Back Home Again!

DSC00698.JPGWow – what a whirlwind few days we have had, covering many miles on the road. On Thursday, WH and I left bright and early in the morning to drive up to Upland, Indiana to pick up College Guy. (about 5 1/2 hours from here.) We arrived just after lunch, loaded up the car, and drove back home in time for a late dinner. It always amazes me that the dorm rooms can be returned to an empty state, after seeing how full they are when everyone moves in with lofts, couches, chairs, etc. Here is College Guy with Indiana Guy (one of his room-mates). The other room-mate – Ohio Guy – had left that morning already. They will be back in the same room in the fall, with all new furniture and carpeting. It will be a busy summer at that dorm!

DSC00710.JPGFriday, we headed up to Iowa for Iowa Girl’s graduation. She is the daughter of our dear friends Steve and Janice, and we have known her since she was 2 weeks old. It’s so hard to believe that she will be off to college in the fall. We just love her. Here she is with Knitting Daughter and College Guy. DSC00700.JPGThey (and Iowa Girl’s two brothers) have all grown up together and it’s always fun to get together with them and catch up, which we manage to do several times a year. DSC00702.JPGThe graduation party was out in their backyard, and the llamas were so curious as to what was going on. They lined up at the fence several times to check it out. Really, they are just too cute and my favorite part is that they hum to each other. (Especially the moms to the babies.) My most unfavorite part is that they spit if you tick them off. So we try not to do that.

There was plenty of knitting time in the car (considering I had about 22 drive hours within 3 days) but I will admit to taking a couple of naps, too. 🙂 I was happy to finish my Peppermint Mocha sock and I love how it turned out. (The pattern is Wildhorse Farms Checky Waves.) You’ll be happy to know that we have the yarn in stock again – for the third time. I know I said both of the last times that we had plenty of yarn and wouldn’t run out – and both times you proved me wrong. But I really think we have plenty this time. (I notice you already cleaned us out of the Peppermint Mocha Sport Shorts!) I do love this color combination, and when a liquid Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks just isn’t DSC00715.JPGpractical, well, at least I can wear the socks! I’m also almost done with my first Woolly Boully sock and will share a photo of that soon, too. Jenny said that our Woolly Boully order is on the way, and includes two brand new colors for us as well as all the other ones I ordered. You are going to love her line.

We have a Mega Sneak Up scheduled for this week. This is what is planned: Celtic Swan Sterling Silver DPN’s, Gypsy Knits BFL (a new indie line for us), All Things Heather, sKNITches, Scarlet Fleece (including new colors), Cider Moon (in the long-awaited Icicle fingering weight), JKnits, Apple Laine, Fleece Artist Sea Wool and Fleece Artist Merino. (Did you see that I already updated the website today to add in the Louet colors that we were out of, as well as more of Perchance to Knit’s Midnight Rainbow lace yarn and a re-stock of Cookie A’s patterns?) Our next Sneak Up (probably the week after next) is slated to add: even more Fleece Artist Sea Wool, Zen String (both fingering and sport weight), Woolly Boully, Chewy Spaghetti Laceweight, All Things Heather Laceweight, Yarn Pirate, Perchance to Knit, and Maruca bags. Also expected in any day and might be in that next Sneak Up or soon thereafter: Posh Yarn, Seacoast, Yarntini, The Knittery, Schaefer Anne and Lola, and a few new lines as well. Check back often, as you know we are always adding new yarns in, just for you!

Sheri nowIwantallamaforthebackyard-thinktheneighborswouldmind?


  1. Just say the llamas are your new ecologically friendly lawn mowing service. I don’t think the neighbors would mind that.

  2. The llamas are so cute! I didn’t know they hum to each other.
    And I was always amazed at how big my dorm room seemed when it was empty – and how tiny it was when my room-mate & I got it filled up. But I feel the same way about my condo right now…I wonder if I have too much stuff…nah, it can’t be that, right?

  3. We have lots of solo llamas out here in Idaho, usually in fields of sheep! I often wonder if they are lonely. Is it like speaking French in Italy?

