Top Ten Places to Store Yarn

Based on the past few months, I’m thinking there are probably a LOT of you who are going to need new places to hide store all of your yarn. So I walked around my house and found some new hiding storage places that I thought I’d share with you today.

Behind your frames
In your Crocs
In the cookie jar
In your coat sleeves
With your cookbooks
In the plants
In your baskets
Under the piano cover
In the harp
In your ceiling lights

Sheri Iknowyouhavefoundotherplacestohidestorestash.Telluswhere!


  1. LOL….those are some good places to hide yarn. I specially love the cookie jar idea. It helps all of us who are trying to cut back on fattening stuff. 🙂
    I could use the movie cabinet, under my daughters crib, and behind my headboard! I could probably go on an on….ok maybe not since my house is only about 1000 sq ft but I’m sure I could come up with a few more if I gave it more thought. 😉

  2. LOL, there are some perks to living alone… no one to hide it from no need to hide it. However, if I did… pillow cases would be good, those hard to reach cabinets over the fridge could hold a lot, vases and canisters too. Plenty of room behind and under furniture also.

  3. i don’t have to hide yarn anymore, but at one point i did buy a bigger purse just so i could smuggle yarn into the house.

    the best place to hide yarn is where husbands will never look- inside the dishwasher, maybe the washing machine, or in a box of, uh, feminine products ;).

  4. I started with a forgotten dresser in our workout room! Long since outgrown, the dresser now stores my “big company” sock yarns, while I’ve added plastic shoe boxes from the Container Store to house my indie dyed yarns. These are stored under my bed and brought out and admired as soon as my hubby leaves for a business trip!

  5. Love your pictures! I have a few places I stick my yarn. There are a few skeins crammed into one of my desk drawers. Some hidden under the fabric stash. And a bunch tucked away in the laundry cabinet, one place my husband never goes into, lol.

    I also have a big purse and if something comes in the mail that I “shouldn’t be getting” I stick it in my purse until he leaves for work (he’s on night shift so he leaves at 6pm) I also use the purse for all the books I’m always buying.

    Ummm…I think I might be an addict 😉

  6. Hubby bought me a plastic chest of drawers to put next to my desk… It didn’t all fit. That’s when he realized there might be a problem. I keep all of my sock yarn seperate and it will be going in display jars which are being shipped from Sarah Lou in Ohio. They’re a collection and deserve to be displayed as such… 😉

    But I might store some of the collection in crocs. That’s was a great idea. 🙂

  7. Fun pictures!
    I am shameless when it comes to yarn, so no smuggling or hiding – I just brazenly announce I have spent another $xx (or $xxx!) on sock yarn and add it to the room I have commandeered for my fiber-y pursuits. When my spending ever comes even close to the tally of sales receipts from the hardware and woodworker’s stores, then I may develop a smidge of guilt, but I feel pretty safe so far.

  8. My fiance actually loves to see all my new yarn, so I don’t have to hide it. I used to feel really guilty about the amount of yarn I had coming into our house, but one day he “caught” me trying to smuggle some in and told me I was being ridiculous because we both know I budget a certain amount of “fun” money every month and he knows it goes to yarn. When we moved into our new place last month and I set up my craft studio I was shocked by the amount of yarn I had when I put it all in one place. He doesn’t mind seeing it though and apparently shares my love of sock yarn…he loves to see all the pretty things that come out of the many boxes that come to the house for me, and he’s even mentioned wanting to learn more about dyeing yarn and trying to dye some.

    Um, and I’m totally with Michelle…once my yarn habit equals my man’s drum, bass, guitar, and Star Wars collectibles habit, I may start feeling guilty again. I don’t think that will happen for a verrrrry long time though!

  9. I particularly like in the ceiling light, best light fixture I’ve ever seen. 😀

    I’d like to convert the basement to a yarn room, you know, so if we get a tornado at least the yarn will be safe.

  10. DH doesn’t care about my stash, so no need to hide. If he wants to keep buying expensive video games, he really can’t complain. 😛

  11. I need places that the hubby never looks. It is hard to hide stuff from him. And the cookie jar would definitely be out. I could hide it with the cleaning supplies, everyone else avoids that cabinet like the plague, so my stash would be safe there.

