Back From the Mountains

DSC00572.JPGI’m home! And I had a wonderful time! Boy, what weather. When we left on Thursday to head out to Colorado, our plane was delayed at takeoff (due to a missing fire extinguisher on board) and we just missed tornadoes here in St. Louis. Then when we got to Denver, it was blizzarding up in the mountains. The higher we went, the more the snow swirled. We arrived in three different cars, and one of them was wind-gusted into the concrete median and then sent spinning around and around across the highway. Miraculously, no one was hurt and no other cars around them hit them. They were about 20 minutes from the condo and made it there in one piece, just a little sore from the experience. Here is a photo of the ski slopes, taken from our deck. None of us skiied, but it was fun to watch people coming down the mountain. Keystone is one of the places that offers night skiing, so the slopes are beautifully lit up at night. (I night-skiied once. Never again. It’s FREEZING riding up on the lift at night!)

DSC00570.JPGHere’s our annual group photo. We were missing two gals this year, but it was still a wonderful weekend. We decided to switch our gathering time to fall (when we can avoid snow and car accidents.) Still trying to figure out how to break it to the husbands that we’re planning on this fall for the next event, because of course we’re not waiting a whole year and a half to switch to fall of 2008. 🙂 I brought back some great new recipes which I’ll make up and then share with you over the next few weeks. My family will love being the taste-testers!

DSC00574.JPGSpeaking of family, WH and KD did a great job of getting orders packed up and shipped off to you. I also have a wonderful assistant, who has been with me in another business for a long time and has recently been switched over to helping at The Loopy Ewe three mornings a week. Susan is GREAT and I was so thrilled when she agreed to add more work hours to her week in order to help me get all of these orders out to you every day in a timely manner.

Thank you for all of your wonderful birthday wishes!! Although I do have really really great friends, I must say that I have never had SO many birthday greetings at once before. That was so fun and I appreciate every single one of you who left a comment that day. I had a great day. 🙂

Tonight is the big shop update! Truthfully, we have new yarn orders coming in every single week this month (and probably next month, too). More new lines, more fun accessories, more surprises! I did want to share my thoughts on the yarn lines with you. I know we all joke about the fact that you have to be on top of our shop updates in order to get many of the yarns we put up. And that’s true for some of the lines. Our goal is to keep the “regular” yarn lines in stock most all of the time. (Once in awhile we get caught short because the orders from the company have taken longer than expected, or because they are backordered themselves.) So count on us having Cherry Tree Hill, Lorna’s Laces, Schaefer Anne and Lola, Regia, Online, Opal, Claudia Hand Painted, Crystal Palace, J-Knits, Fleece Artist and Jigsaw in all the time. We’re working on keeping Interlacements and Apple Laine in all the time, and have another awesome major yarn line that we will keep in stock in all colors – due to arrive in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned! With all of our wonderful indie-dyers – well, we have orders in with them ALL the time, but of course they can only dye up so much. (And we put in BIG orders, so it does take awhile for them to pull it all together for us.) When their orders come in, they do get sold very quickly. I’d love to get to the point where we can actually keep some of them in stock for longer than a couple of days. 🙂 Just know that I always have orders in with them in an effort to continue bringing their lines to you. These include All Things Heather, Yarn Pirate, Posh, Zen String, sKNITches, Scarlet Fleece, and several more new ones that we already have on order for you. Again – stay tuned! If you’re a regular blog reader (and/or a Loopy Groupie) you are always the first to know when we get new things in for the shop.

SF Horizen 03Tonight’s update is scheduled for sometime between 8-9 pm (central time). It all depends on how long it takes me to enter and upload all of the information for you. It will all appear at once when we actually make it all go “live” for you. I can give you a hint on what to watch for, though, since it will exceed our four pages dedicated to “what’s new”. We have another batch of Loopy/Louise/Black Bart stitchmarkers going up, plus more Zecca (they are all so CUTE in this batch!), and 5 other accessories which are new to us here. We have new Zeldas and Zelda Grands going up. We have re-stocked the new Lorna’s Laces colors and will be putting those up. Half of the Scarlet Fleece Tubular x 2 colors have arrived and those will be up. (I love this photo that Josiane in Switzerland sent in of the Scarlet Fleece knit up. She says, “Scarlet Fleece is a wonderful yarn. Very very pleasant to knit, this tubular x 2 gives an extraordinary elasticity and exceptional regular stitches, I adore this yarn !!!) We also have our last Sweet Georgia order going up, more Apple Laine, more J-Knits, and one of our brand new indie-dyers – Perchance to Knit – going up. (Each Perchance to Knit Skein comes with a coordinating Swarovski crystal stitch marker – they are so gorgeous. Susie specializes in “rainbow” colors – I can’t wait for you to see them.) So be sure to pop by the shop tonight and treat yourself to some new things. Susan and I will be packing up your orders tomorrow just as fast as we can!

