A Loopy Tour

DSC01316.JPGWell, we’re still waiting on a few things for our Loopy Room here, but I thought I’d give you a few fun photos! Here’s our entry. This was already part of the office space and we weren’t really sure what to do with it. But the red cabinet was perfect there. We’re still working on the area. This is also where your packages sit and wait for the new mailman to pick them up. This route is “up for grabs” so every day there is a substitute postman working the route. They did, however, arrange for a special 2 pm special pickup for us every day “due to the volume of boxes”, so that shouldn’t deter anyone from bidding on this route, right? Did I tell you that the first day we had boxes to go out, the “carrier pickup” notice went to the wrong place, so our old postman Terry came to the new place to pick up all of your boxes just to be nice? This is a different town and zone than he is in, so that was really above and beyond the call of duty. He’s a nice guy and we’ll miss him. (He did enjoy seeing the new space, though!)

DSC01314.JPGMy favorite part is our sign when you walk in. We had a smaller sign in our old Loopy Room, and no Loopy. I love this one! WH made it for me. Lucky for me this is one of the things he does in his graphics business, or I wouldn’t have been able to afford it – ha! Loopy makes me smile every time I come in in the mornings. I’m kinda fond of him. We will eventually have an island of shorter shelves in front of this section, too.

DSC01315.JPGNow to the right of this area, is the little kitchenette where our red microwave and our red coffee pot reside. You might remember me grumbling about finding this $99 coffee maker and not spending the money on it. However, my mom put her researching skills to work, found it for less, and ordered it as a “house office-warming gift”. So now we get our coffee from the red coffee maker. (Thanks to Knitting Daughter being a Starbucks Barista, we also have plenty of good coffee to go in the machine.) Have you noticed that there are a lot of red kitchen things out on the market nowadays? I love it! Of course our little area is small and we don’t need pots and pans and other gadgets (no stove or anything.) It has been fun to see all of the options out there, though.

DSC01319.JPGTo the left of the big Loopy sign area, is the long part of our L-shaped office space. Note the empty shelves at the beginning of the rows – room to grow! That will be short-lived, because we have enough new yarn lines coming in to fill all of them up, but for the moment, it looks like room to grown. DSC01320.JPGI love having a space for all of the yarn to STAY in. I used to spend most Saturdays unboxing all of the new yarn from the week, re-arranging what we had in the Loopy Room, and finding spots for the new stuff. Check out the cool shelves that WH built for us to be able to peg some skeins. I find it hard to walk by that shelf and not pull a few skeins off to start knitting up. It’s very tempting.

DSC01318.JPGHere’s Susan, hard at work, as usual. When you call in to us, Susan or I are the ones who answer the phone. We’re here the most. 🙂 She was not a knitter when she started here, but she has completed her first scarf and I have high hopes that socks are in her future, sometime. She does find plenty of yarn and colorways that are hard to pass up! Susan is also mom to Carly, who is our Loopy Elf Jr. in the summers and on an occasional school break.

We also have a little corner with a couch (yes, of course it’s red!) so that both of my kids will come and hang out with me. So far, it’s working. Knitting Daughter pops by on her way home from school and also comes to do homework if we’re working here at night. College Guy was here while he was home this weekend. He got my email set up here (YAY!!) and did some other computer maintenance, and then he and my dad put a bunch more shelves together for us. Guess who else has visited here? Zoe! (Shhh – it’s a secret. Not every day. Just once in awhile. And I did get permission.) Gracie will have to come next.

So that’s the state of Loopification at the moment. I wish you could all come and see us in person. We could sit and knit on the Loopy Red Couch! Maybe one of these days.

And did you catch today’s Sneak Up? Sheepaints, Numma Numma, Perchance to Knit Cashmere, Cherry Tree Hill’s newest colorway Cherry Blossom, The Plucky Knitter Lace, Chewy Spaghetti Sport, Fleece Artist Seawool, Ham’s Jam Yarn Cruisers in 2 new colors, Knitspot patterns, New Monica Knits patterns, Seacoast Superwash Sock (new colors!), and Loopy/Louise/Bart stitchmarkers again. Lots of fun stuff!

