Good News, Bad News

Good news: You all ordered enough yarn to tide you over for the 3 weeks between this Sneak Up and the next. Holy cow!!

Bad news: We’ve packed so many orders that we’re dreaming about them in our sleep.

Good news: We ought to be all finished up by tomorrow so that we can get a good night’s sleep again.

Bad news: The mailman is extremely annoyed.

Good news: He’s a sub. Our regular mailman will be back on Monday and still likes us.

Bad news: I’ll be leaving Monday morning, so no blogging for 2 weeks.

Good news: I may need to slip in a post sometime, if anything exciting is going on. I’ll miss you all too much.

Bad news: Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll be too busy knitting. πŸ™‚

Good news: Our first case of Wollmeise arrived so I can take a skein to knit on vacation.

Bad news: It’s just one of several cases and the rest haven’t arrived yet.

Good news: You are going to LOVE this yarn, if you haven’t tried it before.

Bad news: I do, too. I had a hard time picking just one color.

Good news: Susan-the-awesome-assistant (who has put in so much overtime this week to help with all of these Sneak Up orders – we love her) will be here packing orders for you while we’re gone.

Bad news: That means that you can still get orders while I’m gone.

Good news: That means that you can still get orders while I’m gone.
(ahem – some will see this as good, some will see this as bad. Take your pick.)

Bad news: We already have some more really wonderful yarn in-house for the next Sneak Up. (Oh – wait – that’s good news!)

Good news: Using the Random Number Generator, the winner of this month’s “What was your first job” contest is Phyllis! She gets a $35 Loopy credit in her account, to buy some fun Loopy Loot. (I had so much fun reading all of your comments. I’m thinking that most teen-agers ought to read through them all. They’ll realize how nice they have it nowadays, don’t you think? Wow – there were some doozies in there.)

Have a great couple of weeks and get lots of knitting done. I’ll be asking about that when I get back! I’ll also share the Q3 Loopy Challenge with you when I return.

Hugs to you, Sheri (gotanygoodnews/badnewstosharewithmetoday?)


  1. Good News: I won a HUGE award this week… and I get to go to NYC to a black tie affair to pick it up!!
    Good News: I got a skein of Army Girl in the sneak up!
    Good News: It’s FRIDAY!!!

    Have fun on vacation! We’ll miss you in the blogosphere πŸ™‚

  2. Good News: I WON!
    Bad News: I don’t know what to spend it on.
    Good News: I don’t think I’ll have a problem spending it.

    Thanks, Sheri.

  3. Have a wonderful vacation! You can still dream about yarn but maybe not about packing it up. Will you come back with a second sock or two finished? =)

    Thanks to Susan for sticking around while you’re gone – I have more things in my cart. Please, someone buy them before I go back for them! TLE doesn’t want to send a third box to my house from this Sneak Up!

  4. Have a great vacation! Can’t wait to hear more about it. And I’m so excited about the new yarns coming in, I’m just drooling right now, especially waiting for the Wollmeise. πŸ™‚

  5. Good news: have a great vacation and do lots of knitting!
    Good news: I’m going on vacation, too, and Loopy is coming with us
    Good news: I just ordered enough yarn for several vacations

  6. Don’t think I have any good new/bad news this time. πŸ™‚
    I do want to say, “Have an Excellent Vacation…see you when you get back!”

    I do need your mailing address so I can get those baby hats sent out to you. Shoot I may have enough time to get a pair of fingerless mitts made too. πŸ™‚

  7. i hope you have a great vacation – you deserve it! i’ll miss hearing from you, but – good news! you’ll have lots to tell when you get back!

  8. Good news: You’re going on vacation!
    Bad news: sometimes vacations are more trouble than they’re worth

    Good news: I’m going on a vacation, too (albeit very short)
    Bad news: I’m sure it will be more trouble than it’s worth

    Good news: Despite the trouble, there is a yarn shop where I’m going
    Bad news: yarn budget for this year is already waaaay out of bounds

    Good news: I don’t think I care, because…
    MORE good news: I got my cast off today and after five weeks I can finally KNIT again!!!!

    Have a wonderful time!!!!!!!

  9. Good news: the postman delivered my Loopy Ewe order today, filled with yarn and other fun things, including a Loopy card–so now we can really start some summer fun and show Loopy a good time!
    Bad news: I’ll really miss your blog over the next two weeks.
    Good news: my husband is insisting that I go shopping for all new furniture for the new house we just bought. And we both agree on the style and stores to buy it in! How did I get so lucky?
    Bad news: the furniture shopping just may limit my future yarn spending a little.
    On the whole I don’t think I can complain. Have a great holiday, Sheri and hugs to you, too.

