It’s a Three Things kind of a day.

Time for another Three Things post. Why?

3 reasons for the Three Things post:

– I’m still packing orders today from the Dream in Color re-stocking session over the weekend.
– Susan-the-Awesome-Assistant is on vacation this week and is of no help whatsoever. (Oh, but she’s happy to have a break.)
– Nothing else on my mind to blog about today.

Three things I did this weekend:

– photo-ed my stash for Ravelry. Well, most of it. There are a few skeins I kept underwraps, because I’m still deciding on whether or not to add them in here. They’re a secret!
– worked on my Sockapalooza Pal’s socks. I have one 95% done and the other 50% done. They must be mailed 8/2. yikes.
– Fought College Guy over the Harry Potter book which arrived in the mail on Saturday. I lost. He read it in one (long) sitting. I still have not read it.

Three reasons why there may not be a Sneak Up this week:

– WH is still working on all of those photos. Lots of new yarn here.
– I’m not sure I’m ready for another Sneak Up yet, after last week.
– I must read Harry Potter. πŸ™‚ Right?

Three (groups of three) yarns that will be going up when we DO put one up:

– Yarntini, Yarn Love, The Knittery
– Urban GypZ’s Twisted, Gypsy Knits, Perchance to Knit Laceweights
– Hand Maiden Mini Maiden, Hand Maiden Cashmere, Hand Maiden Sea Silk

Three more yarns that will go up right after that:

– Fleece Artist Somoko
– sKNITches Self- Striping (wait til you see “Loopy’s Red Socks” that Sam did for us!)
– Duets Skinny

Three re-stocks that will be going up whenever we get them in (due soon):

– Interlacements
– Lorna’s Laces
– Apple Laine

Three fun things you should know:

Wendy gave us her new sock pattern to offer as a free download here. (Is she awesome, or what? It’s gorgeous. Print it out! That’s the link, but it’s also here on the blog by going to “Free Patterns”.) We’ll have some more free patterns from other designers for you eventually, too.
– Sock Club invoices will go out this week and the packages will go out the first or second week in August.
– Loopy is having a great summer vacation. Have you seen her photos lately? SHE met Harry Potter. She has probably already read the book, too. Lucky.

Three annoyances right at the moment:

– there is a fly buzzing in the window that Zoe feels she must take care of
– it’s still hot and humid here in St. Louis
– dinner is in the crockpot and the smell is making me hungry

Three things I must now go do:

– take the international packages to the post office
– go to Sams to buy more peppermints (you know, the chocolate will return when the weather gets cooler)
read Harry Potter I mean, finish the rest of today’s orders.

So, what three things can you tell me about your day?

Sheri Imadeourfavoriteblueberrypierecipeyesterday-I’llsharethatwithyouonFriday.
ThenImightgiveyouapieceofblueberrypie. πŸ™‚


  1. Well I guess I’m heading to your house for pie. πŸ˜‰
    Isn’t there an unwritten rule that states Harry Potter is more important then anything else to include cooking, cleaning and anything that resembles work. I haven’t gotten my book yet. I’m hoping to pick it up next week. πŸ™‚

  2. How long does it take to drive to St.Louis from Eau Claire, WI? I bet the pie will be gone before I can get there!! Harry Potter is a good read, I’m on page 353. Must get back and try to finish. I bought two copies, because my oldest son would’nt share!!

  3. What are you talking about? The weather’s beautiful outside…especially this past weekend. Although I did spend Saturday night reading Harry Potter and most of Sunday sleeping. (Then I had to go to work.)

    If I hadn’t gone back to my job, I would help you pack orders. Who wants to cook/serve spaghetti when you can help ship happiness inducing yarn to people? Not this girl.

  4. My 3 things:
    -Waiting for my Loopy Ewe package to arrive – and what I noticed is that you put up more Louet that wasn’t there when I placed my order – rats! – there just might be another order soon…my credit card is cowering in fear.
    – Waiting for the library I work at to get it’s copy of Harry Potter – I’ve got first dibs! It would be something if it arrived the same day as my yarn – the dilemma!
    – Trying to decide what yarn to make my next socks out of. Just finished my Yarn Pirate Rosie Merino/Tencel Jaywalkers and need a new project.

