Doing this and that

Things I haven’t been doing today:

– Knitting
– Blogging
– Walking to work
– Having a latte
– Reading the mail

Things I have been doing today:

– Getting your orders out (with much help from the Elves)
– Driving more stuff to the Loopy Office from home
– Grocery shopping
– Talking on the phone
– Watching the goofy cats play

Things I’m looking forward to doing tomorrow:

– Having College Boy home on Fall Break 🙂 🙂
– Finishing up some things at Loopy Central (with latte in hand)
– Taking some pictures over there to share with you
– Doing some good cooking and baking
– Knitting and watching a movie

And how about you? Been doing (or not doing) anything special today??

Sheri makingbrownieswithpeanutbutterfrostingtonight


  1. Well yesterday I had an emergency appendectomy and today I am recovering. Unfortunately the pain meds make me loopy in a bad way, so no knitting yet.

  2. Things I’ve been doing:
    –enjoying my claudia handpainted gloves (that I FINALLY finished!) on cold morning bike rides to the lab
    –studying for & taking tests 🙁
    –Helping DH prepare for his thesis defense! 🙂 (It’s on Monday! And by “helping” I mean “hiding the Harry Potter books, because otherwise he won’t work.”)

    Not been doing:
    –Watching the Planet Earth DVD that finally arrived at the library…just in time for me to not have time to watch it. Sigh.
    –Baking brownies. (But this WILL change this weekend! Especially with you tempting me. 🙂 )

  3. Not cleaning the back proch, it finally cooled off but rained all day.
    Did take puppy to vet, got food and new license plates for cars. I did knit, but not on the pair of socks for my Mother in law, should keep cleaning the college daughter is coming home next weekend, Haven’t broken the news to her that her brother has claimed her room, but she is very seldom home anymore, so I don’t blame he child. But I will kick him out next weekend. If iever get my new work schedule that is!

  4. Hi Sheri,

    Just so you know, I knew you were in the middle of moving so I didn’t expect my order for another couple weeks or so. What a wonderful surprise it was to receive it the other day! You are simply AWESOME! Thank you!

    BROWNIES: have you ever heard of the Baker’s Edge pan – it makes wonderful brownies where each piece has 2 edges and it takes less baking time. It’s to die for if you are an edge person. Here’s the link:

  5. What am I doing? I just blogged, and I’m making the list of what I need to make oatmeal raisin cookies with my special someone this weekend! 🙂 They are his favorite.

    Looking forward to your recipe! PB and chocolate…yummmmm.

  6. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    Chocolate and peanut butter. That is one recipe I know I’ll be trying, and I don’t even have to see it!

  7. I’ve been not knitting too. Only I want to be knitting so I’m not happy. I’ve been backing up the files on my laptop before I upgrade the OS. Which I have to do in order to play with my new toy. Which suddenly got a lot more expensive when I had to buy an OS upgrade too in order to use it.

  8. Things I Haven’t Been Doing Today
    Cleaning my apartment and doing laundry
    Taking a walk in the rain
    Reading one of the many books I just got from the library

    Things I Did Do Today
    I received (and accepted) a job offer, thus ending my job hunt!
    Received my latest package from the Loopy Ewe and immediately cast on for a pair of socks
    Frogged another project because I made a mistake.

    Things Planned for Tomorrow
    Go for my preemployment drug test
    Return a couple of books to the library
    Keep knitting on a sock or two (or three or four)

  9. Things I Didn’t Do Today:
    Write a proposal for work
    Read articles for work
    Evacuate my house (see, some things that are undone are MUCH better left undone!)

    Things I Did Today:
    Entertain two children who have been trapped in the house for four days
    Try not to breathe smoky air when outside
    Knit madly on a sweater because it’s the only thing I can concentrate on
    Read Terry Pratchett because it made me laugh

    Things I Will Do Tonight:
    Drink a margarita
    Try to finish this sweater sleeve while
    Watching a funny movie 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the pictures — it sounds like this new space is just wonderful!

  10. I had a great day. Visited my lys (sorry) at lunch to buy a crochet hook for beading on my stole. Loved the smell of the yarn fumes and spent less than $10 on three items.

    After work: haircut, mani, pedi.

    Tonight I will have a glass of wine and knit on said stole after the kids go to sleep.

    Have a great weekend with College Boy and congrats on the new Loopy Room.

  11. good morning sheri. i’m getting to read your comments late, as has become usual. i did want to tell you that my special projects currently involve basket weaving. we have a family gathering nov. 3 and a sister and neice are getting baskets for their birthdays. then we do a gift game and a couple other family members will be finding baskets as part of those gifts. so, i haven’t knit since finishing a beaded hat, also for that event. i gave lily a large market basket i used to store some basket making supplies in, so of course i’ll need to make something to replace that. i loved the photo a couple blogs back of gracie and zoe. it sure showed how alike their coats are with only the color difference. i’m so happy to hear they took to each other so well. looking forward to seeing more photos of the ‘new’ loopy ewe. have a great time with college guy home and try to find plenty of relaxation and knitting time!!
    you deserve it. ( ;

  12. Things I have been doing: getting a followup CT scan on my fractured back, getting my hair cut, nursing my youngest son who has a miserable cold, or something.

    Thank you and your elves for getting my order to me quickly! Now I just need to be able to get started on my Christmas knitting!

    Sheri, you are so lucky that your College Guy has a Fall Break! Enjoy your time together this weekend! (My son’s school does not have a fall break. He went back to school in August, and we won’t see him until Thanksgiving week. At least he gets the whole week off then!)

  13. I have been knitting a Baltic Sea Stole. This morning I will be ripping it out and chosing a new pattern. Also this morning I will lay in supplies to make your brownies, they sound yummy!

  14. Hi Sheri, this probably isn’t the best place to ask this question, but I thought you might see it soonest. I tried emailing you at your support @ loopyewe dot com and it bounced within moments. I thought you might also be having problems with it along with the new telephone system.

  15. Things I’m doing
    Answering email from too many committees (whose fault is that)
    Cleaning my parents home
    Knitting second simple ribbed sock with CTH Silver Streak for sister
    Started Jaywalker sock for self
    Things I’m not doing
    Watching last night’s Grey’s Anatomy
    Rooting for the Red Sox-GO ROCKIES!!!
    Cooking dinner since a friend asked the family over

    Have a good time with College Guy!

  16. I’m happy to be home from a weekend at Silver Dollar City. So exhausted and my calves hurt! I kept trying to convince my husband that St. Louis really was on the way back to Tulsa, but he wasn’t buying it. I will see The Loopy Space one day!

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