Shopping and Carts and Yarn

Well, it was fun to “see” everyone online last night. Thanks so much for popping by and for your patience. I was able to see how many were online at a given time, and …. well …. let’s just say that you all outdid yourselves between 8 and 9 pm. You slogged down the system, but at least it didn’t crash! 🙂 🙂 What a night. It was like taking more than an average day’s worth of shoppers and orders and compacting them into that hour. 

I have had a few comments about the shopping cart system and how you can “lose” things in your cart. We don’t pull the products from inventory until someone actually checks out with them. Many of you put things in your cart and then sign off and leave them there for another day. And you LIKE being able to do that! If we pulled them from inventory when they went into carts, it would leave a whole lot of our inventory in limbo … waiting there in a cart, not sold, but not available for anyone else. On most days, it’s not an issue because the traffic at the site is steady but not over-the-top like it was last night. There usually aren’t people grabbing at everything that goes by. (And honestly – the biggest issue was the Sweet Georgia feeding frenzy. I know there were many of you who were trying to get these last skeins and there wasn’t much we could do about that. It was just crazy.) We will look into seeing if there is a way for you to have a few minutes grace period when it goes into your cart, but doesn’t keep the products in limbo as they relate to the website. We’re always looking for ways to make your experiences positive here, and we will continue to do that in the future. Our sincere apologies to those who were frustrated. Always feel free to email us when anything concerns you. We want to hear from you. (And to all of you who emailed and said it was fun and you had your adrenaline going and you think it’s wonderful that we keep bringing such fun stuff in – well, those emails just made our night. Thank you so much!)

Sheri nowbacktopackingalloftheseordersbecauseIknowyou’reanxioustogetthem!


  1. Well, count me in as one of those who had a blast shopping last night. 🙂

    I know this will clearly show that I don’t get out much, but I was looking forward to the shop update all evening. At 8:00pm Central Time on the dot, the new stuff went up and the site slowed down perceptibly. I was going through the new items like a mad being wondering all the while how many other people were doing the same thing. It was like a group sporting event. And it was quite a rush to check out and see if all my purchases made it through.

    And I went to bed with visions of sock yarn dancing in my head.

    Sheri is hands down the nicest retailer I’ve ever dealt with, always one step ahead, and thinking of her customers. The slow-down of the site due to the huge traffic and the rate at which the stuff was disappearing just proves that I’m not the only one who loves to shop at the Loopy Ewe.

    Whew! I’m still feeling the rush! 🙂

  2. I had a blast looking through everything last night. Like Wendy, I looked forward to the site update all afternoon. Some of my items vanished from my cart, but I expected that to happen and it added to the competitive feeling of the whole thing.

    Thanks for the great yarn and service, Sheri!

  3. Sheri,

    I too tried to get in on the Sweet Georgia craziness last night, and yes, my skeins got yanked right out from under me, but nevertheless, it’s a thrill to see the Loopy Ewe doing so well! There will always be more beautiful sock yarn, and I so appreciate all your amazing efforts to make it all available to us! If only my student-y budget were more accomodating to yarn shopping! =)

  4. I haunted your site, too. 😉 I’d anticipated that things weren’t “mine” until I checked out, knowing how these things work.

    Actually, I wandered through the new offerings, and decided I preferred something you’d already had in stock. What can I say?

    Soo…. any new Claudia, yarn pirate, or Zen String on the way?

  5. I absolutely agree – I was sitting at my computer refreshing the site until the update appeared. And then I was throwing stuff into my cart as quickly as possible. I knew things could disappear from your cart from previous experience and I was anxious until my credit card went through. Lots of fun though – I was positively giddy after the fact.

    Thanks so much for all you do!

  6. It was a little bit like the “Supermarket Sweep” of yarn shopping, planning where to go first and then racing to the checkout – oh, what fun. I had a skein of Perchance swiped, but it’ll come back around. Still anxiously awaiting Zen String!

    Thanks Sheri & the Loopy family!

  7. Last night was crazy and fun. I was laughing everytime I picked some SG and it was gone by the time I get to checkout. Oh Well, maybe next time. I got some good yarn though and I’m looking forward to it.

