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I’m a big fan of Etsy. I have found many of our wonderful indie dyers over there. And I do love shopping there quite a bit, too. Since I know (I KNOW!) that all of you just spent all of your money over here in the early morning Sneak Up, I thought it’d be safe to post some fun etsy sites without being accused of trying to get you to spend more money. 🙂 These aren’t yarn sites – but some are related to knitting, and some not. Imagine my surprise when this cute penny rug showed up (who sent this to me? It’s wonderful – thank you so much!)

Since it was bill-paying day (see Monday’s post) and since I needed some diversions to keep me from bill-paying for awhile, I clicked around on other Etsy sites.

This cracked me up:

Loved these photos:

So dang cute – I bought the knitter one:

Love this soap shop:

Had to buy this for my Loopy Ewe tag necklace:

Fun off of Etsy:

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops – not yarn, but other fun things? I have a whole “favorites” section dedicated to etsy in my bookmarks.

A quick yarn update – I did the Sneak Up at 3:30 am this morning, just so the Wollmeise would still be available mid-morning for everyone. Well. It was STILL gone by just after 8 am. (Claudia – we love love love your yarn!) Remember, we’re getting more in August and as often as we can after that (hopefully monthly). Sooner or later, I’m hoping we’ll actually be able to keep it in stock. Later, I guess.

Many of you have asked about Dream in Color. It turns out they are going to be able to ship our next order to us tomorrow after all! So – watch for more Dream in Color next week. Yay!

Back to packing orders……..

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  1. I have found the upside of insomnia — it paid off in Wollmeise at 4 a.m. this morning!! I’m a happy (sleepy) girl 🙂

  2. Don’t forget about time differences. The Wollmeise was gone before many of us got up on the West Coast 🙁 Tryin’ not to whine, but just sayin ’cause I know you keep trying to find different times to spread this out. Sheri, I wonder with the high demand stuff if you would consider limiting people to 1-2 skeins for the first 24 hours a product is up? That would give more people a chance to try some of the cool yarns? (It would be extra-credit coding work for Web Guy!).

    I can spend hours browsing Etsy for cool stuff! I like just running a search for “stitch markers” and looking at all the cool ones out there (and SO reasonable too!).

  3. I was looking at 8:30 this morning and had a moment of disbelief when I realized that the Wollmeise was all gone. I’ve been coveting the yarn for months, MONTHS I tell you. Just when I thought I was gonna get some…
    ah, well, I got some other lovely stuff instead. 🙂

  4. My absolute favourite Etsy shop:

    (Shameless? You bet!!)

    But when I’m not wh*ring myself out, I also love vedabliss.etsy (roving & handspun), heatherjeany.etsy (screenprinted stationery – she did my wedding invites & i heart her lots), emilygems.etsy (jewelry – she did all my custom stuff for the wedding and i heart her a lot too), and about a zillion more. [paperedtogether…sunshineyarns…loop…kavatar (self striping!)…knottynaomi…sereknity…carolleedesigns (wicked!)…zero…twistedlilydesigns…]

  5. What Wollmeise??? It was gone before I had coffee in hand – I may have to plan an all-nighter for August 🙂

  6. I wasn’t even out of bed before it sold out. 🙂 Not that I can buy any more yarn. I’ll be one of those that will buy it in a few months.
    I love shopping at Etsy. Its my favorite play to find stitch markers. Here’s some more links to distract you. 🙂

    This one is my fav….their abacus bracelets are awesome!

    Love her project bags:

    Very Pretty stitch markers:

    Cool DPN protectors:

    These are adorable:

    Nope I don’t have an etsy addiction….nope not me. The rest of mine are indie dyers of both yarn and fiber. 🙂

  7. As an etsy seller, I love hearing about the etsy love! It is pretty sweet and sometimes overwhelming with the plethora of good things to buy. Thanks for the loving my shop ( Alyson!

    Speaking of buying good thing, I snagged some Wollmeise. I see on Claudia’s site that they are getting nylon/wool blend sock yarn. Is that something you are going to be privy to Sheri? Cause that would be heaven in sock form.

  8. I only look for sock yarn on etsy. I have some named after my favorite TV show.
    I was able to grab a hank of the Woolmeise. I am glad I went ahead and pushed Place Order.

