Seriously – What do “ewe” think?

DSC00465.JPGI am having a dilemma. I have always called Loopy “he”. Not sure why. It just always seemed to fit when I was talking about our little mascot guy. And then a couple of weeks ago, someone very kindly pointed out that if it’s “The Loopy Ewe”, wouldn’t it be a “she”? Ewe = she. Umm – good point. I tried in one of my recent posts and called Loopy “she” and then had several emails: “What do you mean SHE? I thought Loopy was a HE?” So – what do you think? I need to make a decision on that. Will Loopy suffer from emotional trauma if I call him a he? Or she a she? Or she a he? Or he a she? What should we call him/her? It seems like this should be settled.

Don’t you just want to head right over to the bookstore and buy a bunch of the books from the comments on Wednesday? I love to read, and my reading time has been almost nil since knitting and The Loopy Ewe. I miss it. And now I have a whole list of great books that I think I need. I will confess to having zipped over to Amazon to put in an order or two already. It was so fun reading all of your great suggestions. I came across so many books that I thought, “Ohhh – that was one of my favorites, too!” I knew I liked all of you a lot. You have great taste in books. And yarn.

It’s time to welcome new Loopy Groupies again! Remember, you reach Loopy Groupie status after your 6th order with us, and of course there are perks. We love our Loopies! A big warm welcome to these wonderful people joining the group this past month: Valerie (Ontario), Donna (SC), Cassandra (AK), Julie (MD), Debi (NY), Jana (WA), Sharon (NJ), Johanna (WI), Kelly (FL), Amy (MO), Jennifer (MD), Donna (CA), Patty (IL), Joan (MO), Michelle (NJ), Kathryn (TX), Alex (MO), Beverly (CA), Doris (MD), Sarah (OH), Jeannie (WV), Debbie (HI), Amy (WI), Dawn (CT), Denise (CA), Rebecca (GA), Meghan (MI), Amanda (MN), Elizabeth (VA), Julie (MO), Elizabeth (WA), Kari (OH), Aimee (WI), Jennie (TX), Laura (OH), Venka (CA), Linda (FL), Sarah (OH), Janet (TX), Amy (AL), Mara (KS), Vera (SC), Helen (MD), Annie (WI), Catherine (NH), Kim (MD), Barbara (AZ), Sally (IN), Christina (CA), Kyoko (Japan), Rebecca (OK), Pamela (TX), Julie-Ann (Jamaica), Jane (WI), Kathi (MO), Edith (NJ), Laurie (TX), Margene (UT), Desiree (NV), Patty (MN), Lou (VA), Deborah (SC), Barbara (IL), Mandy (TX), Kelly (MI), Martha (WA), Tracey (MI), Jennifer (MD), Denise (CT), Lani (MA), Alison (MO), Jennifer (CA), Emily (MO), Christine (MA), Mary (IL), Melissa (OH), Beth (NH), Meghann (MA), Rene (WA), Kristin (NH), Daniella (CA), Kerry (NY), Wendy (TN), Karen (TX), Susan (TN), Lisa (MI), Toshimi (Japan), Beth (AZ), Deborah (OH), Rochelle (CO), Teresa (NC), Susan (NJ), Carolyn (TX), Laura (KS), Gretchen (NY), Elisa (CA), Donia (WA), Jane (NC), Mo (NY), Janelle (PA), Angela (FL), Miriam (UT), Doris (NY), Dorothy (KY), Leah (MO), Vanessa (CA), Kathy (CA), Barbara (MD), Merry Gay (MO), Sydney (NJ), Fawn (CA), Cecily (MO), Jessica (NV), and Diane (Australia). πŸ™‚

(If you are supposed to be on that list and we screwed up, please email me. We do do that once in awhile. Screw up, I mean. It’s always a bummer and we always want to know so that we can make it right!)

Last but not least, the Blueberry Pie recipe I promised. I like this recipe because you cook some of the berries and put the rest in uncooked. It means less mush in the filling.

DSC00970.JPGDoublegood Blueberry Pie

4 cups fresh blueberries
3/4 cup sugar
3 Tbl. cornstarch
1/8 tsp. salt
1 cup water
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 Tbl. margarine
Baked pie shell

Wash and drain all of the blueberries. In a pan, add 1 cup of the blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, salt, water, cinnamon and lemon juice. Cook over low heat and stir until the sauce is medium thick. Remove from the heat and add in the margarine and the rest of the blueberries. Stir well. Pour into baked pie shell and refrigerate several hours or overnight. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

Dr. Jackie sent this link to Crystal Palace’s new free sock patterns – check it out!

