Happy Birthday Web Guy!

DSC00171.JPGTomorrow, May 12th, is Web Guy’s birthday. (Many of you know that Web Guy is also College Boy.) He will be leaving the teens forever, and turning 20. That’s a bit hard to imagine. Where did all of that time go?? Thankfully, we’ll get to see him next week as we pick him up from college and bring him home for the summer. I’m looking forward to having an on-site tech expert for a few months again. It ought to be a calmer summer than last summer. Last summer we were knee deep in getting inventory in and setting up The Loopy Ewe. Our goal was to have it up and running by August 1st. Web Guy had been working on it since he arrived home from college (mid-May) and around July 1st he told me that he was scrapping the whole site and starting over. I had to sit down. In my mind, it went like this, “Starting over?? What do you mean starting over? You’ve been working on it for 6 weeks! We open in 4 weeks. How can you start over? We have yarn here! We need to get this going!” What came out of my mouth was, “Oh? Why?” Well, apparently the “template website” would never allow “us” to do the great things “we” wanted it to be able to do, so he was going to build it from scratch, instead. Starting 4 weeks before we wanted to open. In my mind, it went like this, “Aaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkk!!!!!” What came out of my mouth was, “Are you sure?” He said he was and that I needed to trust him, and so I did. Of course he was right. We opened August 1st. Of course he was right. I do love the extra things that we can do with the site that he built right in there. I might be biased a little, but I think he’s a pretty smart guy. And I hope you all will leave him birthday greetings in the comments to make up for the fact that he’s celebrating his birthday away from home!

Today’s recipe is one that I will make again when we can celebrate his birthday in person. It’s fun and delicious!

DSC00633.JPGDirt Cake

1 large package chocolate sandwich cookies (like Oreos)

1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese

1/2 cup butter or margarine

1 cup powdered sugar

1 large carton whipped topping (12 oz – Cool Whip)

2 boxes instant vanilla pudding (3 1/2 oz)

2 1/2 cups milk

1 tsp. vanilla

Crush cookies and put 1/4 of the crumbs in a brand new large flower pot. (You can line it with foil if it makes you feel better.) πŸ™‚ Mix cream cheese and butter until smooth. Add powdered sugar. Fold in whipped topping. In separate bowl, mix milk, pudding and vanilla. Fold both mixtures together. Alternate layers of the pudding mixture with cookie crumbs, saving enough to completely cover the top so that it looks like dirt. Pop some gummy worms or new silk flowers into the top of the pot. Refrigerate until serving time.

Sheri wishingallofyou(andyourmoms)aHappyMother’sDay!


  1. Happy Birthday, Web Guy/College Boy/twentysomething! And happy Mother’s Day, Sheri! Enjoy your dirt cake. If you want to, you can always add gummi worms, too.

  2. First – Thank CB for an excellent web site. I look forward to his additions over the summer (he has to have ideas – he’s a techie kinda guy – right?!?). And “Happy Birthday” to him. How many out of the U.S. wishes did he get?
    I’m going to the post office first thing this morning. My ice cream sundae yarn is in. They ask me to open my yarn packages while I’m there – they are almost as excited as I am.
    I’m thinking that “opening boxes at the post office to share” is a common theme with your customers.
    Who knew sock yarn could bring so much happiness? Besides you…and your dyers. and suppliers..and the customers… and the sock recipients…and everyone who will be at the post office early this morning and me.

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Web Guy/College Boy!!!
    Happy Mother’s Day to Sheri and her Mom. (And all of you moms out there reading this)
    I can’t believe you have not been open a year yet! I thought you have been “around” for awhile. Great work…. Keep it up.

  4. A VERY Happy Birthday College Boy/Web Man!!

    I have been impressed with the great set-up of this site and accompanying blog since I first found it–very well thought out and implemented! Kudos to you!

    Happy Mother’s Day Sheri!

    I hope you are having some of that crazily delicious looking dirtcake–which I will be making for myself a little later today! Thanks for the recipe.

    Smiles, Karen

  5. Happy Birthday to CB – May birthdays are the best (I happen to have one too)!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms, and to those women who may not be moms in the literal sense, but serve as role models and mentors to our children each and every day! You’re great, and we appreciate you!
    And Hi! to Hariamrit from the crazy lady in the STR line at Maryland S&W – how are you?
    Keep up the good work Sheri – off to the post office to mail my bills before the rates increase! πŸ™‚

  6. Happy, happy birthday web site guy. I want to let you know that I am computer semi-literate and really do not enjoy web sites too much, but the one you designed for the Loopy Ewe is a joy. Not only is it attractive, but it is very user friendly for a non-techies like me. Since that means more business for your mom (I can’t be the only tech challanged knitter) remind her that with b-day rolling around she owes you big time, and of course, do not forget her on Mother’s Day or you are toast.

  7. Happy Birthday to a great guy who makes our shopping experience so easy.Your mom is so proud of you!Have a great birthday and a wonderful summer.
    Happy Mother’s Day Sheri!

