Doughnut Puffs for Breakfast

sockittomeWell most of the skeins of Cherry Tree Hill’s new Sockittome are packed up and off to your houses. I know it sold out quickly since putting it up late Wednesday night, but we could only get 100 skeins in this test run. They’re doing another small initial run at the end of June and we have more reserved in that batch, so it will be in again in a couple of weeks. I really like the new base. It’s very similar to another line that we carry and that you all have been fans of. It was fun to be able to offer you some of the very first skeins of a new sock line from one of our tried and true companies! We will always watch for great opportunities like this that we can pass on to you, whether it be new yarns, or accessories, or whatever. There are several more new sock yarns coming out from some of our other “tried and true” companies this summer – just know that we’re already on top of that for you.

It sounds like Loopy is going to be traveling far and wide in the next three months. (Why, oh why, didn’t I stipulate that I had to come along as the official photographer? Next year I’ll know better.) I think all of the places that were mentioned in the blog comments and emails I have had sound like fun! And remember – even if you’re not traveling somewhere else this summer, there are fun things to show Loopy in your own hometown. We have customers in all 50 states, and 42 countries, at last count, so those are a lot of interesting places for Loopy to explore. Thanks for joining in on the fun and playing along with us. 🙂

It has been so nice having College Guy and Knitting Daughter home this summer. (Although KD keeps leaving to make lattes and mochas down the street.) Did I tell you that College Guy aka Web Guy turned in a proposal to have The Loopy Ewe be a practicum for credit this summer for his Computer Science major? They said yes and I am thrilled. He has already made so many changes for us (most that make things easier and quicker on this end, but he has some cool things planned for your end, too!). Do you have any website suggestions you’d like to pass on to him? Now if we could only figure out how to get photos taken and color corrected faster. We’re bringing so much yarn in every day that the “to be photo-ed so it can go up on the website” corner is out of control. (Ok. It’s way bigger than a corner. You could build a fort out of all of those cases of yarn in waiting.) But we’ll keep working through it and adding more for you week by week.

Last night while we were packing orders, KD pointed out something funny. All of our order numbers are the date, followed by 4 randomly assigned numbers/letters or combination of the two. Like: B5E7 or S3RL or APQZ. Last night, there was an order that started out: 070607 (that means the year – 07, the month – 06, the date it was placed – 07) and the random 4 combination that followed made the order number come out like this: 070607-DEAD. Yikes! So here’s a little assignment – when you get an order from us this week, check and see if this one was yours. If you find it, email me and I will have a LIVE-ly gift for you, just for fun! (Hmm – I really should pay more attention to how those randomly come out. There are a lot of 4-letter combinations that would not be good!)

Today’s recipe is one that I made for breakfast this morning, just so that I could share the recipe with you today. Well, that, and because we haven’t made them in awhile and I was in the mood. We had these growing up (mostly on Saturdays) and we always loved them. Healthy? Not in the least. Delicious? Mmmmelt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Doughnut Puffs


1-2 tubes of refrigerator biscuits
powdered sugar

Put 1+ cups of powdered sugar into a new paper lunch bag. Cut each biscuit in half. Fry in oil until golden on each side (don’t make the oil too hot or the outside will brown and the inside will not be cooked.) Using tongs, transfer each doughnut puff into the paper bag (about 4 at a time) and shake them up so that they get completely covered with the sugar. Remove from bag and eat while they’re warm. Generally, the whole family will be in the kitchen, willing to take them off of your hands as soon as you pull them out of the bag. That’s when they taste the best. When you get to the end of 1 tube of biscuits, you’ll say, “Should I make this other tube?” and they will unanimously vote yes.

Sheri workingonmyDuetssockthisweekendbecausethatyarniscominganydaynowwoohoo!


  1. Ooh! I have a suggestion for College Guy for the site! Could it be possible to make it so that when we’re looking at our shopping carts that we can click the photo or description of any item in the cart and it will take us to the sale page of that item? It would be helpful for when I try to decide what to get. I put a bunch of things that I REALLY want in my cart and then I examine them individually and compare the merits of each before deciding on a few things I will buy. If the photos could have those little magnifying glasses in the top right corner (liek on the sale pages) and a link back to the product description if you click on the item’s name or photo that would be sooo cool!

    I have a completely made-up sock pattern on the needles right now. It’s Trekking Pro Natura (bamboo blend) for Evil Andy (the hubband) and the yarn is really cool.

    I really want to see the Duets you get in!