    Thanks so much for all you do. It is so appreciated 🙂

  8. I was sitting here at my computer in my comfy sweatpants, with my 7 month old giggling, stalking your site….lol. I had a lot of fun last night and couldn’t believe that there were enough people on last night to completely bog down the system. 🙂 Shows how much we all love you.
    I was one of the unlucky ones that lost some Sweet Georgia out of her cart but that’s alright I don’t mind. I found some Perchance to Knit that I fell in love with and of course some Apple Laine since I missed out on that the last time. 🙂
    Now I have some yummy yarn to look forward too and like Wendy said in her comment, I too went to bed dreaming of sock yarn….lol.

    Big Hugs and Thanks to you and your family for making last night fun. 🙂 Can’t wait till the next update because I’m wanting some Zen String and more Yarn Pirate…..Love the Yarn Pirate. 🙂

  9. I felt SO juiced shopping last night. You updated the shop DURING HEROES, okay, and yet I paid NO attention to the tv – that’s how important it was to me to see all the new stuff! Poor Travis had to give me a complete update at 9:50 so I could watch the last ten minutes. Heh. The fact that it was so bogged down with a zillion shoppers made it that much more fun – opening multiple windows trying to look at everything at once, feeling like you were in a prizefight – and even though I lost my Sweet Georgia, I can’t complain…after all, I do still have three or four of her colorways in stash, so I can hope I gave up my skeins to a SG virgin. 🙂 And I know that Travis enjoyed watching me periodically grab my laptop’s screen and yell, “Come on!!!! Show me the pictures!!”

    I’m not an addict.

    What? Don’t look at me that way. I can stop any time I want.

    So…..when’s the next update? 😉

  10. Sheri, if there is a way for a few moments grace period that would be great. That would allow you time to add another few skeins to your cart and enter your payment information. Maybe Wonder Son can figure something out that will give you 5 or 6 minutes. I am sure that he can figure out how long it takes us to place an average order. I had my SG yanked just as I was entering my credit card info. I was able to at least get one color. But I did manage to get 2 skeins of the Perchance to Knit. And I was able to IM my friend while we both tried to get some SG. We will trade with each other if it comes to it. Nothing like sharing yarn with friends.

  11. I got in the fun a bit late so a lot was all ready gone. I had some PK Azelea in my shopping cart that was swiped. I also had some of those cute Bart, Louise and Sister Loopy stitch markers in my cart. They stayed put and I was happy about that. So I found some other PK yarn that I liked put that in the cart and added some Cherry Tree Hill for the free shipping and quickly checked out. The stitch markers are mine! I was doing the snoopy dance.

    I got a shower and then it was back for round two. I got some more Cherry Tree Hill and some Claudia’s in the most gorgeous colors. I am very anxious to get my goodies.

    It was a lot of fun anticipating what goodies would be found on the website. I just wish that I would have been home sooner to see all the gorgeous colorways.

    On a bright note only one more order and I become a Loopy Groupie! And I earned my first $25 frequent shopper bonus!

  12. I also enjoyed shopping last night. It was my first time trying to hit the site during a shopping frenzy, but I managed to get what I wanted (Apple Laine). I missed out on it the last time so I was excited to get some this time. I was anxious until my card went through and the order was accepted, but I also went to bed thinking of sock yarn.

    Thank you to Sheri and family for having such a great site with such great products. I look forward to shopping here.

  13. I, too, loved the event of getting the yarn. I also lost the initial skein of perchance (Rainbow Black), but was able to replace it with another color and I got some Apple Laine yarn. I am anxiously awaiting some sknitches yarn to come back. All in all I had a great time last night!

  14. Sheri,
    I was so glad that you let us know that the update wouldn’t be for a few days. That gave me the rest I needed to save up for last night. I was crushed when I learned that the update would be during Heroes but I figured I’d just pop on the site, buy a little yarn, and get right back to the show. Yeah, right!! There must have been a jillion of us on because everything slogged right down. It was like a competition! I kept going back and forth between the computer and the tv.

    I decided not to go for the Sweet Georgia because I knew it would fly. I really wanted to try Perchane to Knit and Apple Laine and I was able to get exactly what I wanted. I was glad I had done my homework ahead of time.

    Thanks again for all you do. I had a blast last night and I know I’ll receive my order quickly.

