Crickets. That’s the latest “imitative sound” my little 1 am bird friend has added to his routine. Crickets. All was well and good as I was working on the computer at 1 am last night and listening to his cheery little voice in the big evergreen outside my window, but by 1:13 a.m., I was in bed and wondering when he would shut up go to bed himself. I’m still trying to get a photo of him. I think some neighbor might shoot him first. Not that I have neighbors like that. Although I did witness my neighbor across the street using a BB gun on something in his front yard, but I pretended not to notice.

DSC00688.JPGANYWAY, here is the sock that I finished over the weekend. It’s a new yarn line – Misty Mountain Farm – in their Blue Ridge Jubilee sock yarn. We’re hoping to have this line in soon. This picture is totally washed out and WH is not here to fix it for me. The colors are darker and prettier in person. πŸ™‚ The pattern is Little Arrowhead Lace (pg. 93 of Charlotte Schurch’s new More Sensational Socks book). I like the look of it a lot, but didn’t particularly like knitting the pattern. I WILL finish the second sock, anyway. Eventually. I have to put my SOTSS program together. (Summer of the Second Sock)

We’ll be making the postage changes on the website on Friday evening, for packages going out next Monday (the day of the increase.) I know it’s necessary, but I’m still not happy with the post office. I heard today that other delivery services might be adjusting their rates in the next few weeks and if that is the case, just know that we will certainly investigate and keep other options open if something better comes up.

Did you see the Sneak Up was Snuck Up at midnight (ish) last night? I already have more on order in the areas that have sold out. Never fear. I won’t even bother to tell you what you might’ve missed. But there are lots of new things still available! I’m not sure if we’ll do a Sneak Up next week, as we will be traveling a bit (Thursday to pick up College Boy, Friday to head up to Iowa for a graduation party for the weekend). If we can get a few more things up this weekend, we’ll do so. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a massive Sneak Up the week of the 21st. I expect a lot in between now and then. (Don’t mention that to WH. More photo work for him. He’s spending SO much time photographing that I offered to hire a photographer so that he didn’t have to spend so much time on it. He told me I couldn’t afford it. He’s probably right. He’s sort of free. I like that.)

Sheri sofuntohearfromyouSockClubbersasyouaregettingyourpackagestoday!


  1. Dang – Missed the sneak up AGAIN! No matter….got my sock club package today! WOWEEE!!! Love love love it. Don’t want to post a spoiler but got to say I’m so lucky to have joined! I’ve been in a knitting funk and this has yanked me right out of it!

  2. I JUST opened my Summer Sock Club package like 10 minutes ago and ate one of the Kisses already. Sheri, you did a wonderful job with the whole package. I won’t say much so those of you who are still waiting will be surprised. Suffice to say that everything is so nicely packaged, coordinated and pretty. Love those fun little extras inside too. I’m casting on right away I think. :>)

    Also I just loved those Maruca Design sock bags you put up last night – which have sold out already I see. Luckily I snagged one this morning though I missed out on The Knittery. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Well back to earning my keep so I can afford all this great stuff at The Loopy Ewe. Thanks again for the great sock club goodies Sheri!

  3. I got my package this morning. I have taken a photo to put up on Friday. But I promise not to reveal the yarn. I like the soap. He is so cute. Too cute to use. And I like the colors too. I just need more time int he day to knit socks though….

  4. LOL on your singing bird, shut up/go to bed! We used to live in the south, and when we had a big-gish rain, the bull frogs would make so much racket at night that we could not get to sleep. πŸ™‚

    I love your sock. Is that a tan (like the original picture) or more of a peach color with the blue. And, I’m curious what it is that you don’t particularly like about the pattern–is it not well written, boring, hard or something?

    I did get some beautiful yarns in the SneakUp very early this morning. I can’t wait to see them in person & touch them!

    Have a great trip to pick up your College Son and to Iowa! I’m a little confused, though, whether you leave tomorrow or next Thurs. πŸ™‚

  5. Just opened my sock club package! Wow!!! Fun stuff!! Thank you sooo much – the whole package is terrific, as usual. : )

    And, you and your family certainly deserve a little bit of a break to take a trip…you all work so hard to make everything so great for us!! Enjoy! : )

  6. *falls on floor kicking and screaming to go home so package can be collected*

    Yes! Please! No more sneakups! You’re hurting my wallet! I heard it whimper “Help me!” this morning! I’m actually having to sell yarn to friends in order to buy more yarn! It’s a bizarre system I have…yummy Loopy Ewe yarn comes in, non-Loopy Ewe yarn goes out. You know what would be easier – can I just come work for you? You can pay me in yarn, and maybe KD can bring me a caramel macchiato once in a while. Oh, and I’ll have to sleep in the Loopy Room, ‘cuz Travis will have finally given up and left me for someone less crazy – a quilter, perhaps.

