New Loopy Groupies!

You can always be pretty sure that if I haven’t blogged during the day on one of my blog days, it’s because I’ve spent the day filling your orders. Susan-the-awesome-assistant and Knitting Daughter and I worked on them all day, and we’ll finish the rest of the Sneak Up orders for you tomorrow. We have fun packing your orders and sending them off! Plus, we need more room on the shelves for the other cases of yarn that have come in yesterday and today. (In Friday’s post I’ll let you know what has come in and will be up next week.) We have expanded shelves as much as possible in The Loopy “Room-but-I-really-shouldn’t-call-it-a-room-because-it’s-way-bigger-
than-that.” The next step? Everyone will have to move out of the house. That’s all there is to it. Shelves and yarn everywhere.

Very SheriSo – last night’s Sneak Up was fun. You do need to check out the fun colorway that Knitting Daughter and Georgia the Yarn Pirate collaborated on for me for Mother’s Day this year! (Remember when I had Georgia do one for KD for her birthday in February, called Sweet Jules? Well, KD thought she’d return the favor!) It’s called “Very Sheri” and it is very much me. Cranberry, hunter green, and chocolate. I absolutely love it. I’m glad several of you were able to get a skein, too! We’ll have it here again.

Did you notice the other new feature on the website that you’re been asking for? Now you can see sold-out colorways! The last page from each current yarn line is a “0” and it will show you colorways that are currently out of stock. For yarn lines (like Yarn Pirate) that are completely sold out, just click on the button and it will give you the option of seeing past colorways from there, too. I have to say, I’m really liking having Web Guy work on The Loopy Ewe full time this summer. During the school year, the “to do” list gets pretty darned long, while waiting for him to fit it in between classes and college life and such. (Oh, ok. You’re right. That’s what he’s at college for.)

Once again I’m past due in welcoming new Loopy Groupies to the flock! You reach Loopy Groupie status when you have placed your sixth order with us. We send you a fun gift bag to celebrate, and then you’re on the Loopy Groupie notification list for Sneak Ups, as well as getting in on some fun specials now and then, just for you. We love our Loopy Groupies! A special welcome to the newest members of the group:

Linda (DE), Tracy (WA), Tamara (OR), Nell (CA), Debra (CA), Tasha (AK), Jean (PA), Danielle (Quebec, CA), Marcela (NY), Linda (OR), Lynda (OK), Meryl (CA), Gina (HI), Mary (ID), Kathy (MO), Maya (TX), Heather (IL), Debbie (CO), Krystal (NY), Chauntel (CA), Emma (OK), Dawn (CT), Bronwyn (TN), Cheryl (MA), Laura (NC), Maria (NC), Malin (Sweden), Donna (FL), Kelli (IN), Jaci (WI), Del (OK), Barb (IL), Rebecca (MN), Sonia (TX), Joni (NY), Jennifer (OH), Laurie (WA), Gretchen (ND), Julia (AZ), Lauren (CO), Stacey (IL), Lesley (MD), Patti (ME), Naomi (FPO), Karen (OH), Jennifer (NJ), Deborah (WI), Sara (OH), Nicole (WI), Lori (NJ), Mitzi (ID), Michelle (VA), Christine (MN), Deborah (PA), Michelle (AZ), Anne (GA), Georgia (WA), Betty (HI), Jacqueline (FL), Lisa, (CA), I-Chun (CA), Julie (TX), Ketzia (NY), Zonda (NC), Belinda (CA), Emily (MI), Julie (CA), Brenda (IA), Barbara (KS), Melissa (NY), Elizabeth (VA), Margaret (TX), Laurie (MA), Ruby (CA), Mickie (MA), Dawn (VA), Karen (IL), Jessi (CO), Laura (UT), Meridith (MA), Lori (WI), Virginia (CO), Brenda (IL), Laura (NY), Katherine (MN), Jane (WA), Marianne (MI), Suzzanne (MD), Roberta (MO), Katy (PA), Jean (CA), Michele (WA), Deborah (WA), Harriet (NC), Tempe (MO), Jessica (AL), Lori (PA), Debi (FL), Alicia (NE), Naomi (CA), Alison (NY), Kristin (PA), Margie (IN), Eleanor (CA), Terri (Alberta, Canada), Celeste (NC), Phyllis (MI), Melanie (WA), Linda (WA), Grace (IL), Karen (MI), Katherine (OH), Amanda (MA), Judie (FL), Stephanie (CA), Pamelyn (IL), Joan (MN), Donna (IL), Elizabeth (TX), Beth (OK), Tanya (MD), Elizabeth (IN), Elizabeth (MI), Rosi (NY), Hope (GA), Diane (MA), Karen (IL), Shannon (FL), Rebecca (CO), Nadine (MD), Wendy (MD), Lori (PA), Amy (WA), Sharon (NY) and Kim (IL). Big hugs to all of you! πŸ™‚