  15. Yes that was wild fun last night. There was a frustrating point when two skeins of Sweet Georgia vanished from my cart right as I was trying to log in to pay, but it all worked out in the end. It was nice to have the heads-up about exactly when the new yarn was going to be posted.

  16. I had a great time last night! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do. It’ll be like Christmas in the mail when all the stuff arrives. I’m planning on knitting some of it up for sock madness. We’ll see how far I can go….. Thank you again!

  17. Sheri,

    Oh my goodness, can I say, last night was soo fun and frustrating at the same time. I stalked the site a bit before 8pm just refreshing and waiting. Thanks so much for letting us know ahead of time so we could prepare. Your shop is awesome and I can’t wait to become a Loppy Groupie. 🙂

  18. I, too, had great fun looking at the update last night! I did experience some Sweet Georgia disappearing, but just chalked it up to me not being fast enough to the checkout line…not a big deal at all, as I expected the sight to be flooded with others like me trying to get there hands on the yarns in the latest update.

    Agree with Wendy and the others, Sheri is the BEST when it comes to customer service and I know I’ll be back for the next round…let the fun continue!!! : )

  19. I had no idea that sock yarn purchasing was such a competitive sport. I really have to change my approach. I thought all that training knitting socks with size 0 needles would prepare my fingers to get to the finish line on paypal fast enough, but I guess not. Actually, I was still considering which colour of Perchance to Knit I liked best when they began to disappear. We certainly love your sock yarn, Sheri!

  20. I had so much fun last night!! I logged in early, watched the rest of Prison Break and then sat down and refreshed at 9pm ET until the goodies arrived. I grabbed AL red delicious and checked out because I wasn’t sure if it would stay in my cart if I went back to shop. Then I went back in and shopped some more 🙂 Thanks Sheri! You made my night. My husband asked if I got everything I wanted? Yes, I did as I knew ahead of time what I wanted. Glad that you are doing so well. It’s your fun spirit and friendly service that keeps me and I’m sure most of us coming back. Next time I’ll have to check out Sweet Georgia’s yarn. Thanks again for the fun time.

  21. Loved shopping last night….when that churning in my gut began I realized I had lost a skein of Pechance to another saavy shopper. (mental note: dialup sucks). Next time there will be a method to my madness. Just a note to thank you for such wonderful service too. My friend Mallory who introduced me to your site surprised me today by giving me a skein of Kansas from JKnits. (yes she got it from you…lol). She is so thoughtful!!!! One more order makes six! I can hardly wait!!!! Thank you Sherri!!!!

  22. So glad you had a great time on your trip, Sheri!

    What fun on the shopping, too. All you knitters swiping yarn from each other. When will yarn swiping make it into the olypics, i wonder? 🙂

  23. i stayed away, lol. i knew i was going to have to pay taxes, and house taxes are due the 1st of april as well, so i’m trying to be good.

    as for the cart? i go in with the thought that if i don’t do it right then and there, i’m gonna get aced out. learned that with elann, when i wanted to buy the clear boots. i ended up with a size that is a tad bit too big because i waited too long to buy the right size (and i never wear them because they rub my legs raw, lol)

  24. Well Sheri, I was lucky to get enough of a break at work that I was able to snag a few Perchance-2-Knit’s! The computer was sure working slowly with all that business! I also lost my Black Rainbow skein in the PayPal frenzy, but hopefully it will come around again (from the photos on P-2-K’s blog…there really wasn’t that much!). I didn’t even try for any of the Sweet Georgia this time!

    I agree, though, that some sort of limited “hold” time in the cart would be great…after my skein disappeared I felt really pressured, and since the site was going so slowly (not to mention that I was supposed to be working!!), I quickly paid up for the few that I got, and decided not to risk looking for anything more. I never even saw the Bart/Louise markers…must’ve been gone before I got on!

    OOoooo…I think one more and I’ll be a Loopy Groupie.

    Thanks sooooooo much for all your great stuff and (I have to gloat just a bit here since I live in St. Louis!) I’m sooooooo glad you live in my town and I get to meet you and talk to you and see your gorgeous yarns in person!!! If you’d like to save the postage on my order, I’ll pick it up in the Loopy Room next Tuesday!

