I can hardly stand it!

We have so many fun things in the works that …. well, I can hardly stand it! There. Just wanted to tell you. But that’s all I can tell you. Just know that we’re going to be having some fun new lines coming in in the next few months. Did I mention that I can hardly stand it! Hee! Ok. I will tell you that we have another HUGE order in with Seacoast (in both the Bamboo/Merino, which we had this week, and the Superwash Sock, which will be new to us.) Plus, other fun lines on the way – both re-stocking and new ones. If you ever miss out on a certain line, don’t worry. We will get it back in!

Speaking of the next few months, as planned, our Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club will debut the first two weeks in May. The yarn is being dyed up right now (although I have four skeins of it here and boy, do I love it!) and the pattern is done and Lisa did such a great job on it. I can’t wait to send these boxes out to you! If you’re one of the 150 who got in, you can expect an email from us mid-April, with a few more details about it. (And if you’re one of the people who didn’t get in – we’ll expand it next year. I promise!)

DSC00585.JPGHere’s the sock I’m making with the Louet Gems in Grape that I told you about. (Using my Celtic Swan sterling silver DPN’s which I love. Those will be back in stock late spring. Molly is working on them for us!) I’m finding that I mostly only knit on Sundays. Too busy during the week to sit and knit. I wish I could find a solution for that. My 5 basket tower of personal sock yarn stash buffet is overflowing. I really ought to count how many “socks to be” are in there. Or …. probably I just don’t want to know. I just keep adding to it and I like the look of it. A tower of inspiration. πŸ™‚

Today’s recipe comes from my friend Michelle in California. Or, actually, it comes from her mom Ardith in Utah, via Michelle. You have to make these. They really are incredible. (And remember – when you make a special treat for your family, it buys you knitting time. As in, “Here! I made these for you! You enjoy them, and I’m going to go sit down and knit for awhile.”) The bonus with this recipe is that they’re caramels. They’re chewy and gooey. It’ll take them a while to eat them.

DSC00581.JPGArdith’s To-Die-For Caramels

2 cups sugar
2 cups white Karo syrup
1 stick (1/2 cup) butter, quartered
2 cups canned evaporated milk
1-2 tsp. vanilla
chopped nuts (optional)

Butter a large jelly roll pan, or multiple smaller pans. If using nuts, spread them out in the bottom of the pan. Combine sugar and Karo syrup in heavy non-stick saucepan. Stir with wooden spoon and cook to 240-244 degrees. Next, add butter pieces and evaporated milk alternately, while stirring. Cook until temperature is back up to 240 degrees. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla. Pour caramel mixture into pan and spread evenly. Let cool completely until firm. Cut into small rectangular pieces. Wrap each piece in wax paper (making sure the caramel is on the waxed side of the paper.) Twist the paper ends of each piece.

So back to the personal sock yarn stash buffet. Are you of the mindset that it’s fun to have lots of beautiful yarns in there to inspire you, or are you of the mindset that you’d rather just buy one or two skeins ahead of what you’ll be knitting? (I think I know the answer. After all, I see your orders!)

Sheri personalsockyarnstashgrewagainwhenLouetGemsarrivedhere.sigh.


  1. Every time I cast on a sock, I buy four skeins of yarn. When I cast on the second sock, I buy three more. And when I pick up a lottery ticket, I buy two more. I want to be prepared when I win the lottery, quit my job, and knit socks full-time.

  2. Can’t wait for the sock club to start. Can you guess my mindset vis-a-vis having a buffet of yarn to choose from? Geez, my hubby says I have Old Country Buffet in one tiny room.

  3. Sometimes, I take all of my yarn out just to fondle it. Not to cast on, heaven forbid, just to fondle it. I view it as touchable inspiration. As if you didn’t know that already! πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh, something about reading about sock yarn and knitting on your site makes my stash grow and grow. Between Loopy and STR yarn, I am overflowing my knitting armoire:) The bad thing is everytime a new sock yarn line comes around, I have to try it. The thing is, I am actaully showing sock yarn buying restraint as we have the China adoption in the works and that costs a few bucks:)

  5. I guess I’m more of a practical person. Although I have enough yarn to last me into 2009. I think I’m more in love with patterns and techniques. I buy yarn to match the pattern rather than finding a pattern for the yarn. But I don’t knit ugly socks so only pretty yarn will do.

