Seriously – What do “ewe” think?

DSC00465.JPGI am having a dilemma. I have always called Loopy “he”. Not sure why. It just always seemed to fit when I was talking about our little mascot guy. And then a couple of weeks ago, someone very kindly pointed out that if it’s “The Loopy Ewe”, wouldn’t it be a “she”? Ewe = she. Umm – good point. I tried in one of my recent posts and called Loopy “she” and then had several emails: “What do you mean SHE? I thought Loopy was a HE?” So – what do you think? I need to make a decision on that. Will Loopy suffer from emotional trauma if I call him a he? Or she a she? Or she a he? Or he a she? What should we call him/her? It seems like this should be settled.

Don’t you just want to head right over to the bookstore and buy a bunch of the books from the comments on Wednesday? I love to read, and my reading time has been almost nil since knitting and The Loopy Ewe. I miss it. And now I have a whole list of great books that I think I need. I will confess to having zipped over to Amazon to put in an order or two already. It was so fun reading all of your great suggestions. I came across so many books that I thought, “Ohhh – that was one of my favorites, too!” I knew I liked all of you a lot. You have great taste in books. And yarn.

It’s time to welcome new Loopy Groupies again! Remember, you reach Loopy Groupie status after your 6th order with us, and of course there are perks. We love our Loopies! A big warm welcome to these wonderful people joining the group this past month: Valerie (Ontario), Donna (SC), Cassandra (AK), Julie (MD), Debi (NY), Jana (WA), Sharon (NJ), Johanna (WI), Kelly (FL), Amy (MO), Jennifer (MD), Donna (CA), Patty (IL), Joan (MO), Michelle (NJ), Kathryn (TX), Alex (MO), Beverly (CA), Doris (MD), Sarah (OH), Jeannie (WV), Debbie (HI), Amy (WI), Dawn (CT), Denise (CA), Rebecca (GA), Meghan (MI), Amanda (MN), Elizabeth (VA), Julie (MO), Elizabeth (WA), Kari (OH), Aimee (WI), Jennie (TX), Laura (OH), Venka (CA), Linda (FL), Sarah (OH), Janet (TX), Amy (AL), Mara (KS), Vera (SC), Helen (MD), Annie (WI), Catherine (NH), Kim (MD), Barbara (AZ), Sally (IN), Christina (CA), Kyoko (Japan), Rebecca (OK), Pamela (TX), Julie-Ann (Jamaica), Jane (WI), Kathi (MO), Edith (NJ), Laurie (TX), Margene (UT), Desiree (NV), Patty (MN), Lou (VA), Deborah (SC), Barbara (IL), Mandy (TX), Kelly (MI), Martha (WA), Tracey (MI), Jennifer (MD), Denise (CT), Lani (MA), Alison (MO), Jennifer (CA), Emily (MO), Christine (MA), Mary (IL), Melissa (OH), Beth (NH), Meghann (MA), Rene (WA), Kristin (NH), Daniella (CA), Kerry (NY), Wendy (TN), Karen (TX), Susan (TN), Lisa (MI), Toshimi (Japan), Beth (AZ), Deborah (OH), Rochelle (CO), Teresa (NC), Susan (NJ), Carolyn (TX), Laura (KS), Gretchen (NY), Elisa (CA), Donia (WA), Jane (NC), Mo (NY), Janelle (PA), Angela (FL), Miriam (UT), Doris (NY), Dorothy (KY), Leah (MO), Vanessa (CA), Kathy (CA), Barbara (MD), Merry Gay (MO), Sydney (NJ), Fawn (CA), Cecily (MO), Jessica (NV), and Diane (Australia). πŸ™‚

(If you are supposed to be on that list and we screwed up, please email me. We do do that once in awhile. Screw up, I mean. It’s always a bummer and we always want to know so that we can make it right!)

Last but not least, the Blueberry Pie recipe I promised. I like this recipe because you cook some of the berries and put the rest in uncooked. It means less mush in the filling.