    Any chance of you carrying Pony Pearl DPN’s? I don’t want to order them elsewhere if there’s a chance I can get them from you!

  4. I love your sock! It looks wonderful! I am glad that you had a great weekend! I can’t wait for the update!! I will be lurking all week!

  5. I’m glad you had a nice trip and got lots of kntting done. And I’m glad you’re back. Life was a bit less zesty without the constant wondering if something had snuck up yet. Sounds like there’s lots of lovelys coming up.

  6. LOL about your llhama. I wonder what your ordinances are for those–I don’t think we could have them at our home here in our town. 🙂

    I really do hope you are going to get in some more Chewy Spaghetti yarn like Wendy had for her socks. They are so cool! And, I’m looking forward to getting some Sea Wool, & Seacoast…

    And, I am so happy! Many thanks to Wendy for her new sport weight yarn sock pattern! That, together with some Lorna’s Lace sportweight yarn that I bought from Loopy Ewe seem to have done the trick to finally break what I call my knitter’s block on knitting socks! I knit my first pair of socks several decades ago when I was in high school, but I have not knit any socks since then. I know that one pair was toe-up, but that’s all I remember about them, (other then that they came out well). After that, I did not knit at all for a number of years. Then, I started knitting again last summer. I found out about sock knitting’s getting popular again in the fall 2006. I bought yarn to knit several pairs of socks, but I just could not seem to get going on knitting socks again. I tried knitting one pair toe-up, and I didn’t like it, so I finally tried knitting it cuff down, but I was not happy with that either.

    Then, Wendy’s new sportweight pattern came out! I already had my Lorna’s Lace sportweight yarn (colorway–Devon). I actually knit my first toe yesterday! I am so proud of myself! Please don’t laugh at me, you all. My teenage son loves this combo, unlike the other one that was scratchy, etc.–maybe that’s why I could never get going on it? This pair of socks is for him, so it’s a good thing that he likes it! ! Anyway, count me as happy that I think I am finally on the road to being able to knit socks again! Hooray!

  7. Sheri, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

    Tha llamas are so cute. I have a llama farm just up the street from my house, but I have yet to get there (probally a good thing, because I would really want to take one home!)

    I always joke with my husband that I want a sheep and a llama, but I don’t think that my house is zoned for either.

  8. I’m with Mia. You could hire your llama out to the neighbors to mow their lawn, too.

    Added bonus — Free fertilizer with every trim.

  9. Dear Sheri,
    I’m glad that you had such a good time. It’s always good to stop and smell
    the roses. I know people here who raise llamas. They seem to do a booming
    business selling their alpaca and they love what they do. Of course they have
    plenty of space. Do llamas smell bad, I mean besides having to clean up after them?
    Are you going to carry anymore Handmaiden Sea Silk? I know it’s in big demand
    right now. Hope you finally are getting rested. I love your sock.


  10. I want first crack at the Yarn Pirate shipment. I have been very patient (liar). Ever since I finished my socks in the “sadie” colorway, I have been hoping to get more of the lovely merino-tencel and am always too too late.

    I bet the neighbors won’t mind if you name the llamas after them!

  11. So glad to see a wonderful weekend was had by all… And, your peppermint mocha socks look great! I definitely think you need a llama, and, I’m sure your neighbors won’t mind at all! : )

    P.S. Looking forward to the next few sneak-ups, I know what I have my eye on…

  12. me too, but I also want a couple of sheep and goats…. I think my dogs would have to be retrained though…

    How wonderful to have the family home together now. Many happy, if harried meals together!! Glad you got a bit of a break from the buzy-ness of business! You do it so very well though and it is much appreciated. Can’t find your kind of customer service many places!!

    Happy homecoming!

