It’s a Three Things kind of a day.

Time for another Three Things post. Why?

3 reasons for the Three Things post:

– I’m still packing orders today from the Dream in Color re-stocking session over the weekend.
– Susan-the-Awesome-Assistant is on vacation this week and is of no help whatsoever. (Oh, but she’s happy to have a break.)
– Nothing else on my mind to blog about today.

Three things I did this weekend:

– photo-ed my stash for Ravelry. Well, most of it. There are a few skeins I kept underwraps, because I’m still deciding on whether or not to add them in here. They’re a secret!
– worked on my Sockapalooza Pal’s socks. I have one 95% done and the other 50% done. They must be mailed 8/2. yikes.
– Fought College Guy over the Harry Potter book which arrived in the mail on Saturday. I lost. He read it in one (long) sitting. I still have not read it.

Three reasons why there may not be a Sneak Up this week:

– WH is still working on all of those photos. Lots of new yarn here.
– I’m not sure I’m ready for another Sneak Up yet, after last week.
– I must read Harry Potter. 🙂 Right?

Three (groups of three) yarns that will be going up when we DO put one up:

– Yarntini, Yarn Love, The Knittery
– Urban GypZ’s Twisted, Gypsy Knits, Perchance to Knit Laceweights
– Hand Maiden Mini Maiden, Hand Maiden Cashmere, Hand Maiden Sea Silk

Three more yarns that will go up right after that:

– Fleece Artist Somoko
– sKNITches Self- Striping (wait til you see “Loopy’s Red Socks” that Sam did for us!)
– Duets Skinny

Three re-stocks that will be going up whenever we get them in (due soon):

– Interlacements
– Lorna’s Laces
– Apple Laine

Three fun things you should know:

Wendy gave us her new sock pattern to offer as a free download here. (Is she awesome, or what? It’s gorgeous. Print it out! That’s the link, but it’s also here on the blog by going to “Free Patterns”.) We’ll have some more free patterns from other designers for you eventually, too.
– Sock Club invoices will go out this week and the packages will go out the first or second week in August.
– Loopy is having a great summer vacation. Have you seen her photos lately? SHE met Harry Potter. She has probably already read the book, too. Lucky.

Three annoyances right at the moment:

– there is a fly buzzing in the window that Zoe feels she must take care of
– it’s still hot and humid here in St. Louis
– dinner is in the crockpot and the smell is making me hungry

Three things I must now go do:

– take the international packages to the post office
– go to Sams to buy more peppermints (you know, the chocolate will return when the weather gets cooler)
read Harry Potter I mean, finish the rest of today’s orders.

So, what three things can you tell me about your day?

Sheri Imadeourfavoriteblueberrypierecipeyesterday-I’llsharethatwithyouonFriday.
ThenImightgiveyouapieceofblueberrypie. 🙂


  1. Oooh! Yarntini! Yay! I *need* a skein of 4-8-15-16-23-42. I think I will wait one more week for Harry Potter to try and get a skein (and I totally agree with the others; you deserve a break! Go read Harry Potter!). You know, that particular colorway of Yarntini is what made me decide to shop here. Last year I had heard about you guys, and I would sometimes come over and look at pretty yarn and say “I’d like to buy something here one day,” but I was too busy drowning in schoolwork to select and order some yarn. Then this spring I kept seeing that colorway of Yarntini all over the place, and I’m a huge Lost fan, so of course I thought “I NEED that!!!” So one night I sat down and began searching for the elusive colorway. NO ONE had it. LIke, anywhere. And then I stumbled upon your website, because you carried Yarntini. I sent you a quick e-mail about that colorway and you replied with a very sweet e-mail…. That’s when I decided I would become a regular customer here. Just thought I’d share that 🙂

  2. Three things:
    1. Jumping for Joy for my Loopy Groupie package I received! Yay! I love wallowing in yarn and freebies. “i’m a Loopy, I’m a Loopy, I’m a Loopy!”