  9. I am so glad that I got at least one skein of Wollmeise before it all sold out!! When I got up this morning, that was the first thing I checked! 🙂

    I LOVE Etsy and am on there all the time! I have purchased from some very talented sellers there and it is so easy to spend a lot of time browsing around. My daughter has an Etsy shop and she has had wonderful success selling baby and children’s things, but her little s pinafores have been the most popular. She just recently quit her job to do this full-time and loves it! Her link is:

  10. Some great sites here…very sheepish! My daughter is a jeweler and sells on etsy. She’s done pretty well. Love the glass bead site!

    Done with night shifts for now…despite the fact that it allowed me to be sitting right in front of my computer at the exact MOMENT of the sneak up (oh my aching wallet after that one!) …I’ll be glad to return to working during the day and sleeping during the night like most of the rest of the world!!!

  11. I’m with the others that missed the Wollmeise…I am on Pacific Time 🙁

    I look at the site EVERY day and got so excited when I saw the 2 new yarns in with the others (without the pictures) then the next day the pictures were up and I kept going back every 20 minutes or so until I finally had to go to bed at 12:30. Then I exitedly went in first thing this morning while having my tea and……*slump*… was gone. I’ve been saving my buyers credit just for this sneak up too…oh well. I hope I don’t read too many people raving about the Wollmeise and how wonderful it is!

    I have my fingers crossed for some Yarn Pirate next week 😉

  12. I second Tracy’s suggestion for those of us on the West Coast. I went to bed just before the yarn update, and all the stuff I wanted was gone. This is not the first time I’ve lost out because of the time difference. Please level the playing field a little, so the rest of us can get a chance too.

  13. I am going on vacation at the end of this month, and put myself on a “no yarn this month” restriction, so I left all the goodies for everyone else. Hope someone who really wanted goodies got them! 🙂,

  14. I was so sad to see that the Wollmeise was gone. So sad, in fact, that I actually emailed her to see how much shipping was from Germany. (Still waiting on that one). The colors made me ache, and I’m not sure I could deal with another disappointment if you got more in and I missed it again. What can I say? I’m an impatient wench.

    On the upside, though, I did grab some of the other new stuff.

  15. I’ve suggested the skein limit at crown mountain too, when it comes to updating their sock hop (which is even worse, since it only appears in small quantities a couple times a year and the rest is sold at markets.) They weren’t very keen on the idea, since one person buying 12 skeins (like a woman I know *sigh*) means less individual orders to pack. I understand from the vendor’s POV, but at the same time when I see a blog where someone has bought 10 colors and many of us have none, it is irritating.

    I have to remind myself that if this is all I have to worry about it life, I am doing very well indeed. ((((HUGS)))) to all the other wollmeise-less knitters out there!

  16. You know you can save all your favorites IN etsy. You just click the little thingie on the right bar menu then when you go to my etsy you can see your favorite sellers or items and go to them. bwahahahahaha!

  17. Cute Etsy shops! I had problems when I tried to register for their site. I hope I can try again and not have the problem because I keep seeing cool stuff there!

    And I’m still pouting for missing out on the Wollmeisse! Hopefully, next time I stand a chance of getting some. :o)

  18. Just one more West-coaster here wanting to weigh in… I stayed up until after midnight and woke up early at 7 to check, and still missed it! I do understand that you try to vary the time around, I will just have to try and stay up later next time! If only you didn’t have such great taste and selection, we wouldn’t all be losing sleep over yarn 😉 Better luck next week, hopefully!

  19. I had Wollmeise, Suzanne, in my cart at 6:45 AM EST. As this was my 1st Sneak Up, I didn’t know that while it was in my cart somebody else could buy it. But as I was shopping that’s what happened. There were still many other Wollmeise colors avaliable, but I really didn’t love any of the available colors. I was quite proud of myself … I decided that I would wait til next time & did not purchase any Wollmeise. Instead I purchased a lovely skein of Cider Moon & Fiesta Boomerang. (Both are new yarns to me).

  20. No matter when you post, someone will be unable to be at a computer…it’s a reality with time zones, jobs, and life in general. I think you’ve done a good job up sneaking up at varied times, as I’ve seen mid-afternoon, midnight and early morning Central time. I’ll be on vacation during next week’s sneak up, and I’ve been wanting the “Lost” Yarntini in the worst way…but if I miss it, I know my life will still be good…especially since we’ll be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary!

    I do like the idea of a 1-2 skein limit…can that be done?

  21. WAAA! I’m on Alaska time so the Wollmeise was up and gone before I even woke up at 5:30am. Hope it comes back in soon. You post at different times all the time so maybe next time I’ll be able to get some.