  12. It’s just me and my kitty here, so no need to hide. I’m beginning to think, though, that I should start hiding the yarn from myself! It’s gotten so out of hand that it’s kind of embarrassing.

    Hmm…will I stop adding to my sock yarn stash? Uh, probably not!

  13. Oh, I completely forgot about the auxiliary storage, aka the trunk of my car! It’s perfect because I rarely drive and the car just sits there with this extra room :o)

  14. I have a couple of nice wide baskets that some of my yarn lives in, and shelves that it spills over onto, and various surfaces around my crafts room. I do like the harp storage, though. You need to find a composer to write a piece for yarn-muted harp!

    (A sign that’s up in one cross-stitch shop and one yarn shop of my acquaintance: “Your husband called and said buy anything you want!”)

  15. LOL… you took all the good places! I’m not that creative, just very fortunate that my husband doesn’t notice the growing stacks of rubbermaid bins that line our upstairs hallway. Now what I’m really waiting for is some Yarn Pirate to hide! 🙂

  16. Sheri, you have a harp!?! Who plays it? My daughter wants to learn to play the harp. Most of my yarn is out in the open in baskets, or in lys bags behind my rocker which backs into the corner so you can’t really see what’s back there.

  17. I put my stash in my fiber cabinet. Not to hide it but to ease my eagerness to knit all of it.
    Everytime i finish a pair of socks i go throught and touch all the skeins and try and decide which ones i want to knit. it is always a hard choice and geting harder as my stash multiplies. it is my addiction and i refuse to go to rehab.

  18. You have a harp?! Wow! Tell us more! It’s very decorative with the yarn hanging from it. It’s a Hank Harp!

    I keep all my yarn in plastic bins or in the large glass-fronted wall cabinet, in my craft room. No yarn can be left unattended because Belle will eat it. I’d love to keep it out where it can be fondled and sniffed but, alas, there is no way!

  19. Well, okay, I put it in the underwear drawer so it’s right there if I want to work on something whilst lying in front of the 10:00 news, not so much to hide it. I mainly get in trouble from my children when I come home with new yarn, or, as in today’s case, get some in the mail from Loopy!!! Love, love, love, the Lorna’s colors I got today, and the little “needle inventory” card is just perfect…I’ve been thinking of doing something like that on my own, and here you’ve gone and done it for me! I got the package early this afternoon, but made myself wait all afternoon and evening before opening it because I needed to work on the menu for camp in two weeks. If I’d opened it before then, my concentration would have been shot. Now that I’m done, I can sit here and pet my yarn with impunity. Thanks, Sheri!!
    P.S. And boy, do I have plans for Loopy the Postcard…..

  20. Ha! Best. Post. EVAR.

    I’m trying to get all sneaky, it seems, and start hiding it in plain sight. As a “decorating feature”. In bowls, attractively arranged on counters…..I’m thinking about hanging hooks from my studio ceiling and hanging the hanks there, and calling it an art installation.

    When you’re the freaky artist chick on the block, nobody questions that kind of thing. They just nod slowly and back away…. 🙂

  21. Sheri, you are too funny! I love some of your storage places. I do have to make a comment about oneof your storage places, though: the light fixture one is only safe if the circuit is disconnected–otherwise, that would likely be a fire hazard! I like your yarn adding color to your plant and your baskets the best, I think. 🙂

    I have seen people who actually use their skeins of yarn as part of their decor in various rooms, whether in a huge goblet, like a jumbo brandy snifter (sp), or large clear salad bowl, or whatever. And, some people store various knitting needles in their vases that are out as decorations, but do not happen to have flowers in them.

    I want to store my yarn in Rubbermaid clear plastic storage boxes. I have to see what we have around here, before I go shopping for some new ones. When I buy them, my kids have a habit of confiscating them for their stuff. In the meantime, I have too many cardboard mailing boxes accumulating around here.

