Miss Lime Gets Loopy

DSC00579.JPGRemember me telling you that I was having a fun visitor to The Loopy Room on Friday? It was none other than Miss Lime herself (of the famous Lime & Violet podcast). If you’re a regular listener, you know they have threatened to camp out on my front lawn (ha!). It turns out that St. Louis was on the way between Nebraska and Florida, which is the roadtrip that Miss Lime is taking. Of course she made a stop to The Loopy Room! (She brought her sweet dog Alex. Zoe was most un-amused and behaved in a less than gracious way. She hissed and growled at Alex.) It was fun to talk yarn and socks and knitting in person and she even got first pick of the new All Things Heather and Cider Moon Glacier yarns that have newly arrived. (Nope – not up on the website yet. Pictures have not been taken due to WH flying the coop. He’s back. šŸ™‚ He’ll be photo-ing tonight and tomorrow.) So – I did manage to talk Miss Lime into a photo for the blog. You know, pictures of those two are few and far between, so I was honored that she consented. (You can see her dog Alex trying to scoot behind her. We couldn’t get him to pose for the photo. I’m on the right in the photo, Miss Lime is on the left). Now I’ll just have to listen in on the podcast to see what she reports back about. (I did find myself saying, “Well, we’re doing “this” and “that” …. and working on “that” and “the other” – but don’t put that on the podcast yet – it’s still a secret!” a few times. Oooh – I hope she remembers.) Miss Violet? Now it’s your turn to come visit.

Girls Weekend was a lot of fun! We watched movies and did plenty of knitting and hung out. I’m so glad that Knitting Daughter still likes to hang out with me. I can’t get used to the fact that she’ll be off to college in a year and a half. That’s such a bummer. We were shopping on Friday and I said, “Oh, Honey. What am I gonna do without you to shop with when you go off to college??” and she said, “Mom! You say that every time we go shopping now!” sigh. Having them grow up and leave home is what is supposed to happen, right? It’s a good thing? It’s the way things are meant to work? I don’t like it. I made good progress on my Louet lace socks. Photo later in the week. (Half of our Louet order is due to arrive tomorrow and I’ll get those up asap. Might have a few new things up tomorrow night. Not that that is an announcement or anything. Heaven forbid.)

That’s all for today. Lots of order to pack this morning and it seems as if I’m always racing my postman! šŸ™‚

Sheri sotellmewhatknittingYOUworkedonthisweekend


  1. Just trucked away on my second Jaywalker. When are you going to carry the Colinette Jitterbug? Cmon, you know you want to.

    Both my sister and I still manage to find time to go shopping with Mom, even though sister lives in the far north (Wisconsin), and I am almost 30. It might not get to happen very often, but we make up quantity of time with quantity of shopping cart!

  2. Yes, leaving home is supposed to happen, but that doesn’t make the adjustment any easier. My youngest is a junior in college. It was a bittersweet day for us when we dropped her off at her dorm freshman year. However, watching her mature into a beautiful, independent young adult has been priceless (now I sound like a MasterCard/Visa commercial).

    Whew, for a minute there, I thought I missed the new yarn update. Sounds like it might be Wednesday? I need to have my trigger finger ready šŸ™‚

  3. Sheri – this wonderfully close bond you have with “knitting daughter” will last a lifetime. You are so lucky to have such a deep and meaningful relationship with your teenager, so many mums and dads don’t. I count my son as a blessing everyday, he and I have always been close, and he knew he could come to his dad or I with anything, no judgement calls. At 23 he still tells his friends that I am his best friend and he means that not because I hang out with him and his buddies but because no matter what he can always come to me for a non-judgemental opinion, we have always been open and honest with each other. Your relationship with your daughter is a blessing and a gift, and no matter how far in miles away she me be, she is always right beside you as you are with her.
    Hugs, hugs, hugs

  4. Glad you had such a good weekend. Are you the person on the left or right in the photo?

    I started knitting socks with my new favorite sock yarn — Perchance to Knit — that I was lucky enough to score from you during last week’s frenzie! LOL Seriously, I love the feel of this yarn and it frogs wonderfully — twice! First time I miscounted and put on too many stitches and I forget what I did the second time. Fortunately, each frogging only consisted of a couple of rows.

    But I definitely want more of this yarn and next time will buy 2 of one color for a shawl. Thanks for having such good products.

