Did you catch the new yarns?

CiderWoot! The new yarns went up last night and I’m so excited about them! Go check them out. Lots of colors of Cider Moon. I LOVE this line. The yarn is unbelievable soft and I am so ready to knit some sportweight socks for a bit. (Gee – wouldn’t it be nice if I started in on some Christmas gifts this early?) There are so many colors in this batch that are “keepers” for me. June Carter, Bison, Silver Pine, Avocado, Casual Friday, and Victoria, to name just a few. (Have you ever known me to give a whole list of favorites like that? I really did try to narrow it down.) The colors are very deep. I’m hoping to have their fingering weight (Icicle) in in a few weeks, and I’ve already ordered more Glacier. You know, it reminds me a lot of Sweet Georgia’s Speed Demon.

CherryFizzSeacoast Handpainted Yarns came in as well, in the bamboo/merino/nylon blend. You need to check out the photos of this line. The color combinations are very unique and just gorgeous. My favorites in that line are Butte, Chocolate & Caramel, Cherry Fizz and Spring Storm. And it’s an interesting yarn base – I’m looking forward to working with it. I think the combination of bamboo, merino and nylon will be very comfortable. Nice mix for a summer sock. Who is going to be the first one to finish socks with it and get them up in our photo galleries? 🙂

SunsetNew colors in All Things Heather went up last night, too. Four new merino/tencel blends (I like JellyBean) and twelve of the regular sock blend. I like Biker Chick, Frankie, and Oceania in the new ones. Sunrise and Sunset remind me of my Frank socks a little bit! I think Heather is the queen of fun sock yarn names. Biker Chick was pink and black – perfect. (I say “was”, because it’s gone already.) She’s one of the dyers for our sock club, and wait till you see what she’s calling the yarn she is doing for us! Heather is busy dyeing up some solids in her sock line and her Merino/Tencel line, and we’ll get that in a couple of weeks. I have always really liked the way her solids dye up.

GrapeSpeaking of solids, the Louet yarns went up last night as well. We have 19 in the fingering weight and 20 in the sport weight. (There are 17 fingering weight colors on backorder. We will eventually have every color – hopefully soon.) These are perfect for all of the patterns in the Favorite Socks book that we all seem to have purchased! My current sock-in-progress is from that book. I’m using the Grape colorway and making the cover socks. I can see that knitting with solids in really fun patterns is going to be a bit addictive. Has anyone else found that? Especially when I see all of the gorgeous solids that Louet has. These are true solids – the color is the same throughout. (Compared to a semi-solid, where the intensity shifts throughout. I like those, too.) Who else is working on socks from this book?

How are your Frank/Martha socks coming along? Remember, our Loopy Q1 Challenge is to knit a colorway that is different from what you usually choose. Not sure what I mean? Check out this blog entry that tells all about it. We have the Quarterly Challenge gallery up, and many of you have already posted. But even more of you have emailed to say, “I’m working on them!” (ahem. Myself included.) You have until the last day in March to post your entry on the gallery. I’m giving away two $25 Loopy Gift Certificates – one will be drawn randomly from all pictures posted, and the second will be awarded as the Reader’s Choice Award. We’ll have voting the first week in April, and the socks with the most votes will earn that person a $25 Loopy Gift Certificate. (Can the same person win the random drawing AND the Reader’s Choice? Sure – why not? I’ll announce both at the same time, so as not to sway anyone!)

A new Zen String order arrived this afternoon. The new colors are gorgeous!! We’ll put those up sometime next week, because we’ve had enough for this week, don’t you think? There are other yarns scheduled to arrive soon, too. The fun never ends around here. 🙂

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  1. I can’t believe I MISSED BIKER CHICK……..not that I am one, but the color are perfect for my Bunko Babes Groupies…….darn….darn….darn…….love ya anyways…

    Blogless Diane

  2. Can’t wait for the Zen Yarn. Can’t find anyone else who sells it.

    thanks for all the yarns you do carry. I got my order today and I love the ash and rose yarn.


  3. Can’t wait for the Icicle!! And, my copy of Favorite Socks is on its way to my mailbox…will need to determine which colors of Louet I must have. Need to knit faster to make more room… : )

  4. I got my Apple Laine yarn today, and my new needles!! 🙂 (I know you sent it last week, but it got delivered to the post office, and I had to go pick it up. The suspense!)

    The Gems yarn looks very nice…Are you planning to get any more Lorna’s laces solids in the near future? I love LL and I think it would make some really nice Favorite Socks. 🙂

  5. I’m glad you’re stocking Louet Gems now, because it seems to be a new big line and I don’t know of anywhere else to get it from! I’ve seen lots of patterns that use it and I’d love to try it, too. Someday…

  6. Hi, Chris – I’m Jacki from Cider Moon (hi, everyone who bought the yarn! ). Anyway, I’ve knit socks from the Glacier up to a women’s size 9 1/2 using one skein on size 4 needles, so if you’re knitting socks larger than that, or using a smaller needle size, you might need two. Hope that helps!

