Not “Loopified” yet…

IMG_1350.JPGWell, we’re working hard, but that space is definitely not Loopified yet. We did paint a few walls. (Actually, there is no “we” about it. My mom came to help clean the new place the first day and when I started talking about needing some color on a few walls, she volunteered that my dad was a wonderful painter. Being a great sport, he agreed to take on the job on our very first day of moving in. So he gets all the credit!) I love walking in and seeing color instead of beige. This is the wall when IMG_1351.JPGyou first walk in and we’ll put our Loopy sign up above there. Right now, the shelves are sadly empty. That’s the status. Painting is done, most shelves are up, but there are bags and boxes of yarn to unload and put away. There’s just no way to hurry that process up! It doesn’t feel like The Loopy Room yet, but I do have high hopes for it. I am really really really loving all of that space. (It’s going to fill up quickly. We have so much on order.)

DSC01280.JPGOn the home front, we introduced Zoe and Gracie today. It went so well! Not a hiss between the two until much later when they both went dashing after the same laser light and Zoe wanted dibs on it. In this photo, Zoe was interested in Gracie and Gracie was much more interested in being let out into a very big room, after her confinement in the guest room. They had a great time racing around and playing. Zoe is definitely the alpha cat, and Gracie is happy to let her have that roll. If I had known this was going to be so easy, I would’ve gotten a second cat ages ago. Why didn’t any of you tell me that I needed a second cat?? 🙂

Hope you’re all having a good week. Your emails and blog comments have been so fun. (Yes, I’m woefully behind on answering emails – there is no computer in the Loopy Room yet. But I’m reading them all when I get home at night and love hearing from you. Soon, life will get back to normal. I think.)

Sheri itwasa”nolatteTuesday”butI’vealreadyfixedthatfortoday.


  1. Well I could have told you to take a whole litter like I did. They were found sick in someone’s barn and at 2 weeks. I hand raised them and they are my all time favorite cats. Just had them neutered and spayed, yippy no more worries. there are 4 of them and I would’t part with them for a years worth of yarn. Hope you enjoy yours as well. My house cat is a loner but she does not play well wit others-cats. She loves all the house dogs and is the boss of everyone.

    Take a break, relax and I say 2 trips to Starbucks for you tomorrow.

  2. Two kitties are always nice but some kitties definitely are one cat kitties. I knew yours would do fine when they were playing footsies or “pawsies” under the door. It is always great when one allows the the other to be an alpha and since Gracie came into Zoe’s territory it is only right for her to be alpha. I look forward to more stories!!
    The new place looks great!! Kudos to your Dad for the great work!!!

  3. Ooh, love the green! This place is going to be so happy when you’re done–just a riot of color. Just what you need going into the winter!

    And I’m glad to see Gracie and Zoe are getting along. Mine fight over the feather toys, and they’re mom and daughter. Once the hissing starts, the toy goes away. I’m very stern. 🙂

    And you SO need more lattes. I mean, you’re working, it’s sweaty…lattes count as hydration, right?

  4. ooohh I love shelves!! so much potential! (Though, I am certain there is a cosmic law of shelf space that states that you will always have 2-15% more stuff than you have shelf space, no matter how much shelf space you have… it is related to the rule that states that no matter how large your kitchen garbage is, it will always be filled at least once a day.)

    I think your dad deserves the latte!!

    PS. Today I finally started working with the first skein that I ordered from you, it is going to be a pair of socks for my dad for Christmas.

  5. Zoe and Gracie look so cute together. It’s great that they are hitting it off from the start. Your new Loopy Ewe place is looking great! You’re lucky to have Loopy Mom and Dad there to help you and WH. It will look so wonderful and colorful once the yarn is up. Love seeing the pictures of the place as it progresses. Kristi

  6. Congratulations on your new space! It looks beautiful, ready to be filled with yarn, hopes & dreams that will come true!

  7. Happy to hear that Gracie and Zoe are getting along well. As for having more than one cat, when I was growing up we always had at least 3 and often 5 cats at once. As a child I found this a wonderful situation but I’m not sure my mom agreed since she had to clean the litter boxes! The cats almost always loved each other and spent lots of time playing together and grooming one another. It was not uncommon for me to come home from school to find a new kitten in my room, where it would stay until it became acclimatized to its new home. That was such fun!

  8. Awww aren’t they cute! I’m glad they seem to be playing well. And that the new Loopy space progresses. I think you and your dad both deserve lattes.

  9. The new Loopy space is looking good!! Getting a second kitty is great when they get along, difficult when they don’t… and of course they can’t tell you in advance whether or not they will appreciate the company. I’m glad that Zoe and Gracie are getting along – they’ll have fun, and you’ll know Zoe’s happy with her new friend! (Gracie’s a cutie, by the way!)

  10. I’m getting a second cat shortly. I’m worried about it, but seeing your two getting along gives me a ray of hope! Thank you for that!

    The Loopy room looks awesome so far! I love the color of the walls.. so cheerful!

  11. I keep looking at the pic of the empty room – it’s so nice, like an empty canvas ready to be painted. The exception is you get to fill it up! Hope the move goes well and your buddies do get to hang around.

  12. Those kitties are so cute together! So glad that they are getting along—for your sake. You dad did a great job. Beautiful, restful shade of green; the new Loopy Room looks so inviting now (and it will look even more so when the yarn is in all those shelves)! I also think you need an espresso machine in the office. I mean, what if visitors from Italy happen to drop by?

  13. The cats are adorable!

    I must say I am going through terrible loopy withdrawals this week. I keep looking to see if there might be some kind of sneak up – you know, something to keep us going….

    And those bags of yarn!!! I could just dive right in, cover myself up and be the happiest woman in the world!

    We miss you Sheri and can’t wait until the new Loopy Room is all set up and ready to go!!!

    PS – my husband thanks you for taking this break. He says the American Express thanks you too. 🙂

  14. I am so glad the Loopy Room has color. I really think that walls are not finished until they are painted up in a color that suits both the room’s purpose and the owner. But you know, I could be construed as being slightly more interested in color than the rest of the population 😉

    Glad you’re two cuties are getting along there! They look like a match made in heaven.

    Oh, and would you lay down in that pile of yarn and roll once for me… know in secret? Because that’s what I think that pile of yarn needs!

  15. Looking good, just think once everything done you will look around and feel oh so proud and excited by this step forward!! Congrats on all your accomplishments and I know the place will look great once all that yarn is exposed!

  16. Just wanted to tell you that your new digs are looking great. The wall colors are pretty and make the space much nicer than a generic office. Wish I lived closer so I could visit when you’re all done. 🙂

  17. When in Boston this week for a check-up I had a pumpkin spice latte to keep me awake on the ride home (5 hours). It was delish!

    Can’t wait to see all the pretty yarn in its bins!

  18. I love your green wall Sheri. Green is my fav… my office is sort of an olive green too. You have made great progress so I’m sure you will be in good working order very soon.

    Glad to hear Gracie and Zoe are so good together. I think you were lucky… doesn’t always work out that way. Or maybe you picked two sweethearts. :>)

  19. How did I miss that picture of the bags and bags and BAGS of yarn? Anyone else want to do a run-jump-dive into all that yumminess? 🙂

    Hope things are going well and that you are getting your Minimum Daily Requirement of lattes and kitty kisses.

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