  13. Welcome home! That sure was a lot of car time! I love the llama photos, but your sock is awesome! Now I want to ditch my other WIP’s and break into MY peppermint mocha. 🙂

  14. My five-year-old daughter would be on your side about the llama. She’s been trying to convince me for ages that we should get a pony and tie it to the tree on our front lawn.
    Great Peppermint Mocha sock. I hadn’t been tempted by that colourway until now but maybe I’ll have to try it. But for this week I’m waiting for the Icicle. I can’t wait to try it, considering how wonderful the Glacier is.
    I am really enjoying my Maruca bag. I was able to carry my sock-in-progress around all weekend and as a result finished the socks–Yarn Pirate Mermaid. Any chance you may be getting any other styles of Maruca bags? The Victoria bag is gorgeous.

  15. You should get llamas just to say the name. The whole double L thing gets me … llama, llama, llama. We love llamas.

    Dunno if I can do sneak up buying this week or not… got snuck up on myself with a new traffic camera and received a lovely gift in the mail this morning from my friendly police dept — a ticket for $202 for running a yellow light. Great ‘suitable for displaying’ (not!) traffic photos included. Dang, there goes the 2$ I am getting from the GMAC Mortgage class action suit too (another mail surprise today). Whatta you gonna do?

    Welcome home Sheri. Glad you had fun and that College Guy is home now. I know you are happy. Great looking socks too. Llama llama.

  16. Did someone say Yarn Pirate and Chewy Spaghetti? *swoon* I’ve been buying other yarn like a mad woman to keep my mind of personal issues and to tame my lust for the above mentioned yarns. 😉

  17. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And I don’t think the neighbors would mind too much—just let the llama being the environmentally friendly lawn mower and have it eat everyone’s grass. Of course, that may be a job for a couple of llamas.

    Update? With new yarns? *SQUEE* I become a Loopy Groupie with my next order and was just about to order more Claudia Handpainted when I checked your blog. Now I have to wait more?

    Update soon!

    Er…no pressure!

  18. Oooh! Llamas! I had no idea they hum to each other–it’s cute to think about.

    What a great weekend–just considering the knitting time alone, without factoring in llamas and graduation parties. =)

  19. Oooo. Yarn Pirate and Yarntini. I don’t think I can stand the wait. You guys are just going to love the Cider Moon Icicle weight yarn. The gals are coming up with some great new colorways too.

  20. Our neighbor has peacocks, so why not a llama?? I never realized how loud they were- – many decibels above a hum. Personally, I’m for a goat and Guinea hens! I wish I had enough hours in the day for all the sock yarn I have in stash 🙂 Sounds like some new additions may need to be added!

  21. Welcome home, Sheri!
    Cute llamas! Alpacas hum, too, guess it’s a camelid thing.
    That is some Mega Sneak-Up you’re planning. I hope I get what I’m a-hunting for! I know Georgia gets different yarn bases at different times – do you have straight merino YP (scrumptious on it’s own) in or some shiny merino/tencel? Can’t hardly wait!

  22. I am glad Collage guy is home safe and that you got all that knitting done. I just ordered the same yarn that sock is made of, it is so pretty worked up. It will likes its home with the other sock yarns waiting to be made into something.

  23. Welcome home!

    And you do know they have miniature llamas, don’t you? Just tell the neighbors it’s a very ugly dog, and cover his little llama-ears while you say it and stage whisper, “But he’s very SENSITIVE about it, so don’t mention that he’s U-G-L-Y, okay?”

    They’ll leave you alone after that. Granted, you may be known as the neighborhood crazylady, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Ahem.

  24. Argh! You may have me (finally!) ordering sooner rather than later…! Okay, “sooner” is relative….I broke my wrist on Friday, I won’t be knitting for quite some time (gnash, gnash ), so, by the time I can hold two needles at once again I’m going to want to knit NON-STOP and I’ll be through this other stash yarn in no time!!!!! You’ve given me so much to look forward to!!!!!

    Our College Guy is taking summer classes, so we only get him for a few days this weekend…can you give yours extra hugs for mine by proxy?!

    We llove the llovely llamas……very environmentally correct!!