  10. Have a fabulous vacation! Hope you can knit to your heart’s content.

    You’ll be missed.

  11. Good news: My first year of teaching just ended and it’s officially summer time for me. That means more knitting time!
    Bad news: Summer school starts Monday. πŸ˜‰

    Enjoy your vacation with your family!

  12. Have a wonderful vacation!

    Good News- 3 year old is spending the weekend with Grandma.

    Bad News- Grandma gave us a bill for our upcoming vacation and it’s a couple hundred more than anticipated.

    Good News- We get to go on vacation.

    Bad News- I have to stop buying yarn.

  13. Good news: I bought more storage containers to put yarn in. They also conveniently fit underneath my sofa (just barely).
    Bad news: Is having containers of yarn under your sofa (in hiding) sorta like eating a candy bar in the closet? No, it can’t be, can it?
    Good news: Eldest daughter returns from the beach on Sunday! I’ve missed her.
    Bad news: Her room is a mess, and I want to (notice I didn’t phrase it as I have to) clean it up for her before then, but I also want to knit my latest sock (it’s a second one for a pair, Sheri!).
    Good news: We are going for a early morning canoe ride tomorrow – I hope it’s not too windy.
    Bad news: I’ve been selected for jury duty – do they let you take knitting needles anymore with the newer screening machines? I live in PA – does anyone know? I’m thinking about trying to slip in some bamboo ones…..
    Have fun on vacation, Sheri! πŸ™‚

  14. Good News: Your yarn is completely dyed and halfway reskeined.

    Bad News: It will arrive while you’re gone.

    Good News: Tons of new colors! Yay!

    Bad News: I now have to dye some for myself.

    Have a wonderful, restful, knitful vacation Sheri!

  15. Good News: I don’t have to send off to Germany for the Wollmeise I’ve been lusting after for months!

    Bad News: I have to wait at least 2 weeks to order some.

    Good News: Perhaps the sold out colors of Smooshy will also come in by then…including the one that sold out while it was in my cart! *sob*

    Even More Good News: Since packages are going out, I will have Smooshy to pet while I’m waiting.

    May your vacation be filled with knotless skeins and error-free patterns, Sheri! πŸ™‚

  16. Good News: I placed my first loopy order for some cashwool to do Melanie’s Mystery Stole 3 (see

    Bad News: It hasn’t arrived yet.

    Good News: The first clue doesn’t come out until next Friday.

    Bad News: The first clue doesn’t come out until next Friday.

    Good News: You are going on vacation.

    Bad news: No Sneak ups or Loopy blog entries for a couple of weeks.

    Good News: I’ll be on vacation for half the time too so perhaps I’ll be busy enough not to notice too much.

    Have a great vacation!

  17. Bad News: My computer was down Tuesday and Wednesday with computer guy here working on it.

    Good News: It was back up by the sneak-up on Wednesday evening.

    Bad News: The old computer seems to have a worm that we could not find.

    Good News: The brand new one is Awesome & I love it! On AOL home page I even have an icon for Loopy site.

    Bad News: Sheri and family are going on vacation and I will not be able to order more yarn for several weeks…I may go into withdrawal.

    Good News: I have some very lovely yarns due to arrive from Loopy that I got to order the other day.

    Bad News: My car seems to have something ‘dangling’ from the front of the undercarriage.

    Good News: I have enough yarn that I don’t even care and can just stay home and knit knit knit! It can rot in the carport for all I care. Perhaps I can knit a new undercarriage for it with leftover sock yarn.

  18. Sheri, my love, have a much needed and well deserved vacation. Knit up a storm! We will miss you but I am sure that the two packages that arrived for me this week will tide me over. I will miss your postings though and my Friday treat.

  19. Have a great vacation Sheri you deserve it after all the hard work you and family do. I to will miss the blogs. Good news: It will give me more time to knit.

  20. Sheri,
    Have a great vacation and don’t give us all a thought. That’s what vacations are for.
    Enjoy all of the knitting time you will have (taking any “second socks”????).
    I know we will miss reading your blog, but instead we can knit and not be staring at the computer screen. Sounds good now that I think of it!!!