    I need to get my yarn and patterns, etc, organized. I also need to put my knitting needles in a bigger box because they have outgrown the one they are in at the moment. (My husband hasn’t really complained about my packages coming in, but he did comment once that I had gotten several boxes in in the past couple of weeks). Not all of the packages were knitting things, though–some of that was computer related, for his computer. (I do all of the computer repairs–I’m not quite sure how to put this, but he really doesn’t care how computers work or what to do when they don’t act like he is used to, so he gets upset. He thinks they should just work. And, he doesn’t always understand the concept of “garbage in, garbage out” when dealing with computers. Since my computer major College Guy went off to college, that left me to handle any & all computer trouble-shooting for our household. As such, all of our computers are registered in my name, so I can talk to support people, if necessary; that & I was President of our computer club for almost 15 years. 🙂 )

  22. Haha! Love your hiding places! I hide in plain site or in the numerous storage bins. I do try to get home before hubby, so I can “hide” the yarn in plain site! 😉

  23. All of your stashing spots are super, but Sheri, I didn’t know you play the harp! Cool! What kind of harp is it? I would be afraid to stash yarn in my harp for fear the cats would get it (or push it farther in so NO ONE could get it), but I could stuff a whole lot in the grand piano. It might make lesson days more pleasant . . .

  24. LOL… DH said to store them in the vacuum cleaner bag since I’m not using it anyway. Hmm… I think there’s a hidden meaning there.

  25. In the cookie jar…mmm, delicious.

    How about…in the “junk” drawer, inside pillowcases (extra cushion!), in the winter boots/shoes, or behind the computer monitor (I’ve got quite a bit of room behind mine)? That’s all I got.

  26. Some very innovative “hiding” places! Too funny!

    As for my stash: plastic storage bins, the laundry hamper, and a big cabinet downstairs which no one has looked into for years (except me). However, I’m supposed to be cleaning out that room this summer, so I’m on the lookout for a new hiding place. Most of the sock yarn is in plain sight in our bedroom, which causes my husband to comment, “Do you even know what’s in that pile of stuff?”

  27. My husband has this cute little bottom cupboard next to his sink in our bathroom. Since it has been empty since we remodeled 9 years ago, I decided that possession is 9/10 of the law. I filled it with sock yarn, just to bug him. Actually, he doesn’t care at all. He thought it was kind of funny!

  28. Looove that..

    I have those plastic sterilite containers with drawers, rubbermaid totes, and a whole table (aka desk?) full of wip’s and yarn. Also one of the drawers under our bed, and a basket. I don’t hide it. Hubby’s gotta get used to it eventually!

    I have also smuggled yarn in large purses (ahem or large messenger bags…) 😀

  29. I would love to store my yarn in any of those lovely places except for two things:

    One- My house, it would seem, is not as clean as yours. If your lampshade is clean enough to put yarn in AND you run your own online store it seems to me as if I’m seriously lacking somewhere in my personal/homecare/working life.

    Two- Moths. While we no longer have a hoarde of these lovely buggers LIVING with us they do insist on flying in through open windows when we’re trying not to dye of heat exhaustion or be steamed alive like asparagus or clams.

    THEREFORE, I mus report the following:

    All my yarn stash is hidden stored in plastic bags inside plastic bags, inside large plastic tubs in the living room and these plastic tubs may or may not contain some pretty evil (but not smelly) moth killing strips.

    *sigh* I need to move to a house that has proper windows and no bugs. 🙁

  30. I “hide” in plain sight too, that way he is just blind to it. The other day I got 2 small packages in the mail and he didn’t even notice.

    We have a little corner room in our basement that I have taken over and most of my yarn is in large rubbermaid conatiners, but some is upstairs in the dining room and some in the bedroom and of course a few WIPS laying around the house.

    I think we have yarn everywhere 🙂

  31. Those are funny!

    I have all of mine in the cabinet under my computer, in a nice fabric box in the living room, in baskets by my computer, and in glass containers in the top of my computer cabinet.

  32. I only have 530 sq. ft. because I live in a senior center. However, someone already
    used one one of the places I store my yarn. Hat boxes are wonderful because
    they stack, they are decorative and no one knows what’s in them. Under the bed
    boxes are wonderful too. I also bought a
    a large rataan trunk with metal scroll work that fits under my fold down top desk
    next to my entertainment center in the living room. I’m very anal and although
    I don’t have the room, I like everything to look like it’s in it’s place. It is also
    drawing the fact to my attention that I probably don’t need all the yarn that I have; but I doubt that I’ll stop buying. I really only need to hide the yarn from myself.
    I love your harp.


