What Song Are You Singing Today?

Lots going on today and I’ve been singing some songs. Want to know what?

“I’m Leavin’ on a Jet Plane”. Tomorrow I leave for a long weekend in the mountains in Colorado. This is my annual Girlfriends Weekend with a few (or 11, to be exact) of my dearest friends. All 12 of us convene in my parents’ condo near Keystone/Breckenridge for a weekend of talking, shopping, movies, eating, and scrapbooking. This year my plan is some simplified digital scrapbooking and as much knitting as I can work in. (Because knitting and talking is easy.) I’ll be back on Sunday night, and WH and KD will be packing up your orders this weekend while I’m gone. (Unless you’re all waiting for the shop update on Monday night/Tuesday – which is going to be fun!)

DSC00417.JPG“One of These Thing is Not Like the Other” – wasn’t that a song on Sesame Street? (Great. Now that song is going to be running through my head all day long….) Zoe had a few friends over yesterday and I thought I’d snap their photo. Quite a challenge to get four cats to line up and stay put, but we pulled it off. They tore up the house together and we’re not inviting them back.

DSC00565.JPG“Born in the USA”. Or maybe it should be MADE in the USA. Are these stitchmarkers cute or what? Katie (who makes our extremely popular Loopy/Louise/Bart stitchmarkers) has come up with a fun way to celebrate Project Spectrum – with a Stitchmarker Club! You need to go sign up. Katie is also coming up with another set of stitchmarkers “exclusive to The Loopy Ewe” based on this new technique, so stay tuned for more on that later. (I probably could’ve found a more appropriate song title for this one, but I got tired of reading the song titles list in the “B’s” and so this one won. Are there song titles with sheep in them? How about a song about stitchmarkers? πŸ™‚ That’d be catchy. Or knitting in general? I couldn’t think of a one. Someone needs to write one for us.)

DSC00373.JPG“Happy Birthday” to me! Today is my birthday and look at the wonderful cake that Wonder Husband and Knitting Daughter baked for me! Are they the greatest, or what? (Some of you might think this looks suspiciously like a dessert from our cruise. Ok, you’re right. I’m just wishing this was my birthday cake!) How am I spending my day? Knitting, dinner out with Wonder Husband and Knitting Daughter (very much missing College Boy) and packing to leave town tomorrow. I hope you all have a great rest of the week and I’ll catch up with you again on Monday!

Sheri don’treallyneedcakebutdefinitelyhavingColdstoneCreameryCakeBatterIceCreamtoday


  1. Happy Birthday from the person that has known you the Looooooooooongest.
    love you lots. And now the mountains are calling….have a great trip.

  2. Happy Birthday Sheri! Today is my mom’s birthday too. So does that make you my Wonder Twin Mom? lol Just kidding. Although she did always claim that I was switched at birth. (and btw, she’s counting backward, so she’s 27 today, and I’m 23 which means she’s going to be younger than me in another few years. lol)

  3. Have a FABULOUS birthday Sheri!! Your trip sounds wonderful, a nice birthday treat indeed! I’m a digital scrapper too – knew I liked you for a reason, lol! Look forward to a peek at your creations!

  4. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday. It may be the best kind–spending it preparing for and anticipating a delightful trip ahead! Enjoy it.

  5. How fun to be having a Girlfriend weekend right next to your birthday! Hope you have a wonderful time and lots of fun.

  6. happy, happy birthday sheri. your cake looks the best. i know you will have so much fun this weekend. so glad to hear you get to have fun with friends and relaxing from your work. wh and knitting daughter will do a bang up job for you!
    may you be blessed with a wonderful year and many more birthdays. hugs to you.

  7. Happy Birthday dear friend!! Wish I was meeting you in Colorado!! Have an INCREDIBLE trip.. as I know you will!! That cake looks AMAZING!! Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to count any calories that you eat on your birthday??????

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! If you find yourself in a travel mishap call me! I am smack dab in between home and the cabin. LOL…..I am a professional songwriter so I have songs running through my head all day long!!!…..LOL! Enjoy your trip, and knit something unusual to remember it by, or at least take lots of pictures. I will order on Monday! Take care and enjoy your evening!

  9. Hap–py, happy, happy birth—day.
    Hap–py, happy, happy birth—day.
    Hap–py, happy, happy birth–day
    to You, to You, to YOU!!
    Happy birthday Sheri!!

  10. Happy Birthday! We have almost the same birthday… mine was on the 25th.

    Aren’t the Project Spectrum sheep cute? I got mine this week. I’m looking forward to your exclusive markers.

    Have fun at Breckenridge. I hope that your travel goes smoothly as we had a snow storm today.

    Joanne, in Denver

  11. If you just HAPPEN to check your blog comments while you’re away vacationing (and, I’m sure, having a safe, wonderful time)…and you HAPPEN to have internet access….

    Could you let us know you’re okay? I was just checking on weather.com for info about this Blizzard of Apocalyptic Proportions we’re supposed to be getting up here in iowa, and it mentioned the CO mountains were under a winter storm warning, so now I’m worried about you travelling and being up there and stuck and having to eat your yarn for sustenance.

  12. Miss Violet’s comment about eating your yarn made me laugh out loud…thank you!

    Sheri, have a great trip! I’m sure everything will work out fine at home, after all, you have some really good worker bees πŸ™‚

    Hope you enjoyed the early morning thunderstorms, they skirted just north of us.

  13. I just heard that the St Louis area was under a tornado watch or warning this morning. I hope that you were able to get out ok ahead of the storm & that the storms don’t interfere with your weekend plans! I also hope that all is well at home!

    Have a great trip, & stay warm & safe! πŸ™‚

  14. Happy Birthday, Sheri. A weekend with girlfriends in Colorado knitting, chatting, eating and shopping………wow, sounds like heaven.

  15. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sheri! Have a great time with your girlfriends…hope you don’t get stuck there in a snowdrift! And you know, calories are free on your birthday! Maybe it’s for your entire birthday week! Colorado is one of my favorite vacation spots…I go there every summer! Enjoy…looking forward to seeing your projects AND your new yarns!

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