The Summer Edition of The Sock Club

DSC00695.JPGAs promised, here is a photo of what went into our Summer Edition of the Sock Club. I had to laugh about the Kool-Aid. Obviously I am not a hand-dyer, because a few of you emailed to say you were momentarily alarmed to see Kool-Aid in there, thinking you’d have to dye your own yarn! Kool-Aid means “dyeing” to many, but to me it means “summer” – especially in the lemonade variety. So that was just a fun “summer” type addition to a summer package – not meant to make you work on yarn dyeing! Heather, from All Things Heather, did all of the dyeing for us. A perfect summer colorway for the Sock Club – Skinny Dipping. (A few of you have mentioned not wanting to use the cute little sheep soap so that you can save it, but the gals over at The Soap Plantation promise that if you use it, you can always hop over to their website to get more. We will also have that same “Lemon Loopy Soap” available here at The Loopy Ewe, soon. It makes a fun tuck-in gift for secret pals and knitting friends.) Thanks for all of your wonderful comments about our first venture into the sock club. I’m so glad you liked it. I already have the fall yarn here and Lisa is already working on the pattern and …. well, the fun little extra gift is also being worked on. So we’re already busy with the next installment for you.

I keep getting emails asking for a spot in the club. Unfortunately, we’re completely full for this year. Of course we’ll do it again next year and I’ll keep you posted on sign-ups via the blog and monthly customer email. However, in the meantime, I’m working on something fun to celebrate our one year anniversary in August. It’s not a Sock Club, but it will be a special limited edition offering for you that I think is going to be a lot of fun. So, there are still special things that you can be a part of.

We put up the Claudia Hand-Painted Sport Shorts over the weekend, as well as re-stocking the Wildhorse Farm patterns, adding in more lace patterns from Heartstrings, and adding in Miriam Felton’s amazing lace patterns. Next week we have a lot of yarn to go up. A LOT. We’ll see how much of it can be photo-ed in time. (We’ll also see if my shipping boxes arrive from the Post Office. Suddenly we are short shipping boxes – aack!! I’m not quite sure how that happened. And it takes forever to get them in once I order them. That’s about all I want to say about the Post Office today. I’m still not happy with them over price increases this go-round. Jeez.)

College Guy/Web Guy loved reading all of your birthday greetings – thank you so much! (I told him he ought to put all of your wonderful comments as references on his resume – ha!) Someone suggested that he can’t be College Boy anymore, now that he’s 20 – and you’re right. But College Man sounds too formal. So he’ll have to be College Guy in addition to being Web Guy. It was funny to read that several of you have daughters that turned 20 on Saturday, too.

Off to unpack more boxes of yarn that arrived today. I will have to hide it from WH. His photo-list is already too long. (Psst – I just put up more Crystal Palace Cotton Panda – woohoo!  I have 2 more new colors to add in later tonight or tomorrow – Circus and Fruit Salad.  We also have the other 6 new colors and re-stocking of everything else due to arrive any minute as well. I’ll put it up as it comes in.  I’m hoping another case or two or three will arrive tomorrow. I love this yarn.)

Sheri KnittingDaughtergaveme4moviesforMother’sDay soguesswhatwedidallafternoonandeveningyesterday?


  1. Could it be knitting while watching movies? 🙂 I’m sure that it made for a fabulous mother’s day. The sock club has very pretty colours. Maybe next year for me if I can possibly beat the mad sign up rush…

  2. Awww! Sweet! I hope you got some good ones. Dh gave me the bestest Mother’s day gift……little coupons for 5 days and 4 afternoons away from the kiddos to do whatever I want. He said now I get vacation time too! Guess what I’ll be doing with those?

  3. But, but I haven’t received my club package yet (darn living in Canada!). At least now I know what I have to look forward to in my mailbox. :o)

  4. I sat down on Saturday and About a Boy was on cable. Followed by Love Actually. Followed by Notting Hill. There are few things greater than spending a day with a sock, Hugh Grant, and maybe a couple of tissues. Wait, one thing is greater – running up to Target and buying the DVD of Love Actually because you’d forgotten how much you love that movie, watching it with a loved one, knitting, and fondling the FABULOUS new stuff that just arrived from Loopy! (I scored a total home run on my last order – I’m completely in love with everything I got!)

    I am a HUGE fan of this sock club! I want to be a part of it forever, and ever, and ever, and ever….

  5. I gave my mom the Loopy Wool Pets kits (along with some handknit socks and the new Yarn Harlot book). She kept raving about how she couldn’t wait to get started on it. Have a great Monday!

  6. Woohoo! Sport shorts! But I gotta ask, are these all the colors, or will there be more? Was hoping for wisteria too….

    And it sounds like you had a great Sunday, too.

  7. What movies did you get? I was planning a butterfly/hummingbird garden for this year and my lovely children bought me 6 butterfly bushes and two ceramic garden angels!

  8. So which movies did she give you? Inquiring minds want to know. And I will be saving my sock a for little bit. I need to finish up some other socks first.. I love the colors in the yarn and the pattern is easy to convert to toe up. And the colors are great.

    And yes, Kool Aide is for dyeing. Summer time is iced tea time. My Kool-Aide will be used for dyeing. And sheepie soap is being admired for awhile first.

  9. Hi,
    I just had to place an order for accessories (which will be lovely I know) to keep me from buying the Handmaiden Cashmere, darn this yarn wager. I can’t wait for August when I can buy yarn again.

  10. For all of you inquiring minds, we had the pleasure of watching
    Music and Lyrics
    Catch and Release
    Because I Said So
    Finding Neverland (we didn’t have time to watch this yet, so we’ll save it for next week) 😉

  11. I’m so glad that the Panda Cotton is back and I’m really looking forward to my Sock Club package. It may take a while to get here but as I need to finish up some other projects first, I won’t complain (too much).

