Focusing on the happy today.

I can’t stop thinking about the wildfires in California. I have so many friends out there (at last count, all are safe so far). There was a sad photo on the front page of our newspaper yesterday. It showed an entire neighborhood burned to the ground, except for one house left standing in the middle of it all. (They didn’t mention how that one house was safe. My thought is – of course you want your house to be safe, but how sad to be there when all of your neighbors houses are gone.) I’m hoping that all of you Loopy Friends out there are safe and sound as well. You Californians (and those who have loved ones there) are certainly in our thoughts and prayers.

So today, I’m focusing on happy things, because there’s enough sadness on the news. So:

Happy Thing #1: Knitting Daughter and College Guy are both hanging out at Loopy Central today, and I love seeing them here.

Happy Thing #2: Fun things going up next week: Numma Numma, Chewy Spaghetti, Sheepaints, Seacoast Merino, Perchance to Knit Cashmere Sock, Plucky Knitter Lace, Mrs. Kwitty’s bags, and Ham’s Jams Yarn Cruisers.

Happy Thing #3: We have more Loopy Groupies to welcome to the fold! Congratulations to the following people: Jennifer in TN, Pat in OH, Troy in NJ, Jari in IN, Kathy in IA, Erin in WA, Elizabeth in NY, Katrina in IL, Debbie in MN, Jenna in Canada, Sarah in CA, Jo Anne in HI, Susan in IL, Cindy in KS, Sue in WA, Risa in NJ, Pamela in NY, Christine in NC, Anne in LA, Claire in CA, Erica in Germany, Terri in WA, Suna in TX, Kathy in MO, Kara in MO, Pia in MD, Vicky in GA, Rachel in the military, Sarah in AK, Terri in WA, Annette in AZ, Deborah in MN, Melissa in OH, Ruth in Canada, Megan in TX, Sheila in IL, Natalie in AZ, Katie in IA, Barbara in CT, Mary in TX, Lisa in AK, Elizabeth in WI, Kaylee in CO, Tracie in PA, Christine in MI, Angelina in TX, Lisa in IL, Phoebe in FL, Laura in CA, Ginni in MO, Megan in MA, Barbara in MO, Debra in MA, Jennifer in MD, Sherry in AK, Virginia in TN, Jocelyn in CA, Dee in CA, Allison in MO, Gail in OR, Elizabeth in GA, Sandy in CA, Teresa in TX, Sarah in ID, Nancy in MN, Barbara in GA, Chenoa in CO, Melissa in MA, Victoria in NY, Kristin in MO, Heather in WA, Jennifer in IL, Jennifer in TN, Heather in WA, Emily in TN, Stephanie in CA, Brenna in CA, Amanda in IN, Toni in CA, Karen in FL, Ena in MA, Jewel in CA, Jessica in WA, Ada in VA, Sarah in NE, Mary in MO, Merry Gay in MO, Jordi in NY, Elizabeth in NC, Sue in NE, Ruth in CO, Deawn in NE, Gayle in MA, Rochelle in NC, Amy in NV, Dawn in MO, Angela in the UK, Patricia in IL, Anne in KY, Vanessa in Australia, Greta in OK, Bonnie in CA, Julia in MN, MJ in CO, Renea in OK, Tanis in NJ, Jean in CA, Christy in FL, Gina in NC and Angela in IN. (How do you become a Loopy Groupie? When we have sent out six packages to you, we will be sending you a Loopy Groupie gift bag! You’ll get an email when we have posted the Sneak Up from week to week, along with Loopy Groupie Appreciation gifts a couple of times a year. Watch for another one of those coming in the next few weeks – we have something fun on order for you!)

Happy Thing #4: We’re finally Loopified! I’ll do a Loopy Central tour in Monday’s blog post.

Happy Thing #5: I have loved reading all of your blog comments for our October contest. But I’m not through them all yet and I want to get through them before I announce the winner. (The winner is random – but I still want to finish reading all of those 443 comments before I end the contest!) Really, it has made me wonder what my kids will remember as their “favorite recipes” that I made in their growing up years.