  6. I love to just look at the yarn. I have actually only finished a total of two pairs of socks, but have bought tons of sock yarn. I actually knit more items (sleeveless sweaters, cami tops, etc.), but love the look and feel of the sock yarn and with so many independant dyers on your website, I just can’t resist buying them when I see so many beautiful colorways which may not come back. They look so good in baskets, on shelves, on my desk at work, sitting in the car with me, maybe I am a bit obsessive.

  7. Your socks are gorgeous. I am hoping to cast on the blue “Boston” yarn I got from you to do the same pattern. I love knitting in hand-dyed and self-patterning yarns but they do not do justice to MOST lace sock designs. I know I frogged a sock in the Embossed Leaves pattern from Interweave because the dark Koigu was not showing off the pattern. I do think that pastel hand-dyed yarns often work for lacier sock designs. That caramel recipe looks like one I must try…after I eat all of the Easter candy I keep buying! Happy Knitting

  8. I have really only have enough sock yarn to make about 10 pairs in my stash. I like to keep it that way because I can buy new stuff. One day I may actually get done unpacking and start on socks again.

  9. Dear Sheri,
    What fun it must be to have all that yarn at your disposal. I suppose it’s also
    too tempting and frustrating.I realize that even having a yarn store, you cannot
    possibly have everything you want. I sent back some yarn that I couldn’t use and
    since I’m not well, I asked for a credit on my card. Now I wish that I bought
    some yarn that I liked from Seacoast. I can’t wait until you get it back in. In nursing
    school, we were taught that when you had a problem and didn’t know what to do,
    do nothing until you get good advice. Well, I can see that those who wait lose or
    whatever that saying is. Of course, I’m like the lady before me, I have enough yarn
    to keep me knitting if I live to be 100. Have a happy day and I must applaud you for getting
    so much knitting accomplished when you only have one day to knit.
    Happy Sock Knitting!!!!!!

  10. I think you know my answer to that question.

    This morning it occurred to me that I ought to stop calling my stash room the stash room. I should start calling it the Loopy Room, since a good part of the stuff in there is from the Loopy Ewe.

    Just sayin’ πŸ˜‰

  11. Ok, I admit that I am addicted to new lovely and fun hand dyed sock yarn. I guess that is the first step.

    But I just love the colors and the feel and I am working on learning how to knit toe up footies to wear all summer. It going very well.

    Please keep getting in the great hand dyed yarns!!!

  12. You read my mind about the section of your post relating to buying lots of beautiful yarn…I contemplated blogging about it in my next update (which only seems to be once a week, usually on Saturday mornings). I think you know which mindset I fall into…and I have the same dilemma you have…I often only have one day a week to knit…and I know a ballpark figure of how many socks I can knit, how many sweaters, shawls, etc (because I still have stash yarn for other projects)…it scared me slightly, but now that I’ve put it in one big pile in my living room, I’m in serious need of deciding how I want to store/display my yarn…that being said, you know I’ll be back for more…I’m glad I’m not alone! And, I am having a girls night with my Quilting Cousin tonight, so I will have time to knit!!! : )

  13. I really do keep meaning to use up a bit of my stash before I order more, but there are so many pretty color combinations (not to mentions fiber combinations) out there that the resolution always meets with a quick end. But I figure I am able to afford a bit of yarn now and should there ever a time when funds are tight, I’ll have lots of pretty yarn to knit from. Besides, a bit of sock yarn here and there makes me happy and is much cheaper than therapy or a lot of other vices I could have πŸ™‚

  14. Oh so close, can’t wait for the sock club to start up. Hopefully going on vacation will help make the time go a little faster for me. πŸ™‚
    I think I’m becoming a collector of sock yarn. I just buy a skein here and a skein there when I find something I love. I don’t have any set rhyme or reason for buying….I just buy what I like. Now if only I could make that pesky housework go away so I could have more time to knit. πŸ™‚
    Speaking of which, I got the box in this morning for my order the other day and I’m madly in love with the yarn and sock blockers. I’m now trying to figure out if I there is enough yardage to make a pair of socks out of one skein of the Cider Moon for my size 10 feet. πŸ™‚

  15. Umm… er… yeesh.

    Well, no sense lying about it. (You’ve got the records.)