DSC00970.JPGDoublegood Blueberry Pie

4 cups fresh blueberries
3/4 cup sugar
3 Tbl. cornstarch
1/8 tsp. salt
1 cup water
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 Tbl. margarine
Baked pie shell

Wash and drain all of the blueberries. In a pan, add 1 cup of the blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, salt, water, cinnamon and lemon juice. Cook over low heat and stir until the sauce is medium thick. Remove from the heat and add in the margarine and the rest of the blueberries. Stir well. Pour into baked pie shell and refrigerate several hours or overnight. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

Dr. Jackie sent this link to Crystal Palace’s new free sock patterns – check it out!

Sheri sowhatdoyouthink-isLoopyaHEoraSHE?


  1. There’s no need to give hir gender dysphoria.

    Let *hir* decide: Take a piece of newspaper and on one side, write HE and the other SHE. Hold Loopy a few feet over it, and drop the sheep.

    Where the sheep lands, that would be what s/he wants to be.


    (No, really. I’ve actually slept today. And I’m *still* this weird. It’s a sickness.)

  2. Since “ewe” means a female sheep, I would think Loopy would be more scarred from being a freak of nature then a girl. Being a girl isn’t so bad! Perhaps we can find a nice stuffed Ram to keep HER company, and welcome the male knitters! He could be Curly (like from the three stooges. πŸ˜€ )

  3. I don’t know… I’ve always thought of Loopy as a he though. Even my felted Loopy is a he in my head. (not that I did any creative felting, mind you).

    By the way – I took Loopy on vacation with me ( I still have a picture of him on a beach on the north shore of Oahu that I have to put up) and he must have loved Hawaii so much that he hopped out of my bag rather than come back to NYC with me. I was so upset when I noticed that he was not in my bag! But I guess I will have to get another woolpets kit and just make a second Loopy.

  4. Loopy should remain a “HE” maybe it’s time in honor the 1 yr anniversary coming up for the Loopy Ewe…that you get another Loopy “She” Ewe……….

    Blogless Diane

    PS…yes I put 2 and 2 together and figured out that Jarlady was your best friend..what gave it away was the pics of College Guy and Knitting Daughter…hey, I know those 2….there Sheri’s kids! Too funny spotting them on another blog……..small blogland…

    Blogless Diane

  5. I can’t believe you haven’t thought of this yet, but just tip Loopy over and look underneath. It should be obvious! (And from what I can recall from our last visit, Loopy is DEFINITELY a she!!) Don’t worry about the psychological implications… I’m pretty sure that we all will have a harder time dealing with the change than Loopy! Just knit a little lace shawl now for her….

  6. Definitely a He. Once a he always a he. At least in my book. πŸ™‚ Get him a companion and then they can get married. You can knit her a veil. πŸ˜‰

  7. I think I am on the fence about Loopy being a he or a she. I love him/her either way. I just have to say that blueberry pie looks wonderful. I think the kids and I are going to make a trip to the grocery store today. Have a wonderful day!

  8. I kinda like the incongruity of the Loopy Ewe being male…just sayin’…Maybe that’s where the “loopy” part comes in!

  9. Loopy’s a “he”, Sheri. You can’t just go changing his gender after a year!! I always assumed that Loopy was kind of the “main man” of the flock, and all the yarn came from Loopy’s Ewes. You know, kinda like Fly Girls back in the day. (In which case, that boy needs some bling and a cell phone to go with those red socks!!!)

  10. I think I already weighed in on this (that looks like a quote from my email in the blog!), but to me Loopy is a “he”. He’s always been referred to as “he”. Think of the gender-confusion it would cause him to reassign his gender now. Besides, what would Bart and Louise think??? And my felted Loopy would need a sex-change assignment too. That would confuse everyone. I agree with the others…just get another one and she can be the “she”!

