WH Decrees: Another Intervention Necessary

DSC00977.JPGSome of you may remember Wonder Husband’s Freezer Intervention awhile ago. It wasn’t pretty, but it was necessary. (Funny thing is, another one is needed for the freezer already. I must have a real thing about full freezers or something.) Last night, I was told that I need another intervention. This one: coffee cups. It appears that I have “too many”. (Define “too many”!) So I spread them all out for you to see and I was amazed because there really aren’t that many. I mean, all things considered. I think there were 25. But I figured that you ought to know the whole picture. DSC00979.JPGSo here is a picture of the small cupboard in my kitchen which housees ALL of the drinking glasses and ALL of the coffee mugs. Given that small cupboard, maybe I can almost understand the need to pare down the coffee mugs. Maybe. (Although aren’t you impressed with how much I can fit in there?)DSC00978.JPG I already have a few on permanent display over the sink. I also have my china coffee cups in a different cupboard. And there might’ve been a few in the dishwasher. Just sayin. So I took a hard stand, sorted through all of the coffee mugs, and got rid of any that weren’t absolutely necessary. They fit much better now. At least until I buy more that I can’t live without. (How many did I get rid of? One. Because it was mauve. I don’t like mauve coffee mugs. But don’t tell WH. We’ll let him think that I took care of the little coffee mug problem in a much more dramatic fashion.)

I’m happy to report several items:

1. Loopy is staying a he. I’m sorry for those of you who voted “she”, but the “he’s” have it. I have become convinced, however, that Loopy does need a she and I like the name that was suggested – “Ewe-niss” -hee! So I will be on the lookout for a nice stuffed Ewe-niss for my Loopy guy. Ewe-niss will have a bow on one ear. Or something girly, at least.

2. I did get my Sockapalooza Pal’s socks done over the weekend! Since they need to be in the mail on August 2nd, this is a good thing. I will show you a picture next week. My pal picked a rather specific color range and I’m just sure she’ll know it’s hers if I show it. (Yes, it’s one of my blog readers.) So, photo next week.

3. WH’s sister is visiting from Alaska and she is packing up Fall Sock Club boxes as I type. Woohoo! (Conveniently, my folks scheduled their vacation in Colorado for Sock Club week. I can’t understand why.) We will begin shipping these any day, so be sure that you have paid your bill if you’re in the Club. Go to your Loopy account and you’ll find it waiting for you. Many thanks to all of you who have already paid – you’re so on top of things! (And because I get emails every time I talk about our Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club, I’ll just answer this here. Unfortunately, our 150 spots sold out overnight – literally – and there are no more spots left for this year. We are looking at ways to take more for next year and will let you know via the blog and Loopy newsletter when signups will go up again. We’d love to have you be a part of it the next time!)

4. Due to no Sneak Up last week, we have a massive one this week. (And some of you wondered why we do them every week? Because SO much yarn comes in week to week, that it’s a bit overwhelming to go without one for a week. But we will do that whenever possible because we like the every other week schedule, too.)

This week’s new stuff: Yarntini, Nature’s Palette, Interlacements Tiny Toes, sKNITches Self-Striping, The Knittery Merino, The Knittery Cashmere, Yarn Love, Urban GypZ Twisted, Gypsy Knits, Schaefer Anne, Schaefer Lola, Schaefer Andrea, J.Knits, The Plucky Knitter, Perchance to Knit lace, Hand Maiden Sea Silk, Hand Maiden Mini Maiden, Hand Maiden Cashmere, Mrs. Kwitty’s project bags and project pals, and more StitchKeepers. And you know that this is more than will show up on the “What’s New” pages when it goes up, so now you know which companies will have new things to look at.

Coming in the next Sneak Up or two: Woolly Boully Softie, Skinny Duets, Fleece Artist Somoko, Apple Laine, Zen String, Yarn Pirate, Fiesta Boomerang, and Perchance to Knit.