  7. I’m ogling over my sock club kit. How wonderful you are to put all those goodies in there. I’m SO happy to be part of this!! Thanks!!

  8. Loved my Sock Club package. I also ate one of the kisses right away. Probably because I hadn’t had any breakfast yet. It is so cool. Is that graduation party for a certain Cedar Rapids girl???????

    Have a great evening.

  9. On my way out the door this morning for my four mile walk, I spied a package hanging from the mailbox at the bottom of the driveway. I ran to it, sat right down in the driveway and opened it right away. Ooooh!! I never walked four miles so fast because I knew what I had waiting for me when I got home.
    Thank you! Wonderful package as always. The yarn is beautiful. Sadly, all of my size 1 circs are in use right now so I need to finish a sock before I can cast on. Then I have to decide if I should knit the new socks (because I really like the pattern also) or make myself finish the second sock of the ones I’m working on. What a dilemma!
    My middle son was very excited about the KoolAid. It came at a perfect time. The temperature hit 93 today.

  10. What a Loopy couple of days!! LOVED the Sock Club package yesterday! Luckily, I had spent the last two days winding yarn into little matched cakes for knitting. I’ve been using my new Beka swift, and it’s wonderful! You should all get one right away. (I think Wendy blogged about it…she likes it.) Here’s a link so you can see it… This will let you see what it looks like, but if you search around online you can find it for about $10 cheaper. The beauties of it are 1) You don’t have to clamp it to your table, it just “sits on it and spins”! 2) No fumbling with the skein while you try to use your second hand to adjust the umbrella, and your third hand (did I say that?) to tighten the screw! You just throw the skein over the top, and away it goes! 3) It has a ball-bearing mechanism in the spinner part, so it spins very freely and keeps on going with a minimum of pulling!

    Anyway, after winding a bunch of yarns, here comes my Sock Club bounty, and I was able to pull out the bee-you-tee-full yarn and wind it right away! Hoping to cast on in later today and get started! Thanks, Sheri…all the goodies were great!

    And then…my sock-knitting nurse friend Katie, who had taken a trip to New Zealand in March, comes into work with a bag of lovely NZ sock yarns! She had 4 different colorways, and said I could pick any one that I wanted. Believe me, it was a tough decision as they were all absolutely scrumptious, but I chose a pink/lavender combo. *sigh*

    And THEN…as if that weren’t enough yarny excitement for me…I was working and had a break in the action and decided to surf on over to the Loopy Ewe and see if any sneaking was going on…and boy was there! Thank heavens for late night shifts cause I snagged some Knittery (oh is that ever gorgeous!), a new CTH colorway, AND a Maruca bag (the all-black one, very sophisticated, and I’ve been looking for one like that FOREVER).

    Thank you thank you thank you. I’m exhausted now!

  11. Oh I love my package. I took pics but I’m not going to put it on my blog yet since I don’t want to ruin the surprise. My daughter drooled over the yarn too. πŸ™‚ I’ll be starting this one very soon.
    I saw the sneak up and bought some yarn from the sneak up. I was vulnerable after lack of sleep because of sick kiddo…..that’s my story and I”m stickin’ to it. πŸ™‚

  12. hehehe seriously… karen (in toledo) and i should not be allowed to communicate. it’s all because of her that i purchased twice from you in less than 24 hours and i’t all my fault that she came back and got a few other bits this afternoon. πŸ˜‰ not that you’re probably complaining, but when will i ever have time to knit up all these socks?!?

  13. Mine arrived too! I “forced” myself to do some housework and all the time eyeing the box! Then I could be rewarded, and I was! Now to liberate some size 1 needles also! Can’t wait to see the new yarns I got on the sneak up today! My SP will be wondering what I got with my certificate!

    Sounds like a busy week ahead for you! Now onto the SOTSS for you! πŸ˜‰

  14. oh, I never read the pattern, all my current socks in progress are on 0s and 2s, I know I have at least 3 sets of 1s available, actually the little basket they sit i next to me has been making tinking noises, I thought it was the fan, obviously the needles were trying to get my attention. I have rescued them and tucked them into the bag that is going to work with me. I have not wound the yarn yet though, can I take my swift and winder into the hospital too? Hmmmm….perhaps an old fashioned hand winding…
    gosh, my sock yarn stash is growing…I, too, am weeding out non Loopy to replace with Loopy…Sheri waht sort of gas do you stuff our boxes with? I know as soon as I open a box I am back online looking…

  15. Just opened the sock club box – FABULOUS! I love the summertime theme (though I must admit, my first thought was “I thought the yarn was already going to be dyed… are we dying it yellow?”) I just lent one of my favorite size 1 circs to an out-of-town knitting friend so must get it back PRONTO. I adore the bag, too. Well done, Sheri! I feel so lucky to be in the club!

  16. Sheri – My sock club box arrived today, and I flippin’ love everything in it! You’ve outdone yourself on a fabulously fun summer sock kit. Thank you!