Happy Thing #6: Peanut Butter Brownies. Oh-my-gosh good.

DSC01311.JPGPeanut Butter Brownies

2 eggs
1 stick of margarine, softened
1/2 cup light brown sugar, packed
1 box Duncan Hines butter recipe cake mix
bag of peanut butter chips (about 10 oz)
(can also add chopped nuts if you like nuts)

Peanut Butter Cream Frosting

1 cup powdered sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
4 Tbl. milk
4 Tbl. margarine, softened
1 tsp. vanilla
1 cup peanut butter

Mix eggs, 1 stick of margarine, brown sugar and cake mix in a bowl. Mix on low speed for 1 minute. Scrape bowl and then mix on low for 2 more minutes. Fold in peanut butter chips by hand. Spread evenly in a greased 9 x 13 pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Cool completely, frost and cut.

Frosting: Put powdered sugar, salt, milk, 4 Tbl. margarine, vanilla and peanut butter in bowl and mix well. (Add more milk if the frosting isn’t creamy enough.) Frost brownies when they are cool. (Note – this frosting is so good, and would be excellent on a regular box mix of chocolate brownies, too!)

(Kristin – you’re right – I did forget to share the great pumpkin recipe from my friend Christy! I’ll make it up and share that soon. Thanks for the reminder.)

Happy Thing #7: It’s the weekend!

Sheri haveanyhappythingstosharetoday?


  1. Sheri, I guess you could also be happy that it seems that the worst is over out in CA.

    For me, I’m happy that this cold is almost gone! And there is a great love of peanut butter in my house, so those brownies are going in the baking queue.

  2. I’m off work today and get a three day weekend πŸ™‚
    My Loopy yarn order arrived yesterday so I have three colors of Sockina and the best Austermann Step color, grass green, to choose from for my next project. And the happiest news yet, it’s my birthday this weekend! Calorie free cake! (Calories vanish from all sugary foods on your birthday).

  3. I was happy for no good reason…until I read that recipe and then eeyorely (not a word, I know) thought, “I wonder what the WW points would be? Too many for sure”

    Recipe looks great, but my self-control not to consume the whole batch would be hopeless.

    Can’t wait for the tour!

  4. I am happy its Friday! I’ve had a very busy week packed with more activities than I usually schedule for myself in a one week time frame – book signing, LYS yarn launch party and Russian opera class (but I LOVED them all) and have been up late watching the World Series (but having a FAB time with the RSN over on Ravelry during the games – Go Sox!!).
    I’m happy that I have an evening off from baseball, because I need some sleep…

    but I’m also happy that the Sox are up 2-0.

    Have a wonderful weekend!! Looking forward to Monday’s blog post with more Loopy Central photos. : )

  5. It is Friday. woo hoo. The boy child has had half days at school yesterday and today, it is great having time alone with him. The eldest girl child will have her turn next week. The youngest already had a turn.
    Sooo looking forward to the next sneak up and pics of the new Loopy home.

  6. Well writing from Southern California, it’s very smokey and hard to breath right now. Trying to think of something nice to knit (even though I have 3 projects on the needles right now). We are safe and all our family are safe but the winds have shifted and smoke is coming in from the ocean so it’s super hard to breath. It’s hard for us all to take our minds off it with so much visible smoke around. Reading blogs is great though and I have to make those brownies!

  7. I have one BIG happy thing for today–my mother is ok. She was taken in to emergency on Wednesday afternoon with abdominal pain and after surgery yesterday is cranky, but “cured” (it wasn’t the big C or anything else, but a surgically correctible situation). Whew. And I cast on socks for her while waiting for the news πŸ™‚

  8. Happy’s Friday. I’m busy at work but at least the day is just about over.
    Happy #2…I’m beginning to see the end of the never-ending shawl.
    Happy #3…It’s finally cool enough so I can wear my wool socks to work.

    I can’t wait to see the new Loopy Central. I bet it’s just yarn-ified.

