WH Decrees: Another Intervention Necessary

DSC00977.JPGSome of you may remember Wonder Husband’s Freezer Intervention awhile ago. It wasn’t pretty, but it was necessary. (Funny thing is, another one is needed for the freezer already. I must have a real thing about full freezers or something.) Last night, I was told that I need another intervention. This one: coffee cups. It appears that I have “too many”. (Define “too many”!) So I spread them all out for you to see and I was amazed because there really aren’t that many. I mean, all things considered. I think there were 25. But I figured that you ought to know the whole picture. DSC00979.JPGSo here is a picture of the small cupboard in my kitchen which housees ALL of the drinking glasses and ALL of the coffee mugs. Given that small cupboard, maybe I can almost understand the need to pare down the coffee mugs. Maybe. (Although aren’t you impressed with how much I can fit in there?)DSC00978.JPG I already have a few on permanent display over the sink. I also have my china coffee cups in a different cupboard. And there might’ve been a few in the dishwasher. Just sayin. So I took a hard stand, sorted through all of the coffee mugs, and got rid of any that weren’t absolutely necessary. They fit much better now. At least until I buy more that I can’t live without. (How many did I get rid of? One. Because it was mauve. I don’t like mauve coffee mugs. But don’t tell WH. We’ll let him think that I took care of the little coffee mug problem in a much more dramatic fashion.)

I’m happy to report several items:

1. Loopy is staying a he. I’m sorry for those of you who voted “she”, but the “he’s” have it. I have become convinced, however, that Loopy does need a she and I like the name that was suggested – “Ewe-niss” -hee! So I will be on the lookout for a nice stuffed Ewe-niss for my Loopy guy. Ewe-niss will have a bow on one ear. Or something girly, at least.

2. I did get my Sockapalooza Pal’s socks done over the weekend! Since they need to be in the mail on August 2nd, this is a good thing. I will show you a picture next week. My pal picked a rather specific color range and I’m just sure she’ll know it’s hers if I show it. (Yes, it’s one of my blog readers.) So, photo next week.

3. WH’s sister is visiting from Alaska and she is packing up Fall Sock Club boxes as I type. Woohoo! (Conveniently, my folks scheduled their vacation in Colorado for Sock Club week. I can’t understand why.) We will begin shipping these any day, so be sure that you have paid your bill if you’re in the Club. Go to your Loopy account and you’ll find it waiting for you. Many thanks to all of you who have already paid – you’re so on top of things! (And because I get emails every time I talk about our Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club, I’ll just answer this here. Unfortunately, our 150 spots sold out overnight – literally – and there are no more spots left for this year. We are looking at ways to take more for next year and will let you know via the blog and Loopy newsletter when signups will go up again. We’d love to have you be a part of it the next time!)

4. Due to no Sneak Up last week, we have a massive one this week. (And some of you wondered why we do them every week? Because SO much yarn comes in week to week, that it’s a bit overwhelming to go without one for a week. But we will do that whenever possible because we like the every other week schedule, too.)

This week’s new stuff: Yarntini, Nature’s Palette, Interlacements Tiny Toes, sKNITches Self-Striping, The Knittery Merino, The Knittery Cashmere, Yarn Love, Urban GypZ Twisted, Gypsy Knits, Schaefer Anne, Schaefer Lola, Schaefer Andrea, J.Knits, The Plucky Knitter, Perchance to Knit lace, Hand Maiden Sea Silk, Hand Maiden Mini Maiden, Hand Maiden Cashmere, Mrs. Kwitty’s project bags and project pals, and more StitchKeepers. And you know that this is more than will show up on the “What’s New” pages when it goes up, so now you know which companies will have new things to look at.

Coming in the next Sneak Up or two: Woolly Boully Softie, Skinny Duets, Fleece Artist Somoko, Apple Laine, Zen String, Yarn Pirate, Fiesta Boomerang, and Perchance to Knit.

Arriving in August: Wollmeise, Cider Moon Glacier, more Dream in Color, Fiesta Baby Boomerang, Lane Borgosesia Cashwool, Seacoast Panda, Spritely Goods, Lorna’s Laces, All Things Heather, and some surprises. Because surprises are always fun.

