Not “Loopified” yet…

IMG_1350.JPGWell, we’re working hard, but that space is definitely not Loopified yet. We did paint a few walls. (Actually, there is no “we” about it. My mom came to help clean the new place the first day and when I started talking about needing some color on a few walls, she volunteered that my dad was a wonderful painter. Being a great sport, he agreed to take on the job on our very first day of moving in. So he gets all the credit!) I love walking in and seeing color instead of beige. This is the wall when IMG_1351.JPGyou first walk in and we’ll put our Loopy sign up above there. Right now, the shelves are sadly empty. That’s the status. Painting is done, most shelves are up, but there are bags and boxes of yarn to unload and put away. There’s just no way to hurry that process up! It doesn’t feel like The Loopy Room yet, but I do have high hopes for it. I am really really really loving all of that space. (It’s going to fill up quickly. We have so much on order.)

DSC01280.JPGOn the home front, we introduced Zoe and Gracie today. It went so well! Not a hiss between the two until much later when they both went dashing after the same laser light and Zoe wanted dibs on it. In this photo, Zoe was interested in Gracie and Gracie was much more interested in being let out into a very big room, after her confinement in the guest room. They had a great time racing around and playing. Zoe is definitely the alpha cat, and Gracie is happy to let her have that roll. If I had known this was going to be so easy, I would’ve gotten a second cat ages ago. Why didn’t any of you tell me that I needed a second cat?? 🙂

Hope you’re all having a good week. Your emails and blog comments have been so fun. (Yes, I’m woefully behind on answering emails – there is no computer in the Loopy Room yet. But I’m reading them all when I get home at night and love hearing from you. Soon, life will get back to normal. I think.)

Sheri itwasa”nolatteTuesday”butI’vealreadyfixedthatfortoday.


  1. Of COURSE you can have your lattes daily…in fact, it is encouraged and supported by us!

    The colour looks lovely–shout out to your dad. The new Loopy Room will be full in no time, I am sure.

    Zoe and Gracie are so sweet! Yes, two is a fabulous number, as I well know with mine. Have fun!

  2. 2 cats are better than one! Especially when you see them curl up together or bathe each other for the first time. So cute!

    Of course, you get to deal with twice as much poop, but it’s a fair trade.

    Loopy Dad did a great job painting. I love the color!

  3. That was so generous of Loopy Dad to do the painting! Looks great!! Glad you got your latte today – I’ve been bad and had one everyday this week so far, but in my defense, its only been a tall – so that’s really okay, I think… : )

  4. Sheri, with all that is going on, I say you can have more than one latte a day. Have three if you’d like. And heck, just to cover my bases, I’m letting you know that you need a third cat. There. LOL!

  5. I knew Zoe and Gracie would be pals. Just keep thinking 3 are better than 2! OH, I’m such a trouble maker. When I brought home a little kitten my two males mother smoothered her. They were always so protective of her. On to the Loopy Room, here after known as LR. I know it will all come together and be fabulous. Love the color of the wall. Have a Latte you deserve it, so do Mom and Dad. Hugs

  6. Yes, at least one latte per day. Loopy Dad needs one too! Well, one of whatever he likes anyway. The color is so nice to see- beige is awful.
    I bet you could get lots of help putting all that yarn away if you let people play around and make yarn angels or something in it! Some of it might find a new home and then you wouldn’t have to worry about putting it away…

  7. I’m looking at those bags of yarn and wishing I was there to help put them away so I could pet them all :-).

    You definitely need the extra latte. After all, you’re burning a bunch of extra calories by hauling all that yarn, so you need to make it up somewhere!

  8. Awe they’re so cute together. Zoe looks like she will be a good big sister.

    The paint makes a big difference. The apartment that I live in is actually the first that I’ve bothered to repaint before I moved in (needs it again but that’s ok) but I am so much happier in a lilac room than beige. It’s worth the time. My dad helped me too. Good dads are worth their weight in gold, aren’t they?

    I see you will be sponsoring the Ravelry shindig at Rhinebeck! Will you be there? This is my first trip to the RSW, even though I’ve been knitting for 20 years and have always thought sheep are the cutest thing ever. I catch on kinda slow I guess. 🙂

  9. I think two cats are way easier and more fun than one (4 dogs, however is a hair festival).

    I am surprising myself at how darned happy i am for you getting to set up your new digs, getting it painted and stuff. I love the progress reports. My dad will paint anything, too, so I know how great it is to have such a dad, first hand. He’s not slowing down at 76!