    I know I’m a Loopy but I didn’t see my name on the last list or this one:-( I know I’m a Loopy in spirit:-). My DH could tell ya the same thing…heehee.

  9. It’s Friday! My dear Buddy Bill brought me a Diet Coke… my building doesn’t have any coke products. I don’t have hives! (Long story, but happy news, trust me. I’ve had them off and on since Weds.) πŸ™‚

  10. Happy things: There are people like you, with businesses like yours, where customer appreciation still exists. We’re having our joint anniversary dinner with my aunt and uncle tomorrow. We have rain! I finished the felted bag that seemed to never end.

    Lots more, but there’s a start to the happy list.

  11. I have been given the gift of being asked to do a new wonderful job for two physicians who I really admire!! Good things do come when you wait! (besides yarn, of course) And, I saw my new granddaughter with a 3D ultrasound last weekend and watched her little face, fingers and toe move! Amazing!

  12. Happy Thing for Today: I’m back in my house (and it’s still here!!!!!) after being evacuated for 5 days!!! The fire got within a couple hundred yards of my house but we’re safe! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers sent our way. Now…. off to clean up the ‘evacuation mess’…….

  13. My family is in SoCal and my dad is a Firefighter for LA County so he’s been working A LOT and I’ve had family evacuated from the fire areas. Its tough to read about something so big that affects my family.

    But on a happy note everyone is safe.

    Enjoy your time with Knitting Daughter and College Guy!

  14. BIG HAPPY! I’m LOOPIFIED!!!That only means that I can order MORE!!!YAAAAAYYYY!
    Happy that you’re settling in at the new Loopy Room and family is around.
    Happy that the fires are under some control.
    Happy that I can make my sweetie that PB Brownie recipe.
    Happy for wine and friends.
    Happy to see tour on Monday.

  15. Had 2 setsof very happy news-eldest DS has just heard that he has got a place in a really great associate programme for young ballet dancers and he is just so proud of himself, and my dream in colour finally made it through UK customs so I can sit and stroke it tonight!!

    Have a fab weekend

  16. #1 It is my son’s 15th Bday!
    #2 It’s Friday!!!
    #3 My loopy order was on my steps when I got home. Whoo Hoo!!!!!

  17. The visiting nurse just took 29 staples out of my knee and I can bend it a little more!! I can “sock knit” without guilt for 2 months while I’m out of work as a nurse.
    Enjoy the weekend with your family, Sheri. Can’t wait to see new photos of the new place on Monday.

  18. It”s Friday!!!!! And on Monday we are off to Mendocino, CA for 3 days of R & R!!!!!! Needless to say I’ve been trying to decide which and how many knitting projects to take with me,; something mindless for car knitting and then there is my vest to finish, and I want to start on a sweater……plus shopping at the Mendocino Yarn Shop is a must!

  19. I’m happy that my carpet is finally cleaned and ready for a long winter. I’m happy that my husband bought a gun safe to keep his guns in and away from kids & theft. I’m happy that I have your new recipe to try!!! I’m happy that I started my Alpaca Sox and love the feel of it! And….. I’m happy that I have new yarn & things to scope out in the new Loopy Room next week!!

    Have a great weekend with your kids!

  20. Happiness comes from our souls after all! I like to believe that we can all put it out there and that it is all knit up together and as a whole it can sustain, nurture, warm and comfort. Community (and knitting) is love!

    Happy for me is a trip next week to see children and grandboys—- and to stay long enough to Trick or Treat with them! The happy aside is that I have enough brand spankin new projects to keep me busy and make my heart sing.

    Warm happy hugs to all!

  21. SO much to be happy about!

    My MIL complimented me on the phone yesterday (always a plus!), AND she wants the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies that I made when she last visited. The very same one I got from you. πŸ˜€

    My mother and father are coming to visit tomorrow, and my dad is cooking chili!

    It is raining. But that is fine, it makes one of my very good friends happy because the surf is good.