Sheri sowhatdoyouthink-isLoopyaHEoraSHE?


  1. I think Loopy may need some therapy after all this identity crisis stuff! Why can’t Loopy be a he that likes yarn?

    That recipe sounds yummy!

  2. I vote She… She just is…

    My best source of books? the library… and if my library don’t have ’em… I interlibrary loan ’em in… $1. I save my money for the things that count: stash.

    Thanks for the recipe. Lunchtime!

  3. Well, I’d always thought Loopy was a she for the reasoning you mentioned, until you referred to him as “he.” Poor Loopy, with an identity crisis.

    That pie looks delicious. I oughta go eat some lunch.

  4. Loopy is a he. He’s a boy… isn’t it obvious – his socks don’t match! I do agree that he needs a she with a pretty little shawl…

  5. I think it’s the inverse of the situation in Patricia Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles, where the King of the Dragons happens to be female. The Loopy Ewe is a title, regardless of the gender of sheep elected to it; therefore, Loopy can be male.

    Besides, the Loopy Ram doesn’t have quite the same ring. (The Rows of Ram? The Raveled Ram? The Jammin’ Ram? The Ramrod? Maybe I’d better stop there.)

    (Great, now I’ve got Monty Python’s “Crunchy Frog” sketch going through my head.)

  6. Yes, a “ewe” is a female, but I agree it really does fit the “Loopy” moniker better to stick with the male designation.

    You really shouldn’t have to give up reading for knitting. Audiobooks are your friend!

  7. Ok, now I’ve only recently been knitting/reading your blog/spending all my savings at the Loopy Ewe, so this may be a moot point but here goes.

    If he came after the beginnings of the store then technically the store isn’t named after him so he could be a he, but if the store was actually named after him then he would need to be a she.

    You could always say you named the store after yourself (afterall aren’t we all a little loopy?) then you’d be free and clear to make him a Ram.

    I like him as a he anyway. πŸ™‚

  8. I won’t comment on Loopy but what is interesting is ALL the states and one international country you have customers (that we can see at this post). How wonderful! Hope you enjoy your book orders (note plural) – hmm the postman will think Amazon is now selling yarn.

  9. Poor Loopy going thru this crisis. I really think of him as HE. I so hope he stays that way. Your pie looks fab. I will give the receipe to my husband. The chief cook, I know I am lucky, just remember I clean the mess up. And boy is there a mess. Huggs

  10. I have to say I never thought of loopy as either male or female. Maybe loopy is like those frogs that can switch gender at will. πŸ™‚

  11. Mr. and Mrs. Loopy? The mascot is Loopy and the store is the Loopy Ewe? So he’s a boy, then. Bart and Louise have gender, so Loopy should have gender. On the other hand, Norbert turned out to be Norberta. It wasn’t the dragon’s problem, just that people weren’t paying attention.

  12. Ewes can have little lambies. Rams can’t. If Loopy is a Ewe, then *she* can have lambies and should be called ‘she’. If Loopy cannot have lambies, then *he* has been hiding his maleness from you all this time. What a dliemma.

    She. Definitely. But I agree that a Loopy Ram would make her one happy Ewe!

  13. If Loopy is a ewe, and ewes are female sheep, then Loopy is a she. But it’s your company and your logo, so Loopy can be whatever you want Loopy to be!

    And please pass me a piece of that pie! That looks lip-smacking good! ;o)

  14. PS…no offence meant to those among us who have *chosen* not to (or cannot for whatever reason) bear children. I was speaking strictly in terms of plumbing…

  15. I think Loopy can be whatever anyone wants Loopy to be. There are many
    animals and insects out there that have no particular gender or change genders
    in the middle of their life or mating season. I can’t think of any in particular
    right now, but when do I will e-mail you. In the mean time, everyone can be
    happy calling Loopy whatever makes them feel good about Loopy. I really don’t
    think Loopy cares as long as he/she is called and feels loved and important along
    with Zoe.

  16. When Loopy was in my Kindergarten classroom Loopy had a different name….it was “Mutton Chops” That’s sort of a generic name I think. But, now that he has officially had a name change, I think that Loopy should be a He.