  5. This weekend I (ahem) worked on frogging the gusset on one of my self-patterning socks…I must have been in another world when I picked up the stitches, but part-way through I found out I had a different number on each side! UGH, there’s nothing more DIScouraging than having to pull it all out, and wondering what happened in the first place!!

    Tell me more about how to hear what Misses Lime and Violet have to say…I tried the old Google, and couldn’t really find how to download them!

    See you bright and early tomorrow in the Loopy Room! MmmmmmCiderMoon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I finished off my first STR club sock Friday morning, but came home after work Friday night too tired to tackle number 2. Decided to go back to my Fixation Spring Garden socks for the rest of the weekend – they had existed only as a single cuff for nearly a month. I don’t actually care enough for the leg pattern to do six repeats of it for each sock, so I made it a 2 repeat anklet instead and finished the pair just this morning! All this along with shipping my 5-year olds to swimming and karate and cleaning the house and DH destroying the kitchen making his Nana’s pierogie recipe. My boys won’t be flying off to college anytime soon!!

    Erm, I see new SF listed in the shop (YES, I am a compulsive “what’s new” checker) – anything else today? Tomorrow? C’mon, I’m off work this week and my mouse finger’s itchin’!!

  7. I worked on my Posh sock! I’ll be turning the heel and picking up gussets during my lunch break, and my goal is to be finished by Wednesday…but Thursday is probably a more realistic goal….still, I can’t wait to have them off the needles and on my feet! I’ll get a tree shot for the gallery, too. šŸ™‚

  8. I actually managed to get in some knitting time this weekend. Well I did after the cleaning fest here at our house on Saturday. :~)
    WooHoo you got to meet Miss Lime. They are one of my favs to listen to when I have some free time to sit back and listen.
    Glad to here that you and KD managed to get some good quality time together. Even though kids are suppose to leave the nest when they grow up it doesn’t make it any easier…..no experience there but I’ve been told that by my mom. :~) My two girls are only 6 yrs and 7.5 months….still have a ways to go before I have to worry bout that one.
    I worked on a gift for someone, my Martha socks in CTH Tropical Storm, a pair of socks for my oldest in a stripy yarn and a pair for my youngest in the Panda Cotton. I did manage to get good knitting time in.

  9. I worked on the second sock of my Frank socks. Maybe I’ll get it done in time to be part of the gallery. I didn’t get as far as I wanted to, but I’ve finally turned the heel and am halfway through the gusset. I can’t wait to finish this sock so that I can wear the pair around.

  10. i’m too sick to knit. instead i had a three hour coughing fit, nad a nose so stuffed that it came out my tear ducts(EW!) ran fevers and broke them, i feel totally repulsive and yucky.

    but i want to get back to knitting. i just might be tempted to do myself in with my knitting needles. i is real sick and when my beloved fiance had this he had it for 20 days. i can’t do that!

  11. how wonderful you and KD can shop and knit together and be friends besides mom and daughter. worked on a couple of projects this weekend. one being the mate to the first panda cotton sock i have made. will have it finished in a couple days and send photo for gallery. looking forward to seeing more new yarns also. trying to knit more and get off my yarn diet!! happy knitting to all.

  12. I didn’t do any sock knitting this weekend but I am working on a Sven Sveater. I’m taking a class right now and that is the project. I’m learning how to knit with two colors. I have yet to do that. Seems that you have to do the sleeves first (solid color) to which I almost have the second one done. Then comes the body and a good 10+ inches of knitting in the round (solid color) before the fun starts. I’m supposed to get that far and start the two color knitting by Saturday, hope that I can do it!

    I’m itching to cast-on for a sock but am holding back due to the sweater. I don’t want it to become and UFO.

    I did finish my red-cabled sweater this weekend. It’s now blocked and drying on a towel on my living room floor. DH isn’t too happy about that, but he’ll live.

  13. Sheri – Just like Emily, my mom and I still go shopping, even though I’m 25 now. She’s the most honest and loving shopping partner I’ve got – I’m not giving that up! :o)

    It’s awesome that you got to meet Miss Lime, and it’s true – she is the sexiest woman on the planet.

  14. Sheri,
    I did some knitting on a bright colored shawl. See, I can’t get away from being a Frank person. My Martha socks are coming along, however. I am finishing the gusset on the first sock.

    My knitting daughter lives in Chicago and when we get together it is very special and we SHOP and KNIT and EAT!! I do miss her a lot, but I truly enjoy the times we have together. We keep in touch with lots of emails and phone calls! She is the best daughter in the world. No prejudice here at all!!