  10. Loopy Ewe is coming of age!
    Loopy Ewe is paying rent on a first apartment and hiring help and making Mom walk 5 blocks to visit!
    Our sweet Loopy Ewe is growing up!
    Brings tears to my eyes!

    And Zoe and Gracie bring a huge smile to my face!

  11. Cat introduction at your house went purr-fectly! Two cats do really keep each other company. Mine run, chase, yell and hiss at each other but all-in-all they are happy for the company. Zoe and Gracie look so cute together. Loopy Room will come together…it just seems daunting right now. As for a no-Latte Tuesday…better catch up with 2 today!

  12. I love what paint does for a room — it makes it yours. That’s so sweet of your dad to help. And on the latte front — I wish I could come over and buy you one — you very much deserve them!

  13. Things are looking good at Loopy Headquarters! Just think, next week at this time, everything will be in the proper place and you can sit back and admire your new place for a minute or two! Zoe and Gracie look like they are going to be great cat-sisters!

  14. Oh, good choice eon the paint! It’s light and airy, fun but not over the top, the white shelves really pop against it and I’m sure the yarn will pop in the shelves.

    I think you should be having big chocolate chip cookies with those lattes. 🙂

  15. I only I too could have bags and bags of yarn to looks at… I do, they are just are a lot smaller and not so many.

    Also I am so sorry that I did not tell you 2 cats are better than one…

    Mine are not exactly peas in a pod… but they like having each other.

  16. I love it that Zoe and Gracie made fast friends. You surely deserve a latte every day this week. I’m excited about the new loopy office. How fun is that?!?

  17. Lattes-on-demand during move week and probably the first day or two next week as you try to catch up on orders 🙂

    Zoe & Gracie look great together. It’s always good to add a younger cat (IMO) in situations like yours because the young cat is happy to adjust to the habits of the older cat and let the older cat be “top cat.” Your picture so totally captures their introduction!

  18. I’m glad the kitties are getting along so well! Our kitties actually switched who was the “Alpha” cat after several years. Our Mittens just kept taking what ever Misty would dish out and then one day it seems that Mittens just realized she was much bigger than Misty and started to give it right back until Misty left her alone.
    I’m glad you’re loving the new Loopy room! But I must admit, looking at all those bags and bags of yarn makes me a bit woozy… I don’t know how you can resist it.

  19. I agree with Tracy, until things are back to normal, Lattes should be on an as needed basis. I declare them fat and calorie free for the rest of the week ( if only I really had that kind of power)

    Look at all those bags of beautiful yarn, I wish I was there to help you stock those shelves, just so I could touch them all, I would even wear a drool bib, so as not to damage any of them : )

    The kitties are so cute together. Zoe will love having a companion during the day.

  20. 2 cats are ALWAYS better than one.

    Why didn’t I tell you?

    You never asked…


    PS. I MISS you, but have been busy with burgeoning design business. Sunflower Designs is a modest undertaking thus far, but she shows signs of great promise.


    I’m so glad that Zoe and Grace are getting along. Gives me hope for introducing a new cat into my one-cat household.

    Looks like you are making great progress in the new Loopy Room! Just keep moving forward and it’ll all be up in no time! Can’t wait until you’re back!

  22. They look so cute together! I’m glad to see how well they are getting along.

    The Loopy Room is going to be GREAT when you’re finished. Thank you for taking the time in the evening to keep us updated and sharing the progress with us.

    I will have a peppermint mocha latte for you today!

    Best wishes from Phoenix!

  23. I always think a one task as one less checkmark on the list! Having those beautiful walls would put some pep in my step. Well, a latte wouldn’t hurt either:-)

    That Gracie is a sweetie, and those two look so pretty together. Little princesses! Or one queen and a princess. Zoe deserves to be top kitty.

  24. I wish that I lived close enough that I could volunteer to come over on the weekend and help you get yarn put away. It looks like it would be a heavenly experience.

  25. LOL. Dr Pepper (the soft drink) used to have a slogan, have a Dr Pepper at 10 (am), 2 (pm) and 4 (pm). Hmm, maybe that translates to lattes, too? 🙂 Seriously, I think that Loopy Dad & Loopy Mom deserve lattes, in addition to you, Sheri! And, y’all should have an extra one to make up for yesterday, too!

    It looks like the Loopy Room is beginning to take shape; that’s great! Do you have everything moved from your home to the new Loopy Room, yet?

    That is a sweet picture of your kitties! Don’t be surprised if they eventually switch places as to which one is alpha kitty, though. I’m happy for you that they are doing great together.