5. Another gift for you – check out the new Southwestern Socks pattern that Wendy has given to us to put here as a free download – just because she’s so wonderful! πŸ™‚

6. Wednesday is the official first anniversary of The Loopy Ewe! We’ll have a contest with a really cool prize, and we’ll give you a sneak peak at our “Happy Anniversary to Ewe” limited edition colorway from J.Knits, along with the specially designed pattern “Celebratory Chevrons”. Both will be available for purchase starting next week. (A whole year. Unbelievable.)

Sheri doanyofyouhaveany”overdone”areasinyourlifethatneedanintervention?


  1. Ack, I think that I’ll be in trouble during the next update. Wow, it looks like it will be a lot of yummy yarn. As for intervention…my husband would say that my craft closet is in need of an intervention. It’s stuffed with all of my craft supplies, most of that being fabric and then yarn. Even though the yarn doesn’t count, there is still a good bit of fabric in there. If only there were enough hours in a day to knit socks and sew handbags.

  2. Too many coffee cups? What will you next week when you’re feeling particularly “green”, yet he selfishly got rid of the green coffee mug? Half in a blue one and half in a yellow?

  3. Perhaps you just need to show your WH how pragmatic all those coffee mugs could be in your shelf, think sock yarn holders! Really all you’re doing is trying to conserve space, not take any up that way. And I soooo hope I catch the sneak up for some Yartini as I inadvertantly over napped and just missed their personal sites update by like 30 minutes and all was gone. I am quite determined for this one!

  4. The coffee cup things is funny. We don’t drink coffee, but we are getting a collection of cold drink mugs and water bottles now that we are working out everyday and I had to give up caffeine. We spent the weekend packing up my daughter’s packed to the doorway playroom so it can become her room when the bunk beds arrived. Definitely too many packrat genes here. LOL
    I’m glad Loopy is a he. I love Ewe-niss. That will be so cool! Here I always thought you were the Ewe in Loopy Ewe, but I am looking forward to Ewe-niss too.
    One year! I thought you’d been open for longer than that with your great following and content. Congratulations!

  5. Aaaahhh – sock yarn??!!!! Just when I think it’s under control, another sneak up comes along. To each our own vices :)!

  6. Sigh. Go for this sneak-up or wait for next? Life’s full of tough choices, innit?

    I had to do a self-intervention on chicken bones. Every time we get the rotisserie chicken from the corner chicken stand, I save the bones for soup stock. I finally clued in that way too much of my freezer consisted of foil-wrapped chicken bones. One day of crockpot simmering later, I have nice tasty chicken stock in my freezer instead.

  7. I don’t know. I guess the only one I can think of is the one that doesn’t count. I will be passing on the Yarntini this time since I already have some in my stash but I want some of the SKNITches. I need to get faster at knitting socks.

  8. Wow, I love all the coffee mugs. I think you can never have too many. We have cabinets that have glass doors. Kind of keeps me in check. But I do have lots of coffee mugs to go with all the coffee I like to drink. In fact some is brewing as I write.

    Now I will not sleep until the sneak up comes. I have my eye on a couple of things, although I just ordered a few this weekend. DD decided she liked the Opal Rain Forest socks so I opened my big mouth and said I would make couple of pairs for her. That somehow got negotiated into 4 more pairs. What was I thinking. LOL

  9. Wow — a whole year! Congratulations! I know to you it seems unbelievable that it’s been that long…but I was surprised because I just assumed that any company as professional and well run as TLE had been around for a good long time! Here’s to many more — I’ll do my part to help by buying as much yarn as possible!

  10. I have a gazillion coffee mugs, too. Worse yet, I don’t drink coffee (even decaf) any more! But I love my mugs, and I just hate to get rid of them. Sick, especially since I don’t drink much tea, either. Oh well, when winter comes I do use one or two for hot chocolate!

    Congratulations on your anniversary, Sheri. I only wish I’d discovered you last August! Best wishes for many, many more!

  11. Well there goes my sock yarn diet. πŸ™‚
    I don’t think I need an intervention yet since I haven’t bought more but I think I’m right behind ya in the coffee cup department. I have one that I bought for my grandpa that will hold about 6 cups out of 12 cup coffee pot. That’s a lotta coffee. You almost need a straw to drink from the thing. πŸ˜‰

  12. We had to have a coffee cup intervention a while back – it has now been passed on to all gift-givers that we have too many! I think we still have 25 or so (that’s after the intervention, see?) – and yes, my space is quite limited. I suspect, though, that I will *need* some new mugs soon. πŸ˜‰