  22. Okay, so I’m east coast and I had a better chance at the Wollmeise; but I think it’s worth mentioning that a bunch of the last sneakups have been at midnight or after, when it’s still evening on the West Coast but most of us east-coasters have already gone off to bed. There’s not really any time of day that’s going to be perfect for everyone, but it seems pretty fair. And I’m sure the other hemisphere is happy to get updates during daylight hours from time to time, too! 🙂

    Remember the nightmare server crash of a few months back, when the updates were announced in advance?? Man, anything to avoid that kind of mess again – I can only picture the server as a little skinny nerdy grade niner, cowering in his room and trying to bar the door against hordes of screaming rabid yarnlovers (that’s us!)

  23. ARGH! I checked the website over and over again until around 11:30 PT last night hoping the Wollmeise would be there. Checked it this morning when I got up and it was gone. 🙁

  24. This was my first sneak-up so I was thrilled beyond belief when I checked the site this AM and was able to snag 1 skein of the Wollmeise! There were only 2 skeins left when I ordered and I was lucky enough that one of them was a color I loved (Frosch!) I wanted to buy more stuff, but I was so afraid of it selling out before I completed purchase that I didn’t risk it! I had never even heard of Wollmeise until Ravelry, that massive thread where everyone was talking about it worked me up into a frenzy! I feel so lucky to have gotten one lonely skein! I’ll definitely be back for more sneak-ups, what a thrill!

  25. Great sneak-up as always. Saw all of the Woolmeise but to tell you the truth it didn’t interest me. Love Cider Moon, and Fiesta. Sorry I did not order the Fiesta too. We are all tired today as a result of the sneak-up. Great fun . Hugs

  26. I can’t believe I got my hands on some Wollmeise, and it makes me laugh that we all covet it so. For once I am GLAD I have to wake up so early for work here in the west coast (usually 4.30 AM), and I finally got lucky! other times during sneak ups your site slows down so bad- the crazy demand 😀 loove the colorway I got, now the fun task of choosing a pattern..thanks Sheri!

  27. I actually got to see ONE skein of green Wollmeise…but as green is my least favorite color, I left it on the shelf for someone else. It was hard…I nearly impulsed just so I could say that I got some, but then thought it should go to someone who could truly LOVE it. Maybe next time. I like the 1-2 skein limit on new yarn idea for the first 24 hours.

  28. I’d like to stick up for the EST people – because when the sneak ups usually happen, it’s late here – like 2:00am, and I have to get up early for work in the morning. Sometimes the things I want are already gone, but that’s ok. Life is still great! I think Sheri is trying to “even the playing field” by doing sneak ups at different times. That is, after all, the meaning of a”Sneak-Up.” I think we all need to give Sheri a break – she does a wonderful job keeping everyone supplied in some of the most beautiful yarns I’ve ever seen. I was more interested (as you can tell by my order, Sheri) in the Fiesta, and I bought mostly that, although I did purchase a skein (just one) of Wollmeise to try it!

  29. Yep – lots of the recent sneak-ups have been at midnight for Sheri, so 10pm for the West Coast and AZ (no daylight savings her) and I have totally scored all the things I wanted. I’m bummed at missing some nice stuff this time, but there WILL be more another time and the east coast deserved a break.

    I can say this now in the spirit of adult fairness and sharing. If I miss out on HandMaiden, the tantrum will not be pretty.

  30. Hi, I am one of the 10 skeiners! Might have even been more. For the Sock Hop stuff, I paid shipping for each two skeins I ordered. This way I wouldn’t get caught with nothing when I picked multiple items all at once and have them sell from under me. Each of my orders shipped separately. I don’t necessarily think it is fair to limit items to consumers. It is all in the luck of the draw! I missed out on some other stuff, but there will be more.

    I am Central Time and I get up a lot in the middle of the night so I have been lucky enough to hit the sneak ups at the right time. If I slept normal hours I missed it. Either way, Sheri will get more or not. Someone got some good yarn and I’m not going to feel guilty for what I did get!