  11. Loopy’s a he. πŸ™‚ Im sure of it.

    Furthermore…Are you still readnig Harry Potter? Because I’m wanting to order some lovely lovely Loopy Ewe afores I go on holiday but if they’re a sneak up approaching (I always miss them) I might try to get in on that before I place my order.

    Any news on that?

    Welcome back!

  12. I’ve never noticed when you’ve said ‘he’, but in my head Loopy has always been a girl. Goes with the ewe part.

  13. I guess he better stick with being a he..and then you can go shopping for a she:)

    I will be trying your pie recipe today..I have lots of blueberries just waiting! I have the best blueberry muffin recipe…where you crush some of the blueberries and leave others whole….so yummy blueberry goodness in each bite. Hmm.. which makes me think of another book….Blueberries for Sal!!

  14. Personally, I think Loopy looks like a “he” from his picture. And hey – unless he can read, he might not know it’s “The Loopy Ewe”, he might just think it’s “The Loopy You” (and aren’t we all a little loopy? Ha!)

    As for this whole gender issue, it reminds me of a cat we had when I was younger. A BEAUTIFUL white, long haired cat. We named her Tiffany. Then when we took her to the vet 6 months later to be spayed, we found out Tiffany was a boy! By that time it was too late to change the name.

    Tell Loopy whether “he’s” a boy or girl, at least his name’s unisex and can be EITHER a boy’s name or a girl’s name! Not like poor Tiffany. . . .

  15. I think of inanimate objects as “he” because that’s the gender-neutral gender in English, whether we like it or not (and I don’t). So, I do not mind Loopy being a he. Aren’t we all something of a contradiction, in many ways??

    Also, my son loves to make pies, so I think I will buy him some blueberries after work and let him tackle the pie recipe. Know that a 14-year-old boy who is very bored this summer will be quite grateful for a project.

  16. I’m 100% in the HE camp. Loopy is a he. I would personally just purchase Loopette and have them get married. Then you can have the Loopy Ewe and Loopy and TLE will be a knitting store for the whole family! Plus, you can feel free to buy really cute, smaller sheep to add to the Loopy collection as Loopy and Loopette’s family grows.

    oh, and get more sock yarn to knit them all socks, guilt free. Those babies are going to need socks!

  17. (hiding head) I’ve never noticed if Loopy was a she or he. The Loopy in your blog looks a bit rammish. But, hey, I think Loopy can be whatever he/she likes.

  18. I went right up to my local library at lunch at got Greek Myths, Norse Myths, a book by Moore, the blue Dolphin book – all to enjoy with my daughter. I can’t wait!

  19. Let Loopy decide; put a lovely shawl or a lacy hat on him/her at night before you go to bed. In the morning if she’s still wearing it, she’s a she. If the item is trampled under his feet in disgust, he’s a he!

  20. Loopy is definitely a “HE” in my mind…probably always will be even if you change him to a “SHE.” My mom always refers to her cat Maggie as a “he” and her dog Sammie as a “she” when she’s talking to me about them. I point it out and she just laughs and says she doesn’t know why she does that… So, its probably okay to continue referring to Loopy as a “HE.”

    I always manage to squeeze in reading time at night before I go to bed – its part of my relaxation routine. And, I’ve also starting listening to audio books on my iPod. It is an adjustment, but if there’s a really good narrator (and, yes, I try to read reviews on them), its soooo enjoyable. Best part? I can knit at the same time!

    Have a fantastic weekend! : )

  21. I thought Loopy was a he and you were the Ewe in The Loopy Ewe. I may have been confused…

    Go straight to the source! If in doubt, you need to ask Loopy.

  22. Loopy is a HE. I think that it is completely fine that Ewe=she and Loopy is a He. I name my childhood dog Nicholas and she was a she. I didn’t think anything of it. She was just Nicky to me.

  23. Hmm, I always thought of Loopy as “he” but now that the ewe=female argument has been brought up, I’m undecided as to Loopy’s ongoing gender identity. My instinct now says Loopy is a girl.