  5. 1) I screwed up and overslept for a lunch date with my good friend Carolyn (I was stocking up on sleep cause I’m working overnight tonight…mmmm…maybe I’ll get some knitting time…but we met at the restaurant a little bit later and all was well.

    2) I have to clean the house today because the cleaning ladies are coming tomorrow (am I nuts or what)…

    3) I have to stop stalking online yarn cause I really don’t need any more and I’m hoping to finish my current pair so I can cast on some Wollmeise before my shift!!!!

    P.S. Loopy went to the concert with sock-knitting/cello-playing pal James and me (we were performing in the orchestra) last pm. Loopy got some culture. By the way…I always thought Loopy was a HE! When did HE become SHE??????

  6. 1) I only just finished my sock pal’s sock… and I think I will have to unpick and lengthen it for the second time (don’t ask me how unpicking and lengthening it a half an inch amounted to zero increaed length in the foot the first time)
    2) I made up a great new tuna casserole recipe this weekend. Had some of the leftovers for lunch today, it’s delish.
    3) I haven’t made a real blog post in over a month. Yipes!

    P.S. I vote for the sneak-up next week when I’ll have some good old yarn spendin’ money.

  7. You sure are a busy bee!

    What’s in the crockpot? I usually use mine a lot during the summer…it gets HOT here in Northern Idaho. Today it’s about 98 and it’s supposed to go up this week. I get tired of soups and stews though, so I’m wondering what other people cook in their crocks πŸ™‚ I like baked beans too but they are a lot of work to get them so their nice and soft.

    I took Loopy with me to Seattle this weekend to visit my sister! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures while I was there πŸ™ I did take some pictures of the city from my car with my cell (while driving) and some great pictures of my niece and nephew, but none of Loopy.

  8. Three Things: Cleaning out bathroom drawers that haven’t been sorted in probably ten years, cleaning the construction area where new flooring is going in, listening to Harry Potter on my iPod (yes, Jim Dale apparently was the first person other than J.K. who knew how this book came out). I bet you could pack orders and listen to a book on CD simultaneously, couldn’t you?

  9. Ahh, of course! Now the peppermints make more than perfect sense. You’re so clever. (Had I received kisses in a Florida July, I certainly would have had a squishy mess.)

    See, the routine is that I get the yarn, hubby gets the chocolate. (Does anyone else keep the S.O.s distracted in this way?) So when I busted out the yarn and opened the bag to give him chocolates so he would hopefully have his mouth too full to say, “Wait, I thought you weren’t going to buy any sock yarn for a while,” I declared, “Oh, this isn’t chocolate. Sorry,” and stashed them all in my purse. He was quiet for a little while and then asked, kind of sheepishly (heh! sheep!) “Well…can’t I have a peppermint? And hey, what did you get?” Whoops!!! I must never hesitate!!

  10. My three things… heels. I’m working on three different socks. They all need a heel.

    Thanks to the wonderful Wendy! That’s a great pattern. I’ve been watching for it’s release!

  11. 1. We’re renovating and painting the whole house, and it’s making me very crabby, though it looks awesome. It doesn’t help that it isn’t my house, and the chance of buying one is getting farther away… *sigh* (shopping here doesn’t help the budget, but it does help the mental state! πŸ™‚ )
    2. I cleaned the whole kitchen from my parents’ party last night. It was SO FOUL. However I was very proud of the stunned look on their faces at the gleaming counters and piles of CLEAN dishes.
    3. I can’t decide if I want to go to knitting group tonight or not. Yes, because I’m tired and want friendly conversation that isn’t about spackle or edgers or whatever; No, because I am tired and think I can get all this extra crap done so I don’t have to do it tomorrow. I hate being of two (equal) minds!

  12. I love blueberry pie! I don’t cook, so I guess it’s your back porch, Sheri…that sounds wonderful!

    As much as I love Sneak Ups, we can certainly wait until next week for one. Take some time to read Harry Potter–you so deserve it!