  25. that’s it, make me cry! i so want a set of those needles, but i really can’t afford them right now. i’ll have to keep them in mind for chirstmas!

  26. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I knew about llamas spitting but I didn’t know that they hummed to each other! (But what do I know, I have a dog that purrs when you scratch him behind the ears just so.) How wonderful for you to have College Guy home again. Enjoy!

  27. Looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend. Isn’t car knitting great? I’m so glad I can knit in the car. I hate driving so I’m normally the passenger leaving me plenty of knitting time.
    I’m cruising right along on my Q2 baby hat and hope to start some fingerless mitts soon…Fun Fun! 🙂
    Oh you’re next few shop updates are going to kill me. 😉 Hopefully I’ll get a little b-day money from my family…..a girl can hope. 🙂 B-day money can be spent on anything…..that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. 🙂

  28. Hey Sheri! Wondered if anyone in the sock club mentioned that there’s a tee-tiny error in the pattern – Round 11 of the stitch pattern (for regular size) has a p3 at the end of the repeat, but it should actually be p2 instead. The chart’s correct. Thought I’d mention it! By the way, I’ve started working with the “June Carter Cash” Cider Moon I purchased from you a few weeks ago and it is easily THE softest, squishiest, most delicious sock yarn I’ve ever worked with. You can be sure I will be stalking The Loopy Ewe accordingly to get my hands on lots of it!

  29. Welcome back, Sheri! I bet it will be nice to have both Knitting Daughter and College Guy home for the summer. That sure was a bunch of car time, but it sounds as if it was a wonderful trip.

  30. Sounds like a really cool trip!

    I had a dream last night about checking the site for the sneak-up and looking for the color of Apple Laine I most want (and not finding it, which was a mixed disappointment for my stash and relief for my wallet). It is possible that I spend too much time thinking about your site and yarn!

  31. Go nuts! Get yourself a lama, and an alpaca. You deserve it! 😉 Love the Peppermint Mocha sock! The color way is just so yummy! Can’t wait for the sneak up! (Not that I need more yarn, cause Lord knows I don’t!) Welcome home College Guy!

  32. We have an alpaca farm in the field next to our house. My little Corgi thinks it is great fun to chase them (BAD corgi!). They are wicked cute, like little mini llamas!

    They take up less space than llamas!

  33. Sherri,

    While you were traveling to Iowa, we were doing the reverse and going from Iowa to STL. It’s nice to have knitting time, but the gas prices!!


  34. Maybe you could tell your neighbors that it’s a hairy Great Dane….After all, those women in Japan were fooled into thinking the lambs they bought were actually poodles! Maybe your neighbors could be fooled too. Lucky you to have College Guy home. Our day is tomorrow! I can;t wait (although I’m not relishing helping him clean his apartment out…)

  35. Did you go to Ivanhoe’s while you were in Upland? It’s right there at the college. I try to get there anytime I’m up that way. Best shakes ever!

  36. I keep checking, so afraid I will miss it whilst at graduation or Grand March, isn’t that silly? You will get it back in afterall…(Iam going to keep telling myself that)We went to Class Night Monday night and I found myself daydreaming wondering if I missed the sneak up, I am sure during part of the Baccaulareate Mass I said Chewy Spaghetti instead of Alleluia…off to Grand march. If I miss it have a blast everyone

  37. Llama’s of cuteness.

    I’m stalking the site btw— picture me here- in michigan, at my lap top- chanting like in the old “Kohl’s” commercial… “Open, Open… OPEN!”

    Desperate for a set of US 1 celtic swans….but shhhhhh don’t tell anyone! 😉

  38. Welcome home!!! Can’t help noticing we’ve been upped to eight pages of new items…..that must mean it’s imminent. 🙂 If only I hadn’t already requested a set of those swans for my birthday and been informed that it seemed a less than necessary item, as if that somehow was a factor. (And how on earth do you tell a woman with 80 SKEINS of sock yarn about unnecessary purchases???)

