I’m back and I missed you!

DSC00817.JPGIt was 48 degrees at 6 am on Saturday morning when we left Colorado (although it was going to be in the 70’s that day). It’s going to be in the upper 90’s here in St. Louis today. What is wrong with this picture? Yes indeed, we need to move to Colorado. (We had serious discussions about this. Probably when the kids are out of college. Yay!) I’ve been vacationing in the mountains for 30+ years and I must be a mountain girl at heart. I just love it out there. But I missed all of you! The online capabilities where we were were spotty at best, so I was disconnected. I know – it was probably a good thing. You all kept Susan and the girls extremely busy here while I was gone. They did a great job in filling all of those orders! (I’m thinking that Susan probably needs a vacation now.)

So what did I do while I was gone? I had 3 days in MN, and then flew out to Colorado (Keystone) to vacation with family and friends for a week and a half. I did much knitting. I have 5 new pairs (PAIRS) of socks! Four of them are previous “single socks” that now have partners – whoot! And one pair I knit all at once because I was so in love with the yarn. (Anyone want to hazard a guess as to which yarn I was knitting up?) Pictures of socks on Wednesday’s blog. I need to wash and block them all. It was so fun to get so much knitting done. 🙂

DSC00767.JPGWe had fun doing other things as well. We went horseback riding in the mountains. Here, Knitting Daughter, Iowa Girl, and College Guy await their assigned horses. DSC00773.JPGIt was a 90 minute ride up and down the mountain and that seemed to be just about right. I was near the end of the line, so this was my view most of the time. (I was sore after horseback riding, for pete’s sake. How can that be? I don’t ever remember being sore after riding horses as a kid. Jeesh.) I’m thinking if I was sore, it must be good exercise, right? Maybe when we move to Colorado, we’ll have to buy horses. For exercise, you know. Here’s something I learned – if the horse is going to the bathroom, you need to stand up in the stirrups. It takes the pressure off of their kidneys. That’s probably information that you did not need to know. Me, either.

DSC00774.JPGThere was shopping, of course. I had to take Loopy to two of my favorite stores in Breckenridge. The first – Joy of Sox – is almost as fun as knitting your own. Almost. I didn’t buy regular socks there, but I did find some fun footies that have aloe in them and felt like silk. Great to wear to bed. DSC00776.JPGMy other favorite place is Milagros. They have wonderful loaves of all kinds of soaps and I think I went back there on three different occasions this time. 🙂 My favorite scents there are Glacier and Rain, but my favorite loaf for the design has to be the coffee one. Do you see Loopy perched there in the middle of a few loaves? He liked it there. This is just the entrance to the store. There are tables and tables of these wonderful soap loaves! You can see all of the soaps and order them online here. DSC00824.JPGThey make great gifts. I also caught this sign on one of the shops in Breck. I can’t remember which store it was, but it cracked me up. (There are several great pizza places there. No doubt there are a lot of pizza leftovers being carried about.)

DSC00806.JPGWe took the ski lift to the top of the mountain one day. It’s so beautiful up there. Here is a photo of College Guy and Iowa Girl on the rocks. What a view behind them! These rocks are stuck into the side of the mountain and perfect for climbing. My friend Janice and I did a bit of knitting at the top of the mountain, because there were chairs there that were clearly meant for knitters. We knew as soon as we saw them that they were marked for us. While we were knitting, the kids were sliding down snow hills, so we soon had to abandon the knitting and get the cameras out.

DSC00822.JPGAll of the flowers in Colorado look wonderful. I might even be into gardening if I could do it in cool weather and have such wonderful results. DSC00821.JPGHere, my flowers just seem to …. die. Maybe I ought to water them more often. Yet another reason to move to Colorado asap. We’re going to have to investigate locations more completely.

Ok – now I’m off to get all of your weekend orders out and then answer the eleventy-billion emails that are sitting in my in-box. It’s a good thing Susan and Knitting Daughter are helping again today. Knitting photos on Wednesday, next week’s Sneak Up info on Friday. (Remember – no Sneak Up this week – WH has a LOT of photos to take. Boxes and boxes of stuff came in while we were gone. I’m hoping by Friday we will have a better idea of what will be up next week. For sure, the Wollmeise, because THAT is the yarn that kept me so captivated that I made the second sock immediately after the first. The colors and yarn are amazing.)