Sheri keepsendingyouryarn/accessoryideastous-


  1. Oh, sounds great! Now, if I get out of class at 9 (EST) and am home by 9:15, maybe I can get in on the action before you are all sold out! 🙂

  2. A Fall get together sounds good, it’s not as cold, snowy and icy but you can still light a fire in the fireplace and enjoy it without being cooked to death. Thank WH and KD for packing up my box this weekend, let them know I really appreciated it. The person I’m giving the stuff to will love it. Count on seeing an order from me come through this evening. 🙂 Hugs!!!!

  3. Ack!! Won’t be home from work until nearly 10pm central!!!!!!! I desperately want to just SEE some pictures of these yarns, even if I don’t get to buy them. You can make me drool over sock yarns I’ve never even met!!

  4. Is it sad that I sometimes plan my evenings around shop updates? Sundara’s, Loopy’s, Vesper’s, Pirate’s……they’re all on my calendar, right there along with things like doctor’s appointments, tux and gown fittings, teleconferences….Travis doesn’t even blink anymore when I say, “No, we can’t go out – I have to wait for so-and-so to update the shop.”

    Pins and needles! Pins and needles!!

    (I’m so glad that everyone arrived safely to the weekend – what a scary, scary drive it must have been!! I guess someone figured you all needed to earn your fun! Eek!!!)

  5. So sad I’m broke this time around. 🙁 I’m dying to get my hands on some Apple Laine and Scarlet Fleece. One of these days…maybe for my birthday next month I’ll splurge!

    Please tell me you’re going to continue carrying Fleece Artist. It’s my all time favorite sock yarn.

    Looks like you had sooooo much fun on your getaway! Can’t wait to get some of those new recipes!


    I have got to remember to put some SOAK into this order. I just hate to spend money on things that aren’t yarn. Or shoes. Or toddler clothes.

    I’m glad everyone’s ok! How badly damaged was the car?

  7. Hi Sheri, I’m so glad that you had a good time and that everyone is safe! I think meeting again in the fall is a great idea. In fact, when you break it to your husbands, just tell them you’re going to start meeting twice a year. Won’t that be fun?! Thanks for the shop update news. 9ET works good for me. See you then. Kristi

  8. I would try to go twice a year! Once in the fall and once in the spring? That would be nice! Looks like everyone had a ball!

  9. So glad to hear you had a wonderful trip! And, glad all are safe. Your fall trip sounds like a great idea!!

    Looking forward to the update…counting down the hours…. : )

  10. Hi Sheri! Glad you are home safely and had a good time away. I think the fall getaway sounds great too and of course you could not wait until fall of 2008! Thanks for the info on the update;I’ll look forward to another Loopy package soon!

  11. I am so glad that you all got there safely, after a really wild ride!!! I was really worried about you both with the tornadoes in the St Louis area & the blizzard in the Keystone area. I’m sure that was a terrifying experience with the car; I’m just thankful that no one was injured. I’m glad that you are back safely, & that you all had a great time! It is a beautiful area.

    I am looking forward to seeing all of your new goodies posted on the updates tonight!

    Take care!

  12. Wow…Sheri, I’m glad everyone is OK! You know how much I hate to hear about car accidents (in the “biz” we call them “MVC”s…stands for “Motor Vehicle Crash”). Well, tonight I will be saving lives in the ER while you are putting up your new goodies…I work till midnite, so I hope there will be some “P to K” left for me! If I get a minute at work I’ll try to log on! Don’t forget to save me Loopy/Louise/Bart stitchmarkers! Glad to have you back safe and sound…glad you had such a great time.

    Oh yeah…I left a couple of sock projects on the family room floor last night, and this morning my WH found one of them under the kitchen table. Fortunately the nice yarn ball was just “rearranged” and the attached sock and its wooden needles were OK. Problem is, I don’t know which dog to blame! :))

  13. Glad you (and your friends) are back safe and sound. I’d wondered how it would be with all the news of storms in Colorado.

    I think I’m just going to look at the yarns on the site and perhaps scope out yarn for just one, yes, only ONE pair of socks tomorrow. (I’m going to have to have first, second, third, fourth, and fifth choices, judging by how fast the yarn has been going.) I need a little treat for all the time I’ve spent working lately, but I can’t afford much due to the monthly bills and sending in my taxes. Anyway, it’s a treat all by itself to see and touch all the lovely yarn in person.

  14. Glad you got such a nice mini-vacation. I spent most of last night surfing for sock yarn, and decided that I’d just wait for your shop update tonight! Hopefully something will tickle my wandering fancy and I’ll commit before it sells out!