  15. Squee!!

    Y’know, LimeOLa called me the minute she left your place, squealing and yapping about how cool you were. (And do you have any IDEA how hard it was for me to shut up and not blow the Monday blog surprise visitor?? I’m good at a fair number of things; shutting up? Not one of them.)

    Of course, her FIRST comment was actually, “OMIGOD CAMERAS HATE ME!”, for which I threatened to kick her in her shins. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

    It’s still a bit chilly here, but I’ll pack up Ye Olde Camping Geare sometime soon. I’ll make sure to paint a violet on my tent so you know it’s me and can call the appropriate authorities when it’s in your front yard. (Is it sad that I just mistyped that “front yarn”?)

    http://limenviolet.blogspot.com is our blog addy, for those that are asking via comment. I’ll see if i can’t post a Podcast 101 over there today for newcomers to the genre. šŸ™‚

    Yay for new yarn!!

  16. I worked a little on my Fleece Artist Sock in Tiger, I frogged my Schaefer Anne sock that I had already finished the heel and was almost done with the gusset but the pattern just wasn’t working for me so I will go back and try to find another one. I also worked on a lace scarf some. I know you have recently purchased Victorian Lace Today have you picked and started a project yet. Can’t wait to see the new sock yarns.

  17. So cool that you got to meet Lime!

    This weekend I worked on my STR socks, but had to frog them and start over on Sunday as I have small feet and needed to go down a needle size. I also worked on an entrelac scarf for a class that I will be teaching at my LYS…

  18. Hi Sheri,

    Despite a three year old having major sleep issues, I managed to knit on my Opal socks this weekend. They are bright with big stripes! I also worked on a mitten kit from my LYS. It involves lots of chart reading and two handed knitting…..but I told myself just 12 rows a day and I will soon be done. I need to get where I like reading charts….I get freaked out that I will miscount and have to pull out my work.
    My Martha socks have been done for awhile, I just need to send you a photo.

  19. Weekend knitting was working on learning tow up socks. I’m using Wendy’s pattern.

    I’m not a big sock wearer but I do love footies. Do you know of any good diredtiond for footies and/or any toe up footie pattersn?

    Love the yarn you sell and can’t seem to get enough. I don’t usually go online at 9 pm edt but seem to have to if I want some of your new yarn.

    thanks for carrying such wonderful yarn and colors.

  20. I worked on the first STR sock and am loving it! I had plans of starting my Fleece Artist Nova Scotia sock, but did not get around to it. Updated my blog instead…

    Must got check out the Lime and Violet podcast. : )

  21. I love listening to Lime and Violet. They are hilarious. I spent Saturday knitting frantically for Sock Madness (I used some LL in Firefly and Gold Hill that I got last Monday). For some reason, I felt as if I didn’t finish within 24 hours I would be eliminated. I think I have a knitting hangover. You can check out all the coolness at http://sockmadness.wordpress.com/ and all the finished works at http://www.flickr.com/groups/sockmadness2007/. I noticed that several people were talking about ordering from you and even saw a few pairs of your sock blockers.

  22. Sheri, I just returned Sunday from watching my baby graduate from Navy Boot Camp in Great Lakes, IL, this weekend. And today I’m having to relive the separation depression all over again. Still, it was so wonderful to see him! I think the gratifying part is that now he misses us as much as we miss him–not necessarily something he was expecting to feel. Enjoy the time you have with your daughter. I still haven’t accepted the reality that Mick will never actually live here with us ever again. It was great fun to see so many young men stumbling all over each other to find their mommies. And the moms were stampeding like a herd of cattle to get to their little boys. Oh, and when I got home, my new skein of Scarlet Fleece Red Velvet Waters was waiting in the mailbox with such a lovely note from you. Thanks!

  23. Next to no knitting done this weekend due to acitivites out in the barn – one of which was the birth of a lamb on Sunday morning. You can see pictures of the cuteness on my blog if you want. (although I have been working on socks from the Knitting Pure and Simple beginner’s sock pattern, which I highly recommend to any newbie sock knitters)

  24. Another sock madness competitor here, lol. My head still hurts, lol. But i used up more of the CTH Tangerine and posted my socks on your sock blockers (me? an enabler? nah…). Then it was pointed out to me that the finished socks had to be on real feet (doh!), so I quickly posted again this morning and hope I am still in the running, lol!! That little order on the weekend was for more Sock Madness supplies.