Arriving in August: Wollmeise, Cider Moon Glacier, more Dream in Color, Fiesta Baby Boomerang, Lane Borgosesia Cashwool, Seacoast Panda, Spritely Goods, Lorna’s Laces, All Things Heather, and some surprises. Because surprises are always fun.

5. Another gift for you – check out the new Southwestern Socks pattern that Wendy has given to us to put here as a free download – just because she’s so wonderful! πŸ™‚

6. Wednesday is the official first anniversary of The Loopy Ewe! We’ll have a contest with a really cool prize, and we’ll give you a sneak peak at our “Happy Anniversary to Ewe” limited edition colorway from J.Knits, along with the specially designed pattern “Celebratory Chevrons”. Both will be available for purchase starting next week. (A whole year. Unbelievable.)

Sheri doanyofyouhaveany”overdone”areasinyourlifethatneedanintervention?


  1. Well, if sock yarn doesn’t count, then we’ll have to go with pens. I LOVE pens. School shopping for me was all about the pens.

    And Sharpies.

    I’m going to try to be strong during the sneak-up. Try being the operative word.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO EWE!!! πŸ™‚ I’m sure there’ll be many more to come!!!

    PS. WWWAAAAAHHHHHH……I missed the Yartini on the Sneak Up again! I just can’t stay up that late; I’m here on the East Coast and gotta get my beauty sleep (HAHA!)
    Maybe someday………

  3. I’m glad Loopy is staying a “He” – just seems right somehow :). Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe all the beautiful yarns in the last couple of sneak-ups, and now special anniversary colours too – and we already know I have NO willpower – I don’t even try to resist :). Hm-m-m… interventions. I could use one for coffee cups, all manner of stationary – I adore paper, pens and markers, perfume – easily 40 bottles, anything that is recyclable – I still have wrapping paper from my 20 year-old daughter’s arrival, and I keep my yarn mailing boxes for Xmas wrapping, margarine tubs and plastic bags. Shoes don’t count – they are on par with sock yarn – just harder to hide :)!

  4. You only got rid of one mug? LOL, that sounds about right! It’s hard to part with favorite mugs.

    Happy Anniversary to The Loopy Ewe!!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary and I’m glad Loopy is staying a he. No sheep sex changes allowed. πŸ˜‰

    I’m the same way with coffee cups. I give them away though if I don’t like the “feel” in my hands. Now I only have a select few that I really like drinking from.

  6. I’m making sure I read this to Mark. Emily, I have a thing for Sharpies, too. But I get really upset if anybody smooshes the tip. I like ’em nice and sharp.

    I’m also a book hog. When I was playing guitar, I had seven of them. At one point, I had 13 sewing machines.

    I guess I’m just a general hog.

  7. I have a thing for coffee cups. I look for one that are funky, have cats, and/or just speak to me. I also collect mugs from each of the states that I visit.

    I can’t think of anything I have that requires intervention. I’m not a collector or hoarder. Unless you count the stacks of papers that need to be sorted into our filing cabiets. I hate messing with it!

    Happy Anniversary Loopy & Sheri!

    PS, be sure to give my thanks to WH’s people:-)

  8. *Sigh* Massive sneak up?? Oh how I wish I had some money! Maybe if I sell all of our teacups/coffee cups, and search for loose change in the couch I could scrounge up enough for a small purchase!!

    So Sheri, you’re in the market for more cups right? πŸ˜‰

  9. No such thing as too many coffee cups. Especially with my husband who hides them in the barn for months at a time. Stay strong!

    I love the Wendy patterns. I’ve already cast on the last one, and am heading off to download this new one. Thanks!

  10. Happy Anniversary! My, how you have grown! And thank you for the sneak up – I managed to score a skein of Interlacements to go with my single lonely skein at home. Soon they will be a PAIR of socks, imagine that. I too have a million coffee mugs. I think they fall under the “but it’s useful” category. I do not, for example, collect figurines. Maybe you should stock some Loopy Ewe coffee mugs and teacups! Then we can order them and wow WH with our solidarity to your cause. Unless he starts shipping out one of your stash mugs with each Loopy Mug order…. I hope he doesn’t read the comments!