  2. Current sock on the needles is a pair of red, white, and blue, basic socks for me for the 4th of July.

    I had to reread the last post, I know I saw it, but must not have read it enough. I now need a Loopy!! I should have ordered one ages ago, because I could take Loopy to meet the Harlot tonight!! Well, maybe I’ll get one before the end of the month and take him to our fiber festival.

    The doughnut puffs look good, hmm, need to go shopping for that one.

  3. Sugary doughnuts: Must. Not. Look.

    Sock On the needles? Cookie A’s Mona and Hedera. I’ve got single sock syndrome, but am trying to overcome it 🙂

  4. I currently have some Jaywalkers in Fleece Artist “Seastorm” colourway for my Sockapalooza Pal and some Monkey socks in the Claudia Hand Paints “Jill’s Pink” colourway for a birthday present this month on the needles. And both look promising to be done by the deadline, hooray!

  5. Now you make me want to go check my old orders to see if any of them have funny random letter combos!

    I’m still working on my Pomatomus sock outta YP merino/tencel. Love the pattern and the yarn!

    My favorite thing to make with refrigerator biscuits is Monkey bread. Serious yum factor, too. Does anyone actually make biscuits with the dough? (Ok, discounting those Grands biscuits, I love them in biscuit form.)

  6. My wishlist for the site includes a wishlist :-). Not necessarily one that I can send to other people, but someplace where I can park yarns and colors I want to remember. Right now I use my cart for that, but since I haven’t won the lottery, that means that when I do order, I have to remove all the ones I’m not buying at that time, and then find them all again later.

    I’d also like the wishlist to hang onto colors/yarns that aren’t currently in stock, listing them as “unavailable” and not letting me put them in my cart, but keeping them there so that when they return, I’ll have them on my list. (Unless it’s a one-off yarn that’s never going to return; that’d require an extra flag in the database, though.) And if I have something parked in my cart that goes out of stock, I’d like it automatically moved to my wishlist instead of deleted.

    Currently on the needles: Apple Laine Sunset on the #1s, Panda Cotton College Prep on the #2s, and the almost-a-year-old-and-barely-beyond-toes blue Socka lace socks on the #0s.

  7. mmmmmm doughnuts… and monkey bread – i haven’t even thought about that stuff in years!

    i’ll peek at my order number when i get mine. and i am so freaking excited about the new cherry tree hill stuff. can’t wait to get my hands on it! also, regarding the site, i second the ‘go back to the product description from the cart listing’ suggestion that someone had up there… i tried to do that four times yesterday when i was ordering, before it finally stuck that it’s not an option.

    ok, and the sock i’m working on? from a yahoo group (six_sox_knitalong – they take two months to work on one sock together, making six pairs in a year, open to new members!) called victorian lace sock in my stone barn fibers ‘ice cream sundae’… just look at this gorgeous thing, so far (photos at my flickr account)!!

  8. I would love to be able to search by yarn weight (eg. laceweight, fingering, sport). I don’t always know which vendors have which weights.

    I like the changes I’ve seen so far, like putting more colors of a particular yarn on one page.

    Current socks are Big Black Socks, for . I thought I was done with the legs at 12″, but it turns out I need to do a couple more inches before I start the heels.

  9. One pair (yes, two at a time) of delightful socks with yarn from NH Sheel and Wool that my daughter got me for Mother’s Day – Ball and Skein, color gourd, in a broken rib pattern that I love. And I love the color so much I could roll in it.

  10. My current sock is the Victorian Lace pattern from Six Sox Knitalong, in bright yellow with green spots (yarn from Getting the size right has been major trial and error, I’ve frogged it and started over three times so far. Hopefully fourth try’s the charm.

  11. We used to eat these doughnuts too when I was growing up! Yummy!! I am pleased to report that I am about half way from finishing my second Gentleman’s Fancy sock in the Nova Scotia colorway from Fleece Artist. I had grown bored with the pattern earlier because I was enjoying the 3 x 3 cable/seed stitch pattern so much – in which I am using Claudia’s choclolate colorway. However, now that I’m back into it again, I’m kind of enjoying it again. Then, I get to treat myself to make the second chocolate sock. Must remember to update my blog this weekend to show photos…and decide what my next sock pattern will be – I think I want to make Monkey socks, as that pattern has been calling me for some time now. : )

  12. Wish I could say I had something highly original and unique in my sock basket, but I’m doing monkeys right now (isn’t everybody?) Pics on the blog – you know where.

    Wish I had some Loopy goodness coming my way so I could check for the DEAD acronym, but alas, I am currently Loopy-less. Sigh!

    Thanks for the shoulder, Sherri.