    Speaking of Harry, I’ve only read the first book. I loved it so much that I was bummed when I finished, so I decided to wait until they were all published to read them. I have them all (all purchased on the day of their release), so I’m REALLY going to have a Harry marathon soon!

  13. My 3 things from today-
    1- Laundry- I wish I only did 3 loads!! More like 5!! Caught up (for now)!

    2- Cast on for a new project. Not that I wanted to. But I spoke to a friend today and her baby is due in 6 weeks (s@#t)! She keeps talking about how much her other son loves the blanket I knit him. Subtle huh?

    3- Made our hotel reservation in Collinsville for a friends” white coat” ceremony at SIU. Guess that means I will be heading to The Loopy Room to finally meet you Sheri!! I hope you will be around August 25th!!!

  14. Three things from my day:

    Sent out my yarn orders, still have 1 that needs to be sent. She bought it WHILE I was at the post office, great timing I know

    My landlady is having a new microwave put in my kitchen so I have to sit here & keep my dog quiet

    and I am about to cut off my hands because the new STR I bought over the weekend is calling to me even though I already have way too much sock yarn that I need to knit up

    btw, I finished the new HP book on Saturday hehehehe

  15. 1. Convention is this week. I’m hoping to get some knitting time in on Summerfield.
    2. I found out I have another baby blanket to make.
    3. Dixie is going to have puppies!!

  16. How funny—– I had three things on my blog this morning when I posted. The finale was knit knit knit as today is my day off. Can we go back to cranky with our three things b/c it is 5:30 and I only got 2 accomplished (The new mag from Interweave was not among the finished) and I have done exactly 6 stitches on my Pi. I say read Harry if that is what makes your heart sing, heaven knows we do precious little enough of that! Harumph! πŸ™‚

  17. 1. I finished the entire leg of a Cookie A sock in one sitting yesterday. (Perchance to Knit, since I’m sure you wondered.)

    2. My left wrist now aches like a sonova… it really hurts.

    3. My pizza is on its way! (Being on injured reserve means you don’t have to cook, right?)

    PS: No, College Guy didn’t bribe me to say that he deserved a raise. I figured all his hard work on the site spoke for itself. However, I can be bought….

  18. Three things?

    1. Interview new doctor as I want to change doctors to one who listens (who am I kidding? I hate to have anything to do with doctors, but youngest daughter & husband are both nagging me. Where did they learn that?)

    2. Vacume living room using scented baking soda cleaner due to kitty having accidents (who wants to knit in a room smelling like a litter box?)

    3. Return to knitting socks dyed with kool-aid; I didn’t know I could have so much fun dyeing socks!

    p.s. Like your son, I read the newest Harry Potter in one long sitting (9 hours!). Hadn’t planned to do that, but it was so good, I couldn’t stop reading until I finished it …. at 1:15 a.m.!

  19. Three things… hmmm
    1. I had a job interview today, at a spa in a 5 star hotel. They are supposed to call by tomorrow and let me know!
    2. I received yarn in the mail today…sadly not loopy yarn this time, but undyed for two sock dyeing swaps I’m part of. I can’t wait to dye it all!
    3. I make a mean apple pie!!!

  20. It was so gorgeous all weekend, why did it have to go back to gross? (I’m from St. Louis, too.) And hey, I’m looking for a job, I’ll gladly come help. πŸ˜‰ Now if only I had my driver’s license…

  21. 1. I’ve never ready a Harry Potter book and very likely never will.

    2. I’m knitting my second sock in Smooshy sock yarn and I love it.

    3. I’m thinking about having my Loopy peppermints for dinner,

  22. Okay, three things. My migraine went away – yay. I finished Harry Potter. We had a yummy dinner of pork tenderloin, rice with collard greens and steamed beats. Mmmm.

  23. -Saw the first raspberries ripening in the back yard. Getting ready for jam!

    -Working on toes of Socktopia “Fawkes” using yarn from Loopy Ewe.