    Now I just have to figure out how to get my hands on the new Addi turbo lace needles without having to wait till May.

  15. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip and that everybody is okay! A trip to Colorado in the Fall sounds great. September’s usually beautiful with the changing of the colors, but FYI – October is usually when the blizzards start!

    I can’t wait for the shop update – thanks for making my Monday a whole lot better! :0)

  16. I’m glad you had a nice weekend and I can’t wait to see what the update tonight includes. I just started on some Scarlett Fleece Socks and LOVE that yarn. I’m going to scoop up as much of that as possible.

  17. Glad to hear that you are okay.

    The evening update means I have to stay up tonight and brave the wind to check out the new yarns. But I won’t have to go to my meeting so that I know I will be in front of the computer when the time comes.

  18. Oh God…that means 4am-5am my time…

    The absolute worst part of it is that I just set my alarm clock so I could get up in time. The things I do for sock yarn are sick. Really, really sick.

  19. The last pre-vacation Sweet Georgia. Goodness. How very sad.

    It is a good thing you’re an internet shop. If we could all be in your yarn room today, I’m sure it’d look like a hurricane hit it. Or packs of rabid knitters. We’d be lining up in the cold and peeking in the windows.

    Glad you’re back A-ok!

  20. Wow, that’s a lot of New Stuff! 🙂

    If only I wasn’t on GMTime…….Update takes place in the wee small hours here…….it’s (21.38 at time of posting here)

    I was glad to read that there were no casualities from the car incident! Looks like you had a good time 🙂

    Welcome back.

  21. SO glad to hear that you are ok and had a great time – i think a change to Fall is a great idea!!

    Now Sheri, sweetie-pie, bestest yarn-enabler on the planet, if you can just have a few technical glitches today that see the update stretching to 9pm CST AT THE MINIMUM (lol) I may be able to get a little yarny sumpin’ sumpin’ through the checkout, lol. Otherwise I will be stuck in a work meeting (*sob* *sniffle*), not to mention the fact that I can’t access a PayPal checkout on my work computer – believe me I’ve tried, lmao! Ah well, maybe next time!

  22. OOOhhhh…I can’t wait. I need a pick-me-up. So glad you had a wonderful time and got home safely. Looks like a fun group …

  23. Yay! I’ll be sitting here patiently waiting for your shop update. I’ve been hovering the last couple days but then again, I visit your shop all the time to window shop. 😀

    I’m glad you had a great Girl’s weekend. It sounded like fun!

  24. So glad that you got back safely AND had a marvy time in Colorado. So which person are you in the photo?…since I have not met you in person….

  25. Shari I just have to say THANK YOU for having the sale AFTER my guy goes to bed…but man DURING 24!?!? 😉 ummm yarn vs. 24 – think I am setting TIVO!

  26. Wow, your shop got slammed! I surfed a bit but since I have been a bit, shall we say, unrestrained over the weekend, I need to abstain. Sigh… but there’s always Yarn Pirate, BRING IT ON!

  27. hi sheri. so glad you had a happy safe weekend trip. thankful that car accident only hurt the vehicle and not your friends. i have just viewed the newest yarns and fell in love with AL purple rain. no surprise on that! but, since i’m on that yarn diet, i must resist this time. and when i really want some frank socks that pop, i’ll be buying some of those “knock your socks off” colors from PK. those were eye popping!! so, i’m going to keep working on my projects and when i get a couple done, i think i can quit dieting a bit. ( : i can wait til another shipment of these wonderful yarns you find for us all to enjoy. just happy visiting you tonight. happy knitting to all.

  28. wow!!
    That was crazy. That was like shopping at ebay…hitting my refresh button a whole bunch of times!
    I am in Pacific time so I got onto the site at a little after 6 my time. I managed to score a couple colors from Apple Laine and a Perchance to knit. I guess I must have missed the Yarn Pirate 🙁 I really wanted to get some of that!
    Also I did have an Ocean colorway I LOVED in my cart and it got removed! I was sad….I thought if I put it in my cart it couldn’t get bought by someone else, but I guess not. Once I got another color I liked I hurried to check out so I wouldn’t lose them. Oh, well…maybe I can be a little faster on the next big update 🙂 I just love your site, obviously a lot of other people do too ;D
    I can’t wait to get my new yarn!

  29. Man! You weren’t kidding about some things selling out fast. I had yarn (Apple Laine Earthly Delights – I was stepping out of my standard color range and everything) in my cart and two minutes after putting it in when I was ready to check out it went poof because (I guess) someone else checked out with it first. The pout wasn’t pretty. I think I even said “hey! that’s not fair!” out loud. I wasn’t dawdling or anything, I was still shopping! It’s the internet equivalent of those tales you’d hear about otherwise proper English ladies elbowing each other to get to the last whatever at the Harrod’s sale. LOL!