    But it’s just a skein at a time! (Or two… or four… or… well, poo.)

    I’ve gotta start knitting faster.

  16. Ahem.

    I’m a very responsible, frugal knitter who only has enough stash at any one given time to make the project in the queue (which is clearly labelled in a binder in the order in which I’ll make them), and would never overbuy sock yarns simply for the inspiring colors.

    *falls over laughing*

    Do those people exist? Because if they do, my yarn room would make their heads explode. Seriously.

  17. Last month I made three pairs of socks and bought yarn for 6 pairs, so, um…, if I keep this up I will have doubled my stash in a year. I just find sock yarn totally irresistable! And now that I have found The Loopy Ewe, there will never be a sock yarn shortage at my house.

  18. I keep changing my mind and end up doing a little of everything. Yes, I have tons of sock stash – over 20 pairs’ worth, plus the 2 SIP’s in my living room – plus 4 lace shawls’ worth of beautiful laceweight and then some. Oh, and 2 cones of cashmere! I do, however, like to have a pattern in mind for each yarn and have actually stopped myself from buying more lately (*gasp*) because I want a chance to knit up some of what I have. I do love the feel of my bamboo socks, though, and the quieter skeins from Seacoast are beckoning…

    Once I would have tagged myself as a process knitter. I love just the act of knitting and the finished product was not so vital and I was happy to give it away. Socks have changed that. I still love the process but now I am definitely nuts about getting completed socks onto my feet. Mine mine mine, muahahahaha. *pauses to wipe drool from screen* So are you a process knitter or a product knitter?

  19. I think I’m becoming like some others, a collector of sock yarn. I have enough for about 20 or 30 pairs and I always see more that I want to have. (but you knew that already!)

    I need another set of hands so I can do a few pairs at once.

  20. it is so entertaining reading everyones comments. of course, we all fall in the same category. we all have lots of yarn for future projects. i can’t imagine only having yarn for the WIP and maybe 1 project ahead. i find beautiful yarn to be just like beautiful fabrics or beautiful paper for scrapbooking. i don’t do scrapbooking but love all those pretty papers. and i haven’t done much sewing lately, but love looking at the wonderful pretty fabrics out there. until i discovered 2 needle sock knitting, i never planned to be an OCD sock knitter. and now, i’m getting interested in other items to knit using the sock yarn. i can see this craft will be a never ending passion. and yes, much better than alot of the vices we could be addicted to. happy knitting to all.

  21. I’m in-between. On the one hand, I love having pretty yarn around so I can enjoy the anticipation of making the socks (or sweater or hat or shawl or whatever). I like supporting yarn shops, both my local one and favorite independents on-line, and if buying a pair of socks’ worth of yarn helps keep them afloat, great!

    On the other hand, if I buy too much yarn and let it sit around for too long, instead of inspiring me it’ll start nagging at me. I’ll look at my stash and realize that it represents several hundred dollars that I could have spent on something else I want, like a chaise longue or a new dishwasher or several meals at a fabulous restaurant or the new plants I’ve long wanted for my yard or plane tickets to take my son to see his grandparents. (At least if I actually knit it, I’ve spent that several hundred dollars on many hours of knitting pleasure, plus end results that I’ll wear or that a friend or relative will receive and enjoy. But just sitting in my crafts room to be petted? I’d rather have the new dishwasher and take a looking-only trip to the LYS every week.)

    So I try to keep the stash managed and moving. I don’t mind having stash for a few (okay, quite a few) small projects like socks and three or four large projects. But if something’s been sitting too long, I don’t let myself buy more yarn for a similar project until I use up some of the old stuff. And when I want to buy more, I ask myself first whether I can in good conscience start the project right now. Even if I can’t, sometimes I’ll still buy it anyway — there’s three pairs worth of Regia and five skeins of Koigu in my stash that I justify as my contribution to the economic revitalization of New Orleans. But usually this will slow down my yarn buying to a manageable level.

    (And I’m halfway through my Panda Cotton socks *g*.)