Sheri yarncontinuestoarrivedailybecauseIhavetofillupthoseemptyshelves!


  1. Sheri, I’m looking at the Sneak Up right now, and am wondering about the Numma Numma yarns. You’ve got a light and dark in each picture. If I bought one, which one would I get? Why are there different shades of each?

  2. I scored some Sheepaints in Stonehenge. Oh yeah! Love the new loopy space. I hope you find some yummy new yarns to fill up all those empty shelves. Have you ever checked out this site http://handgefaerbt.com/ ? Ravelry has some yummy stash photos and perhaps loopy needs to get acquainted.

  3. I love lthe red! Walking into any room with a little WOW factor making early morning so much nicer.

    I like the Numma Numma too, especially the darker shades.

  4. I love the new Loopy Room – it looks fantastic, and organized, and oh so tempting! I too would just wander by and *pluck* a skein here and there. You have to perform quality control on the yarns!

    And yes, I did get in on the sneak up – I got some Chewy Spaghetti, some Numma Numma, and some loopy markers – yeah!!!

  5. Love, love, love the new space! 🙂

    Very nice sneak up as well – I was tickled to snag a skein of Perchance to Knit Cashmere (black rainbow – my fave!) and a fun new pattern.

  6. Terrific space….can we camp out on the floor if the spring field trip happens? I managed to snag the Dragonfly SK…wow…scrumptious…best of luck in the new space

  7. It looks huge!! Wonderfully huge!! Yes, about that sneak up this morning. That was really bad on my cc!! I already had too many things in my cart from the weekend!! Dh is going to kill me. 😉

  8. I got a red slow cooker this weekend, and it pleased me very much. Love red appliances.

    Loopy World looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures! It looks like a very pleasant place to hang out and bond with yarn, pack yarn, sort yarn..do whatever you wish, with yarn.

    I am so happy I got the yarn I wanted today. Yay. Well, I did like that Stonehenge mentioned earlier, but had to resist SOMETHING. After photographing a portion of my sock yarn stash for Ravelry…36 different sock yarns last night, and that was Phase 2, and I am not finished…oh my, I need to pace myself.

  9. I love your new space! I wish I was closer to come visit. I’m glad to hear Zoe is allowed to come visit from time to time. You wouldn’t her to feel left out! I did discover the Sneak Up while here at work – ssshh.

  10. Thanks for the tour, looks good and it also looks like a fun place to work and to visit! Love how flows and I think it would be wonderful to be surrounded by all the color on a daily basis!! Very cheerful! Maybe I will get to visit one of these days…

  11. I just love the new digs!! So cool. And, I LOVE your red kitchen things. I have a red crockpot, myself. Red (especially that deep red) just might be my favorite color!! And, of course, I did catch the sneak-up…and I have been trying to be good. I just don’t know how others do it, lol… : )

  12. Wow! is hardly adequate for such a lovely space. Congratulation. It’s nice to see good people succeed. Your company is outstanding in service, products and staff!
    Love the red.

  13. sheri, i love the photos. your new space looks so inviting and if michigan and missouri could move closer together, i’d be there for sure! WH did a great job with adding a visual loopy to the name too. congrats again on having room to expand your wonderful business. hugs, dynna

  14. The new space looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photos and feeding my curiosity bug. I love all the red and am glad that your mom got you the red coffee marker for a Loopy store-warming gift. Moms rule!!!

  15. That new Loopy space looks wonderful!!! I’ll bet you are just tickled pink! (or red, maybe) I wish I could come and work for yarn!

    I am so chuffed cause I got Loopy/Louise/Bart stitchmarkers in the sneak up!!

  16. It looks great! I have that microwave in my kitchen! 🙂 Great minds think RED right?

    The new Numma Numma… is making it hard to resist! Can’t wait to see what else is going to fill the shelves!