  13. I am very much a packrat, so I KNOW there must be something that is taking up space besides my sock yarn, lol…but for the life of me, I can’t think of anything major at the momemt!
    And, how am I ever going to decide what I really want or need during the upcoming sneak-ups?! So much to choose from… I can say that I really, really hope I catch the limited edition “Happy Anniversary to Ewe” and the pattern…
    Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary!! Its definitely an easy date for me to remember – its the same day as my brother’s and boyfriend’s birthday!! Enjoy your special day – you certainly deserve all the success you have achieved. : )

  14. My entire house needs an intervention. DH is a thrift shop-garage sale junkie, and what comes into the house, never leaves it. We have a pile in his side of the garage that I call the archaeological dig! Nobody knows what’s in the bottom of the pile. I can just see some scientist 500 years into the future, coming upon our midden. tee hee!
    Of course, my yarn doesn’t count.

  15. Happy Anniversary to Ewe! Could an entire year have gone by already?Congratulations to the entire Loopy family for your success – and wishing you much more!

    I think I need a bags and purses intervention. (At least i’m not the only one! LOL!)

    J.Knits – yum!

  16. happy anniversary! here’s sending you peppermint mochas and many warm wishes! did you finish book 7? my stash room needs an intervention…and my fabric stash. we weeded out our coffee mugs last winter – it was sad to see some of them go but oh so nice to have only one level of them in our cupboard!

  17. Books. We have way too many books. When we immigrated in 1998 there were 14 cubic ft of them, and they multiplied. Books in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom… And they’re not all good ones either!

    All my yarn is in one nice neat doulbe file box in a bedroom closet, hidden away and under control. No interventions there.

  18. I have more fabric than I will ever sew. Why do I keep it, who knows. At least I have stopped buying it, that is a plus in my thinking. I love coffee mugs too, but I don’t buy a lot of them. I have 1 or 2 favotite ones that no one else is allowed to use though.

  19. Happy Anniversary to The Loopy Ewe! And Sheri, this site is fabulous! You have done sooo well in your fisrt year!

    Magazines! I love magazines! And everyone gives me magazines after they read them, just in case I haven’t! Great “on the go” reading. I stuff them in my purse (with a sock in progress, of course) and I am off the the park with The Boys!

    And beads and shoes and purses and cookbooks and spatulas and fabric and I think it is too much to list! I think I may have a problem!

  20. I’m a tea drinker and love getting new mugs. My requirements are that they have to be more than 12 oz, but that can be overridden by my other requirements: interesting shape and/or color(s). Because of this, my cup stash grows slowly but steadily…..

    As for getting rid of things…isn’t it time for an intervention for your husband (think tools or computer thingamajiggies)?????

    Yeah for interlacements!


  21. We have the same problem in our house…we did a kitchen remodel 2 yrs ago….I actually double the amount of space and I got rid of alot and told everyone NO MORE MUGS…..no one listens…but I love Mugs….I have one for every holiday, every season….and one for just because I like it…

    Can’t believe it’s been a whole year…and so nice of your parents to be there to help pack up the packages…..

    Blogless Diane

  22. Books! I have so many books. It was bad enough when it was just me. Now, that I have a child….the books are even more crazy. Although, I love the librbary..there is just something so wonderful about going to a bookstore and buying a stack of books!

    I am excited for you all that the first year of Loopy has been so great! I heart Loopy!

    Oh, another weakness? Philosophy shower gels. Way too many of these!

  23. Have birthday money… waiting oh so patiently for sneak-up!!

    Love the coffee cups. I have an unreasonable amount of everything shoved in my drawers and cabinets… from t-shirts to serving platters. And of course those shower lotions. Mmmmm.

  24. I think my brain just exploded a little at the thought of all that yarn going up on the sneakup this week. Seriously. Especially since DH is gone until Thursday and I must comfort myself with a little woolen goodness to take the sting out of being alone in this great big house all by myself. Well, by “alone”, I mean “with three hyperactive dogs and a steady dstream of friends who are always here”. But since none of them are husband-shaped and don’t sleep in the bed with me, they don’t count. (And none of them are as furry. Not even the dogs. Hooboy.)

    But overdone, you say? Everything. Fabric, Starbucks mugs, magazines, a book collection that rivals small libraries, throwing knives (don’t ask), and pillows. For some reason, I think I need to have four ZILLION PILLOWS, just in case the entire cast of “Cats” comes to stay at our house one day. I don’t get it either.

