Movers, Empty Rooms, New Kitty

DSC01277.JPGThe movers are busily moving all of our yarn and shelves to the new Loopy home today. We spent the weekend packing up the yarn and trying to move around all of the boxes and bags that kept accumulating in the dining room, hallway, and basement. I think the whole house will give a sigh of relief when the new place has taken all of this in! Here is a picture of where we’re going. Never fear, we will soon have the whole doggone place turned “Loopy” by the end of the week. Right now it just looks boring. In typical moving-day-Murphy’s-Law, it’s supposed to rain all day. So far, so good, but it’s getting cloudy. Good thing the yarn is bagged and protected.

DSC01276.JPGIn order to make my week a bit more complicated (and I seem to be good at that), we got a new kitten over the weekend. (Honestly, WH looked at me as if I might have lost a few marbles when I talked to him about it. Why would I do that during a week that is sure to be our most packed and overwhelming week in a long time? Um …. because we took one look at her and fell in love with her? Because I want Zoe to have a buddy to hang around with, now that I’ll be gone during the day? Because we needed a second cat? Because I like to stir things up? I can come up with a whole list of reasons. He knows this about me. He gave up and said yes.) So here she is – sweet little Gracie. Is she not just the cutest thing? She is soft and fluffy and extremely affectionate. She’s residing in the guest room until it’s time for her to meet Zoe. However, they have been playing “pawsie” under the door and meowing at each other, so I think it will go well. When you see a photo of the two of them together in the blog, you will know we have succeeded. 🙂

Onward with the move. I hope you all have a great week!

Sheri doingmybesttobegoodandnotaddanyothercomplicationstotheweekforWH’ssake


  1. We have a wonderful cat named Gracie. Good choice in names:) I can’t wait to see more pictures of the new store. How wonderful for you. Congratulations!

  2. WOW! I have a busy week, no time to check-in online and look at all I’ve missed! What an exciting week or so for you, Sheri. I am soooo happy for you. Your Loopy Dreams are certainly coming true, as they should after all your hard work, attention to details, ability to read our minds, and your incredible dedication to making us, your loyal customers, feel like family. Thanks, and Good Luck with the move and the new kitty and staying in the “no scone zone”!

  3. wow ~ I missed all this while toiling at the fair. bummer ~ well good to know that I could still read and enjoy the adventure. congrats on moving into a new location, now I really can’t wait to come visit. I need a vacation and what a better one than visiting a yarn shop. ;D I’m off to figure out how to add you to my blog feeds so I can stay in touch more. Happy moving day!

  4. wow. it’s huge!! good luck with the move. congrats on the new space and you definitely do need to get a loopy sign for that marquee! 🙂

  5. Congrats on the new addition & have lots of fun moving..Hopefully the rain will hold off. It is suppose to rain here off & on all week…knitting weather!!

  6. Gracie is too precious and will make the best playmate for Zoe. Good luck with the move! Boy is WH an easy sell…I’ve been trying to add another dog and/or cat to go along with Latka (dog) and Yaffa (cat) who are already members of the family. When you are all settled in you will have to share your secret.

  7. Gracie—what a cutie! Obviously you had no choice except to bring her home. The new Loopy space looks a little bare now, but just wait until you get all that yarn in there! (Isn’t it funny how an empty room always looks so much smaller than one that’s filled to the rafters?)

    Good luck and don’t wear yourself out!

  8. I more excited for you on the adoption of sweet little Gracie, then the move.(Though I do wish you all the best) I love cats and have 2 of my own, Annabelle Lee and Prudance Jane. They’re always right next to me and into my yarn when I’m knitting. Best of luck.

  9. Gracie is beautiful! I’ve always liked grey kitties. I look forward to seeing how she and Chloe bond in the future. Is Gracie a rescue? Did she find you? I’m just curious – I’m fascinated by how cats come into people’s lives. By that picture, she looks pretty content.

  10. Did I miss the part where we get the address to the new place? I live about 10 minutes from your area & will definietly want to come & see your new digs after you’re open!

  11. I am sure you have already planned to do this but could you post a picture of the new Loopy place after you Loopize it?

    A new lap warmer…how cute. She looks a little like my cat.

  12. Congratulations on both your new yarn home and your new kittie!!!!!!

    I just placed my first order & am waiting patiently for the dust to settle and for all that yarnie goodness to makes itself comfy-cozy in its new home so that you can then turn around and send some out to me where I will make it feel right at home here in California!!!

  13. Can I just say that for a split second there, while reading that bolded part of the second paragraph where you’re talking about complications, I TOTALLY thought you were going to say you were pregnant until I got to the kitty line.

    Obviously, I need to read faster so as to not hex you with my harebrained boggling. 🙂

  14. First of all congratulations on your big and exciting move. You must be proud. Well ok you will feel proud once all is moved in. :0) I am very happy for you.
    Secondly, welcome to the cat zoo. I have three. When I kept adding more animals to the house they all acted like I had offended them. But after a week or so, they all figured out that I am not going to take any of them back so they had best get used to the idea of another animals residing with them.
    Gracie is a cute cat and I am sure all will be fine soon. Be sure to post pictures of the duo.
    Good luck with the shop and if i were closer to ya I would help you move in.

  15. I wish I could help you fill that room….and a new kitten? I got a new baby a couple of months ago. My other two cats wouldn’t speak to me for weeks!

  16. I can’t wait to see the new place! It looks huge in that picture, but I’m sure you’ve filled it right up with all that great yarn. Gracie is adorable. How old is she? I can’t wait to hear about Gracie & Zoe and their adventures together. See you Friday at the new place! (I’ll finally remember to bring my lunch; I’m looking forward to using the red Loopy microwave!)

  17. Welcome, Gracie…from me and my little Gracie (and George and Mir…) She looks like a sweetie. Awwww… That new Loopy Room looks awesomely huge to hold lots of yummy yarn! I have no doubt you’ll make it your own in no time. Just think, no fiber floating in dinner now, right?

  18. Oh, Gracie is adorable! I actually started with a post later where she had already met Zoe, so had to backtrack. So glad they are getting along! I haven’t had that luck in my last THREE attempts at introducing pets to one another. I get them so they are civil, but not playing together as I envision. I’m so happy to hear it worked for you!!\
    The new loopy room looks awesome!

  19. dear loopy ewe i’m new to sock knitting an bought opal self striping yarn while knitting i have found several places where the yarn has been cut leaving a single strand of ply also it was cut in the middle. have you found this a common thing with this yarn? i’m dissapointed in this being my first pair of socks with beautiful yarn. i knit three pairs with sportweight to get the knowhow. thanks for any input lin

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