Sheri IjoinedRavelrylastnightandnowneedtostarttakingphotoswoohoo!Areyouonyet?


  1. *jumps up and down* I’m Loopy too! I’m Loopy too! I saw the YP last night (I have not been a patient waiter) and still scored none. That “Sheri’s Favorite” colorway is so beautiful! You have a great KD and YP. I will be on the lookout for the restock. However, I did manange to have a little yarn accident this morning with some gorgeous Stone Barn yarns and imagined you in the Loopy Room, packing orders as fast as they came in. I am so happy for your continued success!

  2. Yay for Loopiness!

    I was so excited to see the YP I snagged as much as my waller would let me, it was worth breaking the yarn diet for!

    I’m not on Raverly yet, I probably have a billion years to wait, I didn’t know about it till recently, lol. But I’ve started photographing the stash jut to be ready. it’s fun to dig through the yarn and admire all the pretty yarns individually again.

  3. I love the new feature of seeing sold out colorways. Thank you!

    I’m still waiting for my invitation to Ravelry. I can’t wait to get in there and see if for myself.

    Happy packing!

  4. I got my ravelry invite a little over a week ago..
    LOVE IT!!
    I’ll have to look for you πŸ™‚
    I’m Missynews…

    and HOORAY for sneak ups!!
    you rock, Sheri πŸ™‚

  5. I’m still stuck on the waiting list for Ravelry, but am looking forward to getting my invite. I’m totally green with envy.
    Love the Very Sheri colourway!

  6. I am so jealous that you got on ravelry. I’ll still waiting for my invite. Love the new feature on the website. You rock College Guy!

  7. This is the best site ever. You must be so proud of College Guy. Web Guy. He’s the best. You are so lucky to have him. Missed Yarn Pirate but will be on the look out again. Love the colors. Great that KD did that for you. Pack on.

  8. I’m still waiting for an invite to Ravelry but that might be just as well since I am nowhere near organized enough yet to be ready to leap right in. But I might start working toward that. I do have a stash spreadsheet but it’s only sock yarns and those I’ve ordered since I found blogs and whatnot. I’ve got a lot of other yarn bought over the years. I started buying yarn about 10 years before I started knitting again. I knew I was gonna want to start again eventually. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  9. I love, love, love the new features Web Boy has contributed to the site! It’s great to be able to see what I missed as I slept through a sneak up, and plot how to get it next time! (If I stop sleeping, I will have more time to knit!)
    Thanks for listing me among the new Loopy Groupies! I love your site!

  10. That’s a very pretty colorway. I missed out on the Yarn Pirate, but snatched up some Perchance to Knit. Love that yarn. I just got on Ravelry a few days ago and phew is it taking up a lot of my time. I’m jeanniefanihi over there. I’m still taking pictures of things to load over there.

  11. I LOVE being able to see the sold out colors!!!

    It’s something that frustrated me during the first couple shopping madness events because I haven’t seen a lot of the colors. I’m fairly new to the attainment of really good yarns game….now I can just find what I want instead of spending time browsing!

