Top Ten Places to Store Yarn

Based on the past few months, I’m thinking there are probably a LOT of you who are going to need new places to hide store all of your yarn. So I walked around my house and found some new hiding storage places that I thought I’d share with you today.

Behind your frames
In your Crocs
In the cookie jar
In your coat sleeves
With your cookbooks
In the plants
In your baskets
Under the piano cover
In the harp
In your ceiling lights

Sheri Iknowyouhavefoundotherplacestohidestorestash.Telluswhere!


  1. In my teapot collection, in the suitcases (prepared to run away with my stash for a weekend of knitting), in the pots and pans (“But, honey, I simply can’t cook tonight. All of the pots and pans have yarn in them.”), in my coat pockets, in his boat (this way if he whines at me until I agree to go fishing with him I can pull out a ball and say, “Why look! It’s a ball of sock yarn and some #2’s! I really should knit you some fishing socks, dear.”), in the freezer in an empty corndog box under the turkey pot pies (no one eats the corndogs, but we have a box of them anyway… so I’ll throw them out and keep the box for yarn stashing emergencies)…

  2. I have three plastic bins of “known” stash. For additional items – under my desk at work is a favorite. I have had things delivered here and smuggle home one or two at a time. My closet has two racks for shorter items. They both have shelves and the lower one is covered up by my clothes:-) Then there is the cardboard box kind of hidden behind some storage bins and a couple knitting bags that have a skein or two…Good thing I joined a summer stashalong – I’m running out of hiding places.

  3. Delightful photo essay! My yarn is stored in plastic bags in large Rubbermaid tubs, to “hide” it from carpet beetles. (The beetles are no longer plentiful, but are very hard to stamp out completely.) Fortunately I don’t have to hide yarn from my husband.

  4. There are so many great places to stash your stash, but there was one really funny one I came upon one day at work. I am an elementary school special education teacher, one day while I was walking around the lunch room, a little first grade girl started to cry. I approached her, tears streaming down her face. I asked her why the tears. She replied, “My mommy is at it again, she must have gone yarn shopping again!” With that, I looked down and the poor child’s lunch box was filled with beautiful yarns! While this would have been a dream lunch for me, it was not quite what this small child was hoping for! We had found some of her mommy’s secret stash!

  5. Hee Hee! Right now it’s in my “work” tote which lives in my car. I do have a cookie jar collection which would be perfect! I love the harp. My little girl would love to get one, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be approprate for stash storage as she’d play it every day.

  6. The tops of very tall furniture are great place to hide yarn. I use places like the top of the china cabinet, credenza, kitchen cabinets, and cupboards–these all seem to have a recessed top area that makes a great hiding place for yarn. The teapots in the cabinets come in handy as well.

  7. Yesterday I searched my son Xavier’s bed three times for a sandal that I *knew* was in there. No sandal. That night when I went to tuck him into bed, I found that he’d shoved it into his pillow case – in that little extra space along the long side. I missed it even though I’d moved the pillow 2 times! So may I suggest your pillows? If you can successfully, “store” a sandal, I’m guessing yarn skeins would be a cinch!

    I’m so impressed that you have both a piano and a harp – they’re lovely skein storage!

  8. hee hee hee i wish we had a piano! that one was my favorite from your list. i don’t make any attempt to hide, and barely any attempt to store, even. i plan to soon, though. 🙂

  9. My mom and I hide yarn from my dad in the trunks of our cars. We have a whole room upstairs that the door stays closed to keep our cat from stealing the yarn out of. For some odd reason he only goes after sock yarn and Rowan.

  10. My stash is in boxes in the back of a closet–my fiance gave me half the closet to be an official stash! And I took over a basket near the bed (in case I wake up in the middle of the night and need to knit, y’know), and I sometimes keep a ball of yarn and needles in my desk at the lab in case I have to stay late–that’s besides the yarn I carry around in my backpack (=my security blanket. Cannot leave house without project!!). I’m a messy knitter–I leave balls of yarn all over the house. It’s gotten so he doesn’t even notice them anymore (perfect!).

    Sadly my fiance’s advisor lost a grant, so fiance lost his stipend, so we’re on a very strict budget till he graduates and finds a job…and my stash is shrinking–no need to hide it now. But I’m looking forward to replenishing it with lovely new yarn in a few months! He promised me a great big yarn fund from his first paycheck. 😉 In the meantime I’m rationing out my Loopy Ewe yarns since they’re the nicest I have!

  11. I love the yarn hideouts! I think that I could put some in those under the bed storage boxes or in the spare bathroom shower. No one really uses that one. i also have some at work waiting to be smuggled in the house. It’s not that my husband would be mad at me for buying so much, I am afraid he would think i am crazy or something.