  31. As Sheri’s friend, I know that Sheri; WH; Knitting daughter and College guy have put their heart and soul into The Loopy Ewe and do their best to make it a great experience for everyone! It actually would have been easier for her to do a midnight sneak up than to get up way early in attempt to shake up the sneak up a bit. (Especailly knowing that it would be a very long day packing orders!!) I think it speaks volumes that she is the only stateside carrier of Wollmeise… There will be more. As much as she can get. As fast as she can get it. Thanks, friend for getting me addicted.. and then feeding my addiction!!! 🙂

  32. Thanks for the great sneak-up Sheri!! I imagine you guys are ready for ANOTHER vacation after today!HA! I personally think you do a grand job with the sneak-ups – what a fun way to introduce new things to Loopy! I am an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal, so when the sneak-ups come at midnight, I may miss something I want, but that is okay – some other sock knitter got it who will love it just as much as me, and my turn will come around again…

    Thanks too for the wonderful Etsy links and the link to the Moonraker beads…I really need to take a day soon and just explore Etsy…I haven’t gotten to do that, but there are some awesome things on there…and those beads – what talent!!

    Can’t wait to get my invite from Ravelry…I am dying to check it out!!

  33. I have been tired and a bit cranky from sleep deprivation today, but their will be Wollmeise and Spritely Goods in my mailbox soon 🙂 so it is worth it. Well the kids don’t think so but I do. I can spend hours on Etsy, there are too many too choose just one or two favorites.

  34. I’m not much of an Etsy shopper, but it’s occasionally fun to look at what’s up there.

    I could see a skein limit being useful with new or rare yarns so more folks have a chance at them, but I don’t really have a dog in this hunt; the yarns that I tend to like are ones that I can order from other shops if I’m in that big of a hurry to get them. (Even the Wollmeise — I can always order it from Germany if I’m that desperate to get it Now.) I wait for it here because I like the service & the frequent buyer bennies, and because it’s fun to look for a sneak-up.

    And I figure, anything bigger than the tiniest of indie dyers, I’m going to have a chance at eventually — see, for example, Apple Laine, which sticks around a lot longer than it used to. And if I don’t get one particular lovely yarn, well, it’s not like there aren’t a bazillion other beautiful yarns out there, and it’s not as if I don’t have enough to knit anyway, and it’s not as if I won’t find other ways to give Sheri my yarn budget for the month.

  35. Hi Kinelle, I wasn’t trying to point fingers or shame anyone. I hope it did not come across that way. I still think having a skein limit for the first run of a very hot product, which this obviously would be, IS fair and I stand by my suggestion. It seems there are others who agree, but ultimately the decision is Sheri’s and I’ll respect whatever she should choose to do.

    Like I said, it’s nothing I would cry over; small beans in the game of life. It would just be nice, that’s all. (And I could care less about sneak-up times. Move ’em around. As someone else said, no one time will work for everyone, and it defeats the whole purpose of a sneak-up!)

  36. I’m with Castiron. Lots of yarns that were flying off the virtual shelves a few months ago are now sticking around for quite a while. I’ve learned that when Sheri says they’re going to carry it, it’ll be back just as soon as they can restock it. I used to panic when I couldn’t get the yarn I had my heart set on, but now I don’t worry anymore. I’ll get a crack at it next time (usually without the danger of it leaping out of my cart before I’ve checked out) and in the meantime there are dozens of other gorgeous yarns at The Loopy Ewe that I can’t resist!

  37. Hi Bronwyn, Perhaps I was too sensitive. I appreciate your clarifying your position! Although I have certainly purchased multiple skeins, I did not buy one of Wollmeise this time around. I was lurking in the wee morning hours for Cider Moon! OF course, I was so bleary eyed I forgot about Spritely Goods and when I finally got around to looking at the site later in the morning all the colors were gone. Ah well, such is life.

  38. As someone who works in the computer industry I have to say coding in a skien limit would be a royal pain in the tushie. I’m an east coaster I have woken up at 4am to buy yarn pirate and there were only 3 colors left then. So west coasters do benefit sometimes too. I would say that people in all parts of the US have a pretty good shot of scoring something in high demand at different times. Yesterday my internet went down all day. I did panic for about 10 mins and then I realized not getting some Wollmeise was a high class problem.

  39. Sheri, I think you do an outstanding job of spreading the wealth. Keep up the great work…we love you and your great customer service.

  40. After reading these comments I would like to say Sherri does a great job and you can’t please everyone. Iam sure we all realize this. As far as sneak-ups go, if you don’t get it this time, you’ll get it at some point. After all it’s not like we don’t have any yarn. Oh my! The one thing that bothers me is when you have it in your cart and you are still shopping it can jump right out.

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