  22. Happy it’s Friday!
    Happy that I caught a major discrepancy in a sweater pattern *before* I even swatched (about 8″ worth of discrepancy in stitch count, where sweater would be way too small). – Not happy about the discrepancy itself, but I’m happy that I may have avoided major dilemna with scrumptious yarn; I’ve e-mailed the pattern designed & am waiting to hear back.
    Happy that my daughter is actually putting in some effort in school this year, & that it’s making a difference!
    Happy about my SnB group! – Great bunch of people!

    Looking forward to seeing Loopy Central pix on Monday!
    Enjoy your weekend with KD & CG!

  23. DD 4 and I had Pumpkin picking today along with the others in her Pre-K4 class and the Kindergarten class. So that was fun. Really!
    And the rain came *after* we were all safely back at the school!! We had a Hay Ride, and we got to see all the animals, including rabbits and Llamas!!!!

    Ravioli for dinner.

    It’s a good day!!

  24. Happy that my children’s Halloween costumes are almost done!

    Happy that even though my daughter cut her hair AGAIN (to get the tangles out – sweetheart – we have a BRUSH) it actually looks quite cute.

    Happy that diet Dr. Pepper is on sale at the grocery store. (Cheap thrills!)

  25. 1. My uncle’s area in Crestline CA has been declared out of danger and residents are going to be allowed to go home. Homes of family and friends in San Diego are also now safe from the fires. Whew!

    2. MY house is safe – the fire didn’t keep coming this way like it did last time, 4 years ago. I was getting worried. The view from my house was scary red and black two days ago and nonexistent yesterday because we were covered in smoke!

    3. The school district I work for had sense enough to give all schools the day off due to the unhealthful air (the district I worked for 4 years ago did NOT have this sense! Ash falling from the sky like snow, but we were still at work.)

    4. I am going to finish my daughter’s Tulip Cardigan today! 8 rows on the sleeve and the i-cord collar and ties are all that is left. It’s sized 6-9 months, but I think it might fit her NOW – she’s growing faster than my son did. I’d love it if she could wear it tonight when we go out to dinner. Yay instant gratification!

    5. I finally decided on a yarn and project for my Loopy Swap buddy. πŸ™‚

  26. So many happy things πŸ™‚ My home is still standing, as are the homes of my friends, including the one who was evacuated and staying with us who is now home. My daughters are home from school, and my husband has come back from out of town, so we’re all in one place. I’m almost done with Kauni (half a sleeve and a collar to go!), which means I can starting knitting up the Dream In Color I’ve been waiting to break into. Life is very very good. Can’t wait to see the Loopy space on Monday! Have an excellent weekend.

  27. Hmmm, trying to look on the good side I’m getting a lot of knitting in, since I’m drugged to the gills. Looks like I have to have my gall bladder removed next week.

    At least a few of the things I’m working on are mindless enough I can work on them while loopy from the Vicodin. I need to seam up a baby gift, but I don’t have enough brain to do that.

  28. Can’t wait to see the pics of the new loopy room, looking forward to getting my loopy groupie surprise…now if I could only figure out which yarn to use for my loopy swap project!! Life is good, it’s been raining in NC and that is a very good thing…Have a wonderful weekend!

  29. I am happy that today was a sunny day and it was just warm enough to take the kiddo out for a walk on our property. He was excited to see the neighbors horses and donkey’s.

    I am happy to say that I’ve managed to stick to my yarn diet, regardless of the very tempting loopy sneak ups!

    I am happy that I sold a few things from my etsy shop!

    I am happy that it’s cooling down and I get to knit little bitty mittens and hats for the kids to look Oh So Cute in!

  30. My happy thing for today is that I got a lot of knitting time in today. :)And I even got to spin a bit! Can’t wait for the next sneak up! Enjoy the weekend with your family!!!