  25. My down fall is purses and bags. I can’t get enough of them. We went
    on vacation last September and I bought 6 purses. We had to buy another suitcase to bring them all home. And like Meg, I also have a weakness for books, I can spend hours at the bookstore, and Philosophy too.

    Happy One Year Anniversary Loopy Ewe!


  26. I’m a major packrat, but since we just executed a cross-country move, my wonderful crafty friends helped with the intervention on “packing day” back in May. Of course, now that I’m UNpacking, I’m wondering why I kept some of the stuff that I did.

    Oh, and I am not a coffee drinker but I also have a large accumulation of mugs. Mostly featuring Tigger and his friends. πŸ™‚

  27. Oh gosh, besides yarn??? Papers…We have way too many papers and not enough file space. Oh and boxes. I’m a hoarder and I keep all the boxes that stuff gets shipped to me in to reuse.

    I would say makeup too but I recently cleaned out and disposed of all of the stuff I no longer use. I had stuff in there from when I was 14…sentimental value? I dunno, but I feel good about that!

  28. Handbags. I have over 25 Vera Bradley handbags alone. Never mind the Coach, Dooney & Burke, Longchamps, etc. It’s a sickness.

    Can;t wait for the new J.Knits anniversary colorway!!!

  29. According to some, I have too many pairs of shoes (Birkinstocks in particular, I have around 30 different pairs). I also have a lot of books. When we moved to MS, the movers got really mad about having to move over 100 boxes of books upstairs (they also got mad about moving the looms).

  30. So funny you should mention “intervention.” My sister was just visiting (the one without any children and only one dog). She immediately commented on my need for a “refrigerator intervention,” particularly in the area of condiments. So I said – ‘knock yourself out!” Unfortunately she didn’t take me up on the offer. The sad part is, I reallly did try to clean out/organize my fridge and freezer before she came in anticipation of her (superior) observations….

    She actually suggested I should be nominated to go on that British show where they put all your belongings out on the front lawn and make you pick and choose what stays, what goes to the dump, what goes to charity. Sheesh! It’s really not That bad!

  31. Happy Anniversary, Loopy Ewe. You’ve done an awesome job in a short period of time, Sheri! Congratulations to you all!

    Many thanks to Wendy for her new pattern available for download now. That’s awesome!

    I suppose much of our house could use some intervention. When you’ve lived in the same house for 28 years, you can accumulate a lot, especially when you bought the house for just you & your spouse, and then a few years later, you add 3 sons & all of their belongings!

  32. Anyone that knows me will tell you I need a yarn intervention. Can’t wait for this week’s update!

    Love your mug collection. I have small cabinets that require periodic purging also. My newest, and favorite, is Annie Modesitt’s ‘Knit for Brains’ mug – available at http://www.cafepress.com – it’s priceless.

    Congratulations on your anniversary. I (selfishly) wish you many more.

  33. Congratulations on a highly successful first year of business! Many happy…uh…not returns….uh…future purchases, perhaps?!?
    I don’t need any interventions…we’ve moved too many times in the last ten years for that. Besides, I hate clutter, I like open space, and I like getting rid of things. This is why I avoid my husband’s office like the plague…….now THERE’S an intervention just begging to occur…..oh, and we just finished thinning *his* coffee cup collection a few weeks ago!

  34. Congratulations on getting rid of that mauve mug! (I know that must have been hard for you!!)
    I need intervention back in our storage room where I have boxes and boxes of ‘stuff’ that we moved down there 12 years ago and haven’t opened (so obviously haven’t needed…..) My DH would probably vote for ‘wicker’ intervention (you know what ‘wicker’ I mean πŸ˜‰ !!).

    Congratulations on your One Year Loopy Anniversary! I am so proud of EWE!!!

  35. White shirts – they can be t-shirts, button down oxfords, you name it. So have a problem with white shirts.

    Congratulations on one whole year!!! What an accomplishment!!!!

    Oh, and so glad “he” is still a “he”.