  13. If I get the DEAD order I’m taking it asa sign that my bank account is about to commit suicide form all the yarn buying.
    I’m very excited to receive my order as it makes me a Loopy Groupie and what’s cooler than that? 😀 To celebrate I splurged on lots of new CTH yarn, woohoo!

    I only have one sock on the needles at the moment- a very boring garter rib sock for a secret pal. I hope to cast on for Hedera shortly.

  14. I’m working on the Victorian Lace Sock from Six Sox Knitalong, and using Panda Wool in Misty Greens. I’ve also started over a few times and changed needle sizes trying to get it “not too tight, not too loose, but just right”.

    The other sock I have on the needles is Waving Lace from Favorite Socks. I’m using a Zen String yarn called Bambewe that I got with the Sock Club. There’s a Favorite Socks KAL that I’m participating in; it’s fun to see how the socks look in a variety of yarns.

    Your site is working great, in my opinion. My problem was dawdling too long the other night until I got the message that “The Bart and Louise yarn is no longer in your shopping cart”. Oh well, better luck next time!

  15. I’ll echo some of the site features mentioned by others:
    –Show all products, just mark as unavailable when not in stock (rarely get to even SEE the other stuff)
    –With the lace yarns added in, it’s time to redesign the categories instead of saying “sock & lace yarns” because…uh…that just means “all yarns carried by TLE”. Lace, fingering, sport, etc. works for me too; maybe even designate them with the yarn council symbols (the little skein with the 1, 2, 3, etc.).
    –I would also like to search by fabric content. I think Knitpicks has a pretty good shopping/searching interface, so Web Guy could take a look there. Maybe other folks can weigh in with some suggestions for sites he can look at?
    –I would like a cleaner way to get out of the shopping cart, especially since we’re usually in a shopping competition mode. Either we put something in the cart and it doesn’t actually take us TO the cart until we click on “Go to Shopping Cart” *OR* after landing in the cart, there is a clean “Return to shopping” that takes us back out to not the thing we bought, but the level above it (all that back button stuff is awful to move around).
    –With added levels for searching, etc., I think it might be time to utilize some mouseovers in the navigation list on the right. It could make things cleaner.

    And dang! I was going to write something else, went to the site to check it out, and it looks like Web Guy is hard at work implementing suggestions already! I definitely LOVE the 2-up view with the thumbnails. Very nice.

    Sheri, are you going to order some more solids in CTH any time soon? The selection is really looooooowwwwww 😉

  16. Oh, one more suggestions and I *don’t* want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but….it might be helpful to review the photos for the regularly stocked items. Some are a bit dark (The Louet Gems photos as a group come to mind). I…uh…sometimes go to other websites to get a better sense of the color.

  17. Please tell College Guy that I love the website and find it very easy to navigate. Great job!

    I’m currently working on a pair of Juta’s Stockings in some wool I picked up at NH Sheep and Wool. I finished my Apple Laine socks last week and they are WONDERFUL! The temps have been in the 50s for a few days and I was able to wear my Apple Pie socks more than once. They are just great.

  18. I have my Claudia’s Handpainted in Carribean Blue on my needles. Only I call the Carabean, because I’m making them for my friend Cara.

  19. Hi Sheri!

    I think it’s great the Web Guy will get credit for the work he’s done on the Loopy Ewe Site. The site looks very spiffy, and performs quite well. At home, I use a modem and the site even does well there.

    My family is saving all of our pennies for a vacation to Maine. We are leaving next Saturday for a week of rest, relaxation, and fun. Some of the pennies saved will go to have some great dinners since the cook (me!) wants vacation too.

    We make doughnuts the same way! I like fried biscuits, especially with just a drizzle of honey. YUM!

  20. I’m still working on Jaywalkers in Stone Barn Fibers “Orchid Petals” and Crosshatch Lace in CTH Turq.
    Hope you all have a great weekend….
    and that looks really really tasty, Sheri….

  21. Mmmmm…doughnuts! I had Girl Scout cookies for breakfast. The peanut butter makes them healthy, right?

    I have some Pomatomus socks on the needles with ZS Bambewe in Truffle and a pair of baby socks with leftover Lorna’s Laces in Pink Blossom.

  22. I think I just gained a pound. I’m with Wendy, lets add food to the blog. Or ‘Click and Sniff’ (like Scratch and Sniff).