    P.S. I just posted a sock club write up on my blog…I’m in five clubs, and yours takes the cake hands down for being my kinda sock club…if you care to peek in.

    P.P.S. Where do I sign up for next year’s club? Hee.

  17. I have a comment for you on your shipping. Have you checked into FedEx Ground? You look like you do enough volume (I have helped with that!) that you could get a discounted rate. And they provide all the shipping equipment. As you can tell, I used to work for FedEx. Just wondering.

  18. Ooh, I’m jealous! The Sock Club packages sound wonderful, and I know everyone will really enjoy them. I’m so looking forward to seeing photos in a few weeks!

  19. Love love love the Sock Club selection and the funniest thing is that the sock artist is one that I was looking at last night and contemplating buying a pattern of hers to see if I liked them….well, now I will find out 1st hand. Thanks so much, Sheri, for all of the extras that you sent too….you really DO go the extra mile for us. Makes me feel like family!
    Took the Sock Club box over to my friend, Beth’s store so she could see it when I opened it. She liked it so much that she wants to join the sock club…told her it was full for now….”Dang!” was her comment…BTW…..she OWNS the biggest & most well stocked yarn store in town.

    I also just love all the new Claudia yarn that came on Monday….many great new colors…and looking forward to the arrival of the new sneak up yarns, Knittery, Stone Barn and the HM cashmere….yum!

  20. I was a little stunned to see the Sneak Up. I was pulling an all-nighter for a paper and was occasionally clicking on your site to see what was up…and sure enough, there was the Sneak Up! I nearly had an accident with the Sea Silk but refrained.

  21. I have yarn, I have yarn (doing a little happy dance)! Sheri, I sent you an email but I want to say out loud, I love my new Summer Sock club yarn. So cheerful and lovely! Thank you:-)

  22. My sock club package arrived….Wahoo! I was thrilled, especially when the yarn matches my NEW sock bag I just bought last week….it has the same colors as the yarn with flip flops all over it! I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t received their’s yet… we say in New England Wicked Awesome!

    Everyone has mentioned sized 1 needles…I thought the pattern called for 0… I losing my mind……

    Enjoy your weekend…and yeah College Boy is coming home…mine arrives next Friday……

    Blogless Diane

  23. Crickets? If I were still in California, I’d say you’ve got a mockingbird, but there’s probably more variety in bird species where you live. Now I’m in Italy and we have a cuckoo in our yard. Wanna trade?

    It’s so much fun reading all the comments about the Sock club yarn—I’m looking forward to seeing mine!

  24. ***Must*** have some Misty Mountain yarn! I knew I recognized the name, and sure enough, it’s a farm I knew of from my days in the Amissville area… You find the best stuff!

  25. The Sock Club package is awesome! You did a great job coordinating everything. The extra touches you include are what makes shopping with you such a friendly experience and you went the extra mile on the Sock Club. Now I just need to finish up my second Chewy Spaghetti sock so I can start my next sock. It’s a never ending cycle!

  26. Even though I knew I’d be getting my sock club package, I just had to order some of the sneak up yarn. I’m definitely addicted! Anyway, I love my sock club package. The yarn is perfect, the pattern is perfect, and all the little goodies are great! Thank you thank you. Now, I know I’ve said this before, but I really have to stop buying yarn … really!

  27. Postage changes again already? Ugh. I guess it was to be expected, just look at the gas prices. =P

    Oh, oh, I’m so jealous of the people that got in on the sock club. I just saw a picture of it on somebody’s blog, and it’s so pretty.

    Yay for summer! You must be happy the kids are going to be home soon.

  28. Wow! Sheri, I absolutely love this sock kit! You did a fantastic job. I adore the yarn and pattern. And what a bonus to get a special Loopy bag! I can’t wait for the autumn shipment. πŸ™‚

  29. I like how the photographer wonder husband is “almost” free. My boyfriend is computer technician who gets paid in kisses when he works on my computers. Not that I don’t do most of the stuff myself (I am woman, hear my liberated roar), but taking apart a laptop requires a pro. If we lived near STL, I’d consider pimping my boyfriend’s computer skills for yarn.

  30. I was so happy to get some of the new sneak up yarn. I refer to them as a “drive by yarning” because they are here and gone so quickly, and so few of us witness them. I can’t wait for the mailman to deliver the package.

  31. Whoa, just when you think you have the best the sneak up yarn arrives….I didn’t realize the Claudia yarns were a Louet base, one of my top three favs…the Peppermint Mocha is beaiful, I swear if I inhale deeply I can taste the mint!!! I was in such a frenzy to get some the Knittery I was shocked to see it has 10% cashmere!! The colorway of cherries is spectacular….this may become bed socks although I would like the world to see the socks!!!
    Thank you thank you for having such exquisite taste in yarn.

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