  31. Mmmm ! those brownies ingredients are going on my shopping list!

    My happy thing today is my hubby surprised me this morning over breakfast by stating that he saw an ad on TV about a little quilt/gift shop in a town about 40 miles from us and he was going to take me there today! Yup, my mouth was hanging open in shock! lol First of all he hates going to a fabric shops and second he is not one for car trips. It is a beautiful fall day here, the sun is shining, and we had a wonderful little trip. Happy. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and a second happy–the shop we went to had beautiful wool fabric on a BOGO free sale!!

    Smiles, Karen

  32. We lived in So. Cal for 18 years. Now we are in the North. That is the worse I’ve heard the winds blowing. My friend said the streets in Beaumont were covered with about 2 ft of sand. They couldn’t get down the street or raise the garage door. It is bad there. I have a friend in San Diego, but haven’t heard how they are. Thanks for all the prayers…have a great knitting weekend…will have to try those brownies..YUMMIEEE waiting for Wollemeise!!!

  33. I just had a very Happy Day with 8 of my friends! Took a road trip to a Quilt Show, A Quilt Shoppe, and a wonderful Antique/Art Shop! (I knitted on 2 socks the whole drive!)

    Tomorrow is my 60th Birthday (so I’m Happy that I made it!), and my sister is making dinner and a cake!

    Happy that I should have my latest Loopy purchase in the mail tomorrow!

    Looking forward to the Loopy Pictures!

  34. Husband home from traveling this past week. House cleaning and knitting on the schedule for tomorrow and sunday and some homemade soup and bread for Saturday dinner! Simple pleasures are the best.

  35. I’m Happy to be a Loopy Groupie!! Happy to be able to start on socks for next contest!!
    Most Happy for the 3 days of rain!!!. Ada

  36. I’m happy to be a Loopy Groupie!!! I’m happy that it’s the weekend. I’m happy that it’s spring here and the sun is warm today – but not too hot – as we move towards summer. I’m happy that I have more Loopy goodness on the way – and that I can use my hands to create lovely things which are totally unique. I’m happy that we have this wonderful community of knitters around the world, and we don’t need to work in isolation. And I’m happy you’re there, Sheri!

  37. Happy things… I’ve actually gotten some work done this week…. 2 Halloween parties in 2 nights… I live on the only planet with chocolate… and rum…

    Congrats on getting everything set up.

  38. the house you mentioned has been on the news here (in LA) and I think on the news they said it was the fencing and the distance the house was from the neighboring houses that spared it. so many happy things to be happy about particularly #1! πŸ˜‰

  39. I’m happy to be getting ready for a long weekend, starting next Wednesday thru Sunday. Will be going to a wonderful ski lodge for knitting and relaxing. We go once or twice a year. It is great fun and the food is oh so yummy. I want to congratulate all of you new groopies. It really is great to be one, that makes me happy too. I’m really, really happy that Sheri is there for all of us. God bless you who live in California, thought and prayers are with you.

  40. I’m happy that my daughter is going on an overnight away from home tomorrow and therefore, as long as she doesn’t end up calling at 10pm to come home, we get to have a nice date night that can start before 8:30 at night. Woot!

    My thoughts are with our fellow Californians to the south too. Here’s hoping they get them all contained soon.

  41. I lived in Los Angeles for eight years, ending four months ago. Very happy to report that everyone I know out there is safe, and to the best of my knowledge, everyone’s homes are safe. Sad, but this was inevitable. No way to prevent it with the horrifying complete lack of rainfall over the last two years.

    On a good note, I got kidnapped by my mom and aunt this afternoon and I landed a fun skein of sock yarn and an AMAZING DellaQ bag at a new-to-me LYS. Made for a short but very fun day πŸ™‚

  42. Yay! my Loopy Groupie mention! That’s one happy thing. My other happy thing today/tonight is that I am on vacation for the next 5 days!

    Congrats on getting settled in your new Loopy Room,

  43. Happy thing…I’m almost a Loopy Groupie!! If I’m lucky and hit the sneak-up just right this upcoming week (i.e. if I’m not teaching)…I’ll be a very happy Loopy Groupie. πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to seeing all the pretty pictures next week.

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