  21. Bad news- I’m on day 2 of bed rest and already bored
    Good news- I won’t be pregnant forever!

    Wish I had a laptop, off the computer and back to bed

  22. Hope you guys have a great vacation. I’ll miss your posts but look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

  23. good news: my order thursday was my 6th!

    bad news: that hasn’t curbed my lust for sock yarn, like i thought it might! πŸ˜‰

    have a wonnnnnnnnnnnderful vacation. *i* can’t wait to see what *you* worked on the whole time!! πŸ™‚

  24. Good news: I scored another skein of Scarlet Fleece in the sneakup–Lapis Woodland. Mind you, this was after I had already way overspent my knitting allowance this month. Have a wonderful vacation, Sheri. You certainly deserve it. It’s amazing how us sock knitters keep you hopping 24/7, isn’t it?

  25. Good News: I have the summer off!

    Bad News: Sarah Lou has to work! πŸ˜‰

    Get out of here already and enjoy your vacation, Sheri! We’ll be here when you get back, clamoring for more yarn.

  26. Good News: My latest Loopy order arrived and I love the yarns.
    Bad News: I can’t knit fast enough for all the projects in my mind
    Good News: We’re going on vacation next week and Loopy is going with us, as well as a couple of the yarns.
    Bad News: Loopy is going with us on vacation (bad according to my daughters-they say he gets too loopy sometimes)
    Have a wonderful vacation! There will be lots of orders waiting for you when you return even though Susan will be filling them as fast as she can.

  27. Good news: I got to go to the fair yesterday
    Bad news: It started raining the minute I got there
    Good news: The rides were still running
    Bad news: Lightning started as I was next in line for my favourite ride and it shut down
    Good news: I stayed in line long enough for it to stop and I got on
    Bad news: It started again almost immediately and I went home a soaking wet/freezing mess
    Good news: I got to curl up at home with perogies and hot lemonade and knit my baby cashmerino baby blanket πŸ™‚
    Hope you have an excellent and safe trip! Happy knitting πŸ™‚

  28. Good News–My order shipped this morning

    Bad New–I have to wait for the mailman to come.

    Good News–Paid off the van

    Bad New–Air Conditioner in said van broke but is now fixed.

    Good News–I am a participant in Summer of Socks.

    Bad New–I am not sure if the sock is going to fit. But it is pretty Fleece Artist from you though.

  29. Good news-I made it into a Knit Off of my groups.
    Bad News-It started Friday and ends Monday and I work Th,Fr,Sa overnights.
    Bad news-I have a pile of Loopy Ewe yarn sitting beside me as inspiration as I can’t cast on a new sock until I finish the 4 OTN
    Good news-I have a pile of Loopy Ewe yarn siting next to me…
    Good news-The summer of socks has started
    Bad news- the summer of socks has started
    Good news-I am a knitter and having a ball with all the blogs and online frenzy
    Bad news-can’ think of any on that one
    Have a terrific vacation. I wish I had had Loopy to take to Ireland with me the last two weeks. I don’t have another planned vacation until Septamber. But hey, my family is healthy and safe, my job is a great one and I have more yarn choices than I would have ever imagined. Life is ood….

  30. Bad news – My job really blows.
    Good news – I’m finished for today!
    Bad news – I’m STILL on a yarn-buying hiatus…
    Good news – I have enough yarn in my sock (yarn) drawer to get me through!

  31. Good or bad, you know you’re addicted when you don’t mind starting work at 6am because it means you get up early and get a jump on the sneak up!!!!!! Have a great vacation!!

  32. Good News: My garden is all planted (finally) and mulched.
    Bad News: The items in my cart from the last sneak-up sold out before I could by them (Hubby would call that goon news).
    Good News: Those items weren’t the yarn I’ve been lusting after anyway.

    Have a great vacation! Can’t wait to see this new yarn in action! πŸ™‚ Now go rest!!

  33. Good news: Sheri gets to take a vacation!

    Bad news: I’ve already had mine. πŸ™

    Good news: My order shipped today.

    Bad news: There’s SO much more that I want to order.

    Have a great trip, Sheri. We want you all rested and refreshed when you come back so you can fill lots more of our orders!