  22. Until I discovered sock knitting last fall, I was the knitter who only had yarn for the project I was working on. When it was almost done I would venture out to the LYS and buy what I needed for the next project. But after starting to knit socks and discovering the plethora of beautiful yarns and colours, I have begun to ‘stock up’ a little–right now I have 11 skeins of sock yarn , and that will be increasing when I get the order I placed this week. I try to convince myself that I’m not getting too out of control yet—I’ve made 16 pairs of socks over the last five months, so 11 skeins won’t last too long, will it, I reason, trying to ignore the fact that the number of skeins in reserve has been increasing rather than decreasing over the last two months. Plus, my husband and four daughters are all begging for more socks, so how can they complain that the display on the dining room sideboard has changed from flowers, to a bouquet of sock yarn? There’s just something about sock yarn…so irresistible!

  23. You are all welcome to visit my yarn shop anytime you are in the Pittsburgh area. We are always open, unfortunately none of the yarn is for sale, but I will provide a nice high tea. My husband on the other thinks that if I did sell it all we could have a very nice retirement. Obsession, no it’s not an obsession, it’s my hobby, someone women collect shoes I collect wonderfully exotic colourful yarn.

  24. Oh and I just have to add, your sock is looking beautiful, and so are those Celtic Swan needles. I have a set too, and I love them like crazy.They are perfect in every way for sock knitting, their length, weight, texture, and of course their beauty adds something extra to every sock project. I only have one size, so now all my socks are done on that size needle so I can use them every time.

  25. I think i’m slowly becoming a sock yarn collector too. I have yet to complete one complete pair. I have two socks done but no weights. I’m waiting to finish the sweater i’m working on. I’ve all ready decided the recipient of my first pair to be my DD. I’m surprised she isn’t bugging me for the pair yet! My thoughts are that I’m casting-on sometime during the weekend! I can’t stop the urge.

  26. I am so excited about the sock club!! It is my first one!!! And now you tell us Molly is working on the CW needles….now I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!!


  27. Hello, my name is Laura and I am a sock yarn adict. I keep telling myself that I can buy no more until I knit at least a bit of what I already have. But you get such beautiful stuff that it never works. On a totally different note: My LYS carries Panda Wool and they have a gorgeous colorwave called Violets that I think knitting daughter might love. She’s still young, her stash can’t be full up to the lifetime level…yet.

  28. I generally buy a good bit for a while, then knit it down and then buy more. Right now I have enough for 31 pairs, which is too much for my comfort. So I’ll be knitting that down… and eyeing the site, waiting for yarn pirate superwash! =)

  29. I am an unabashed sock yarn collector-I have more sock yarn than my LYS!(which sadly to say is seriously understocked as far as sock-knitters’ needs go). I love your waving lace sock-isn’t that a fun pattern? I’m working on that now also,but in Claudia’s “Blue Terra Cotta” colorway. I’m gonna have to try some Louet’s soon.

  30. I like leaving my options open as to what I want to knit next, and having lots of sock yarn around lets me do that! When I’m ready to knit a new pair of socks, I open up the sock yarn drawer and gaze in, letting whim decide which yarn I feel like knitting up. Then from there I choose a pattern. Usually. =)

  31. I’m weeping over here…I have several caramel sweet teeth (tooths?) but I can’t cave. I’ve worked too hard to lose the few pounds I’ve lost. I know they’re hiding in those caramels…

    Half the yarn’s on the way! Woot! I’m a Swarovski crystal stringin’ fool today!


  32. I never do anything half way! I am an obsessive-compulsive collector of whatever I love at the time. Now it is yarn and the beautiful hand-dyed soft cuddly balls of yarn to make socks, shawls or whatever. I have enough yarn to last a lifetime, almost. It is a source of great enjoyment and inspiration. My college rommate is a knitter and she does show great restraint. I dearly love her, but don’t understand her willpower. You knit beautifully I must add. Those socks are gorgeous!

  33. Interesting question and someone just posed this on another forum so it must be in the air (actually they asked which comes first for you–the yarn or the pattern?).