Sheri sowhatalldidyoudowhileIwasgonefortwoweeks??


  1. Wow I feel so famous to be on your blog!! I miss you all sooo much already. Have you tried making more scones? I hope you enjoy them! See you soon =D

  2. Welcome back!

    I finally finished two pairs of socks (and posted photo of one; other to come soon) and spent way too much time on Ravelry.

  3. I frogged two socks, weeded my garden that got overtaken by weeds while I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago, and knit two socks. Glad to see you back.

  4. I went on vacation, too! Hubby and I went to Puerto Rico last week and had a blast. I brought Loopy to the beach and he had a great time. The downside? I broke TWO DPNs that I brought to knit socks with. That was a complete bummer, especially since that’s all the knitting I brought.

    As for the mountains, I lived in Utah for 3 years and LOVE it there. Definitely move to Colorado… or anywhere in the mountains!… as soon as possible 🙂 Glad to see you back!

  5. I visited my Auntie Ginny in Annapolis and finished my summer socks from the Loopy Sock Club. My daughter is going to LOVE them!!!!

  6. Welcome back to the real world! Living in CO was like being on vacation all the time. We’ll probably be joining you in moving (back) in a few years. Not having nearly as much fun as you we spent a few days in Amarillo for fil’s 80th birthday. Dh had me do most of the driving so my ten-hour knitting dream turned into an hour or so. Waah. At least the baby blanket is finished….on to the Christmas projects! I finally get to actually USE that wonderful yarn you sent me! Broken wrist slowly getting back into shape..tendons don’t like being stuck in one position for five weeks, apparently…

  7. Yay – Welcome back Sheri!! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip – How fun to sit on top of a mountain and knit! Now that is the life! My family used to vacation in the mountains almost every year, and the minute I saw pine trees and something other than the flat panhandle of Texas, the first thing I wanted to do was go horseback riding! Glad you are back!

  8. Great job on the sock pairs Sheri. I bet you feel content with yourself. :>)

    I worked, tried to stay cool, watered the plants and birdies twice daily, longed for monsoon and fought bad knitting mojo (nothing is working right all of a sudden … does this happen to you?). In short I want a vacation, I want it to rain and I want to knit peacefully. Your pictures now make me want to be in Colorado. Love those brilliant flowers!

  9. I agree with everyone–yeah Sheri is back.
    Sheri, can I tell them how many boxes we unpacked while you were gone?
    Can I mention how pretty the Woolmeise looks on the shelf?
    I’ll be running errands on my day off, but back to the Loopy room tomorrow 🙂

  10. Hey Sheri, Great to have you back!!! I got a new job teaching knitting for the summer and have had 23 classes in the last four days that I worked. Get all these new knitters knitting socks, socks, socks!!!!! Beautiful photos!

  11. What did I do while you were gone? Wait for you to come back naturally.

    Oh, and um… knitted on some socks. And tinked them. And knitted on a French Market Bag. And tinked it.

    I’m seeing a disturbing pattern here.

  12. Welcome back!! Sounds like a terrific vacation. During the two weeks, hmmmmmmm….work,work,work..knit,work,knit,knit,knit and work, that’s it.
    Can’t wait for the next sneakup.

  13. YAY! You are back! I missed reading your blog.

    I’m a mountain girl too! :o) I’d love to go to CO sometime – especially after having a glimpse of your photos, but until then, I’ll have to settle for the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwest VA since they closer.

  14. Welcome back! Love those mountains…. and kudos to Susan, who did an awesome job while you were gone (my order arrived in MA at the speed of light, or thereabouts).

  15. I was in Keystone the third week of June for a church camp! I also went horesback riding where you did (I rode Bingo). We spent a few hours in Breckenridge, and I also visited the Joy of Sox. I would have bought some socks, but I had already blown all of my money at the chocolate store that was right next door. Oh well, hand knit socks are better. Your photos brought back a lot of great memories! Glad you had a great time!

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