    And how i would have loved to be at your place on the weekend! the yarny room AND Miss Lime – too wonderful!

  25. I’m glad you had a good weekend! It’s pretty crazy here what with exams sneaking up, but I finished my first Martha sock (Go With the Flow socks from Favorite Socks, in CL Pistachio)! šŸ™‚

  26. Hmm…I wonder if there are enough Loopy Groupies out here to take turns visiting and knitting and going shopping with you when KD goes off to college? No need for an empty nest with us around! šŸ˜‰

  27. Yes, growing up and leaving home is supposed to happen, but that does not make it easier. My younest is the “child of my heart”. I love bothof my sons, but he and I are so alike. We think about things in the same way and have the same sense of humor. It was much harder when he went off to school…but that bond is still there and so is the closeness in spirit. The beauty of the modern technological age is that we are more in touch than I ever was with my family. Aquick IM or cell phone call keeps everything current!

  28. I just found your website and love it! There are SO many yarns to add to my stash. I live in Lakewood CO (next to Denver). This winter we had lots of snow and cold days and nights. So, I knitted about nine pair of socks (Christmas presents, one pair for my Ernie (husband), and three for myself [one pair from scrap/stash}). I just love knitting, especially socks and lace shawls. Sock knitting connects me to my heritage and centers me. It’s my form of meditation and an outlet for frustration, thus, the nine pair of socks this winter. Also, they are so warm and cushy.
    I guess I’m a Frank, because my own socks are bright and colorful, so are the ones I gave away for Christmas. My Martha socks were plain black alpaca, plain knit which I made for Ernie, his work socks need to be black and plain, but they are warm.
    I am so happy to have found this site. I’m eager to see what the next challenge is and enter. Thank you.

  29. Oh, I remember leaving home and moving away for college. My mom and I had a close bond before I left, but now that I am older and have my own children, my mom is my bestest friend. I talk to her multiple times a day and see them whenever we can……see something to look forward to! snuck a little of my own knitting in this weekend and reading your blog reminds me that I need to listen to L&V because I’m behind on podcasts!!!

  30. i worked on my panda socks. i have found a pattern that is very pretty, and kinda lacey, but very easy, and have trucked away on those. since this is my march project for the holiday headstart CAL, i need to get a move on. march is almost half over!

  31. Oh, you remind me of me and my mom. We do yarn-y things together. Like split a membership to the STR club. Or shoosh my dad when he’s wondering how the heck I managed to spend $x on yarn. Or ambush the choir director with our knitting during rehearsals so he can’t complain (there are many of us and we have pointy sticks). *sigh* I miss my mommy. One of the first things we did together right after I had a really mild surgery (but, on the flip side, my first ever and thus still a Thing) was go on a yarn crawl to the Webs sale. Nothing says love like a two-hour drive to drool over yarn.

    This weekend, I managed to get to the toe of an Arrgyle sock, only to realize I’ve only ever done one pair of top-down socks in my life and I didn’t have a pattern for the toe. So now I’m kind of staring at it, wondering what to do next.

  32. Woot! Got my Loopy Ewe order today!! That was quick!! The sock blockers are ADORABLE and so nicely made. Can’t wait to have m first finished sock to put on them.

  33. AHHHHH – how cool is that! Miss Lime at the Loopy Ewe! And photos to prove it. Glad y’all finally had a chance to meet.

    I wish my mom were still here – even after 10 years I really miss her. We had the kind of relationship you and your daughter have. Enjoy your relationship!!!!

    Kate in AZ

  34. None. *whine* My sister is getting married in less than two weeks. And since it’s done in an historical theme (Tudor), we’re doing all the clothes. So I was sewing instead.

    BUT – I got my lovely Claudia Freesia yarn this week, so I’m all set to knit once I get this wedding out of the way. And surfing for which sock of the month club I might join. BTW – have you ever considered doing one in conjunction with your wonderful indie dyers? It would be SO much fun to have Yarn Pirate one month, Zen String the next, then Cider Moon, or Apple Laine or ANY of the other goodies. Maybe? Please?