  26. Cute kitty photo. What a great dad, to paint for you! My husband painted for me when we were dating, but now, he just reminds me that one of our employees paints on the side… Guess he’ll have some side work coming up next spring!

  27. Sheri,
    I’m on vacation, and yesterday I had my very first PSL! Tall, of course, non-fat, no whipped cream. I think that makes it healthy! HA HA HA! The new room is going to be fab, and I can’t imagine how exhausted you must be. Take care of yourself!

  28. Yay for Loopy Dad (and for Loopy Mom volunteering Loopy Dad)! Loopy Headquarters look great! All that yarn! Wow! But it will seem like home before you know it.

    Zoe and Gracie are so cute! So glad that went well.

  29. It’s a beautiful color for the walls, one of my favorites.

    They look like they will be happy kitties to have company! We’ve always had more than one cat. At one point, we had 13! Both of our female cats had kittens…now that was crazy! There were kittens everywhere!

  30. I’m thinking what the Loopy Room really needs is its own espresso machine! That way you can have all the lattes you want….and the cost does amortize over time. Besides, isn’t caffeine considered a business expense?

    Congrats on the fantastic new space and the adorable new kitty girl! My Nell-cat is cat unfriendly, so I can only have one (even if my apt. complex would allow a second one). I have warned her, though, that some day she will have a dog-sibling to deal with.

  31. Two cats are great! My husband made me take the humane society web page off my favorite list – it was a criteria for getting cat #3, who is the best of all!

    I love the new wall color and I’m itching to put things on those shelves. I love to put things away on shelves. I don’t even want the bags of yarn since I’m going to tackle my own yarn room today – yarn is spilling over.

  32. Yes, daily lattes is what helps the work get done. Nice paint job by your dad. I’ll keep him in mind when our house needs some new paint. ;o)

    And I’m so happy the intro between Gracie and Zoe went so well. It helps that they are both female!!

    Those bags of yarn look so tempting — I’d love to dive into that pile!

    Godspeed with the rest of the move — sounds like progress is being made.

  33. I love your new paint in the Loopy Room. My favorite color is green and Hey, I think I might have a skein or two or three of sock yarn that is that very color!!!

    You seem to be coming right along and will be “all full up” before you know it! I get to start some new socks and can pull out my stash and try to pick a skein. I can hardly wait!!!

  34. I can’t imagine how many bags of yarn, y’all have had to move. All the moving will be over before you know it (the where did we put that? might last a few months , though) Have a great day!

  35. The color is great. Way better than total Beige. Gracie is so cute. My LYS in Fayetteville, AR has a cat that sleeps at the Store. You may to think about adding a cat to the store in the future.

  36. Sheri, if you need it I will personally deliver a latte to you!!! I’d be happy to help you move stuff too…I actually have tomorrow and Friday off work…just sayin’…

    Congratulations on the new kitty…it’s nice to have a new four-legged family member now and again, dontcha think? (even though all mine are of the canine variety…!)

    Been warming up your bicycle yet?? 😉

  37. How exciting to spread out into new space. The color looks so inviting! As for the
    kitties, we got a new puppy in the spring, and the older dog ended up loving her.
    When it comes to toys and play, though, the older one (Gracie) gets top billing!
    Have a great week!

  38. It’s amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint & a little color will make! (Props to your dad, btw.) Be careful not to get woozy from the fumes from all that yarn at once! You might need an extra PSL to offset the effect!

    And congrats on the newest member of your family! Gracie is adorable (as is Zoe), & it looks like they’re off to a great start! I’ve had one or more cats since 1976 or so. The 1st kitty I ever had didn’t understand that he was a cat (thought he was my baby) & used to get so upset if I was out of the house for too many hours that he’d get sick to his stomach, & I’d find puke piles when I got home. Finally got a kitten to keep him company. The older guy looked at me like I hurt his feelings but was soon cleaning & disciplining the little one. I now have 3 cats & 2 dogs, added one at a time, & they all get along. They’ve each got unique personalities & their own distinct relationships with each other. It’s really funny to watch sometimes.

    I agree that you need an espresso machine for the new Loopy HQ – and a mini-fridge, too!

  39. With 2 kitties, you can donate a little leftover sock yarn ball for them to play with. Cats never want the sock toys as much as the yarn ball you’re knitting with!

    That green looks great. What a nice dad!

  40. If I lived closer, I would have loved go and help put all that yarn up. I work at a lys and know how much work it is to put all that up. I’m so happy Zoe and Gracie got along well. That is great! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the Loopy Ewe’s new home.

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