    Another gender confusion story, probably familiar to people who have rabbits: My husband raised rabbits, among other critters, as a kid, starting when he was given a neutered male. It had kittens. He got another female to put with the new mom. This “female” bred the “neutered male” and made more kittens. At this point they gave up sexing the bunnies and just let them get on with things.

  24. Since Loopy (not Loopy Ewe) is the name, “he” can still be a “he.” You could get another sheep (girl) and name her Ewe. So, then you would have Loopy AND Ewe.

  25. I you know, I never really gave it much thought. I always refereed and thought of Loopy as just LOOPY, sexless I guess. If I had to think about it I’d lean more toward HE, just because he gives of that little boy sheep vibe. πŸ˜‰

    As for books, my “to read” stack is becoming outrageous ad a little embarassign… and sad… all those poor books just waiting. But Knitting has definitely cut into the reading. If you are interested in recycling books and saving money I so recommend I joined it the same month I started knitting which is why most of the books I’ve received in the past year (79!) are still unread in my closet. (on a greedy note, if you DO join can you say I refereed you- my e-mail address- because even though I have 70+ books to read getting credit for referring people is such a lovely bonus ;))

  26. I’d always thought it referred to most of your yarn-buying “you’s”…most of whom, I’m guessing are female, as are ‘ewes.’ Don’t rams have horns? Just asking…[I had a pair in the sweater/handwoven section of my store…back in the day…and one of them had horns!!!…and some farmer bought the set for his wife’s birthday, although I’d never intended them for sale! I’m sure you’d never do that to Loopy, would you?)

    I’ve switched to toes-up socks on two 16” circulars…and I believe I’m a convert. Who’da thought?

    My blueberries never get further than scones…or dumplings. But your pie sounds and looks delicious. If I can tear myself away from the knitting needles long enough to make piecrust perhaps I’ll give it a try.


  27. Loopy is definitely a he! For the past 7 years I’ve thought of Loopy as a He. That she really threw me off the other day….I was sitting there saying to myself “she, wait a minute I thought Loopy was a he….Oh man I need to get more sleep, I’m going crazy!” πŸ™‚
    Man that pie looks good….good enough for me to want to bake it. πŸ™‚

  28. I agree with Becky. You refer to him as “Loopy” not “Loopy Ewe”. Leave Loopy as a he and add another mascot (maybe with a bow on an ear) to be Ewe.

    More the merrier,as they say….

  29. I think Loopy needs to be a he. And I do agree with Becky; his name is Loopy, not Ewe, so it is acceptable for him to be a he. So there’s my opinion- time to get back to Harry Potter πŸ™‚

  30. I don’t know if Loopy is a he or a she. Why not alternate? On odd days of the month he’s a he. On even she’s a she. I did notice the change to “she” when you did it but it didn’t really bother me other than I thought you had used “he” in the past and I wondered why the change.

    I do know I have too much Harry Potter (or fantasy in general) on the brain apparently. Or possibly it’s a leftover from watching “Waitress” recently. Or most likely, both. When I first read “Doublegood Blueberry Pie” I thought it said “Dragonsblood Blueberry Pie”.

  31. I must admit that I’ve never thought about whether Loopy is a he or a she… But that blueberry pie! I think I have to try it very soon. We have heaps of ripe blueberries in the garden now. Thanks for the recipe!

  32. The pie looks delicious! Now I can’t decide if I should bake, read, or knit!
    I’m curious–do you know which state has the most groupies?

  33. It’s a bit of a challenge, but it is possible to read and knit at the same time. Socks are good for that, especially if the pattern is fairly basic. Also, I think it’s ok for Loopy to be a He. Yay for quirkiness!

  34. It’s tough but it is possible to read and knit at the same time. Socks are good for that, especially if the pattern is fairly basic. Also, I think it’s ok for Loopy to be a He. Yay for quirkiness!

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