    Hmmm…I actually INVENTORIED my sock yarn last night. Scary. I buy yarn much faster than I can knit. A friend and I have this down to a science though–we are acquiring yarn as a hedge against our limited incomes in retirement. So…you know…there’s a reason for buying more than we can knit right now. (some day we won’t be able to afford a lot of yarn). I like being able to visit my stash and ruminate on the possibilities πŸ™‚

    BTW, Sheri, has the shopping cart been set up now to leave things in for 30 or 60 minutes before it gets snagged away? Inquiring minds would like to plan their shopping strategy for the next big Event. πŸ™‚

  34. Don’t give up on me…..I’m knitting as fast as I can to get your socks finished. Hopefully, they will go out in a week and give you much delight! πŸ™‚

  35. Have you figured out a way to get a cat to knit for you? I could knit up more of my stash if I just could get Mimi to knit instead of playing with the needles. And I can’t understand not having a stash. What happens if you wake up at 4 in the morning ad decide that you want to knit a pair of socks in orange yarn and you don’t have any orange yarn in the stash. At least I know I have almost every color under rainbow in my stash.

  36. It’s been a long tiresome week. WH is due home at any minute…..and i am frantically waiting for my latest order to arrive. As far as stash goes….i…uh….hmm….well… ahem… i have a storage unit. I have only been ordering from Ewe since….January???? And I should be at groupie level after my last order….lol. Leg warmers, shawls, camisoles, oh yea socks…thats what i need to do rather than make stitch markers for my co-workers! But none the less….WH thinks me new name shall be “squeals with glee”, (new yarn smell makes me melt), however dear mother told me next time i wanted to take up a hobby i should buy a box of crayons it would be cheaper. (do ya think she knows i have a color addiction here??? it is almost as cheap as therapy) Back to the needles….my JKnits (Kansas) shawl is calling me…… πŸ™‚

  37. As a newbie sock knitter I feel it is only responsible to do my research about this new obsession, *ahem* I mean area of interest. And a good researcher needs to study the raw materials in depth – it’s hardly my fault that there are sooooo many amazing raw materials out there! I lke my growing collection so much I moved them to an open basket in the bedroom so I could see them/fondle them more often, lol.

    Your sock is looking gorgeous Sheri! Maybe you could schedule yourself a few 15 min knitting breaks throughout the day – remember as a dedicated store owner you need to test drive the yarns you stock, so knitting time is totally a work related activity – not your fault that you also find it relaxing and therapeutic ;o)

    And I am not crying about coming to late to the party to get in on the Sock Club – it gives me something to look forward to (at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

  38. I think I am a sock yarn hoarder (is that a word) I have about five miles of sock yarn give or take. I think either Lime or Violet had 13 miles or so at the beginning of the year. I love sock yarn!!!!! Socks are much cheaper to knit than sweaters and you can make them as wild or as plain as you want. People don’t pay too much attention to them unless you are me and have to show everybody my handknit socks. LOL

  39. It has been unseasonably warm here in the Valley of the Sun this week (96 F as I write this) and I have the fans going. Barefoot and in shorts with hair up off the neck… that kind of weather. I don’t want to wear socks or much of anything for that matter. And so I bought bunches of new wooly sock yarns this week. What does that say about my stash? :>) (Actually socks are a good hot weather project cause they barely touch you.)

    Love the new solids you are getting in from Louet and others. Very inspiring and I’m sure I’ll be getting some of that soon.

  40. I believe I have to have a certain amount of fiber around me to be happy. If I don’t have it (or can’t get to it like now) I buy until I have my own comfort zone. ‘Course that means I now have enough yarn to last well through retirement which is multple decades away… But there’s always ways to get rid of yarn when you bring yourself to acknowledge that you’re never gonna actually get around to knitting it all up.

    I like to get my troops out and review them periodically so I can remember what I have available to me palette-wise, and so I can pet everything and then put it back. Of course, i’m sufficiently disorganized at the moment that anytime I go looking for anything I end up fondling everything.

    I’m going crazy with waiting for Yarntini and Yarn Pirate updates. I’m trying to collect one of each kind of yarn so I can make an assessment of which one(s) I like best.

