Three Things and a Recipe

Time for another Three Things Post today. (Why three? Because it’s easier than thinking of four.)

Three things I’m in the middle of knitting: (ok – that would’ve been easy to make four)

1. My second Frank sock.
2. My second Faded Jeans Panda Cotton sock.
3. My second Cherry Tree Hill Java sock.

(See a pattern there?)

DSC00554.JPGThree new things I bought this week: (ok – that would’ve been easy to make four, too)

1. This wonderful sheep by talented Laurie (seriously – go see all of her stuff. Now I want the big brown sheep.)
2. The book Favorite Socks by Ann Budd and Anne Merrow (had to order it at Barnes & Noble, but it finally came in)
3. The book The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

(Not that I have time to read. But I have delusions of time.)

Three questions that you all have been asking:

1. Are you getting any more Sweet Georgia orders? (Yes. One more.)
2. Are you getting any more Loopy Stitchmarkers? (Yes. Soon. And always more in the works!)
3. Are you getting any more Apple Laine soon? (Yes. Soon. And always more in the works!)

Three things that have bugged me this week:

1. My printer just spit out foreign characters instead of a bar code on a shipping label. (What??)
2. The stray cat that keeps meowing outside our front door at night, making me panic that Zoe got out.
3. The fact that I can’t ever seem to get to bed before 1:00 am.

Three things that have delighted me this week:

1. All of your fun emails/testimonials/blog comments/knitting tips. (You know, I think you’re wonderful.)
2. All of your great orders. (You know, I think you’re wonderful.)
3. All of the incredible recipes you have sent me. (You know, I think you’re wonderful.)

One of those came from Dynna, my Loopy friend in Michigan. She sent the recipe, and then she just went ahead and sent me the homemade cookies, too!! (And the most wonderful bag of Michigan dried cherries that I have ever tasted. I’m trying to save enough to make my own batch of cookies, but I keep snacking on them.) You must try these. The tangy cherries and the sweetness of the soft cookie, just make these downright delicious.

blogcookiesCherry Pecan Cookies

3/4 c. dried cherries
1/4 c. orange juice
Put these together in a small pan and bring to boil. Cool and drain.

1/2 c. soft butter
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. white sugar
Cream together and then add:

1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla
Next add dry ingredients that have been mixed together:

1 1/2 c. flour
1/2 tsp. baking soda
3/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. salt
Stir in:

1 c. quick oats
drained cherries
1/2 c. toasted pecans

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Delicious!

Three things I’m going to do today, in this particular order:

1. Get a Peppermint Mocha.
2. Drop off all the international orders at the post office.
3. Head to my LYS to look at someone else’s yarn for an hour. 🙂

So, what three things do you want to tell me today?

Sheri alsofoundCOOLnewyarns&accessoriesforTheLoopyEwethisweek,staytuned!


  1. First: I”m going to do my laundry….I know: boooring
    Second: I’m going to try my first design (a pair of socks weeeee!!!!)
    third: I’m going to call my hubby and tell him I don’t want to go to a farewell party for our friends (it’s too sad)
    Those are my three things.
    Have a wonderful weekend and go to sleep early today (If you can)

  2. I also bought “The Friday Night Knitting Club” this week, read the first two chapters last night, good so far.

    3 Things I will do today:
    Clean the house (1/2 way there)
    Wait patiently for Fed-Ex to bring my ipod (inscribed “Knitless To Life”), his second trip as I was out yesterday when he called.
    Welcome my loving husband home from Cinncinatti

    3 Knitting things I will do today:
    Photograph and pack up 3 chemo hats for Boston’s Childrens Hospital
    Work on squares (only 30 to go) of my Lucinda Guy baby blaket (see colours on my blog)
    Finish grafting the toe of charity sock for Connie in Ontario, I owe her a pair of socks for the women’s shelter near where she lives.
    If I have time I will cast on a sock for my son (Mountain Colors Bearfoot – they have the manliest yarn colours) (ok that’s 4 knitting things, if reading my book counts then it will 5)

    My personal moment will be my hour on the treadmill watch “You Can’t Take it With You” on TCM. Can’t decide if that will be before or after I shovel the driveway, fluffernutter snow arrived last night and it’s like walking in styrofoam peanuts.