    -Finished Harry Potter, am now reading Stephen White’s Dry Ice, a mystery series set in Boulder, CO, with pschologist Alan Gregory. This is a great series, with good plots, and excellent characters. Check it out in your spare time:)

  24. 1. I went to my lys this morning where I have been going for fourteen years. Love
    to go there.
    2. Then I went to the dollar store which I love. I go in to find one thing and wind up
    spending $10.00 for great bargains.
    3. Then I went to Wal-Mart to get laundry soap which they didn’t have. Was not
    Very happy that I got to go to three places in one day since I’m not well. Would
    very much like to get in on your sneak up for sea silk. Working on my second sea
    silk scarf for my daughter-in-laws. I need one more skein for someone else.
    Hope you enjoy Harry Potter. I could never get into that. Guess I’m too old.

  25. Three (four) things I did today……..

    1. Reading Harry Potter (and reading Harry Potter, and reading Harry Potter)
    2. Working on second Sockopalooza Sock
    3. Bathing the “girls” (both shih tzus)
    4. Hair cut, the little girl who cuts my hair is leaving after this week to have her baby and won’t be back until November. I thought seriously about having it all shaved off and making it last until November, but thought the better of that and asked who she recommended.

    Loopy had a wonderful time at the Harry Potter Hallows Ball, he met lots of muggles, witches, goblins, house elves, Rita Skeeter, Harry, two Hermiones, and couple of DeathEaters – he had a blast!

  26. Three things about my day:

    1.) Writing patterns makes my head hurt some days, even with Tim McGraw singing to me.
    2.) Dish towels here get smelly in the summer requiring bleach and a hot dryer. Most of them are older than my kids. I think there is a connection.
    3.) I ate my calcium even though I don’t like it. I wish I had better genes, then I could drink soda like all the other little girls.

  27. Thanks for the great sock pattern on your link. Now the tough thing is which sock yarn to use making it!!! What I did today: celebrated my 52nd birthday by going out to liunch and to the aquarium to pet sharks!

  28. I say forget everything else and read Harry Potter! I finished last night after not getting much sleep this weekend. It was great!

  29. I will be right over to sit with you on your porch and eat pie! I am feeling torn between reading Harry Potter and my knitting. I kind of want to read Harry Potter before somone, somewhere reveals to me what happens before I get to read for myself!

    Hey. Where is it written that you have to do Sneak Up’s weekly? πŸ™‚ I say, take a breather and read Harry Potter.

    I am looking forward to the next Loopy Sock Kit!!!!!

  30. 1. I’m waiting very impatiently for my husband to get my 3-year-old daughter into bed so we can read some more Harry Potter. We read it out loud together and we finished 350 pages over the weekend.

    2. My Loopy box arrived today! Yipee for becoming a Loopy Groupie!

    3. Now I have to wait for my OTHER box of loopy loot to come!

  31. 1. Swim lessons for kiddos.
    2. Pedicure for me
    3. Laundry for family of 7 (oy!)

    And now I’m trying to decide if I want to cast on for a
    1. Shawl or Wrap
    2. Lightweight sweater
    3. Summery tank

    Of course I could always start another pair of socks, but that would be 3 pairs going at once. Maybe 3 is a good number though?

  32. Three things I must do after the kid goes to bed:

    1. Two hours of job work that I wasn’t able to get done earlier
    2. Stuff envelopes with flyers about a folk dance camp (this year: Romanian and salsa!)
    3. Work on first draft of newsletter for folk dance group

    Three things I’d really rather be doing (besides knitting, which is a given):

    1. Finishing up Adios to My Old Life (a really interesting YA novel)
    2. Census-crawling
    3. Cross-stitching TW’s Fantasy Sampler

    Three things I want to cast on after I finish some lingering projects:

    1. Flower Basket Shawl
    2. Kilim sweater from old issue of McCalls
    3. Coupling socks from Knitty

    Three things

  33. 1. My day at work was really bad.
    2. It was made better by receiving a box from TLE with 3 skeins and a stitch marker.
    3. It has been raining since 3pm and I had to walk 2 blocks to my truck in the rain to get home. And do chores in the rain. Sheep smell when they are wet. So do turkeys. I love them but those guys need to stay under their roof!

