our sign when you walk in. We had a smaller sign in our old Loopy Room, and no Loopy. I love this one! WH made it for me. Lucky for me this is one of the things he does in his graphics business, or I wouldn’t have been able to afford it – ha! Loopy makes me smile every time I come in in the mornings. I’m kinda fond of him. We will eventually have an island of shorter shelves in front of this section, too.

DSC01315.JPGNow to the right of this area, is the little kitchenette where our red microwave and our red coffee pot reside. You might remember me grumbling about finding this $99 coffee maker and not spending the money on it. However, my mom put her researching skills to work, found it for less, and ordered it as a “house office-warming gift”. So now we get our coffee from the red coffee maker. (Thanks to Knitting Daughter being a Starbucks Barista, we also have plenty of good coffee to go in the machine.) Have you noticed that there are a lot of red kitchen things out on the market nowadays? I love it! Of course our little area is small and we don’t need pots and pans and other gadgets (no stove or anything.) It has been fun to see all of the options out there, though.

DSC01319.JPGTo the left of the big Loopy sign area, is the long part of our L-shaped office space. Note the empty shelves at the beginning of the rows – room to grow! That will be short-lived, because we have enough new yarn lines coming in to fill all of them up, but for the moment, it looks like room to grown. DSC01320.JPGI love having a space for all of the yarn to STAY in. I used to spend most Saturdays unboxing all of the new yarn from the week, re-arranging what we had in the Loopy Room, and finding spots for the new stuff. Check out the cool shelves that WH built for us to be able to peg some skeins. I find it hard to walk by that shelf and not pull a few skeins off to start knitting up. It’s very tempting.

DSC01318.JPGHere’s Susan, hard at work, as usual. When you call in to us, Susan or I are the ones who answer the phone. We’re here the most. 🙂 She was not a knitter when she started here, but she has completed her first scarf and I have high hopes that socks are in her future, sometime. She does find plenty of yarn and colorways that are hard to pass up! Susan is also mom to Carly, who is our Loopy Elf Jr. in the summers and on an occasional school break.

We also have a little corner with a couch (yes, of course it’s red!) so that both of my kids will come and hang out with me. So far, it’s working. Knitting Daughter pops by on her way home from school and also comes to do homework if we’re working here at night. College Guy was here while he was home this weekend. He got my email set up here (YAY!!) and did some other computer maintenance, and then he and my dad put a bunch more shelves together for us. Guess who else has visited here? Zoe! (Shhh – it’s a secret. Not every day. Just once in awhile. And I did get permission.) Gracie will have to come next.

So that’s the state of Loopification at the moment. I wish you could all come and see us in person. We could sit and knit on the Loopy Red Couch! Maybe one of these days.

And did you catch today’s Sneak Up? Sheepaints, Numma Numma, Perchance to Knit Cashmere, Cherry Tree Hill’s newest colorway Cherry Blossom, The Plucky Knitter Lace, Chewy Spaghetti Sport, Fleece Artist Seawool, Ham’s Jam Yarn Cruisers in 2 new colors, Knitspot patterns, New Monica Knits patterns, Seacoast Superwash Sock (new colors!), and Loopy/Louise/Bart stitchmarkers again. Lots of fun stuff!

Sheri yarncontinuestoarrivedailybecauseIhavetofillupthoseemptyshelves!


  1. Oh Happy Day!!
    Red is my color too!! I love anything red. My mini-van is Salsa Red…
    And, yes, I snagged the Loopy/Louise/Bart stitch markers. They make me smile!!
    I’m so happy for you!!!!!! Enjoy your new space!!

  2. Oh, so that WAS a sneakup–my first one. Happily, I scored the Seacoast “Thistle” that is just about perfect for Anne Hanson’s “Cluaranach” shawl. Your new digs are beautiful, and the photos are appreciated, as they put you all in context.

  3. I love your new digs. Looopy looks great!!!! I would be so excited working around all those colors. I big WHOOO HOOOO to all that helped get you there. I know it is exiting to see all the new yarn come in. I worked at a Quilt Store & it was like Christmas most days. Congrats!!!

  4. The new space looks fabulous! You must be soooo excited to come to “work” everyday……what a great room….Congrats!

    Could you please post a pic of the couch…we’d love to see it!

    Good Luck to You and all of the staff at the Loopy Ewe!

    Blogless Diane

  5. I just had my sofa and chair w/ ottoman recovered in a bright red and love it! Red does cheer things up so much! Your shop looks fabulous-I bet alot of us wish we were closer 🙂

  6. How lovely to be surrounded by all the wonderful yarn! Congrats on the perfect space for you and Loopy!

  7. LOVE the new space and how Loopified it has gotten!! I sooooooooo want to visit one day! Reading your blog today really brought back my memories of when my Mom had a LYS, and I used to visit her and knit. I miss those days…especially the part about me getting my yarn at her cost. :o)

    I *tried* to resist the forces of temptation to get a Ham’s Jam Yarn Cruiser…sigh… but they got the best of me. I’ll be flying soon so it will come in handy!