    Oh well, better luck next time I guess…

    I’m so glad no one was hurt when the car went round-a-bout. BTDT. And glad you all had fun. I agree on the fall is better idea and I’m sure all the hubbies will understand that it is because it’s safer and not (just) sooner.

  30. I tried, I had them in my shopping cart, but before I finished my order they sold out. I missed the Loopy stitchmarkers AGAIN. 🙁

  31. Whew! I can imagine how tired you must be, Sheri, cuz I am plum tuckered out from shopping! I too had a couple of my Sweet Georgia removed from my cart before I got checked out and I was hurrying just as fast as I could, but the bandwidth was jammed! That was like shopping at Marshall Fields during Bargain Basement Days!
    Thanks for the excitement & looking forward to the lovely yarn.

  32. I was able to get some of the Perchance to Knit, yeah!, but I did not even see the loopy stitchmarkers and I was poised and ready at my computer. I didn’t see any yarn pirate either. I did not think that you put that up, but if you did it went like hot cakes! Soon, my home will look like a sock yarn shop! My mother is coming down from Altona, NY and I am putting together a gift basket for her of the wonderful yarns from your shop. She will be so excited as she has been on a yarn diet, but that doesn’t stop me from buying yarn for her!

  33. Sheri,
    Whew….while watching 24, I kept jumping up during commercials to see if you had updated. There were many wonderful things as usual! I look forward to seeing the Raspberry Kiwi SF yarn in person! Thanks for everything!

  34. It was really frustrating to have the Sweet Georgia yarns yanked from my cart while I was already in the paypal screen. I understand that it’s first-come-first-served but I was online at the buzzer and there should be some kind of grace if the customer is already at the payment processing screen. In the end I gave my business to another shop last night. Maybe there is a way to prevent this in the future?

  35. It sounds like I’m not alone in my frustration trying to buy from The Loopy Ewe last night. Everything was so slow to load and access, then once you had something in your cart and wanted to check out, you found out it had been sold right out from under you. Very disappointing and very frustrating. I won’t try THAT again!

  36. Poor Sheri, I’ve not been reading your blog for long so can’t really say I know you, but I’m betting you’re feeling distressed that some of us were disappointed. Please don’t feel bad for me at least. Just to clarify, Sheri, I really am not unhappy with my experience. (Bummed I missed out sure, but there’ll be other sock yarns.) After all, anytime you have a stash the size of mine and find yourself thinking “But, I was shopping as fast as I can!” you just have to see the funny side. And anytime there’s something lots of folks want to see on a website it will be slow to load – that’s just par for the course. I expected that from the chatter earlier. No one can afford to have enough server to keep the system moving at normal speed when it’s got a huge peak of traffic. Maybe it’s best not to tell folks when you’re going to update? I dunno. Hard to say really…

    My guess is that the shopping cart system is not something Sheri (or WH or CB or whoever does the website work) wrote but rather a piece of software complete unto itself. Which probably means it isn’t possible to adjust it at all. Or, at least, probably not in a way that would make everyone happy. It’s actually pretty nice to be able to see right away that your choice is out of stock. I think it’s better than hearing a day (or a week) later like you sometimes do with other shops. Those sorts of cart systems aren’t designed for this kind of “run on an item” shopping I think. It might be possible I suppose for the items to be moved out of inventory when they go into someone’s cart rather than when they complete checkout, but then what if they don’t end up checking out? If one would have been next in line otherwise, one might end up missing the yarn. I doubt there’s a way to waitlist stuff. It’s a tricksey tricksey problem really.

    BTW – I meant to put this in my last comment but flaked out, my thanks for the pretty little red socky thing in my last order. (Rec’d yesterday! Very fast work that, thank you.) It looks too cute for words. I think I’ll have to play with it soon.

  37. Just a note for those who missed out on things this time around… I have a tried and true method. Decide ahead of time what brands you’d really like. For example, I knew there wouldn’t be any more Sweet Georgia, at least for a while, so that was my priority. Anything else I wanted (that was already in stock) I logged in early and put in my cart. When the update went live, I went right to the section I wanted, chose quickly, and then immediately checked out. Sheri will combine your orders if you place them the same evening, so go ahead and checkout the things that you REALLY want, then go back for to browse.

    Hope this helps someone… (BTW, I only bought one pair’s worth of SG. I didn’t gobble it all up like I wanted to!)

  38. i’m already getting my stuff incredibly fast! are you going to use transporters ala star trek now?

    and i love susan from perchance. i’ve bought her stuff, and it’s just lovely! (and she gave me a lovely wedding gift as well (fiber and yarn!))

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