  34. Took the kids grocery shopping with me today and I didn’t have to yell at either of them πŸ™‚

    Made lasagna and garlic bread for dinner with veggies and NO ONE complained about the meal (this is a rare occasion that they ALL like the meal)

    Looking forward to the yarn from Loopy Ewe, but wishing I had noticed there was Sockittome when I ordered in the last sneak up.
    I have had a great day with no annoyances πŸ™‚

  35. 1) A huge thank you to Wendy Johnson for posting her new Double Eyelet Rib Socks pattern on Loopy Ewe! It’s a beautiful pattern, and I can’t wait to cast it on!

    2) The yarns that I was most interested in getting, two colors of Dream in Color, I was able to get yesterday in your re-stock, so I’m happy for the week. You really don’t have to to SneakUps every week if you don’t want to, Sheri; enjoy Harry Potter, if you want! Besides, my yarn from last week just arrived today, so I’m doubly happy. I love those Entrelac stitch markers!

    3) We’re packing to make an overnight trip tomorrow, to take my youngest son to Blue Lake Fine Arts camp for 10 days (we’re coming home Wed afternoon after we get him checked in & make sure that he has everything he needs). Of course, packing in this case is mainly directing, since I can’t lift anything with this dumb broken back. I’ve been making lists & checking them twice or three times.

  36. Three things I got for my birthday this weekend:

    1. Yarn (duh)
    2. Trivial Pursuit 80’s Edition (Totally!)
    3. Beautiful wooden sock blockers, cleverly made by DH in secret, complete with cute sheep stencils

    I R spoilt!

  37. save me a piece at christmas time! i think i may have to talk the hubbie into stopping either on our way to georgia, or on our way back.

    my three things today?

    1. i just checked on ravelry, and i’m up to 9 WIP. i am happy
    2. i took the boys for their sports/general physicals, and they’re healthy as horses.
    3. hubbie paid for dinner tonight, so i didn’t have to cook!

  38. My three things:

    1) Waiting for my order from you (the huge one… the smaller one came today! Yay!) so I can start my challenge socks.

    2) Trying to find a pattern for a friend whom I promised a pair of socks. After starting Jaywalkers, Monkeys, Waving Lace, and Retro Rib socks, I have finally settled for the Undulating Rib socks from Favorite Socks.

    3) Making Christmas cards. I realize it’s July, but I found a huge box of kitschy Christmas stuff. I am weak when it comes to kitsch and cardmaking.

  39. Hm. I fell asleep at 8 this morning at the computer and woke up with QWERTY imbedded backwards on my forehead. Then I decided I’d read my spinning book (I’m brushing up after a 10 year absence) while I waited for the mailman. I fell asleep in the chair and woke up to find him standing at the door yelling at me (the door was open with just the screen separate us – good thing I actually had on pajamas instead of my usual sleeping outfit… uh… it’s not a pretty picture anymore). Then I fell asleep at the computer again and woke up at 3:30 this afternoon to find that DH had returned from work; he was staring at me oddly. This was because I now had QWERTY imbedded backwards across my cheek and a deep dent in my arm from the space bar. Then I actually got into bed and slept for two hours. Got up, had a lot of coffee, and ran to the grocery store for our oh-so-nutritious dinner of ham sandwiches and Lay’s chips. Now I’m going to sit back in said chair, restart my granddaughters’ ponchos (I didn’t do an accurate gauge check and found out I was one stitch off, which translated into the neck being 12″ instead of 16″ – not a good thing, especially for ultra-squirmy three-year olds), work on my socks when I get bored with that, eat dinner while we watch Gordon Ramsey terrify aspiring chefs who don’t know how to cook (I’m a retired pastry chef, so I feel I have the right to say that), sit back in my chair and knit until about four in the morning, get my fat ass to bed because I’m having a pampering day tomorrow and I don’t want to be late (1-1/2 hour massage, pedicure, manicure), and then I’ll probably do the whole thing over again Wednesday (except no pampering day or Gordon – I’ll watch TIVO’ed People’s Courts and Cops and whatever else I have on there).