  7. I placed my order last night and called my mom to let her know you added some new yarns. She’s been waiting patiently for you to get in some of the new yarn lines to make her very first order. She placed her first order with you last night. 🙂
    I came home from my walk and sat down at the computer to check my email quick before I put my little one in the bath. I decided to hit your site to see if anything new was added and yippy I find all sorts of good stuff. 🙂
    I’m really excited about you carrying the Gems yarn since I’ve bought several of Cookie’s new sock patterns.
    BTW: I also liked the ATH Jellybean and Cider Moon Silver Pine….got both. I skipped another hank so I could get some of those cute wooden sock blockers. Can’t wait for my stuff to come in. 🙂

  8. Ack! Gorgeous new additions, You’re such an enabler. I am especially happy about the addition of the Louet. I seem to have had a hard time finding a source for that stuff, and it’s so lovely. There’s an LYS in my area that sells it for $14 for a single skein!!!

  9. I am sitting here smug as all get out cause I actually managed to get in first for a change and got exactly what I wanted – June Carter & Johnny Cash (you have to have them both right?!). DH can’t wait for his ‘Man in Black’ socks, lol. Will defintely be getting some Louet soon and the Seacoast Handpaints looked completely gorgeous too! I love it when you just slip the goodies into the shop like that…

  10. It was great to check out your shop last night and happen onto some wonderful new yarns. It was much more relaxing than during the frenzy of last week – knowing (or expecting) that what I put into my cart would stay there this time! It was a nice treat to be surprised by what I found, and have the feeling that it was my little secret! Thanks!

  11. I knit the Embossed Leaves socks from Favorite Socks just this week. I posted the pic on my website.

    I also bought four of Cookie’s patterns, so you know I’ll be ordering some of the Gems, next budget.

  12. As you know I came home from work and ordered more yarn, and I think that I hit all of the new lines. I just finished my Mom’s 2nd Posh pair, that is her favorite so far, but she asked for blue and that is what I seemed to order last night, even in my state of exhaustion. I wonder how much knitting I can do on the bus next week, we leave on the 23rd for Williamsburg with 33 boy scouts. Now you know that I am crazy for sure. I am planning on packing lots of yarn, would not want to run out. Might keep the boys safer

  13. I came to the store last night fully intending to get some of the Louet Gems, but got seriously distracted by the Seacoast! Such pretty colors, couldn’t resist. Oh, well, I’ll get some solids one of these days 🙂

  14. I saw all those new yarns yesterday…so pretty. (I have a new computer now, a few hours and $800 later.)

    I ought to put up my picture of my Frank socks…who can say no to a chance for free sock yarn? =)

  15. I am so glad I just happened to check your site about 11:30 on Tueday night. I went on a late night shopping spree … as you noticed from the order. I think the Seacoast will make a lovely shawl and of course socks in the other colors. I can’t wait to get it!

  16. I was so happy to be able to order the Louet and Cider Moon. I think it’s fair to say there was a little extra spring in my step yesterday morning. I know they’ve shipped, and I’ll be stalking the mailmain until they come. Thanks Sheri!

  17. I was able to order some of the Seacoast and some of the All Things Heather along with some Claudia and Cherry Tree Hill. I can’t wait for them to arrive. I am going to have a nice stash of sock yarn available to me. Anyone have any free arms available for winding the yarn? Everytime I have tried I’ve ended up with a big blob! Oh wait, I forgot I have a DD that could get involuntarily volunteered to help out.

  18. The new yarns are pretty, but I’ve been waiting for the Zen String!

    Hey, I misspoke in an email to you about the Jitterbug. I said that it had 267 yards, but it has 267 meters. That’s about 292 yards. Not so bad, eh?

  19. I ordered some of the Seacoast Ashes & Roses & All Things Heather Charm yesterday, plus some more needles. I can’t wait to see them! I know the yarn will be just as gorgeous as it appeared on the web site! (I just got my gorgeious Apple Laine Pretty in Pink on Monday, along with a couple of bags & some needles.)

    You carry such gorgeous yarn, Sheri! Thank you for all of your help, along with that of your family. Many thanks!

  20. I love all the yarns you have and I tell everyone about you 🙂 (at least the sock knitters in my life!)

    Looking forward to seeing the Zen next week – I’ve been wanting to try that for a while.

    Many thanks and Happy Knitting 🙂

  21. One sock done and working on the leg for the second one. But do we really have to fiish both of them? I thought this was a class exercise.

  22. I know I want some of the Louet in pink for a shawl, just need to figure out which shawl I want to make and yardage!!! I caught the update pretty quickly and posted on my blog so everyone would grab stuff and save me from myself Now that Yarn Pirate is going to be a full time Pirate you should have more and more from her (and more and more for me!)

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