  35. Ooh, very exciting visitor. (Though I have yet to listen to the Lime&Violet podcasts. I’ll get to it sometime.) Do I get second pick of the new yarns? Kidding, kidding. I gotta hold out on the sock yarn purchasing because *gasp* my computer melted down. (I’m at the library right now.) I went to Best Buy and sighed over the prices of new ones. =(

    I’ve been working on the Concertina Lace Socks again, almost to the heel flap. Any knitter who sees them compliments me, hee! It’s rather fun. Let’s see the Louet socks! The Waving Lace pattern is so very pretty. (I did the same ones earlier this year, only in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock–they’re on my blog.)

  36. Oh! I liked getting a peek too of what TLE looks like šŸ™‚

    I needed to cast on another project like I needed a hole in the head, but that Perchance to knit yarn just would NOT wait so Black Rainbow is on the needles and one sock is almost done. Meanwhile, I have a pair of pink LL Waving lace socks (for a breast cancer fund raiser) in progress, a shawl, and a cable sweater. I’m so bummed that SOMEONE ELSE won the mega millions lottery! That was MY money so I could buy all the yarn I wanted and knit as much as I wanted LOL

  37. Another Sock Madness Competitor here.
    I did mine out of the Crystal Palace Panda Cotton..purchased from The Loope Ewe of course.
    In fact..I bought almost all the yarn I need for the competition from you! =)
    The only reason why it is not all is because I needed a variegated sport weight..and you were out of the LL sport.
    I love, love love, all the yarns I have bought from you! I can’t wait to see them “grow up” into socks.

  38. I’m working on a beautiful scarf knitted in a blend of alpaca and cashmere. I can’t say enough what a tactile pleasure thte knitted fabric is. But, I didn’t touch it at all over the weekend because I was spinning some gorgeous merino/mohair yarn and dyeing my own merino superwash roving. So much fun!

  39. I finished my son’s first sock in Trekking 102 and started the second (I’m on the foot of that on). And I also started a pair of socks for my sister for her birthday in May.

  40. Got totally disgusted at not being able to keep my mind on knitting the lovely sleevelss tank from Melville’s ‘Purl’…frogged what I had done . Then I cast on and started a baby sweater. Nice and simple.

    (It does hurt when they leave home)

  41. Time to gloat a little here…:)

    Went to the Loopy Room today, and guess what! It grew!! What was actually the Loopy Corner of Sheri’s basement has become a little sitting/TV watching area…and the rest of her finished basement is now the superdoopermorethantwiceasbig Loopy Room! WOW. So much space, and soooo much to choose from! I wish all of you could get the chance to shop in person. (Sorry Sheri, I know you’d be nuts if we all were there tromping through your house!) I brought a couple of cool yarns that I had purchased online, and Sheri is going to look into them.

    Then Zoe (the cat) scared the who-knows-what out of the other shopper who was there while I was…by taking a flying leap and landing claws outstretched, perched on the lady’s back like she was waiting for a piggy-back ride! You know how the saying goes…”needles – 12 dollars, patterns – 20 dollars, yarn – way-to-many dollars, the look on the previously smiling customer’s face when Zoe landed on her back – PRICELESS!!” But that’s part of the fun of shopping in the Loopy Room!

    I won’t spill the beans, but I got a look at some of the things which will be popping up on the website soon….mmmmmmmmm yummy! Now back to my knitting….

  42. Yay Lime! I knew you’d get invaded sooner or later.

    I live with my mom right now (I’m 24) and anytime I talk about when I’ll be moving out (soon) she gets all pouty… and we’ve already been through this when I went to college. We love living together, but it does make it hard to cut the cord.

    I didn’t work on much this weekend… I did a lot of napping. I did make a little bit of progress on my intarsia bag, only ten rows to go before I’ve finished the first side.

  43. How wonderful that you and Miss Lime got to meet! And yay for pictures!

    I’m working on a pair of socks with the Fleece Artist I got from you. All I can say is wow…these are going to be some be-yoo-tiful socks when they are done. This is my first time knitting with FA and I love it!

  44. Just listened to the podcast about Miss Lime’s visit with you = sounded like TOO much fun!! Love your website and plan to order some of that yummy sock yarn soon.

  45. ok – so in listening to the podcast I here you are in STL. I think you are my savior. No really. I am moving to Kansas City, but will probably be spending a lot of time in STL since the boy works there at least once a month. Moving from the nice warm south to MO has not been appealing to me, but now…well, NOW! I called him and made dirty yarn noises at him – I am sure he will keep that voicemail FOREVER! – I lurk about your site already. *sigh*

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