  41. Hello, My name is AnnaMarie and I am addicted to Sock Yarn *waves*

    I buy sock yarn when I don’t need it.
    I use Sock yarn for other things like Shawls so I can fuel my addiction further.
    I neglect my family to stalk the Loopy Ewe for Updates (okay so one late dinner doesn’t count).
    I make excuses that Sock Yarn stash equals insulation therefore the money saved on heating bills can go to more sock yarn.
    I keep certain sock yarns and don’t knit them because they have become pets… with names.
    I cannot buy just one…

    The best part? DH encourages me!!!! Gosh, I do love him ever so!

  42. I stopped counting at 30 potential pairs……Definitely, I am an add…I mean collector.
    When is the next update?!!!!!!!!

  43. My husband keeps asking me how many pairs of socks I plan to knit.

    What has that got to do with it?

  44. The caramel recipe looks simply scrumptous! I saved it as a file for future reference, as I never know when my youngest son will come home from school, telling me he needs (fill in the blank) homemade, to take to school the next day. So far, I have the will power not to make it yet.

    I did get to Sam’s Club, finally, yesterday. I bought a 4-lb box of dried Traverse City cherries to use in a number of ways, but particularly in that recipe for Dried Cherry Pecan Cookies that you posted a while back, Sheri. I have wanted to get to Sams ever since I saw the recipe, but ever since then, we have either had scheduling conflicts, or the weather has been bad. (Sam’s is about 25 miles from home.) I will probably make those cookies soon. I can’t wait long for those! And, since my sons aren’t very fond of chocolate, these might really hit the spot! (The cherries also can go in salads, & you name it.) Sam’s also sells a 2-lb bag of dried, but I didn’t know when they would run out, & then I might have to wait until mid-summer to get more. πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to get my latest order of Seacoast & All Things Heather yarns, etc! I’m hoping that it will get here tomorrow!

    Have a great weekend!

  45. Oops! That should read that I am hoping that my latest order will arrive on Monday! Sorry about that. It was a long week. My oldest son is on his way back to college (450 miles from here), after being home for the week for Spring Break. Needless to say, that turned our family’s schedule upside down. It was wonderful to have him home, though. And, he is going back to school, stocked up on lots of foods & Mountain Dew from Sam’s Club.

  46. I only knit small projects – almost exclusively socks – and I have quite a collection of sock yarn. Right now I have skeins from many wonderful indie dyers and small companies that I can’t wait to use. At the Super Bowl sale at my LYS, I discovered the Louet Gems yarn and remembered that Nancy Bush used the yarn in a number of her patterns. I didn’t realize at the time that I was buying the sport weight (though it seems to be a light sport weight) or that a different Louet Gems yarn existed. This yarn will be perfect for me to get the gauge recommend for a few Nancy Bush patterns.

    Although I do love to collect yarn I can’t display it because of my cats. They love to destroy yarn. Sadly, it is all packed away in my walk in closet. I have made a pledge to myself that I will not buy any more yarn until I’ve knit 6 pairs of socks from yarn I already have. I do have a birthday coming up very soon and yarn that other people buy me doesn’t count. I also have the Loopy Ewe Sock Club to look forward to.

    I have two pairs of socks on the needles as I type and one pair is almost complete. I plan to start my next pair with Louet Gems or Perchance to Knit. I just can’t decide.

  47. ok, waht kind of question is that? of course i love an array to pick from! you should see my yarn stash in general! it’s frightening.

  48. In one of the earlier posts, someone mentioned that they’d like to be able to wake up in the wee hours and HAVE the color at the ready that they had been thinking of. I must be of that same ilk. In fact, I believe that I might very well be a direct decendent of good old Noah, making sure my Ark is well stocked, just in case of flood or other disaster.

    Recently, one of the local yarn stores here in the high country of AZ, decided to downsize, giving up one half of their double store and going back to being more of a spinning/weaving establishment. The owner asked if I was interested in buying any of their ‘furniture’. I bought 2 of their tall bookcases, about 7 feet tall and 30″ wide & a foot deep. She said, “Oh those are no good…ready to fall apart, but you can have them for $5 a piece.” I took ’em, got a roll of wide brown cloth tape at the hardware, taped up the back panel…good as new!

    I began putting my commerically skeined German yarn on one side and my handspun on the other, figuring to fill them up by the end of Spring….maybe. This was near the end of January. I just got my last order of yarn from Sheri.

    Know anyone who has a cheap bookcase for sale?

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