    I have been on ravelry for a couple months….I think it’s the greatest thing evah!!

    Most of the items I put in my stash (not even a fraction of what I have in my closet) are yarns I purchased from you….because it’s the MOST beautiful πŸ™‚

    My Ravelry name is Zowbean if you want to check out my stuff….I’ll look at yours too!

  12. Yes it is great being a new Loopy Groupie I forgot to mention that.Your site is so much fun. Thanks .

  13. Oh the new colors were torture…..I’m mentally shopping night now. I wanted a skein of the Yarn Pirate Loopy Groupie bad! It will be mine the next time. I’ve gotten pre-approval….lol. πŸ™‚
    I’m on Ravelry too…’s soooooo great for organizing but it takes a bit to set up.

  14. Oh I saw all the colors last night and I could have easily bought 4-5 skeins. πŸ™‚ I have to settle for mental shopping for now. I was bummed when I seen the Yarn Pirate Loopy Groupie. That was the only one I wanted bad. It sold out in what seems like 5 seconds flat just like all the rest of her yarns. I’ve got pre-approval for the YP Loopy Groupie yarn when you get some more. πŸ™‚
    I’m on Ravelry too. It’s soooooo wonderful for organization but it does take a little while to get it all set up. πŸ™‚

  15. I put my name on the Ravelry waitlist as soon as Miriam blogged about it, but no dice yet. As others have mentioned, that’s just as well, since I would still need to photo and catalog all my goodies.

  16. I’ve joined Ravelry! I think it’s a good thing that it makes me want to go through my stash (ahem, yarn buffet) and log it. I’ve been afraid of knowing for a while. Heh…

  17. welcome to all the new loopie groupies! i really enjoy the new features of your website, sheri. CG is doing a great job here. especially enjoy seeing the big group of thumbnail photos and being able to view colors that are sold. i saw a color i really liked in sknitches. are their colors a one of a kind, or hopefully, do they reproduce the colorways you had previously? hadn’t heard of ravelry before but went to look at it with your link. so much out there and so little time. ) : happy knitting to all.

  18. I saw the sneak up alright… I had just placed an order the day before! And you got in ice cream sundae! No fair!!! I’ll have to wait until next time…

    I too sign-ed up for Ravelry, but it was about a month or so ago. I met Jessica at the Calvin for the Harlot’s reading. She’s amazing! Can’t wait for my invite either…

    Check out if you get a chance… Very cool new site!

  19. I ordered for the first time(!) the night before the sneak up, and scored some Zen Strings, something I’ve wanted to get my hands on for a while. The next morning I was checking out my order and saw the 2 YP’s! I put one of each in my cart and continued shopping….big mistake. When I saw the yarn drop out of my cart I said, no more shopping, check out! I ended up with the Deep Cove, and cannot wait to see it in person.

    On the 6th I was told I was about 10 days out from my invite during an email conversation about the great screenshots, and I’m trying to be patient. But once the 16th hits, I’ll be chomping at the bit, I just know it. Then it’ll be this time sucker…I’m scared.

  20. Waiting eagerly for my Ravelry invite!! And I’m just in AWE at how fast the YP went! I was up at 1:30 nursing my baby, and decided to check if you had stocked. Squinted through sleepy eyes trying to pick a color, and went with Deep Cove. Love it! And good thing baby was up when he was, because at 8am the next morning, you were sold out of YP!!! Can’t complain about that overnight feeding. Can’t wait to see the yarn in person!

    Thanks for an amazing site/shopping experience, Sheri!

  21. Still no Ravelry invite for me. I am dying to look around. If I signed up say…end of May, what do you think my chances are for getting on by Halloween? How about Thanksgiving? Christmas!?!?!

    And I love seeing the out of stock colorways! Am I a little masochistic for wanting to see what I cannot have? Maybe.