  17. Loopie is a SHE!!!!!

    1. EWE is a female
    2. Loopie is a Female name
    3. I’ve always thought of her as a she.

    I rest my case.

  18. I have never noticed you referring to her as him. In my mind she has always been a she. She is a ewe after all.
    The pie looks yummy!!

  19. Ewe is she.

    “Loopy” means a bit mixed up.

    So, either one works.

    If you’re not sure how to write in Loopy’s voice, you could always use the royal “we” instead of him/her!

  20. A friend of mine once had a cat named Leo. Six months later, at kitty’s checkup it was discovered that Leo was really a Cleo.

    Loopy is a *he to me. πŸ˜€

    And that’s an almost no bake pie recipe, sweet. Thanks!

  21. Oh, call Loopy a he if you want to do such.
    I’ll always think of him as a he even if you start calling him a she, but hey, it is your sheep!

  22. I’ve always thought of our dear loopy as a she. To me loopy looks like a girl with all different patterned socks on. I look on her everyday on my new bag. Guess who’s a new groupie?!

  23. Perhaps Loopy is intersexed:

    Perhaps Loopy is transgendered:

    But because we are so clearly confused (undoubtedly more than Loopy hirself), I like the ideas of either a) letting Loopy choose (which side of the line s/he falls on) or b) getting Loopy a Little Friend named Loopette and referring to them collectively as They. (We could then speculate about their sexual orientation. But it might not seem as pressing to determine. Just goes to show how strong this is in our culture!)

  24. I think Loopy can be a he. Maybe he needs a she, and she can be called Loopier? I think it is fine. Loopy looks like a boy to me anyway.
    I just want to say that pie looks like it is so yummy! If you were closer I would be at your house for pie! (and yarn) I have blueberries… hummmm I think I feel pie coming on!

  25. I will always think of Loopy as a “he”. And, over time, I seem to remember that you have referred to Loopy as “he” or “him”, too. BTW, some of the above responses are funny, in that I even laughed out loud at a few! Thanks for the laughs!

  26. Loopy is a he, isn’t he? I always thought so. (Actually, I never really thought about it one way or the other! “He” just seemed right.)

  27. It’s a girl!
    I’ve always thought of Loopie as a “she.”
    Guess I mentally ignored any use of the masculine pronoun when referring to her.

  28. I haven’t noticed that you ALL apprently call Loopy a “he”. I just always assumed that Loopy was a “SHE” since we are all “shes” too. (yes, I know what “assume” means) πŸ™‚
    The post card of Loopy I got with my last order looks like a “she” to me too. She’s too pretty to be a “he”. Wow, this is strange!! I just always thought of “her” and a “she”, and thought everyone else did too. Oh well, I , too, will love Loopy whatever she winds up being labled. (even thought she is a “she”) πŸ™‚ hehe

  29. I’ve always thought of Loopy as a “he”. Like Robin, I wonder which state has the most Loopies and/or how many are in each state. I always wonder if any other Loopies live near me….we could start little Loopy knit clubs. πŸ™‚

  30. I think Loopy is a he and you, Sheri, are the Ewe part of “The Loopy Ewe”! Makes sense to me!And Loopy has such nice red “manly” socks!

  31. Did you ever read The House at Pooh Corner where Christopher Robin explains the sex of Winnie “ther” Pooh by saying…..Don’t you know what “ther” means?? Loopy is just a loopy. nuf said.

  32. Wow, what a debate! I have only been readin the blog for a few months, so perhaps I don’t know so much on the subject.

    I think though, that after reading some of the comments that Loopy is a he, and not just b/c it seems to be the majority. There sure are some philosophical views on this! If that’s what you refer to him as, he’s a he. How would you ever adjust to calling him a she??? LOL

  33. Take a page from Chris’ blog; she thought that Chaos was a girl for the first three months of HIS life. Loopy looks like a SHE to me.

  34. I think that Loopy is your mascot and how dare one of your commenters have the cheek to correct you on what you call HIM. ~_^

  35. I neglected to thank Dr Jackie for her link to the Panda patterns in my earlier post. Thank you, Dr Jackie for thinking of us!

  36. The loopy ewe = Loopy’s ewe. Since Loopy is a sheep Loopy must be the mum or dad of the ewe, therefore Loppy can be either male or female. I’s say Loopy is the ewe’s Dad – since that’s the impression he’s given you.
    Or even; Loopy is yours, therefore what you feel is correct, goes. πŸ™‚

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