What Song Are You Singing Today?

Lots going on today and I’ve been singing some songs. Want to know what?

“I’m Leavin’ on a Jet Plane”. Tomorrow I leave for a long weekend in the mountains in Colorado. This is my annual Girlfriends Weekend with a few (or 11, to be exact) of my dearest friends. All 12 of us convene in my parents’ condo near Keystone/Breckenridge for a weekend of talking, shopping, movies, eating, and scrapbooking. This year my plan is some simplified digital scrapbooking and as much knitting as I can work in. (Because knitting and talking is easy.) I’ll be back on Sunday night, and WH and KD will be packing up your orders this weekend while I’m gone. (Unless you’re all waiting for the shop update on Monday night/Tuesday – which is going to be fun!)

DSC00417.JPG“One of These Thing is Not Like the Other” – wasn’t that a song on Sesame Street? (Great. Now that song is going to be running through my head all day long….) Zoe had a few friends over yesterday and I thought I’d snap their photo. Quite a challenge to get four cats to line up and stay put, but we pulled it off. They tore up the house together and we’re not inviting them back.

DSC00565.JPG“Born in the USA”. Or maybe it should be MADE in the USA. Are these stitchmarkers cute or what? Katie (who makes our extremely popular Loopy/Louise/Bart stitchmarkers) has come up with a fun way to celebrate Project Spectrum – with a Stitchmarker Club! You need to go sign up. Katie is also coming up with another set of stitchmarkers “exclusive to The Loopy Ewe” based on this new technique, so stay tuned for more on that later. (I probably could’ve found a more appropriate song title for this one, but I got tired of reading the song titles list in the “B’s” and so this one won. Are there song titles with sheep in them? How about a song about stitchmarkers? 🙂 That’d be catchy. Or knitting in general? I couldn’t think of a one. Someone needs to write one for us.)

DSC00373.JPG“Happy Birthday” to me! Today is my birthday and look at the wonderful cake that Wonder Husband and Knitting Daughter baked for me! Are they the greatest, or what? (Some of you might think this looks suspiciously like a dessert from our cruise. Ok, you’re right. I’m just wishing this was my birthday cake!) How am I spending my day? Knitting, dinner out with Wonder Husband and Knitting Daughter (very much missing College Boy) and packing to leave town tomorrow. I hope you all have a great rest of the week and I’ll catch up with you again on Monday!

Sheri don’treallyneedcakebutdefinitelyhavingColdstoneCreameryCakeBatterIceCreamtoday


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Have a wonderful time with your friends in Colorado (wave as you fly over Kansas City).


  2. I have a song in my head…….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHERI! Have a wonderful day, and a most awesome weekend……….we will miss you terribly!

    Blogless Diane

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful trip! I also signed up for the colorful stitchmarkers. They are so cute! I am so glad that you are getting away. I am actually going away March 16 through the 18th for a girls weekend to a Disney spa. I can’t wait! My son is going with his grandparents to Disney as well that weekend and my husband is staying home to relax and watch movies all weekend. Everyone wins. The song that has stuck in my head is that one from the movie Benny and Joon, if I could walk 500 miles, I would be the man who walks 500 miles…it goes on. I don’t remember who sings it, but it is stuck in my brain today.

  4. Hi Sheri, Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day today and a wonderful & relaxing trip to Colorado with your friends. 🙂

  5. Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! Have a spectacular day and a wonderful weekend trip. I am so jealous…just the type of get-away I am longing for….rest, relax and enjoy! Safe travels, Kim

  6. Happy Birthday!! Mine was Monday,the 26th. Shout out a hello on your way to Breckenridge. I live in Littleton which is on the way to the mountains. Have fun. It’s supposed to snow again up there and down here tonight. We folks down here always hope it snows up in the mountains. We are very tired of snow this year. Haven’t had much of a break from it since Christmas Eve. Oh well, it is winter. Anyway, have a great time. That cake looked yummy by the way.

  7. Happy Day to you, Sheri! I am so impressed by the cake – even if Wonder Husband and Knitting Daughter didn’t bake it.

    Those sheep are way too cute. Kudos to Katie for such a beautiful and whimsical creation!

  8. Happy birthday!!
    Feliz cumpleaños!!! (that’s spanish for HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)
    Have a wonderful trip and a safe return

  9. Happy Birthday Sheri! You definately have to get some ice cream and anything else that strikes your fancy today. Have a great Girlfriends Weekend! I love the idea of friends getting together once a year like that. I haven’t kept up with many people though- guess I’ll have to work on that! Look forward to hearing about your trip and the shop update. Have a great day!

  10. The happiest birthday blessings to you Sheri 🙂 I hope you have the best time ever with your friends this weekend. We just returned from that same area (Steamboat Springs) … such a perfect setting for a getaway. Looking forward to your shop update on Monday … only 5 more sleeps!!

  11. Many Happy Returns of the day. Have a wonderful trip, I am sure it will be fun, fun, fun. Relax, put your feet up, eat to much, knit to much and generally pull out all the stops.

  12. Happy Birthday Sheri and many happy healty ones in future! Your weekend away sounds GLORIOUS!

    Cake is too beautiful for words and I was about to be uber impressed till I read on. Sneaky. Very sneaky. Loved that kitty photo too.

    My song for today… “I’m a little lamb who’s lost in the wood….’

  13. Happy Birthday Sheri! I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend! :0) In the Denver area it’s snowing today so I’m sure you’ll see a lot of snow in Breckenridge this weekend. Like Terry, I’m am sick of snow this year – could you take it home with you when you go? Ha! Have a great time!

  14. Happy birthday! (You can actually get cakes like that at La Bonne Bouchée on Olive. I always wonder how you’re supposed to cut it, though.)

    Love the picture of Zoe. Hehe.

  15. Happy Birthday Sheri!!!!! I have been listening to my iPOD alot lately so lots of songs are running through my head. My favorite right now is (this is bad) Honkytonk Badonkadonk. I listen to while I do housework keeps me motivated.

  16. happy birthday, Sheri! How old are you – 21? =)

    Enjoy your trip. There is nothing nicer than a vacation, especially one that is actually relaxing! (taking 2 kids to disneyword = not relaxing.)

  17. Happy Birthday Sheri. Hope you have a great weekend with your friends. What better way to have fun and destress then spending a long weekend with friends.

  18. HAppy happy birhtday,
    I wrote you a song,
    I really hope you like it,
    It isn’t really long.
    Happy happy birthday,
    I hope it’s good to you,
    And if you do not like it, then you can say “poo poo”.

  19. Happy Birthday to you, Sheri! I’m so jealous of your trip with all your friends! Sounds like a blast! When I first met my husband, he used to sing Leavin’ on a Jet Plane, and my mom would cry every time. (he was in the Army, he had to leave to go to Korea when we were only married a few months)

  20. Happy B’day! So glad you’re going to have fun with friends…a wonderful gift to yourself.

    I didn’t send gifts, but UPS tells me that the box of sock yarn will be delivered today and there’s a little bitty something inside for you (besides the yarn, I mean).

    Hope it’s the happiest one yet!


  21. A Very Happy Birthday to you Sheri! I hope that you have a super wonderful day! I will try not to be too jealous of your weekend – I will console myself by thinking about all the new yarn that you will be putting up next week….;-)

    Don’t you just love Cold Stone Creamery? I love the Chocolate Devotion Creation – well, actually, I haven’t tried anything from there that I didn’t love….

    I had almost forgotten the Sesame Street song…now I will be singing it all day – in my head, of course, since I can’t really carry a tune- 🙂

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