  36. I seriously need a bead intervention…I’ve got millions I’m sure. Luckily I just got my niece hooked on jewelry-making so part of my bead stash now lives in my brother’s house πŸ™‚

    Oooooooohhh, the Sneak-up this week will be hard to resist, what with working late nights at the computer. I was going to try to resist and save up for Stitches in a couple weeks, but now I’m thinking a little late night Loopy shopping might make all this crappy working late not so bad…

  37. as one who has personally witnessed the Adventures of the Coffee Cup Cabinet, I applaud your strength in the removal of the mauve mug. every little bit counts, right? πŸ˜‰ personally for me, it’s books. I bring more books to college each year than I could ever need in a lifetime, and I collect more from friends. Where can you find more personality than in a book? But last year my roommate began using them as paperweights, extra legs for our tilting minifridge, post-it notes, and doorstops. We’ll see if I reform my ways this August.

    Happy 1st Birthday to Ewe!

  38. woohoo…just waiting for a patient and checked my email,,, SNEAKUP!!!! Yippeee!!! I loved it all but was good and didn’t get it all, just a few…..it is all too wonderful though. Now I have to be on a SNEAKUP diet for a few months I think and knit this wonderful yarn up..

  39. OK too many of something and NOT sock yarn…I have too many shoes for sure, too many scissors, too many watches and too too many work hours. I would appreciate an intervention on work hours, LOL

  40. Every area of my life needs an intervention. Even the sock yarn probably since I’ve just been making that situation worse with the latest sneak-up. I’ve just been cleaning out the office supplies now that I have finally gotten them all gathered in one place. I had 5 boxes of pencils. Because, you know, I could never find the box when I needed a pencil so I had to buy more… And pencils wasn’t the end of it. But now I’ve got an entire book box of office supplies that were extras to go to charity just in time for back to school. And room for pens.

  41. you said SOCK yarn didn’t count.

    ask miss V about my acrylic stash. i have discovered that if the word gets out that you knit for charity, EVERYBODY gives you yarn. everybody has an aunt/mother/grandmother/niece/etc, who crochetd/knit/whathaveyou, and died leaving a stash t hey don’t know what to do with.

    and i can’t say no. not if it’s right in front of me. as of right now, i have 1 pie safe, 7 3-drawer carts, and uncounted black garbage bags in the basement full of acrylic yarn of varying weights/colors/types. I truly have reached SABLE.

  42. Happy Anniversary, Sheri! I’ll be on the lookout for the new yarn.

    Intervention? My entire life is an intervention. Whenever I begin doing a new anything, I have to get all the equipment on the face of the earth for it, whether it’s necessary or not. Mark keeps suggesting that maybe I should stop buying yarn for a while (horrors!!) because I already have too much to knit in my lifetime. He doesn’t understand the concept of stash. Besides, we all know that sock yarn doesn’t count as stash. So when I decided to take up spinning again, he began twitching and shuddering (not a pretty sight), even though I earned enough money in my sock class to pay for a new wheel (I sold my Schacht about 10 years ago – silly girl). Of course, I needed a new kate, all the stuff that goes with spinning (gadgets, mostly), and fiber. Lots of fiber. That necessitated a trip to OSH for a new Rubbermaid container.

    Containers. That’s one of my downfalls. I counted them in my studio and stopped when I hit 20. And these are monsters. Crammed full monsters. Maybe he does have a point. He won’t even go in that room.

    The other things would be shoes (even though I go barefoot most of the time), purses (there’s that container thing again), Red Wing pottery (or any very old salt-glazed pottery for that matter), and probably a bunch of other things. Maybe that’s why I’ll never be able to unpack all the boxes stacked in the hall – I just can’t fit all my stuff in this house. So now I need a new ultimate container – a big house again. It’s hard to downsize – one tends to fill up any available space with more stuff.

  43. Let’s see—we could definitely use a refrigerator intervention AND a freezer intervention around here, and I’m another one with a book collection to rival a small library. (But I had to bring English-language books over here with me, right? Can I help it if I read a lot?) And maybe a DVD intervention, too. My husband watches DVDs while he’s exercising (to keep from getting too bored) so he buys them in bulk. I think we have every David Attenborough documentary ever made.

    Congratulations on Ewe’re anniversary and may there be many more!

    (Which there will be if I continue to succumb to these sneak ups….)

  44. Sock yarn. *SNORT*

    My Fiestaware.

    Actually, last time we moved, Hizzoner remarked to me that we could have eight couples over for a party, and everyone could have their own margarita glass, beer mug, AND standard drinking glass…. Either I should entertain more or start breaking glasses.

  45. The only intervention that I need is on yarn and all products related to knitting. Otherwise I ‘m not a stasher. Congratuladtions on your great shop. May you and family have continued success. I’m sure you will. You are great. Hugs

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