Take Loopy on Vacation!

DSC00729.JPGYou probably noticed some Loopy postcards that were in some of the photos from the weekend. 🙂 Here’s the one I took of my friend Janice, to prove that he went with us to Ohio. We have a special “Take Loopy on Vacation” contest that will go from now until September 1st. Here’s what the back of the postcard says:

“Loopy wants to see the world and meet new people this summer. Take him on vacation, or show him the sights in your hometown, or let him in on your family barbecue! Pose with this Loopy postcard in front of fun places and/or with interesting people, and then submit your photos to the “Loopy’s Summer Vacation” photo gallery at http://www.theloopyewe.com. On September 1st, we’ll award Loopy Gift Certificates for “farthest destination”, “most famous person that Loopy met” and a few other fun categories (as well as general drawings from all submission.) We can’t wait to see where you take Loopy this summer and we hope you have fun with him!”

We will include a Loopy postcard with orders starting this week, in case you’d like to participate in the summer fun! You can pose with the postcard, or set him up somewhere by himself. Let your kids in on the picture, or prop him up by your dog. (He loves dogs and cats. He has to.) I’m hoping that Loopy gets to all 50 states and all of the countries that we have shipped to. He ought to be well-traveled by summer’s end. (I only wish I could come with him as part of the deal.) As you can see from the gallery, so far he has been to the TNNA Market in Columbus and already found some pretty fun people to pose with! Where will he be found next?

Sheri I’mtakingLoopytoColoradoinafewweeksIhopehelikesthemountains!


  1. Cool idea! I can’t imagine that I won’t order from The Loopy Ewe before we go places this summer, but honestly, if you would see my sock yarn stash, ahem, buffet, I don’t need anything, although I have been stalking your site like mad today! I can’t believe there wasn’t a sneak-up! I’m on EST, so won’t be up late (as work calls tomorrow). Too bad Loopy wasn’t along for the canoe ride tonight on our gorgeous lake, just 1 mile from our house! 🙂 What fun!

  2. What a wonderfully fun idea!! Now I’m even more excited to go on vacation this summer. 😀 I hope Loopy likes long car rides and the ocean.

  3. i have a lil sheep called “newt” and i take him everywhere…..have at least a years worth of pics…..lol. he does get altitude sick though…..tell loopy to be careful.

  4. That is such a fun idea! I definitely want to play…no one has to twist my arm to get me to order from you, but this is added incentive! Loopy can hang out with me and the doggie down at the lake. Fun!

  5. Oh this one sounds like fun. Maybe Loopy can see some wonderful things when I move in Aug. 🙂 Though maybe Loopy needs to see something from around here too.

  6. Loopy, we have a wonderful cottage vacation coming up, and we’ll definitely be taking you along. It’ll be fun seeing the photos of all the other places you go, too. You’re going to have a fabulous summer!

  7. Do you think Loopy would be interested in meeting the Father of Modern Zombies? I’ll be (hopefully – if all pans out) meeting and (really hopefully, if everything goes perfectly) interviewing George A, Romero, of Night (and Dawn and Day and Land) of the Living Dead fame.

    Then again, that may just be horror geek showing, I should cover that. 😉

    Other possible meeting this summer include various TV stars, Neil Gaiman, and, the always present, Joss Whedon (Creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly).

    Now I know my geek is showing.

  8. I’m looking forward to vacationing with Loopy too. Not sure what hubby will say about “we have to go to hawaii so I can take Loopy” though. But hey, if he reacts like I think he will, I bet I’ll win “most unusual” because you’ll only get the one photo with Loopy in the Looney Bin.

  9. Oh, man, too bad dh isn’t working for his old company; Loopy coulda gone all KINDS of interesting places this summer….. Previous poster is right, though, incentive to order! (I knit three whole baby blanket rows in an hour and a half tonight!! Thumb got a cramp from trying to bend around the cast to hold the needle, wrist is sore [duh. broken.] but hey, it was knitting!)

  10. Yay, pictures to look forward to. I’m not anticipating going further than 50 miles from my house this summer. =P Maybe I can take Loopy around the St. Louis attractions.

  11. Oh, send me one please! I’m going on vacation in about 3 weeks, and I’d love to take him with me! I won’t tell you where, but it involves sand and water! (BTW…today is my birthday. I won’t tell you how many. Had to go renew my driver’s license though…)


  12. I’m not sure if we’re going to get away on a real vacation this summer, but at least I can show Loopy the local sights—I can just see trying to explain what I’m doing with him in Italian!

  13. Am I said if I’m using the postcard as an excuse to buy more yarn?

    I think probably. Will I do it anyway? Hmm…remains to be seen. I’m trying really hard to resist until you Sneak Up with some things I’ve been holding out for!