  39. woot woot
    I can go to sleep now, what a night, Grand March, Senior Prom DS2, I have never been, it was beautiful. As beautiful as the yarn I just scooped? um…….well…..ummmm….yes, yes, it was.
    Blue Moon – Gypsy Knits, Dorothy – All Things Heather, Asbury Park – Cider Moon Icicle,Woodland – Fleece Artist, Sweet Potato Pie – Cider Moon cicle
    Thank you Sheri…..lordy, now I am too excited to sleep. Perhaps I will go back and browse…heehee

  40. So glad I wake up at the butt crack of dawn (He He)! I just snagged some Sknitches – Showgirls and Shrimp on the Barbie. There are plenty of other yarns left! So many choices, it was hard to decide. I was very tempted by the Fleece Artist colors, they are so vibrant and Cider Moon looked great as well!! I am trying to keep my spending down to the must haves. I haven’t seen Sknitches in a while, so that was a priority! Not that I need anymore sock yarn! Thanks Sheri! You are the best!

  41. must refrain, need to buy gas…must refrain, need to buy gas and food.

    Happy shopping, Knitters! There’s some very lovely colors out there.

  42. Curse you Sheri! I had to buy the ATH Blood Orange. And then I had to get free shipping, so I might as well buy some more stuff. You’d better apologize to my husband for this!

    I guess I need to come up with a way to say it’s all part of his father’s day present. Hmm, I was going to get him a new BBQ tool set, but maybe he’s rather have yarn.

  43. I was just going to post a “Curses to you” comment, too, Emily! Tell your husband that buying yarn makes you happy and if you’re happy then he’ll be happy (because the converse would also be true and if you were miserable, so would he be).

    Now…I’ve already used that explanation to my husband – I have to think up a new one for my yarn purchases. AND, I had to get to the $75 free shipping mark, too, so I’ve got to add that into the explanation, too.

    Oh well…good thing they love us!

  44. Noone in my household drinks, smokes, eats out routinely, does drugs, clothes shops unneccessarily. SO, DH buys computer parts, DS1books, DS2 books, together video games and me YARN!!! I currently work anywhere from 36-70 hours a week and have been in my field for 30 years. So many years I would knit with less than the perfect yarn for a project or purchase one skein every two weeks until I had 15-20 needed. Of course by that time the yarn would be discontinued… birthday about three years ago, my DH took me away and we nwent to the store of a catolog I get for yarn, another store for quilting, in NH. I fell in love with a sweater that took 22 balls of yarn at 9.00 a ball. I bought two balls and the book(which itself was 15.00) SO i got in the car, cast on with the exquisite yarn and knit quietly all the way home. Three days later a very large box came for me. DH had gone back and ordered the rest of the yarn in the same dye lot. He said even though I never bothered to get the paper to say so, I was a master knitter and deserved to have the yarn I wanted for the art I was so good at. From then on, I may have to wait an extra week or month until I have saved or worked an extra shift, but I buy the yarn I need en masse. This is longwinded, sorry, but at this point in my life, 30 years in a job, two jobs, as long as I don’t take my yarn money from bills, or neccessities, I go for it. I deserve it, I know it, my DH told me so. Even my DS will ask for the title of a knitting book I would like for an occasion. I am very blessed both with family and to live in an age where I can stay up late and enter one of my favorite yarn stores, not even local, and purchase the exquisite yarns that are striking my fancy at that time. I know I will never knit all that I have, but I will come close. I was once asked if I knew what project OTN would go in the final resting place with me……Thanks to Sheri and all the fine LYS on the internet. They all work so hard and put in more hours than my two jobs to assure we can have the best yarn out there. My only issue with it all is I am knitting 4-6 sets of socks a month and my sweaters sit neglected. But they will get done, they always do. Thanks for listening, thanks for commiserating, thanks for being knitters of high tatse and supporting the IYS(internet yarn shops) so they can continue to fedd our habits. Many hours go into our knitting, we deserve to knit with the best yarn we can personally afford. Happy knitting all.
    Patti, you are right, good thing they love us… 🙂

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