  12. I’m sure others have suggested this, but what about all of the places that our SOs never look? Toilet paper rolls (ok, that would be fairly small sks, but I bet you could do a Lorna’s sk through there), near cleaning supplies, around the vacuum? I guess most of these are too dangerous for precious yarn, but they are sure to be hidden! 😛

  13. Cute, Sheri…really cute. I just have several big Rubbermaid plastic tubs in the basement with lids on to keep the yarn clean. Started with one tub, then two, then three…and am thinking I might need another sometime soon. Laundry basket holding the “overflow”.

    My husband is such a space cadet he probably has absolutely no idea how much yarn I have. Nevertheless, every time any package comes to the door, my younger daughter says “Mom, tell me you didn’t by MORE yarn!” Doesn’t matter if the package isn’t from any place even remotely resembling a yarn store…she still asks!

    James is considering joining me for a visit to the Loopy Room next week maybe maybe maybe…

  14. I have two stashes. One pre-remodelling that is in big clear plastic storage boxes. And then the stash acquired since the latest round of remodelling started which is stored in probably far too many XL and XXL Ziplock storage bags. But none of it is really hidden. I do have a plastic shell shaped bowl on the coffee table with current projects or soon to be projects in it but mostly I keep it sealed up out of fear of moth. But I trained my hubby early with quilt fabrics (which is much heavier in those huge clear plastic storage boxes than the equivalent volume of yarn) and stuff so he just shrugs it off I think.

  15. If the trunk of my car wasn’t full of books, it would be full of yarn. I do have a mental checklist for “furniture to get” and a really nice display cabinet or five for yarn is high up on there. You know, things with small cubbies (shoe size, 8/10″ cube, or triangle seems to work well) and a nice finish, possibly with a glass front to help keep dust out. Yarniture! Or baskets drilled to the wall. Either way, I’m going to have an entire wall full in a main room, display it like the Art it is. Then you know, go stock up on more colors! And pegs. Yes. A wall that looks like a very upscale yarn store 🙂

  16. I thought all your stash ideas were great! Makes playing instruments intersting, I’m sure!! The problem with me hiding my stash is that I forget where I have put it!! Right now I have some very nice yarn that I can’t find because I hid it so well!!!!! (Kind of like when you hide 60 Easter eggs, and only 55 get discovered…. They are out there somewhere….).

  17. Cute pictures. My yarn lives in a bunch of those big plastic containers you get coffee in these days. They stack well, stash in hidden corners easily, and you can always put one or two in the pantry in a pinch. I wash them really well, but everything does smell just a bit like coffee when I first take it out, but I like that smell and it fades quickly. Plus I’m recycling the containers instead of buying something new.

  18. My roommate and I have this great arrangement that precludes me from having to hide the stash. I say nothing about the 700+ DVDs that line THE ENTIRE WALL in the living room, and he says nothing about the encroaching fiber invasion.

    However, since I dragged it all into the living room to photograph and catalog it on Ravelry, he’s been giving the mountain pile anxious, worrisome looks… like he’s afraid the yarn is going to eat the cat or something.

  19. Aaaauuuuggghhh!!!! You have NEW yarns in…..and they’re ALL gorgeous….and I want EVERY SINGLE ONE. Well, okay, not every one, but …most….

    I like the comment about the boat. My dh bought an airplane last year, and despite the rolled eyes from my children when I acquire more yarn, he very diplomatically reminds them (and me!) that he will NEVER complain about my yarn purchases. I’m the actual control when it comes to my stash (one small, one medium rubbermaid bin), because I really DO like to use up what I’ve got first!! There’s just so many pretty colors…sigh.

  20. I love the light fixture idea! My cookie jars are all filled with dog cookies, so I keep my stash in large glass vases on the diningroom table…as pretty as flowers and no wilting! Plus looking at it every day helps (sometimes..ok, so not really) remind me that I really don’t need more yarn…or at least lets me know which colors I might still “need”.

  21. I love all of the comments on this topic! Dr Jackie’s comments about her husband’s being a space cadet, but that it is her daughter who complains about all of ‘yarn” boxes coming into the house, sound kind of like our house, for the most part. My husband is pretty much as space cadet, too. And, it is my youngest son who does the complaining about more yarn coming in! And that’s even with the first pair of socks that I am knitting are for him! Kids!

  22. That’s hilarious! I used to wonder why it was called a “stash” – until I found myself shoving yarn into the oddest places. Like my desk at work. And my underwear drawer. And in random bags in the closet. My house is very small and I’ve got cats (which makes things super difficult – everything actually has to be enclosed)! I haven’t bought a bigger purse yet – but that’d be next!

  23. It’s gonna sound crazy but I have more yarn than shoes! I bought an inexpensive over the door shoe keeper. It comes with 2 hooks and you hang it in the back of your room’s door. It has slots in it to hold 30 pairs of shoes, but I have it full to the hilt with YARN! It has worked out so well, that I’m thinking… hey I need another one of those “shoe” organizers for my STASH!

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