  25. I missed the mad dash for the Sweet Georgia and Perchance to Knit (it was the middle of the night over here) but I got some Apple Laine, which I’d missed out on last time, so I’m not complaining. Thanks so much, Sheri and family, for your superhuman efforts to supply us with beautiful yarns and great service! As for the shopping cart, a grace period WOULD be nice, but generally I assume that if I put something in my cart and don’t go to checkout right away, I’m taking a risk that it won’t be there when I get back. There’s always next time….

  26. Sheri….

    YOU ROCK! Thanks so much for giving us the experience of a mad dash steeplechase…in yarn form! I did luck out and get some of the SG, though 2 disappeared while I was madly yelling “comeoncomeon” at that little blue line at the bottom left of the screen. It was so much fun that I had to come back a couple more times. By the time it slowed down I was exhausted….I can imagine how all of you in Loopyland felt!
    Thanks again…..can’t wait for my lovely yarn.

  27. Sheri,
    As I read all these comments, I am cracking up. How funny if someone stumbled onto your site and read the comments..they would really wonder what in the world you did Monday night to give so many people such a great time…
    Anyway, I must tell you that your customer service is top notch.
    Also…if you want to have the yarn buying sporting events….I think you saw what triggered it….advance notice! If that was a bit over the could always add things on the sly to your site:) No matter what you is clear we all love Loopy!

  28. Hi Sheri, It was actually a lot of fun and an adrenaline rush at times too. I laughed how so many of us were refreshing incessantly, waiting for the new items, and yes, the site slowed considerably. I knew about the cart being emptied “out from under”, so did a complete checkout with what I couldn’t live without and then went back to try for some loopie markers and PTK – alas, these went to someone else, but knowing it will be back again, it’s not a big deal.
    A grace period on the cart might be a good thing, or if we could make one combined payment for multiple carts purchased… not sure what would work best for you.
    Keep up the great work, you all do such an excellent job and that’s what keeps all of us coming back :)!

  29. I am wondering…is there any chance that you could keep some of the items that sold out up on your site with a “Sorry, all gone!” message? (like some of the limited quantity yarn and stitch markers, etc.) I would at least like to SEE some of the goodies that others ed up so quickly! I read references to them after they are gone and I don’t ever get to see what all the hullabaloo is about!

  30. This was my first time to shop at The Loopy Ewe. It was fun and Very competitive sort of like checking out at the store and having the lady in front of you just reach into your cart and take whatever she wanted! Stuff was flying out of my cart left and right. Well, I learned my lesson and I’ll be much quicker next time. I had a great time and got something I really wanted. Can’t wait to do it again.

  31. i have had a so much fun just reading about all the shopping monday night. the other night on tv, we were watching pbs nature, and one of the parts was a feeding frenzy by humpback whales. they gobbled up those fish so efficiently and the gulls and other critters got into the act too. if we could “see” the feeding frenzy with the yarn sales, it woud probably be similar! then i was thinking how your website is named loopy ewe. how appropriate that name is when new yarn goes up. we all become loopy in our anticipation and buying. all the great comments on how your customer service is, etc. are so right on and is a real incentive for return shopping. bushyHSmom, i know just how you feel about not even getting to see the new yarns and colors. most times i seem to be at work when new postings go up. monday night i did get to come and see and was happy with that. i’ve only had my pc about 5 yrs. but i can say sheri’s website is the best. i’m sure i’d enjoy all this even if i weren’t addicted to sock knitting. blessings to your family and business.

  32. Thanks for the heads-up a couple of days before the sale. I was waiting, and refreshing until the new items came up. I knew exactly what I wanted, the sheep stitch markers. I put them in my cart and checked out immediately. Then, I went back in to see what was being offered. I’m a happy knitter now! I look forward to the next sale announcement.

  33. Sheri, many belated happy birthdays to you…we share the same birthday but I was unaware of it until now…we also share a great day with Charles Durning, the actor, who I always thought was very cool. It was my choice only to have home made brownies in lieu of cake…my birthday dinner will come in March at a special Australian food and wine pairings dinner…from barramundi to pavlova…isn’t it nice to be a little bit older!

  34. WOW! That was fast. The sheep markers (which are Oh So Cute, by the way) that I bought at the sale arrived in my mailbox today. Thank you very much!

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