    Congrats to WebGuy on using TLE as credit for school. He should! It is real life work after all. As for suggestions… on the Home Page I would somehow visually separate out the links to patterns, accessories, kits and needles to set them apart from the various yarn links. It used to be easy to spot them but now that the number of yarns is growing like wildfire they are less easy to spot. (This is a ‘high quality problem’ as we say at work.) Another wish would be to beef up the search engine a bit. For instance the ability to search by yarn type/weight/contents. If the search could return photo links that would be awesome. I love shopping here already but these would make shopping a little more fun. :>)

    I am focusing on the Q2 charity knitting right now so socks are low on the list. Baby cap on the needles right now. Must …. maintain …. focus …. no …. new ….. socks.

  23. I love the website. I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a web business and before I started reading your blog, I was looking all over your site trying to find out what software package you used. It’s very professional.
    I’m a computer major myself and a site like this takes talent and skill beyond what most college kids have.

    I would like to see a wishlist. Of course not having one just makes me buy things faster so maybe you did that by design. 🙂

  24. Sock? you mean singular? lol!

    A version of Gentlemans Plain Winter Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks in Elijah from Little Turtle Knits

    Roza Socks in Daffodil LL’s Shep Sock

    Peters Socks – Nancy Bush – in Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Granite Peak

    And I’m resisting casting on more. A woman at my knitting group (who obviously has yet to catch the insanity) looked into my bag and was a bit shocked by my 3 sock’s… I actually blushed and said “I have a bit of a problem with the socks right now.”. lol!

  25. P.S. ‘070607-DEAD’ – hilarious! Ya gotta love random generators.

    Hmmm…. you could use this notion to springboard different contests too I suppose. Say whoever gets ‘xxxx’ (you fill in) on 07/07/07 orders for example. Just a thought.

  26. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new “what’s new” display. I would also like to see a search by fiber type which would show all alpaca, or all seacell, or what have you. A search by color might be too much to ask for, but then we could compare all the greens at once.

  27. I think that Web Guy has done a great job on the web site so far. I agree with a couple of the suggestions above to fine tune it: 1) a link from your shopping cart to the item or at least a picture with a working magnifying glass would be very helpful, and 2) a way to hold a wish list, and to transfer from your cart to your wish list, especially if yarn becomes unavailable, would be very helpful.

    I disagree with the color matching thing mentioned by one person. The colors on your web site come up on my monitor & match exactly the yarn that I buy from you. You all have done a terrific job on color matching, and I thank you for that!

    I knit my first pair of socks when I was in high school, and then I didn’t knit another pair for some three decades. Somehow, when I tried to knit a pair of socks again last fall, I managed to develop a “sock knitter’s block”. Finally, I managed to conquer it, with the help of Wendy’s new sport weight sock pattern & some gorgeous Lorna’s Lace Sport weight yarn in Devon colorway from TLE. I finished my first sock a few days ago, and I am now working on the second sock (the toe is done), so no second sock syndrome here, at least yet! I used Wendy’s Toe #2, and I relaly like it. I am really pleased with how the whole first sock came out, and I don’t think the second sock will take that long to knit, now that I’m getting back into the sock knitting groove! (I used size 2 needles for the toe, foot, & heel, & I switched to 1-1/2’s for the cuff.)

  28. I placed an order that day but alas my random number is 806A so I am not DEAD. Currently on the needles: Sockapalooza Monkey sock with Amethyst Sea Wool from the Loopy Ewe.

    I made your Cranberry Chinese salad and Rhubarb Dreams dessert for my church small group last night and both got two thumbs up!

  29. I did notice the changes to the website this morning and browsing is so much more easier. Kudos to Web Guy!

  30. Try those puffs dropped into cinnamon/sugar instead of powdered sugar some time; I hate to admit I can practically eat a full tube of biscuits by myself when they’re fixed that way!

  31. Oh, there has been some seriously tempting yarns pop up on your site here lately. 🙂
    Right now the only socks I’m work on are a pair for my mom using some Seacoast Panda that she purchased from you. I’m using the Monkey pattern and they are coming out great. I really like the Seacoast Panda yarn….very nice! 🙂

  32. Those doughnuts sound delicious! It’s pretty hot here today; if it was cooler, I’d be on my way down to the doughnut shop.

    I’m working on “Poodle Skirt” socks, in a very simple pattern. I love that colorway!

  33. What a great use of his work! That’s wonderful that he can use it for credit — it’s certainly excellent work! No suggestions at the moment. On the needles – the back to cutaway and the first of a pair of the wild horse farms garland lace socks pattern I got here! I love this pattern!

  34. Just wanted to suggest that Photo Husband take a look at Adobe Lightroom for faster batch processing of digital photos. You can edit one photo’s white balance and etc, then apply the conditions to an entire “roll”.