    2. Dilemma-which yarn for my next socks. Do I dare begin another when I have so many works in progress right now?

    3. Tonight is YarnOver knitting group! Yay! My favorite thing-to sit and knit with friends.

    (I have to wait until this weekend to read Harry because my college daughter took it back with her, and won’t be back with it until this Friday *sigh*)

  3. Web Guy totally rocks! Love the new enhancements on the site.

    I’m still reading the new HP book. I’m trying to make it last because I’ll be sad when I’m at the end and know there won’t be a Book 8, but yet I want to zoom through it at the same time to know what happens! So…my knitting is on hiatus until I finish reading Book 7 and our house is clean for our weekend guests.

    I’m looking forward to the next Sneak Up! As always!

    And I’m looking forward to reading your Blueberry Pie recipe. I have one that I use because my DH LOVES Blueberry Pie, but I’m always to open to others that might be better. :o)

  4. My Three Things for Today..

    1. I’m enabling a new knitter tonight……..
    2. I’m going to Panera Bread with new knitter tonight
    3. I have tomorrow off and can’t knit all day if I want to….

    Blogless Diane

  5. 1. I had your chicken crockpot yesterday — yum, yummmmm!
    2. I like that new color dot — what fun!
    3. Checking out Loopy’s vacation was a lot of fun, too — that Loopy, he really gets around!

  6. 1. I am about halfway done with Harry.
    2. I got my Ravelry invite this morning. The people who create my favorite yarns and write my favorite patterns are right there in groups with me. I think I’m kinda knitting celebrity star-struck! Of course, these celebrities spend their evenings knitting and dreaming up wonderful things and not getting arrested for a variety of bad things. All in all, this is much healthier.
    3 Watching Hell’s Kitchen every week makes me want to cook Beef Wellington. I think there are subliminal messages being broadcast.

  7. I can’t pass this one up since i feel like I only do three things in a day lately anyway!

    1 Bathed both myself and the baby
    2 Cleaned up three days worth of poop that he has decided will come all at once (bathed one of us again)
    3 Went to the LYS for knitting group!!!!! That is my biggest accomplishment of course, getting out of the house with a three week old.

  8. Forget the yarn, woman, go read HP! You’ve deserved it. I actually took a break from HP Saturday night to order DiC yarn, neatly combining 2 obsessions. I’m done with the book now, so I can knit again. 🙂

  9. Oh, Sheri… Read Harry! I recieved it on Saturday in the mail and read until I finished. Had to take breaks and do things around the house just to relieve the tension.
    It was great!!!
    We all have enough yarn to last us for awhile, for sure.

  10. Three things I did yesterday. 1. Opened my Loopy package and drooled as usual. 2. Enjoyed the weather, it was 68, rainy but oh so cool. Can’t wait till fall. 3. Finished l sock. Hugs Read H.P. you deserve a break.

  11. Hi Sheri,
    I already commented – but I have a question that either you or my fellow blog reader can answer:
    What’s the best way to block socks? I’ve never really felt I had to do it, since all my socks are for me but now I want to try it.

  12. Three things for tomorrow: (today’s not worth reviewing…spent two hours having a temporary crown done…eew.)

    1. Make significant progress on Schaeffer-shawl-in-progress…finally have the pattern down.

    2. Start my mom’s Christmas socks with Loopy Lorna’s…need something less complicated than the Schaeffer-shawl for travel knitting.

    3. Continue planning for…(deep breath)…2nd college guy’s freshman year, remaining daughter’s junior year homeschooling, 2nd week cooking at camp, stocking freezer for winter with produce from farmer’s market, etc..etc…

    And WHEN am I going to get to knit up all this other yarn, so I can buy MORE, with all this going on?!?!??!? Sigh.

  13. 1. Good thing there wasn’t an update in the middle of the night last night/this morning. I was up reading Harry Potter. Nothing but the end could make me stop. Not even sock yarn. Or lace yarn. (A pause while Sheri picks herself up off the floor.)