  8. Happy 20th birthday, College Boy, aka Web Guy! You’ve done such a great job with the website, and I thank you very much for helping make it all possible!

    And to Sheri, a very happy Mother’s Day!

  9. Happy Birthday loopy-ewe-techy! The website is one of the nicest ones to navigate and you were right a template wouldn’t have allowed you to do all the wonderful things that you have added.

  10. Happy Birthday College Boy! Your computer skills are awe-inspiring.

    My college boy, who will be 20 in the fall, arrived home today for Mother’s Day weekend with his gigantic bag of laundry and his plaintive cry, “Why don’t we have any food?” Some things never change.

    Congratulations, Sheri, on the great job you’re doing with your kids and your business. We love the Loopy Ewe!

  11. Happy Birthday to Web Guy! This is one of the greatest places to shop and a huge thank you to him!

    I hope you will all enjoy the summer!

  12. Sherri…you are very fortunate. I am very computer savvy and I have a son who can figure out most technical stuff and it’s so wonderful/relaxing/cool to have someone else to rely on! Sooooo…happy birthday to the wonderful son you have!
    And bless him for taking care of his Mum! Christine

  13. Happy Birthday Web Guy, my birthday is the day after yours. Now I am going to go and fondle the yarn I got today from the Loopy Ewe for my Birthday.

  14. happy birthday web guy/college man. i think, now that you are twenty, we could do the ‘upgrade’ to Man. you have done such a fine job with this website. sure wish you were my web guy so i could get my sick pc fixed. well, i’m getting some help and hopefully my problems will soon be gone. sheri, i hope you have a lovely mothers day. happy mothers day to all the knitting moms and grandmoms out there.

  15. Feliz Cumplianos Web Guy…..I know your Mom is proud of you & eversograteful to have you home for the summer….

    Happy Mom’s Day to you, Sheri

  16. Happy Birthday to someone who is obviously a web genius (same initials – wg), and happy mommy’s day to someone who was obviously a genius to know 20 years ago she would need a web genius!

  17. Happy Birthday Web Guy/College Boy!! Thanks so much for making The Loopy Ewe an awesome site!! My #1 place to buy stash.

    Also…Happy Mothers Day Sheri!

    Hope you all have a great weekend. No on to call my mom.

  18. Happy B-day College Boy and don’t feel alone. My College Twins’ birthday is usually the first day of Fall semester classes, so they are away from home on their birthday also. They hate that, but we try to make it extra special for them. Hope it was a great day!

    Happy Mother’s Day Sheri and all you mothers out there! Enjoy your day. I think I’ll use my special day to do nothing but knit. Ahhh, the perfect day.

  19. Happy Birthday College Boy/Web Guy!

    You must have some major site building mojo to build this great site from the ground up in 4 weeks. Rock on with your bad self! πŸ˜€ I was always at college when my birthday hit, or on spring break when I was in high school. Now that I’ve graduated, I still can’t manage to get home for my birthday!

    Happy Mother’s Day Sheri, congrats on two obviously good kids, they are willing to help you bring yarn to the masses! πŸ˜€

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Only one more year until the good birthday. πŸ˜‰ haha Just kidding Sheri! πŸ˜›

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Sheri, looks like you’ve been doing a wonderful job of it.

  21. Happy Birthday Web Guy, Happy Mom’s Day Sheri….Sometimes I wish I had paid more attention in math classes, two days ago my boys were babies, today they are men..how does so much time pass in two days? Having a 22 year old I can tell you this phase is even more exciting than the last. I am in awe everday of them and their accomplishments. Sounds like you are of Web Guy, too. My perfect Mom’s Day? Sons are in rooms on computers, DH is napping I am on puter with socks on needles in hand after having sewn lining into MIL tote and filled with SOCK yarn and patterns!!

  22. Happy Birthday, the 12th of May is my Dad’s birthday so I have a sofy spot for guys born on that day. My oldest has a milestone on the 24th, he’s becoming a teen.

  23. Happy Birthday Web Guy! Thanks for making it so we can all order this great yarn from your Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to Sheri and all the knitting moms out there!

  24. Happy Birthday computer guy!!!!
    Sheri not only is your shop addicting so is your site. OMG I need to get off NOW before I blow away my checking account LOLOL.

    Cat who is bummed she missed your sock club.

  25. Happy Birthday Web Guy and College Guy! Have A Great Day!

    Happy Belated Mom’s Day to you Sheri!

    Web Guy did a great job on the site……it hasn’t been a year yet, seems like you have been around forever………

    Can’t wait to see my next sock club package and updates…

    Blogless Diane

  26. Happy Birthday Web Guy/College Boy! You’ve done a great job on the Loopy Ewe.

    And a Happy Mother’s Day right back atcha, Sheri!

  27. Happy B’day Web Guy!

    Great job on the Loopy Ewe site. It is a really fun and easy site to navigate.

  28. Happy (belated) Birthday, Web Guy! You’ve done such a great job on the Loopy Ewe website, everything is so user-friendly!

    And Happy Mother’s Day to you, Sheri!

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