    And Web Guy, you’re doing good!

  35. Currently on the needles: Cider Moon’s Old Oak in Glacier. Old Oak was a one of a kind color, similar to Barnwood. I seem to be strangely attracted to Cider Moon’s one of a kind colors, which are generally described as mistakes on the CM blog, as I have quite a few. I love Cider Moon! Even their mistakes are awesome beautiful!

    Also on the needles – just finishing up, but couldn’t wait to start the CM – are some footies for my niece in Regia Cotton Surf. They are orange, yellow and magenta stripes, for her sweet little (not!) size 10 feet. My feet are 6.5, so this was quite the departure from the norm for me. Lucky for me, she wanted very low cut footies only, so only 4 rows of cuff instead of 5-6 inches.

    Good for the Web Guy! I really like the feature of being able to view a large picture without leaving the What’s New page. Makes for easier shopping during the sneak up frenzy.

  36. I also would love a wish list – both for myself to keep track of yarns I want to try, and also so that other people can check in on what I’d like. It would be wonderful to direct people to your site around Christmastime. And sometimes I want to stalk what my friends like, as well.

    I guess I need to order again to get some postcards! I’m on vacation right now and could have snapped a photo for you, Sheri…

    On the needles today: short summer-y socks in a cotton/wool/nylon blend, which unfortunately wasn’t purchased from you… this yarn has been marinating in the stash since before there was a Loopy Ewe. 🙂

  37. Like how you can see more of the colors in each yarn selection. I think that he does a great job. On the needles right now, I am finally finishing my 1st sock club sock, and some cherry tree hill in a Nancy Bush pattern. In my defense I have been knitting booties for a friends baby that is due in 2 weeks and also chemo caps for another coworkers wife who just found out that she has lymphoma. She loved the first one that I made for her and has requested more, I can’t say no to someone with her condition.

  38. I’m working on some fleece artist in Nova Scotia using the Erica Alexander Web Socks pattern. The color is extremely pretty.

    I received my Loopy order today; Sheri, everything is perfect as always! I love the fact I’m a groupie now!!!!! Yeah. Thanks for working with me to fix my order too. I really love my “special” yarn. Have a great weekend.

  39. I love those kind of homemade doughnuts.

    The best site suggestions have already been made. I really do wish I could click from the items in my cart back to the description or at least a bigger picture.

    My current socks are also the Victorian Lace Socks in a black wool/nylon blend.

  40. Wow! I just went to my cart and I can do just what I asked. Thanks to College Guy. You are the best.

  41. I personally think this site is great! It’s easy to use and view.

    Web Guy has done a fab job. I just had to say that I’m halfway to getting my degree in web design, and I can’t even do all the stuff that he has done on here. It takes a lot of work and time and effort to learn all this!

  42. I love being a loopy groupie. The bag is great as was the surprise. I am getting to travel a lot this summer and I am going to have to place another order so I can show Loopie the sites of the US.

  43. Socks in progress:
    Eunny Jang’s Bayerische socks in KP Gloss
    Miriam Felton’s Boudica socks from Wooly Wonka
    Next socks:
    Panda Cotton anklets for Mom
    Also OTN:
    Hat for Q2 Challenge!
    Number of things I wish I could knit at once:
    a million +!

  44. What is on my needles? Monkey in CHP Desert Dusk. I am doing section at a time, I’ve finished one leg and am doing the second leg before going on to the heel. It is my first sock with a “pattern”to follow. I really like using the chart. And a standard sock from the Online–Indian with the blue,gray, & white.
    Web Guy, you amaze me!! Ilove the double wide pictures and the thumbnails of completed socks. Keep up the great work.
    Remember, tomorrow is KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY!! Where will you be knitting?

  45. Well Sheri, which set of needles are you speaking of??
    Actually, I just finished a Sundara yarn sock (one!) tonight..have some STR that are getting done, AND my dayspa socks. Too many WIPS for this gal-I think it’s cause I have so many stinkin’ cute knitting bags from you!

  46. I second the idea of being able to click things in the shopping basket and see them bigger and/or getting to their info page, that would be really helpful.

    On the needles, where to start? I seem to have a slight problem with starting new socks lately, I currently have 4 or 5 pairs ongoing… 1 pair of plain ribbed socks from leftover sock yarn for my 5 year old son, they will be done soon. When they are done I can cast on the second of a pair of Embossed leaves socks in Apple Pie that needs the same needle. Then there’s the Pomatomus in Gypsy Knits (love the yarn!!!) and I couldn’t resist Nona’s new Sidewinder sock…

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