  17. Sheri, love the space! I learned about the Sneak-Up late – good for the budget :>. I know y’all will thrive in your new place, especially with guest visits by Zoe and Gracie.

  18. Sheri, the new space is wonderful. I knew it would be cute and it certainly is. I just don’t know how you stand to be around all that yarn–I just about broke out in hives looking at the pictures. When you get “office hours” set, I am going to come see you. Maybe I should wait until I put my check for my personal property tax in the mail–just in case I am over-come by wool fumes and can’t control myself lol.

  19. I looked at my comment and noticed that it is my real estate tax (not PP) that is giving me a head-ache–reappraisal–YIKES.

  20. Great pictures, and best of all, lots of room to grow. You are so lucky to have WH, well it sounds like you just plain have a wonderful family, but he seems so helpful and supportive.
    I can’t wait to see all the new yarns that will be coming.

  21. Okay, I definitely have to make a trip to St. Louis, soon! Absolutely fabulous new space! Congratulations – you deserve this awesome success!

  22. It just looks incredible! I would so love to visit (although I think there’d be a lot less yarn in the Loopy Room if I did!). Thanks so much for the photos.

    I’m really glad that you can occasionally bring Zoe (and hopefully Gracie!). Kitties make things so much better!

  23. Yay!

    What a lovely space to ‘work’ in, though really is handling all the gorgeous fiber completely work? 🙂

    Congratulations again!

  24. First, congratulations on the beautiful place! It is perfect. And the fact that Zoe can come and visit makes it even better.
    Guess what??!!! I’m an official Loopy Groupie as of right now!!! Very excited about it. I ordered some Numma Numma (loved the name!) in a color I think my Loopy Pal might like…still looking for that lime green Wasabi. I noticed there were 2 shades of the Numma Numma. If possible, I would like the lighter one as it is more lime greenish…

  25. The photos are great, esp. all that great YARN. Enjoyed seeing a photo of Carly, too. Your success is so well-deserved. I know how hard you all work to make it happen, and you bring us all pleasure, too! Missed the SU, but am going on line now-I can always find something!!

  26. Sheri the new space is looking awesome! One of these days I’m going to venture out to St. Louis, just so I can run around in the Loopy Room, squeezing all the yarn! It’s also very cool to think that the Yarn Nerd yarns will have their own place with so many great other brands! 🙂

  27. I love it all! And I’m sure coming to visit and bringing a Loopy-warming gift (chocolate….did somebody say chocolate??!!) as soon as you say it’s OK for me to drop by. I’ll see if James can come too.

    Ahhh the sneak-up…I was in the ER and working hard…will go look now….

  28. Sheri, it’s so exciting to see Loopy Central coming together so quickly, & looking so enticing! I’m really happy for you, & hoping that you’re able to have a Loopy Retreat in the spring – and that I’m able to make it there! (If not, I’ll have to figure out some time & way to get myself to St. Louis. Of course, that could be a very dangerous mission!) Missed the SU when it “hit”, but still _managed_ to find some things I wanted plus a few others that found their way into my cart! …Had another PSL today, yumm!
    Keep warm!

  29. Sheri, Your new Loopy Room is awesome. I love red appliances too and I have that very same KitchenAid coffee maker. I saw the sneak up and was going to order Numma Numma, but I too was not sure which colorway you would get…light/dark or both? Please let us know. Congratulations on your success! Kristi 🙂

  30. Loopy Central looks great Sheri! I know it was a lot of work, but it had to be a lot of fun as well! So glad to hear Zoe got to come for a visit too…I am sure she misses all the yarn at home…I know I would if I were her!LOL

  31. What a HAPPY space!!! I seriously don’t know you manage to tear yourself away from all those goodies. See, I can ignore my stash since it’s in plastic boxes and bags and out of sight…but it’s all RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU ALL THE TIME!! I think I’d be fainting from the excitement. And I’m so glad you got the coffee maker!

    I need to peruse what’s left of the Sneak-up. BFF Sarah and I went through it right away, but we were distracted by the fact that the Princess Shawl pattern is available again. Too much good knitting news for one afternoon.

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