  14. Sheri, Fun idea! Too bad our trip to China is not for a while yet:) That could count as a furthest destination. When we DO go to china..I will be sure to take a picture of me knitting something from Loopy by the Great Wall:)

  15. I am totally thinking about what other yarn I need so I can get a postcard!

    The thing is, since discovering this website, my sock yarn stash has gone from 1 lonely skein to way more than a person who has never knit socks before really needs. I did finally start on my first sock this weekend, though, so I can justify increasing the stash soon… =) Loopy will go to Walt Disney World with me- and that won’t even require a vacation! A picture in front of the castle wil look great! Where do people who basically live at WDW go on vacation? Cape Cod!

  16. Oh, I want a Loopy postcard! What a fun idea Sheri. You really are very creative with your contests. I’m currently not planning any cool destination trips, but that is always subject to change, as many of my trips have been nearly last minute decisions… Although, I am still hoping to make it to Fenway Park in Boston this summer… Or if I decide to take my baseball stadium tour, I’ll have to bring Loopy along for the ride – I hope he likes baseball! : )

  17. Oooo, I’m leaving in 3 weeks for the Great White North and would love to take Loopy to the town where I learned to knit! What a fun idea! Thank goodness I placed an order last night…

  18. Although YOUR Loopy will be going with you to Colorado, perhaps another Loopy can come to me in Denver. Sadly, I don’t have any vacations planned due to work and school, but he can join my W. T. Pooh Bear on some of his adventures – I’m sure they’ll be best friends! I got W. T. Pooh Bear at Build-a-Bear last summer and since then I started documenting his “adventures” and sending them to my Mom and sister to give them a good laugh. (As someone said earlier in their post – “is my geek showing?” – that’s funny – love that saying!). Anyway – I will tell Pooh to expect a visit from Loopy this summer – I’m sure they’ll find lots to do!

    Great idea – I can’t wait to see what everyone submits!

  19. If Loopy comes quickly with my order ;-), he can come with me to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Formula One race next weekend.

  20. You are so clever Sheri! However I need no incentive to buy yarn as you well know — I ordered even before I read your post. Ha! However I love the idea and will definitely photo Loopy this summer. Like many others I have no big trips planned but I’m sure we can get him out and about in Arizona some. :>)

  21. shhhhhh… I ordered more yarn. shhhh don’t tell.

    Loopy can look forward to some adventures with my family- how does loopy feel about beagles, bad cats and boys big and small?

  22. Darn! I just got back from New Zealand. Loopy would have loved the beautiful landscapes (many which were covered with sheep!) and the spinning lessons from the ladies at the Spinners and Weavers Guild at the Christchurch Art Centre. They were such great teachers I ended up bringing home an unexpected souvenir…a spinning wheel! Is there a chance that The Loopy Ewe will ever start selling roving? 🙂

  23. My husband wants to go to Hawii and I don’t like to fly – never mind from Mass to Hawaii……but….oh, oh there’s a prize from the Loopy Ewe for the furthest destination……….I think I can take one for the team and do the trip……I LOVE prizes……..

    Blogless Diane

  24. Wilt…tinkle…smash. So much for my resolve. Ah well, I finally got to order from you, AND I can finally make the puppy sweater for my parents’ miniature dachsund! (along with a few pairs of socks…ahem…)

  25. now i’m even more excited about the order i just placed! 😉

    AND! the most famous person i know personally will be around next weekend! woohoo!! i can’t wait to show loopy around toledo and anywhere else i head this summer…

    p.s. technically, i have 10 socks, and lots of started others, but the one that will get finished about 30 minutes after i get home will make 5 actual pairs, so i bent the rules just a little when i just placed my order. 😉 hehehe

  26. I have a feeling that loopy might be making a half way across country trip with me…we will take many pics. I have a stuffed zebra he will be very happy to meet.

  27. Oh man! Loopy is going to have the best summer ever!

    I’m so glad I placed an order today! I will soon have a Loopy of my own and he’ll be going to Chicago next week, then Washington State for a month, and then maybe Dallas in August…and then, and then, and then….. 🙂 What a fun idea Sheri!

  28. OH! Now I’m going to have to order again soon. Then Loopy can go visit some cousins in Scotland and England while I’m on my honeymoon. Expect an order from me soon. 🙂

  29. Oh how fun!!! Loopy just came to Ohio, but I’m sure a he’ll have so much fun travelling. My husband and I are planning quite a few trips this summer and Loopy will have a great time. Now I can’t wait to place my next order. Until then I’ll use my Loopy bag 🙂 Looking forward to the shawl pins by Romi.

  30. After 34 years as a flight attendant, I don’t travel at all anymore, and I doubt that I ever will again. I so love staying home! I’m hoping, though, that Loopy will enjoy seeing some of Boston and Cambridge.

  31. If Loopy comes in my orders that should arrive today, we will take him with us when we go up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula & the Keweenaw Peninsula, later this month, when we go up to visit our College Guy, who is going to summer school & working.

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