    Would love the try the cookies, but not on my diet, maybe I could manage a few of the cherries.

    cheery Friday

  3. Frist: Thing is work.
    Second: is going to put in the closet organizers in the new house.
    Third: Drop off my taxes

    Boring!! Alot to do this weekend and next week. We move into the new hose on March 3rd. I have finished 2 pairs of socks and I need to get pictures taken and sent to you.

  4. It’s Friday, Yayyy, it’s Friday!!!!
    I’m going to get the rest of the organizers I need for the yarn and get that done tomorrow.
    I really, really, really want a Caramel Machiatto but not time before work so it’s the carrot at the end of the day for me. I’ll go get one of those after work, the organizers and then my weekend will commence.

    Hopefully nook pictures by Sunday.

    BTW, I think YOU are wonderful!

  5. I took a vacation day today…so my plans are to do this….

    First – knit my Frank socks. I’m using the Loopy Blooms in the Penllyn pattern and it is so much fun. Second – go to Barnes and Noble and get the Kate Jacobs’ book
    Third – Have DH take me out for lunch and maybe dinner and then get back to knitting.

    Those cookies look delicious Dynna and Sheri.

  6. 1. Go run errands–grocery store and bank
    2. Get a dolce cinnamon latte. Drink it while ironing and watching what I tivo-ed.
    3. Work on my first Martha sock more with new sharp needles

    I agree, you are the best!!! Can’t wait for new yarn!

  7. Cute sheep and yummy looking cookies! Three things? Hmmmmmm, all 3 things start with a Y and end with an N….LOL Can you guess?
    1. Yarn 2. Yarn 3. Yarn
    And not necessarily in that order either!! LOL Have a great weekend!

  8. (My first comment didn’t show up, so I apologize if this does come through twice.)

    Those cookies look yummy.

    Three things that make me happy:
    1. Homemade whole-grain bread
    2. Handknit socks
    3. My kids

  9. Did those dried cherries happen to be from American Spoon ( I LOVE American Spoon Foods and am hoarding a bag of dried cherries for just the right recipe. I may have to make those cookies. YUM. I used to live in Petoskey, MI where American Spoon started and lived off there stuff up there. Now I’m hungry.

    1. I am NOT working a 14 hour day today for a change
    2. Celebrating my birthday on Sunday and not thinking about age
    3. I am going to add ‘The Friday Night Knitting Club’ to my Netflix queue when it comes out on DVD. I hear Julia Roberts is in it. I have no delusions about time… watching the movie this time.

  10. 1. Work on felted slippers for my twin boys for as long as I dare because then I must:
    2. Iron my work clothes and
    3. Go to work.

    Sigh. If only I could cut out #2 and #3 but since no money = no yarn….

  11. 1. Builda bear workshop has a lamb stuffed animal. i have one, her name is Pooky.
    2. i’m throwing a boobie party tonight.
    3. i painted my toenails blue and sparkly, and i suspect it matches my car, a 2001 new beetle turbo.

  12. 1. I can never get dried cherries at our grocery stores here for some reason – I always have to buy the Cran-raisins that are cherry flavored. Sigh.
    2. I have a cart full of stuff that I refuse to purchase because I know as soon as I do, you’ll put up three new fabulous things that I must have….meanwhile, I’m terrified someone’s going to come along and snap up the stuff in my cart.
    3. I’ve been craving calamari ever since I heard on the news that they caught a half-ton squid. I don’t want half-ton-squid calamari…..just regular calamari. I wish they’d stop talking about it so the craving would go away.

    Happy weekend!

  13. 1. I’m making first-ever cheesecake tomorrow.
    2. I can’t wait till May (wink, wink,wink-Loopy Ewe Sock Club)!
    3. I want to be in my flower beds…hurry up Spring!

  14. Three things:
    1. I have loved having my kids home from school this week — wish it could last longer.
    2. It snowed again…and I love snow. If it’s going to February in Upstate NY, it might as well be snowy and pretty. (Hmmmm, plow hasn’t come yet.)
    3. I check your web site everyday to see “What’s New”.

  15. 1. I am going to leave work at 4:00 pm to start my husband free weekend!
    2. I am going to work on a second sock that I cast on yesterday and hopefully work on it uninterrupted.
    3. Later, I am going to bake some cookies and my son and I are going to eat cookies and watch cartoons.