  8. The LR looks fantastic. Love the red accessories. It really looks very exciting you must be so happy. Keep up the great work, would love to see it. Hugs

  9. The new space looks great. I wish I could reach into the computer screen and touch every skein of yarn in there!

    I just became a groupie and got in on my first sneak-up (knowingly–accidentally hit one once before). And to top it off, the shipment that turned me into a groupie arrived yesterday too. I walked around the house with the bag over my shoulder for a while last night–just trying it out. It’s so cool. The non-knitting resident thought I had flipped 🙂 And the yarn with the groupie shipment–the yarn was definitely over the top! Absolutely amazing.

    Almost done with my Shibui knits socks. That yarn is delightful to work with. I am going to love, love, love these socks. Can’t wait to cast on the next pair of socks! So many yarn choices–so many patterns!

  10. What a fantastic new work space! It looks GREAT!!! Seeing all that yarned piled/lined up! Holy Cow… I don’t know how you get any work done. I’d just be touching it, squeezing it, and smelling it all day long. Oh… and I guess knitting it up too! 🙂
    Congrats Congrats on the expansion of your business!!! 🙂 Have a great week!

  11. The space looks wonderful. How exciting it must be for you. One question, what is Sneak Up? You have some yarn that you say is coming in and I want to make sure I don’t miss it.

    Keep up the great work.


  12. Love the new place! I can’t wait to visit. And I LOVE the new sign!! You have an extremely talented husband might I just say??!! I’m thinking I want to see a picture of the red couch! That sounds like fun!

  13. Yayyyy! It’s so nice to see things all set up. (It looks like a slice of heaven, by the way – I hope I can stop in some time. Now I have to come up with a justifiable excuse to travel to your neck of the woods. It’ll have to be a good one – my husband has gotten extremely wise to my sneaky ways, and anything clever I come up with is likely to just get a “You want to visit Sheri, don’t you?” from him.)

    I’ll second (third? fourth?) the question about Numma Numma – is there a light/dark option like with Wollmeise or something like that?

  14. Ooh, the new place looks so nice, fun to be at. Gee maybe the work needs to get out to the mailpersons that you bake some really good things and that maybe, maybe once in awhile – a bribe….:)

  15. Such Happy Loopy Space! I am truly pleased that things have come together! And I love all the red stuff! Makes life grand, eh?

    Furthermore, I’m so pleased that Zoe has gotten a pass to come and visit on occasion. How did she like the space? Did she wander approvingly, or do as my Paddy would do and look for the nearest “safe” place to hide?

    As BFF Liz mentioned, we did look a bit at the sneak up, but were side-tracked by the Princess Shawl. Then, horror of horrors, my internet was down ALL DARNED DAY, meaning that not only could I not get any work done, but I therefore didn’t have any free time to browse in detail. Darnit. 🙁 But the good news is, one thing I want is still there, so perhaps it’s better that way, huh? (For my budget, anyway. 😉 )

  16. Everything looks great! Shelf space is so exciting!

    🙂 I missed the sneak up, but that’s okay as I am currently residing in a delusional state wherein I’m waiting for Wollmeise lace 😉

  17. I love the red Loopy kitchen! The whole Loopy space is just beautiful, it looks like a great place to work. Did Zoe approve?

  18. Sheri, what a great space! You must be so happy. I look forward to a Spring Fling in Loopyland. I must say the Numma Numma yarn is wonderful looking! I was severely tested. Some of those colorways are fantastic! Enjoy and take a little time to knit.

  19. Love the new Loopy Room. My kitchen has accents in red and I am always suprised at what I find. I have a red Kitchen Aid, bread box and an espresso maker.

  20. Delightful! And what fun you’re going to have filling it up. If you’re anything like I was, you’ll take Murphy’s Law whereever the Sneak-Ups will take you…and you’ll be thinking of a larger space and more staff! Good luck!

    And I’m so happy you asked and received permission to bring Zoe to work occasionally. That will make it seem more home-like for all of you.

    Happy Halloween!


  21. I love the new space! I’m so totally coming out to visit someday. But I was heartbroken to miss getting in early on the Sneak Up this time. I got used to catching them pretty early so I was really bummed when I discovered I had missed out on the Perchance to Knit cashmere sock yarn I was really looking forward to because I was ferrying my mum to the doctor. Sigh. At least it was for a good reason. And I can hope that there will be more eventually. Right? (If begging will help, I can do that.)

  22. SHERI! the new place looks awesome, so much bigger… i did like the nice warm paint of your basement though. where is it? susan looks SO HAPPY in her picture hahaha. and i think carly’s cat sort of looks like her.

  23. Hi Sheri,
    I was just visiting my SIL in St. Louis. Well, we were actually only there one day while we traveled elsewhere. Anyway, we had one day of shopping and I kept telling her, ‘I should have contacted Sheri to see if I could have come by The Loopy Ewe!’ But, my time was short. Is this new space open for the public to come shop in because, I have to tell you, the two yarn shops I saw in St. Louis do not even compare to what you offer on your site!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hi Sheri,
    I was just visiting my SIL in St. Louis. Well, we were actually only there one day while we traveled elsewhere. Anyway, we had one day of shopping and I kept telling her, ‘I should have contacted Sheri to see if I could have come by The Loopy Ewe!’ But, my time was short. Is this new space open for the public to come shop in because, I have to tell you, the two yarn shops I saw in St. Louis do not even compare to what you offer on your site!!!!!!!!!

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