    I thought Loopy was a he, too. I forgot about Bart. Geez. I’m dumber than broccoli.

  40. I’m currently working with some sKNITches and am so in love with it, I may break the yarn diet (really, by now I should just give up on the illusion that I’m on a yarn diet) and buy more!

    Ok… 3 things…

    1. I got my Ravelry invite and spent half my day there, my eyes hurt.
    2. I made crockpot chili and ate too much, my belly hurts.
    3. I have Harry Potter but I’m afraid to start it… I don’t want it to end… my heart hurts.

  41. Three things I’m waiting for:
    1. My Loopy Ewe order
    2. My copy of Harry Potter (after which I will have to arm-wrestle the rest of the family to see who gets it first)
    3. Rain. Which they have been predicting for three days now, and boy, do we need it.

    Sheri, I say, read Harry, let the Sneak Up slide this week! You deserve a rest!

  42. The 3 things I did today.

    1. Work, work, work…big deadline looming
    2. Read HP7. Take time for yourself, Sheri!
    3. Cleaned up kitchen and did laundry.

    I wish I could have been knitting and reading more.

  43. Sheri,

    1. I’d LOVE to come and sit on your back porch and eat blueberry pie with you!
    2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new yarn that arrived in the mail on Saturday!
    3. I want to THANK YOU for putting up Wendy’s new pattern for us to download! I can’t wait
    to get started on it. I do have some lovely new yarn, you know!!!

  44. I’ll be there for some blueberry pie and knitting. Maybe I’ll even bring my recipe for Chocolate Suicide Cake (7 layers of chocolate!).

    And, definitely read Harry Potter. I got my book on Saturday and only put it down when I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I got about 4 hours of sleep and then it was back to reading.

  45. Three things about yesterday:
    My cat is a perfect weight according to the vet, in spite of him feeling like he weighs 50 pounds.
    I am nearing completion of a sock.
    I love my little girl.

  46. Three things I did yesterday:

    1. Opened Loopy Ewe package, enjoyed note from Sheri, fondled the yarn and tried to decide which of them to knit the new Wendy sock with.
    2. Finished another Wendy sock (Feather and Fan) in Tofutsie. Loved it.
    3. Took care of a large upset dog during a thunderstorm.

    I am very happy my short row heel and toe look OK, even though I still prefer other techniques. Wendy’s socks are great for trying new things.

  47. Don’t waste your time on Harry Potter. It really isn’t all that good. I mean sure Harry finds out that Godric Gryffindor is really the giant squid, Snape is really Dudley Dursley and that Voldemort is really his father so they kill the Evil Emperor and together they rule the Galaxy as father and son then he wakes up and it is all a dream. But other than than nothing happens. Yarn is SO much more interesting.
    Can you tell that I have made it past my Potter obsession and am not back to knitting.

  48. 1. I finished Harry Potter on Sunday. Now I’m waiting for my husband to finish so I can talk to him about it! He’s up to p. 136.
    2. I’m ready to start the heel flap of my second sockapalooza sock. 8/2 is coming soon!
    3. I just bought a big box of blueberries and they are sooo good. Can’t wait for your recipe on Friday. πŸ™‚

  49. Pie sounds delicious!

    My three things…

    1. Trying the toe in Wendy’s new pattern in the Harry Potterish knee high striped and color blocked sport sock I’m starting for my college-age grandson. I’m using up all the odds and ends (those little balls that are often leftover) for a pair of socks for snowboarding. He especially asked for them to be as wild as i could make them…so far the toe is hot pink mottled stripe!!! You’ll be happy to know that all the yarns seem to be from Loopy Ewe.

    2. My cleaning couple are coming in a couple of hours, so I’d better declutter, make the bed, and, in general, get ready!

    3. Gotta get that college guy to come over so that I can measure his calf and figure out the increases for a knee-high sock. He’s 6’2 – so guess I’ll be knitting on this for awhile…may even have to make another trip or two to visit Loopy and knit a few more conventional socks to accumulate more leftovers!


    P. S. Sheri, I’ve been meaning to ask you to send me your address. I have a book I wish to send you.

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