  16. 1. I am going to go for my 4 mile morning walk (done)
    2. I am going to finish my second Conwy sock using J.Knits Boston
    3. I will pick out a pattern for my Malamute yarn – I’ve got it all balled up and I really, really want to knit with it but I just can not decide on a pattern. It’s driving me batty. I’m open to suggestions.

  17. !. Order my new vanities for the bathrooms
    2. Laundry as always.
    3. Scout function tonight that I do not want to go to, I want to drink

  18. 1. I like Fridays because I homeschool my children and it’s hard work.
    2. I keep checking my bank acocunt for tax money so that I can buy sock yarn.
    3. My six year old twins are obessed with playing Monopoly.

    Must add a fourth. I am almost done with my first Opal yarn sock.

  19. 1. Get off early from work – woo hoo!
    2. Drive 2 hours to pick up college “daughter(and boyfriend); find home of Interweave Knits in Loveland, CO; try to control yarn spending on Loveland yarn crawl with tax refund comfortably deposited in bank; drive a bit more north to Fort Collins, CO to watch High School son’s girlfriend play in basketball playoff game…
    3. Return to humble home in Fountain, CO, making mental notes all the way of what projects I’ll be adding to my Knitting “queue” with my new yarn!

    Okay, so that’s really more than three, but that really is the story of my current life – trying to fit 6 “things to do” in a 3 “things to do” day!

  20. Firstly – Kate Jacobs book was wonderful – I honestly couldn’t put it down

    My three things
    1. Work (I need income to pay for all my yarn from the Loopy Ewe!!!)
    2. Try to finish Sock 1 of my CTH Las Vegas Brights socks
    3. Try and decide which yarn to use next

  21. 1. Already got my triple venti peppermint mocha and cheese danish. I’m only allowed to get them when I’m either traveling on the company’s dollar or I sleep in and can’t make breakfast before I leave for work.
    2. My Yarn Pirate order arrived yesterday and just makes me happy. I didn’t think about it when I ordered it, but the flowering dogwood is our state flower.
    3. You’re going to carry Chibis! None of my LYSs seem to carry them in the small sizes. Great, now you’re going to have even more of my money!

  22. I wish I were not allergic to cherries.
    I’m working all day today, about 13 hours. My poor, poor feet.
    I hope I’m there when the Sweet Georgia gets in, it’ll be our last chance for a while!
    And a fourth thing–I think I know what second sock syndrome is like now. It took me 3 (yes, THREE) weeks to finish one, single Concertina Lace sock, and now I am loathe to start the other. *Shifty eyes.*

  23. My three things today:
    1. Leave work at 2:30 p.m. (lucky me!)
    2. Take picture to framers.
    3. Get in some knitting time before husband and son get home from work – best part of the day.

    Have a great weekend. I’m going to try that cookie recipe. Sounds and looks yummy. Traverse City Cherries are the best!

  24. 1. I’m off today. I hope I use it well!
    2. I lost 4 lb this week. WOOHOO.
    3. I have 5 projects going, and I hate it. And none of them are extremely close to finishing. UGH UGH UGH.
    4. If all I have in life to get upset about is knitting, I must be doing all right. 😉

  25. 1. Make more progress on my Rococo socks.
    2. Keep an eye on one of the four cats, who had a bad night, but seems fine now.
    3. Ran around like mad and did errands so I can do #1 !

  26. Thanks to you and Dynna for that recipe…yum!

    1. It’s a quiet day at work, and I’m knitting.
    2. Find my lost copy of Folk Shawls to I can start the Wool Peddler shawl.
    3. Will have DD and DS home this weekend, first time in a while.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  27. Today is pretty exciting for me on the knitting front because:
    1. I just finished a pair of socks and have them displayed on the new sock blockers you sent me. They look fab!
    2. The postman brought me a set of sterling silver dpn’s from Celtic Swan this morning and since I just finished a pair of socks I’m about to cast the Schaefer sock yarn you sent me onto them. I can’t wait!
    3. (Not knitting related but the first two are enough knitting excitement for one day.) My daughters are now seriously in love with the sheep and other animals that Laurie has made (I can see some birthday requests forming in their little heads) AND they want me to make some dried cherry cookies this afternoon. I love the cookies, too, but we don’t have them very often because the cherries cost almost as much as a skein of sock yarn, and if I had to choose one or the other you know which one I would go for!