  11. Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaaaaaaaaaapy Anniversary!!! (think Flinstones cartoon).

    I am not a coffee drinker; DH is, and I believe we have close to 30 coffee mugs (for one coffee drinker in the family). I think you did a wonderful job culling the coffee mug collection, and an even better job getting it all to fit in such a tiny cupboard!

    Oh, and I agree with Lisa J. We need Loopy coffee mugs!!!!!!

  12. My life is pretty normal outside of sock yarn. I have a lot of CDs, but I am keeping those in those book-like holders so they don’t take up much room any more. The books are kind of out of control, but there is room for at least one more bookcase. As far as the freezer goes, I think we can live out of it for a year. Things might get weird when it gets down to where there’s nothing left but Pompanousic porridge and popsicle level, of course. I have been turning my yarn into Space Bag bricks this a.m. I got two drawers worth of less-favored sock yarns into one drawer that way, and I turned one bag’s worth of favored sock yarn into a brick so that I can fit in what I ordered last night on the Sneak-Up. Yarn bricks are a kick! Space bags rock!

  13. Happy anniversary! I just had a mini-intervention with myself when I was logging all of my books at librarything.com and I ended up pulling out about 20 books to give to the local Books to Prisoners project. Not too shabby! However…Must. Resist. Laceweight. Complusion. I insist that I actually knit a lace project before I start being multiple laceweight skeins just because I am sucked in by the beautiful colors. πŸ™‚

  14. tote bags…I can’t seem to stop buying them! Everytime I see one I think, hmmmmmm that would be useful for knitting. Even though I have several “real” knitting bags and tons of totes. The loopy ewe clear plastic totes have kind of spoiled me for tote bags, though. LOVE the see throughness of them. So, now, I see a tote and say, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm wouldn’t that be great for storing yarn!

    I also seem obsessed with camping equipment. And then there is my little feline/canine habit. 4 cats and 2 dogs as of this weekend.

    AND I have a problem with coffee cups, too! I try to be heartless when I clean them out. Any little chip and I try to convince myself to toss them, but then I think about where it came from or what it says, and I just can’t bring myself to chuck-em. I LOVE the idea of them being yarn mugs. NOW, if only I could hide the yarn mugs in the cabinets in the kitchen, it would open up a whole new world of possibilities for me!

  15. Oh my gosh…I forgot my little book “habit.” I have them hidden everywhere in the house, too. It’s a wonder the house hasn’t crumbled under all the weight. Someday they’ll find us in a pile of rubble, books, yarn, coffee cups, and animals. Lucky thing I have a ton of camping stuff!

  16. I missed the Yarntini too. I was checking at 5:30 a.m. and it was still all gone. I’m not too upset tho, I know there will be more and eventually I will be able to get some. I think like most people I have too many books, bags, and maybe shoes.

  17. I wonder if WH knows that freezers are actually more efficient when they are full? I have a surplus of tupperware – bottoms only. God only knows where the lids have gone. I can never find one when I need it.

  18. Well, where do I start with things that I have too much of….maybe just things in general. I have too many shoes (did I say that?), too many beads (my other vice), and of course TOO much yarn. Yes, I’m admitting it. I really enjoy knitting though, and I love to look at my stash! πŸ™‚ It’s all therapeutic – yes, that’s it – I’m saving money on therapy. πŸ™‚ Always a way to rationalize it! πŸ™‚
    Now where did that chocolate go?????

  19. Oh my…you have freezer interventions at your house too??HAHAHAHA My hubby just instigated one here about a month ago – Absolutely amazing how much junk and freezer burned food was in there…At least now I can find something to cook and not have to strategically place things to get the lid to close! Besides being obsessed with yarn, mainly sock yarn (teehee!), I guess my big thing is Christmas ornaments and decorations – I have three trees full – Two full of Hallmarks and one full of German blown glass…Luckily we only have one part-time kid…our third bedroom is totally a storage area – almost floor to ceiling full and mostly with Christmas decorations!