    2. I was so excited to see that three of the yarns that are going to go up next are the three sock yarns I am still trying to get my hands on skeins of. So I really really have to catch the sneak-up. Plus I really liked the Perchance to Knit laceweight so that’s going to be awfully tempting too. And I actually need some cashmere to make a shawl for a favorite relative so I’ll be looking for that too.

    3. I’m so tired from lack of sleep combined with unusual amounts of physical labor over the last week (moving furniture and boxes around – a lot) that I can’t think of a third thing about my day.

    Say thanks to Wendy for the cool sock pattern would you?

    And thanks again for your excellent customer service, Sheri.

  14. Oh go read Harry Potter, we’ll still be here. I just started reading it myself.
    Those sneaks must be exhausting. I noticed you still have a great supply of yarn available for us though. Good job on the stocking!

    Let’s see…three things….

    1) Had a great time with Loopy this weekend. I just looked at all the pictures. He is having quite an interesting summer. I didn’t want to blow up your server loading all of mine. If you want any particular pictures posted that are on my blog, just let me know.

    2) Had a great 40th birthday yesterday. Even received a knitted cupcake.

    3) I am winding all the skeins of yarn I have into cakes so I’ll be ready to knit.

    P.S. L&V are having a Knit Wars thing. Look for it on Ravelry or their messageboard if you want to play a game for points for your knitting. Yes, I know you have tons to do already. 🙂

  15. Three things, huh?

    1. I have a head cold. Head colds in the summer are the worst, because you can’t bundle up in turtlnecks and sweaters under thick blankets and knit until the head cold is gone. There is just something very wrong about doing that in the summer.

    2. I am almost done with DH’s socks, so I can wind up my BEAUTIFUL (!!!) Woolmeise that I got last week and start on MY socks!

    3. I am glad that summer swim season is almost over (championships are this weekend). We have one month before winter season starts. Perhaps we can actually eat a family meal at the dinner table in August. That would be nice.

    Must finish socks. Must start on Christmas socks. Must sleep.

  16. Okay this is supposed to go to the prior post. I hit a button……don’t ask. Could you send computer guy up here? I think he could teach me a thing or two about computers. I’ll try this again.

    My three things today?
    Watch the raindrops………..again.
    Knit on anything wool as it is very cool here in the mountains.
    Pay bills……….yeech!

  17. I must have a boring life because I read the Harry Potter book over the weekend. Thank you Amazon for deliverying on Saturday. Unfortunately I did not do any knitting. But I am now ready to finish a baby blanket for my next great nephew or neice. Won’t know until about Aug 11.

    Then on to sock knitting.

    Thank you for the new pattern from Wendy. It is always nice to get some new patterns or ideas for the huge yarn stash that is taking over my bedroom. 🙂

  18. 1. Our wedding is this Saturday. I have a wee bit of stage fright. (It’s a Hindu ceremony and I only vaguely know what it involves. And I’m convinced I’m going to step on my sari and have it fall off, or something. 🙂 ) Guess how much yarn I’m carrying in my school bag as a security blanket? Two socks-in-progress, a garter square, and two extra balls…just in case.

    2. I’m giving my fiance socks as a wedding present. He doesn’t wear the socks I knit him much, but he really likes to have them and will claim dibs on sock yarn if he thinks it’s pretty. I think he’s saving them for a trip to Alaska or something. Weird, huh? 🙂

    3. I covet that Harry Potter book almost as much as I covet sock yarn…I’m 81st on the library reserve list. I keep telling myself I don’t want to stay up all night reading it on the night before we get married…but I do! Sock knitting + Harry Potter = perfect combination!

    Blueberry pie….mmm…. 🙂

  19. 1. I made a lightbox so I could take of *my yarn for Ravelry.
    2. I’m done with Harry Potter…hurry so we can gab about it!
    3. Secret yarn? Now you *have to tell. Spill it , missy.

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