  28. Don’t you love the dried cherries?! You can cook with them, bake with them, or just eat them right out of the bag! Yummy! We have a cottage on a lake in Northern Michigan (and drive 12 hours to get to it) and one of my favorite things up there is the dried cherries. You know Northern Michigan is the cherry capitol of the world. I’m finishing my Lorna’s Laces Mineshaft socks for my son. He tried the first one on and said it was like putiing each foot into a blanket made just for them. He’ll definitely be getting more socks from me. This is his first pair, as I’ve only made four pairs before this…but I am loving the sock knitting!

  29. The cookies look yummy. When I find some time I’ll have to make them. Three things I’m going to do today:
    1. Work on my Martha socks
    2. Have a Milky Way coffee with three shots….Yummy! 🙂
    3. Enjoy the quite while my oldest is at school and my youngest is taking a nap.

    Have full looking at the yarn at your LYS.

  30. 1. Start some Frank socks! Woo!
    2. Finish some laundry.
    3. Head to a hotel tonight with some friends so that we can go to a scrapbooking event at a convention center tomorrow. Even though knitting has taken over my life and I have no interest in scrapping any more! Oh no! 🙂 I do like getting away for a weekend though. 🙂

  31. Ooh, I bought that book too! Isn’t it great? I’m making the Go With The Flow socks in Claudia Handpainted “Pistachio” for my Martha socks. 🙂 🙂 I love them to pieces! They remind me of an ancient doll my grandma has in her guest room (that was “my” room when I went to a nearby college).

  32. If you haven’t sent an e-mail to Cookie A of and knitty sock fame, you really have to. She has multiple single patterns coming out and I want retailers to bomb her with e-mails encouraging her to sell in shops (not just online or at Stitches West). I saw most of the socks knit up, in person, at Stitches West preview last night and they were splendid.

    Okay, if you haven’t, wait until monday to send e-mail. Maybe Tuesday. It is Stitches weekend! 🙂

  33. I just discovered your store via Lime & Violet (they said such great things, I had to wander over). I’ve been drooling over some of your yarn (are there waterproof keyboards?) and I think today may by the day I break down and order. *LOL*

    I just finished The Friday Night Knitting Club and sobbed my eyes out. Another good book is Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky–I just started it but knitting is most definitely involved!

    Three Things I Will Do to Today
    1. Try to work on a design for a scarf and actually start knitting said scarf
    2. Try to start a pair of socks for the umpteenth time. I’m having trouble finding a pattern I like for the yarn. As a result, there have been many visits to ye olde frog pond.
    3. Drool over some more of your yarn

    Seriously, here’s my list:
    1. Finish a backlog of two months filing at work (already did this actually)
    2. Clean my bedroom
    3. Try to take things one thing at a time and not get so overwhelmed

    I’ve been looking at the Favorite Socks book online but can’t find it anywhere. Amazon said it’s not out until April?!

  34. I am: 1. Waiting for my husband to get home with a guinea pig. 2. avoiding cleaning the entire downstairs (must do) 3. watching “you, me and dupree” with husband after kids go to bed, eating a glazed donut and knitting a “totally refootable” sock from Socks socks socks (all at the same time). Oh, how I want the new Favorite Socks book.

  35. Three Reasons Lime & Violet loooove The Loopy Ewe:
    1. TLE supports independent dyers and we love that,
    2. Quickest shipping this side of the Pecos, baybeee…
    3. Sheri’s notes on the invoices, so we can distract SSH with the notes rather than the total yarn order purchase price that is sure to drive us into ramen eating for the next century.

    Three Colorways from here that make us droool:
    1. YarnPirate’s Dogwood (pink and brown! WOOOT!)
    2. Fleece Artist’s Paris (oh. mah. gawd. Seriously.)
    3. Interlacements TinyToes in Fireside (you should SEE LIME’S SOCKS. OMG.)
    (we could go on here, but I’m being good.)

    Three things I should be doing rather than posting on your blog:
    1. Knitting. There are four socks on needles right now. Ahem.
    2. Dishes, before they declare mutiny and proclaim the kitchen as their own sovreign nation.
    3. Writing. The book is aaaaalmost there, but I’m on vacation. Supposedly.

  36. I agree on the getting Cookie’s patterns (if possible). I just finished a pair of Monkey socks last weekend and loved the pattern. That might be perfect for some yarn pirate yarn I have in my stash…
    Three Things I am Doing This Afternoon.
    1. Work on some socks out of the Yarntini color wave “Grape Ape.”
    2.Whine because I missed You Can’t Take it With You and throw on some Harvey to watch while I knit instead
    3. Watch Monk and Psych
    BTW I was watching Fraggle Rock the other night and there is a whole episode about the Doozers having to knit instead of build. It cracked me up.
    Have a great weekend!

