Bad News/Good News

To my wonderful international Loopy Friends:

Good news: I did so much research (online and at my post office) before all of this postal rate update to figure out the new international postal prices. I just knew that all of you international Loopys would be ordering right away on Monday as usual, and I wanted to have everything in place for you in terms of the new postage.

Bad news: Wrong information from my postal ladies which led to wrong research on the website. Although I’m not sure the right information would’ve helped much. Have you tried to wade through the mumbo-jumbo on the website lately?

Good news: It means international rates won’t be QUITE as bad as I had feared.

Bad news: But they still went up.

Good news: I was right – you all ordered on Monday and Tuesday, so Tuesday morning I took several country/size/weight variations into the post office.

Bad news: I packed them in the regular Global Priority boxes. (Last week – The Week of Misinformation – they had assured me that I could still use them.) This week, The Week of Enlightenment, they assured me that I could not.

Good news: I can ship in reinforced envelopes which cuts down on the weight.

Bad news: I had to repackage the boxes right there in the post office with 5 other postal customers impatiently waiting their turn.

Good news: I didn’t mind.

Bad news: They did.

Good news: I had the clerks weigh everything, then gave them different scenarios. “Now if it was going to that country and weighed under a pound, how much? And then over two pounds to that country, how much? And now this country – how about this one? And the next?” etc. So I got a complete picture – the correct one, I believe – of the pricing. I’m just glad to know there are options.

Bad news: This made the five postal customers even more impatient with me. Bad news #2: some of you will be receiving your orders in envelopes that were very hastily written at the post office counter.

Good news: It didn’t cost you as much shipping as you and I thought it would. With the help of the postal ladies (who are now in the Week of Enlightment – aka, The Week of “Now that the updated postal program has been downloaded into our system, we can stop telling you information that we assume is right, and start giving you the cold hard facts directly from our computers”), I have been able to take our average sized international orders, and figure out the postage, and knock that down a bit, to come up with new international postal rates which will not drive either of us too batty. Although you know I would much rather be delivering all of these in person anyway. We have switched the website to the international prices that are the best low-average that we can come up with. When it costs more than that on some of your orders, we will cover it. So glad to have this settled.

To everyone else:

Bad news: I will be away from the computer Thursday through Sunday.

Good news: College Guy comes home on Thursday and we head up to see our friends in Iowa for the weekend on Friday! (They have llamas. I’ll take pictures.)

Bad news: no blog post on Friday, no order shipping on Saturday. (We will, however, be shipping Thursday and Friday. Although not too many on Thursday because the postman has already warned me that he intends to play golf on Thursday afternoon and does not want too many boxes on my porch to have to deal with. Well alrighty then.)

Good news: Susan-the-awesome-assistant and College Guy will both be helping me pack weekend orders for you on Monday so you shouldn’t have to wait any longer than usual.

Bad news: WH tells me I must stop buying yarn, as there are too many yarns waiting to be photographed so that we can put them up on the website for you.

Good news: I’m not listening to him. (but don’t tell him)

Sheri doyouhaveanygoodnews/badnews/badnews/goodnewsitemstoshare?

P.S. You “miter” want to check out Wendy’s gorgeous Miter Sweater made out of sock yarns, that she just posted to our “Sock Yarns but Not Socks” photo gallery. It’s amazing!


  1. Good news — my yarn was delivered today, after they swore it was delivered yesterday.

    Bad news — I’m forcing myself to not cast on until I finish something.

  2. good news: my patterns from Loopy Ewe were waiting when I got back from Portland. Bad news: the knitting project that I forgot at the theater before I left on my trip still has not been turned in to lost and found. Good news: the knitting project wasn’t really thrilling me, and it was only one skein of yarn and a printed out pattern. Bad news: the lost project was in my Loopy Groupie bag. Waaah! Sheri, can I get a replacement if it never shows up?

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