    I didn’t get much knitting done because I was taken out to lunch! (Italians don’t do brunch, but with three-hour lunches, who cares?)

  12. You know, when I saw the Kool-aid it briefly crossed my mind that we were supposed to dye our own yarn. 😉

    LOVE the merino/bamboo/nylon blend yarn in the sock club package. Are you gonna be getting more in other colorways?

  13. Sounds like you have “THE” sock club to be in…and I am so glad to be a part of it! Received my Lorna’s Laces yesterday….gorgous color (Georgetown) ……and found out I’m a Loopy Groupie……Wahoo!

    Thanks for making all of us feel so special………..Blogless Diane

  14. Hi Sheri, I received my sock club package May 9th and then left for vacation on May 10th, so I didn’t get a chance until this morning to let you know how wonderful it is. The Kool-aid and yarn dying briefly crossed my mind as well. When I got last night, there was the Maruca bag….it is soooo cute! I just love it. Just the right size to take my sock project along with me. AND…Happy “belated” Birthday College/Web Guy. You do such wonderful work for the Loopy Ewe. Hope your day was great.

    Kristi 🙂

  15. Hi Sheri,

    When my DH brought the box in I was beside myself to open it as I knew it had to be the sock club. When I saw the Kool-aid (like Kristi) thought oh-no Sheri please don’t make me dye the yarn! Then I unwrapped the yarn and I saw the gorgeous fun summer yarn. I love the baby lamb soap…………..I just love it all!!

    I also ordered and received a Maruca bag…Love it!!

    Thank you Sheri for all you do and how you do it.


  16. I am trying to control my envy – I missed out on the sock club this time. But then again, with everything I have going on, I can’t keep up with the one I’m in. Maybe I’ll alternate clubs in the future! My college girl came home on Friday too! She turned 20 in April – 1987 must have been a booming baby year!

  17. I want a blog so I can have the cute sock club button to put on it. Since my knitting progress is at times glacial speed folks could just press buttons. Am I alone in this strange button fascination? :>)

    Gotta say to those of you thinking about it that the Maruca sock bags are really nice. It could double as a purse if you are one of those dainty-purse people. I find it to be worth the $$ for sure.

    To Alyson: I also loved ‘Love Actually’ in a strong way that no one else around me shared. Glad to hear someone else did too. :>)

    Lastly, to Sheri: My sheep soap is guarding the kitchen sink right now. Too cute!

  18. Sheri, whenever I feel like my life is too full and hectic, I just read your blog! How in the world do you keep up. Thank goodness for coffee!!

  19. I used my Sheep soap this morning….very lush lather and a soft lucious lemon scent. I have bouts with psoriasis so I’m always eager to try new soaps.

    I started the new Sock Club socks last night. The colors are so rich and I love the sheen. Can’t wait to get one done!

    I’m glad your Mother’s Day was special!

  20. To me, summertime is lemonade, sunflower seeds and baseball… Always has been and probably always will be…

    I will also probably wait to cast on for my Summer socks – only because I the sock in progress now has similar colors and I seem to have this thing about mixing it up a bit. : )

  21. Hi Sheri,
    My kit arrived yesterday, and it is wonderful! Love the little soap – so adorable – and I’m glad you’ll be carrying them, now I can use it :)!
    Loved the poem too
    Thanks again, Karin

  22. I can’t wait to join the sock club!!

    I got a bar of lavender soap and I put it (unwrapped) into my sock yarn drawer….I keep my stash in a spare dresser….and all the yarn has picked up a lovely lavender scent. I’ll bet that lemon soap would be wonderful for that 🙂

    Are you giving that little bag with each kit? I LOVE those.

  23. Thank you so much for including the sheep soaps, Sheri! I am ecstatic that they have been such a hit. We think that lamb is just the sweetest thing since sliced bread. Thank you all for your kind words and I hope you enjoy the all-natural goodness!

  24. The more I look at that sock club picture and envision the surprise each time a shipment comes, the more I want in! I’ll be watching very carefully for sign up next year!

    How fun!!!

  25. I am still impatiently waiting for my sock club package, and have so far successfully managed to avert my eyes from your photo and description at the top of the page. I have also found that there are other blogs I have to aviod, like Wendy’s, for example, where I did get a split second glimpse of the colour of the yarn. I can’t wait to see the real thing!
    Meanwhile I’m knitting up other socks and trying to add a picture of my finished Silver Pine socks to your site, but can’t get the picture to go through. Instead of going to the second page it just says done and the picture hasn’t been added. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

  26. Happy, Happy (belated) Birthday college guy! My very own college guy was home from West Layfayette for exactly one week before we packed him up for New Orleans and his new co-op position. Don’t know what I’m going to do without him around this summer. Being fifteen hours away and living on his own is NOT the same as being a only a three-hour drive and living in the dorm. Tell your mom to savor the time that you’re home.

  27. oops – forgot to tell you. I met J.Knits, Claudia , Louet, and Seacoast at the New England Needlework Association show in Sturbridge a few weeks back. What incredible women!! All four like working with you. They are amazed at how sock yarns have taken off. I was working in a booth – not a store owner – and couldn’t buy anything. I did fondle a LOT of their yarns.
    I can now better imagine what things are like in your yarn room.

  28. August….hmmmm….I smell a trip to St Louis. On that note, the handsome boy I am moving to MO for was in STL this week. Every day I begged him to go to your shop and buy yarn for me. Since he is back at home and you didn’t meet him, you can tell how that went. I didn’t even want anything in particular, just yarn.

  29. OKay so I’m a little behind but I just realized that College Guy’s birthday is the same as mine! Just 7 years part. 🙂 And I”m in college now too…I graduate in June. Anyway, Happy Birthday!!

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