  37. hi sheri and friends. michelle in ariz. the dried cherries were distributed by Traverse Bay Fruit Co. i’d like to think they are from our many cherry orchards here. had to go get a snack of them to enjoy as i read these comments. sheri, your WH photo, or maybe your own, made those cookies look better than when i sent them. ( : so glad you enjoyed them and felt they were worthy to share. so, three things to share today.
    1. just got home from work
    2. plan to do a bit of knitting on a fancy sock
    3. keeping my eyes open for another yarn order from my favorite yarn lady, sheri.
    happy knitting and weekend to all.

  38. My three things to share:

    1. I took today off from work as part of my yearly bday present to self (actual bday is tomorrow, but a 3 day weekend is an even better gift to myself)

    2. I received my mom’s gift to me in the mail today – a Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate sent by Sheri…thanks!! (can’t wait to shop — may wait until you get a restock of certain yarns)

    3. My best friend is taking me to one of our favorite restaurants followed by dessert at another restaurant because I love their stawberry cheesecake (he’s such a sweet guy when it comes to things like this…) – its a birthday tradition.

    Have a wonderful weekend!! : )

    P.S. That cookie recipe looks great. I have a similar one called “Cranberries in the Snow” – it has the added bonus of white chocolate chips…my new favorite…

  39. 1. Those Cherry Pecan Cookies look and sound fabulous! I need to head off to Sams Club tomorrow to buy some dried cherries so that I can make them. 🙂
    2. I need to start the pair of socks for my youngest son, that I promised him a while ago. I need to stop looking at patterns & ways to start them toe-up, & just get them started, so I will have a carry-along project!
    3. I need to gather our stuff for taxes, so I can get started on them. They are semi-organized, so it is mainly sorting the stuff, so I can enter the data into TurboTax.
    4. I will have to look into that book, if I can find time to read.

    You all have a great weekend! We have a Winter Storm Watch for Sunday morning to Monday morning; at least they took the ice out of our forecast! Monday could be a snow day for my two younger sons. I know they would love that, not to mention the money they might make shoveling or snow blowing.

    I can’t wait for my first order from The Loopy Ewe to arrive! I hope that the snow dosn’t slow it down. 🙂

    I hope we all stay warm!

  40. First: Gauge swatches are dirty liars (just ripped out my first attempt with the Sweet Georgia)
    Second: It’s very hard to photo your own foot (maybe I need a sock blocker?)
    Third: Got some big plans for my Loopy sock kit…

  41. 1) I got my order from you yesterday and am so very happy. The Yarn Pirate looks like fun stuff and the Fleece Artist is gorgeous.

    2) I’ve never knit a pair of socks but am DETERMINED

    3) Before I get entranced by socks I am determined to finish 1 baby hat (before the baby shower on sunday) and two baby blankets before their respective future owners make their debut in about two months or so.

  42. It’s Saturday here (woohoo!!) so 3 weekend things;
    1. get hair cut and coloured = 2 hours of ‘me’ time which should hopefully see me reach the heel of sock one of pair two
    2. turn heel and begin foot of aforementioned sock.
    3. wind my yummy maraschino ATH yarn and cast on for a pair of lacy Frank socks (can Franks be lacy? I guess so?!) – my first attempt at something other than a plain ole stockinette basic sock.
    Have a great weekend Sheri!

  43. Three things for today:

    1. Have a favorite friend over for coffee and conversation

    2. Read Clifford the Big Red dog books to my three year old while sitting in my favorite “big red” rocking chair 🙂

    3. Kitchner the toe of my second Martha sock

  44. I literally just yesterday finshed reading “The Friday night knitting club.” It was awesome and is a very fast read. Be careful….you will cry and cry hard. You have to read “The Knitting Circle”. It’s new and on sale at Barnes and Noble. It, too, is a great read.

  45. 1. i took a 2 hour nap today, and didn’t get a headache (i’m a migraine sufferer, and anything that long can kill me)
    2. i did no housework today.
    3. i did precious little knitting (there’s a huge storm coming, and my arthritis is kicking up)

    i think i liked your list better

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