  34. Good news: I got some great yarns in the latest sneakup!
    Bad news: I have to wait for the mailman to bring them.

    Good news: We are going up north for a few days late in the week.
    Bad news: That means a ton of work to get ready to go, replenishing things like first aid kits, boat bags, makeup cases, et al.
    Good news: But guess what I started with? Getting a second sock project together [I have 1 & a half socks of the first project done) to hopefully get some knitting done while we’re gone. πŸ™‚ ] I am trying out patterns & needle sizes to go with my Lorna’s Lace sock yarn in Tickled Pink. So far, I haven’t found the right match of yarn, pattern, and needle size, but I will. (And, yes, this is my trial of a combo of Wendy’s sock pattern & Monkey socks that are toe-up. That many variables might not have been my brightest selection, for only my second pair of socks in over 3 decades, but I will make it work somehow.

    Good news: We had 3 days of wonderful weather here!
    Bad news: The heat comes in, starting some tomorrow, but in spades Monday & Tues. That will make trip preparations harder.

    Sheri, I hope you have a great vacation! We’ll miss you your blogs, your recipes, etc. πŸ™‚

  35. Good News: Our favorite houseguest is staying with us.
    Bad News: He leaves tomorrow, and then we have more—not so favored—guests arriving almost before I have time to get the sheets washed.
    Good News: It’s hot enough to send everyone out to the pool.
    Bad News: It’s so hot I’m not getting much knitting done. (Or anything else.)
    Good News: I’m looking forward to getting more packages from The Loopy Ewe!
    Bad News: And then I have to find someplace to squirrel away all that yummy yarn….

    Have a great vacation, Sheri! We’ll miss you and the blog, but you can tell us all about it when you get back. And happy knitting!

  36. Good News: One last sneak-up before you leave for vacation, huh?

    Bad News: Found several (okay,many) things I reeeeeally wanted to get.

    Good News: Got a couple of things on my list!

    Bad News: The rest will probably be scarfed up before my next payday…:(

    Have a wonderful vacation, Sheri and family! I hope you get lots of second socks finished ….Will miss your blog while you are away, but can’t wait to see all the new yummy yarns coming with the next sneak-up!

  37. hi sheri. i’m a bit behind here. i hope you all have a great vacation and that you get to knit to your hearts’ content. i’ll miss you here but will be knitting away on all my lovely yarn from you.

  38. Hi Sheri! Hope you are having a fantastic vacation and knitting second socks. I’d like to think you will have matched pairs this winter.
    We miss you.
    I was just checking the site to see what was left after the sneak up and prepping myself for no sneakup this week. I did see on the Cider Moon blog about new colors in their next shipment to you… I can’t wait!

  39. Have a wonderful time on vacation.

    You will love the Wollmeise – her colours are fabulous. But you need to take along more than one skein!

    The Good News is that I still have this week off work
    The Bad News is that is only because I am recooping from shoulder surgery.
    But I have recovered enough to be back to socks.

  40. Good news: I have a new roof on my house.
    Bad news: We did it ourselves and I have the bruises and sore muscles to prove it.
    Good news: It looks fabulous and doesn’t leak.
    Bad news: I have a bruises and cuts on my hands that make it hard to knit.
    Good news: I’m almost too tired to knit anyway.
    Bad news: I’m too tired to knit.
    Good news: I have some yummy new yarns in my latest order.
    Bad news: I was too busy to open the box.
    Good news: I’ll finally have time tonight to pet my new yarn.

    Have a great vacation! We’ll miss you, but maybe I’ll have time to knit up some of the amazing goodies I’m purchased recently.

  41. wollmeise chatter is everywhere… I posted that you
    ll be adding it soon on Ravelry… now I just have to keep hitting refresh.. so the ravelers don’t beat me to the goods;)

  42. Good news: You’re going on a much needed vacation.
    Bad news: We’ll miss you via your blog.

    Good news: You might get some knitting finished
    Bad news: you’ll be thinking about all the boxes of yarn due in your shop in the next 3 weeks.
    Good news/bad news: You get to unpack all of the new arrivals.

    Have a wonderful and safe holiday.

  43. Sheri,
    I know that you left on vacation today…..I’m happy for you! I just wanted to say “Thanks!” for finding the Fiesta yarn – it is SO amazing. I have ordered all kinds of yarn from you, but I honestly can say that this is one of my VERY favorites. If anyone has not tried it – please consider (enabler that I am). If you like sport-weight yarn, it is just wonderful. The Dream in Color is also just gorgeous! πŸ™‚ I’m so pleased with my order! Wonderful service and speedy shipping as always……
    Have fun on vacation……I can definitely afford to miss a couple of updates……:)

  44. Good news: I’m back home from my Maine vacation. Happy to see my cats and sleep in my own bed.

    Bad news: I’m back home and now I have to return to work.

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