  33. Inside my other addiction: Longaberger baskets! I also stash yarn in all those tote bags we knitters seem to acquire everywhere we go.

    This post had me grinning, Sheri. I don’t hide my yarn. I show it off! It’s gorgeous!

  34. I have yarn “stored” in dresser drawers, felted bowls, vases, under-the-bed boxes, a china hutch (which has NO china) and in hanging shoe holders. I have too much yarn, but still not nearly enough. I love my sock yarns and hate to put them away whre I can’t see them, so I leave them sitting out until I get my next “new” ones from the Loopy Ewe, then I put the old ones away and leave out the new skeins. Thanks for having such beautiful yarns and for taking such care when you package them so pretty when sending them out!

  35. I have used my wine rack to store my yarns before and it was sooooo pretty. People loved looking at all the pretty yarns. Now that we are selling the house the wine rack holds bottles of wine and my beautiful yarns are hidden away in a storage cabinet. I liked having the yarns out in the open though, it reminded me of what I had and I was less likely to buy new yarn.

    Off to place my order from Loopy now!

  36. Too funny! Becasue our house is on the market and today there is a showing….Yesterday I was in my walk in closet organizing. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see the people who look at our house…they may think upon entering my closet that they have entered a yarn shop:) two feet away is another walk in closet and it is a proper holds all clothing of my husbands. No yarn. Yet.

    So I have four huge clear bins that hold yarn. One for STR. One for yarn from Loopy and previous stash. Two other bins for other yarn projects. A shelf full of knitting books over the top.

    Anyway..send good wishes our way that the buyers are knitters/yarn lovers and will be so overcome by my yarn closet that they just feel right at home and KNOW this is the house for them.

  37. Ok, I have to ask–are the Crocs comfortable (when worn without the yarn of course!). My feet have been killing me and I’m seriously considering getting a pair of Crocs.

    Living alone means not having to hide yarn, just having trouble storing it. I have a big basket where I keep all my yarn, but, that’s getting to be too small. You’ve just given me some new ideas of where to store all my stash.

  38. I have a two-drawer filing cabinet filled with acrylics, from my pre-wool days when all I could get was from Wal-Mart. The good stuff is in a few boxes in my walk-in closet in our bedroom. (We only have the one closet, but hubby prefers dresser drawers.) He keep saying he’s going to build shelves in there so I can lay it all out and see what I’ve got. There’s one ball of black Opal Crocodil that I haven’t seen since we moved. We’re sure it didn’t get left behind, we just can’t find it.

  39. I also loved the harp idea. I actually did hide yarn in my son’s tuba for a while (so the recipient of a gift would not find it). Since he never practices, I might as well use that immense non-decorative object for something!

    I also have a lot of yarn in lovely Longaberger baskets–especially the sock yarn, which, like someone else said, is a collection that deserves to be displayed. I certainly won’t knit it all any day soon. 🙂

  40. Very cute pictures! Since my husband has a boat, I don’t hide anything. Beyond the monthy payment on the thing, you wouldn’t believe how much money he spends buying stuff to decorate/repair/upgrade it. Now, we also have the cost of gas to run it, you know…. Whoever said, “a boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money” was right on the mark!!!
    So, I never ever ever feel guilty buying yarn and books. I store my yarn in large plastic bags in one of those 3 drawer plastic carts on wheels. I also have a basket at my chair that I keep the current socks in progress in and the next ones in line. Every now and then I fondle the main stash and rotate in and out the “in line” ones in my basket.

  41. Anywhere in my step-DD’s bedroom. Poor thing has to share her space with my ever-growing stash. I have 4 containers under her bed and one in her closet. And that’s not counting the WIPs on her entertainment center.

    I like the ceiling lights idea….who looks up anyway?

  42. You have a HARP?? :-O

    I found that I have to hide my yarn from Lucy — if I don’t, she brings it to me, one skein at a time, after I’ve gone to bed. Sometimes I wake up in the morning to find a pile of several skeins next to me. So my sock yarn goes in plastic bins that she cannot open.

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