  22. LOVE that YP colorway! Just gorgeous! I’m not on Ravelry yet, but need to get over there and sign up. And, thanks to Web Guy for adding the newest feature on your website – must go check out to see what I missed and add to my must have list for future sneak-ups! : )

  23. OMG, there is a collective cosmic consciousness! I got my invite to Ravelry this morning while I was online checking out their preview screenshots, honest to goodness!
    You’ve got some seriously awesome karma, Sheri!

  24. Thanks to Web Guy for making the sold out colours so easy to admire. I decided not to get up at 2 am this time, which I likely would have had to do to get any of the YP Very Sheri or the Loopy Groupie (both of which are gorgeous). But I can still admire them and all the other lovely colours which disappeared before 5 am (which is when I did finally get up!
    Have you made any socks from the Very Sheri yet? I would love to see it all knitted up, too. It’s making me think fondly of next winter when we will be curled up in front of the fireplace, with toasty warm toes inside cosy, woollen socks.

  25. Totally love the new web features, and yes, I did pick up on the ‘O’ page for sold out colorways. Isn’t it strange that looking at sold out colors is satisfying? Anyway, love that. Way to go Web Guy!

    Wowee on all those new Loopie Groupies! Shouldn’t be surprised though knowing how you sell out of things so quickly. :>)

    Like so many others posting here I did sign up for Ravelry long ago but haven’t received the invite yet. Should be fun though.

    I love your ‘Very Sheri’. It is ‘Very Pretty’. :>)

  26. Go Techy-College Guy! I love the new-ish look and definitely love seeing the sold out colorways!
    And really, it was so sweet of KD to collaborate with Georgia – Very Sheri is adorable.
    I think it’ll be a little while before I’m a groupie – 2 more orders to go, but an empty wallet.
    Congrats, New Groupies!

  27. Sheri,
    I am LOVING the changes that college boy/web guy is making. Please let him know!

    I especially like the feature of being able to see what I missed. A bit sadistic to be sure, but it is somehow satisfying to see what other people really loved!

  28. Three cheers for College Guy! I can finally see all those great colorways that I keep hearing about and never get a chance to appreciate. Definitely a added bonus.

    I thought the Very Sheri is Very Cool! The colors are great together. What a nice KD!

  29. Hi, Sheri and welcome to the terrifically wonderful time-suck that is Ravelry!!! I rec’d my invite a couple of weeks ago and I have had so much fun spending most of my free time there (that includes former knitting time, of course!). Look me up when you get a chance…I’m bethknitsandnaps.

    I think I’m either 1 or 2 orders away from being a Groupie! I can’t wait!!! Your store is one of the most addictive out there, imo. I love it (even if my wallet does not!!!)!!

  30. I love the new features Web Guy has installed, he needs a raise if he has solved my posting problems (come on mum – he deserves it). Package arrived today, I am loving the new knitting purse – trendy. I agree the shop is addictive, so much yarn and so little time.

  31. Sheri
    Thank your son for making the addition to the web of sold out colors. That may be my only way of seeing some of the colorways.

    How about adding a wish list?

  32. Wow, that is one heck of a new Groupie list!
    Love the new view on the sold out colorways. Without that and the hint on the L&V messageboard, I never would have seen the Groupie colorway (you are bringing that one back too, right?).

    I love the Loopy on vacation postcard that arrived today! Yippee! (ok, the small things make me happy)

    Dh just went to the post office to mail you the Q2 challenge hats. Whew!

  33. I love being able to see all of the sold out colors. It lets me create a future wish list of all the stuff I would love to buy! I got my Ravelry invite this past Wednesday and I’m totally addicted. Now I have to photograph all the great yarn i’ve gotten from the Loopy Ewe over the past couple of months.

  34. I think that you should move out of your house and move in with us :-)!! It’s not that far…….
    I signed up for Ravelry and am awaiting invitation. (Even tho I have no idea what it is, if Sheri does it, than it must be worth while!!) ONE MORE THING that you are getting me in to!

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