    Happy first anniversary to Loopy Ewe – Looking forward to many more!

  20. I had to take a look at the freezer situation—I thought I was the only one that froze ripe bananas with good intentions. I purged my cup/mugs/travel mugs at our last church yard sale. However, they have started growing again. I think a Loopy & Ewe-ness travel mug is in order.
    I do tend to keep an abundance of totes and bags that can be used as totes–in all sizes. Never Enough! Some do come from the thrift store-that makes it all better.
    Congradulations on your anniversary-You and your team amaze me! Keep it Up!!

  21. I have an addiction that no one mentioned so far-lunch totes!! Weird but true! Now that all the school supplies are out, it’s so hard to resist buying another one. So today I didn’t resist and added another one to my stash. This one is collapsible–I don’t have that kind! πŸ™‚
    Congratulations one your one year anniversary, Sheri and all your wonderful helpers.
    How did we ever knit socks before we met “Ewe!”

  22. My addiction is yarn, and cthulhu plushies. Cthulhu is an ancient sleeping Elder God that lives in the ocean and will one day awaken to rule and/or devour mankind. To look upon him is to go insane. Or, at least that’s what Cthulhu’s creator, H.P. Lovecraft seems to think.

    Don’t know what a cthulhu plushie looks like? Go here. I have a few that aren’t on that page too. Totally building a plushie army.

    Also, you are a reason for my madness, as I have once again spent too much money, courtesy of Loopy goodness.

  23. I’m a teacher so books are my weakness. Well, books and yarn. And books about yarn. You see this is a cycle. πŸ˜› And we moved recently. Books are heavy. I was told to get rid of some. So I did. Like two. Duplicates! πŸ˜€ I always do as I’m told, and I follow it as fast and dirty as possible. hehe

    And you’ve only been around a year? Really? Huh. I have been knitting a year or two and it seems that from the moment I picked up the needles your site was Mecca for sock knitters. I guess it’s just how much this site has become ingrained in the culture. Even if you got tired and quit tomorrow, people for ages would know this site. That’s a major footprint in the sand Missy. πŸ˜›

  24. One never has too many coffee cups. Particulary if one misplaces her coffee cup while working.
    Happy Anniversary! My knitting DD turns 16 on Aug 1st too. I will tell her that she and the Loopy Ewe share a birthday/anniversary.
    Have a good one!
    Congratulations and yarn hugs,

  25. One can NEVER have too many coffee cups! Just check in my cupboard…hehehehe. Happy Anniversary. I can’t believe it is only a year — your shop, its contents and website are so much more advanced than other on-line shops that have been in business much longer. I will be around for the posting of the special anniversary color — Stratton needs his 4th ear surgery today at the vet office so our much-anticipated trip to Maine was cancelled. My big Golden boy takes priority. So, I will nurse him and keep wishing for a trip….

  26. Happy Anniversary! You’ve only been around a year? Amazing. It does seem, as Lacey said, that you’re already well-established as a mecca for sock knitters.

    Non-yarn stashes: books, definitely. And books about yarn and knitting. And daughter #2’s wardrobe! (I have a 7 year old fashionista). We did have a coffee cup intervention at the time of our last move… but the banana thing is an issue here too. Anyone else ever open the freezer and have a cascade of frozen bananas hit their bare feet? And it’s way too hot to bake.

  27. Salad dressings, serving bowls… and coffee mugs. Though I am paring down the mugs cause I keep chipping them on this stupid sink made out of (I think) cast iron. Which is okay cause I have been eying a cute little set at Starbucks.

    Congrats on the first successful Loopy year Sheri. One of many I am sure. :>)

  28. I just found your blog and I have a question. How does the Sneak Up work? Do I check the website? Will there be a “sign”? Or does new yarn jsut “show” up? Enquiring minds want to know. πŸ™‚

  29. Do you know that you haven’t reported your finished socks to the Sockapalooza database? I was just looking through some of the bloggers on the list and noticed….

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