The Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club

Top Ten Reasons to Sign Up for The Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club

1. You will be getting exclusive colors of yarn that are tied into the season. Everyone ought to have specific socks that “go” with the season. Sure, you could pick your own colors out, but what is the fun of that? Why pick what anyone else in the world could pick? Let us surprise you with the perfect colorway for the season!

2. You will get your kit in time to make the socks for the next season. We’re starting with the first shipment in May, so you will get your summer sock ingredients in May, just in time to knit them right up. (Which of course you will do.) You’ll get another shipment in August (fall socks) and then in November (winter socks) and then it will wrap up next February (spring socks).

3. You will be getting a sock pattern designed just for that seasonal colorway, by the talented Lisa at Wildhorse Farm Designs. Enough said about that. Because we all know how wonderful her sock patterns are.

4. You will be treated to exclusive colorways by All Things Heather, Yarn Pirate, Claudia Hand Painted, and one other dyer. Watch for some fun yarns in the mix. 🙂

5. Of course you will be getting some great, extra surprises in your box. Mostly because it’s me putting the packages together, and you know how I love to throw extra things in there. I have had fun rounding up some cool surprises for you.

6. Yes, these will all count towards your Frequent Shopper Benefits! (Don’t you love that?)

7. No, it doesn’t count as stash. It doesn’t even really need to come out of the yarn budget. I’d say take it out of the “entertainment” budget. Or “seasonal decorations”. Or “gift buying”.

8. You just need to sign up once and it guarantees you shipments for the whole year. (Well – you DO have to pay for them. Have I mentioned that? Just $33 – plus shipping – each quarter, billed a week before the shipment goes out.)

9. You’ll be a charter member of our Sock Club, since this is the first ever Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club. Spots are limited, and it’s already about 3/4 full from our monthly newsletter email which went out tonight …. but there are still some spots left.

10. Because it’s The Loopy Ewe, and you know we’ll do it up right!

Want to be a part of it? Quick – send me an email (sheri [at] and put “Loopy Sock Club” in the subject line. I’ll email you back and let you know either way. I’m hoping that YOU will join us!

(Morning Addition: OH MY. I “upped” the Sock Club numbers once, and then I “upped” them again, and I’m afraid that I am at the very top limit that we can possibly take. The Sock Club is now closed. Thank you SO much for the terrific response! I can’t wait to start sending you seasonal packages! And next year – because of course there will be another sock club for next year – I will announce the sign-up date a week ahead, just so you can plan on it. I promise.) 

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  1. You do do things right, Sheri. Lots of businesses, both Etail and Retail, could take a few lessons in customer service from The Loopy Ewe. It’s the added touches that make it all so exciting. Can’t wait for the club to start. Thanks so much for another great idea.

  2. You also do the billing right! I know a bunch of people who were interested in sock clubs who couldn’t afford such a huge hit all at once, with yours they can!

  3. Woo hoo! I am so excited about this (I’ve just signed up) — can’t wait till May. I’m thinking I can totally keep up with a pair of socks each season. Will there be a KAL?

  4. Quarterly is just the right timing, in my opinion. And I like staggering the payments. As always Sheri you do it the right way. I hope your business continues to grow and grow. When someone treats customers in the wonderful manner you do, I come back again and again…which, ah-hem you obviously already realize. I really like a different yarn from a different manufacturer each time, too. Just can’t wait…this is going to be too much fun!!!!

  5. oh boy oh boy oh boy for the sock club. :>) Also love the quarterly payments… much easier to swallow than some others $200+ up front.

    sKNITches colors sitting on my desk RIGHT NOW fresh from the Ewe. ‘Oooooh’ is all I can say. As usual WH photos are excellent as these look just like the web photos. Love them love them. Really cannot wait to knit these striped puppies!

  6. I’m so glad I was able to get into the sock club. Even my budget can afford this one. Now I can’t wait till May when I get my first shipment. I wished more stores had your customer service Sheri. I also can’t wait to put in my next order. 🙂

  7. Wow, that was a quick fill. I was here just last night and you hadn’t posted, now it’s gone. 🙁 You must have a lot of night time readers. Have a great sock club!! Will you post pictures after you send the shipments out so we can see the colorways?

  8. Well, shoot! I’m a day late and a dollar short. Your sock club sounds terrific Sherri! I’m happy for you that you had such quick responses (but sad for me. LOL!) I look forward to seeing updates about it.

  9. Aww, I missed it. I guess I’ll just watch the fun from the sidelines, and buy my own sock yarn quarterly. (No cool surprises, though. =P)

  10. You are the pefect LYS. You provide a wide arrange of amazing hand dyers, extra goodies that are not seen on any other yarn store site, not to mention the wonderful friendship that you offer absolute strangers. The Sock Club couldn’t be more pefect, your service, and quality are beyond compare. A wonderfully fun way to run a sock club – 4 times a years – I think you are the only club out there that runs on the quarter, and so easily affordable to work into anyones budget. Sheri – you treat every customer as if they were a personal friend, that is so much a part of your charm, you never disappoint, your recommendations on yarn and colours are sincere and extremly valuable. I am so looking forward to May and the beginning of the “seasonal sock” club.

  11. Wow I cant believe you filled up so quickly! I would have loved to join! I dod not know that you have a sock club. How can I get your newsletter? And if anyone happens to drop out ( I know I wont keep up my hopes fot that 🙂 Let me know!

    Well have a great day!


  12. I’m crying a river. I just read your post. I’ve been sick for the past week and have not read your blog or anyone elses for that matter…..wahhhhhhh.

    Let me know if you open another spot please!!!

  13. I just managed to get over to the blog and wah! I’m already too late. ::sniffle::

    I do like the idea of quarterly payments instead of a lump sum all at once — that I can justify. Er, you aren’t creating a waiting list, are you? If you are, I’ll happily sign up for that.

  14. Oh, I’m SO sad! I was super excited when I read this post this afternoon, as I couldn’t afford the huge lump payment for the STR club, (and this would even be more fun!) but now when I get to the bottom I’m just crushed. ::crying::

    I’m sure there’s no waiting list, but if there is I would love to be on it.

  15. Another great Loopy delivery! I love the Posh and the Anne. The Anne is really calling to be cast on..but I am hanging tight and trying to finish the second Martha sock. Thanks for the extra surprise, Sheri. I LOVED it and think I could probably handle casting on for that:)

  16. hi sheri. well, just today i’m reading this blog. i was just telling a lady at work about your sock club. telling her i didn’t think i wanted someone else choosing my yarn and pattern, etc. for socks to knit. think it must be a control issue. ( : now i come and read these reasons and how it is going to be special made up colors etc. etc. etc. and i think i’m missing out on something pretty neat too. i agree with megan, if you make a waiting list for next year, put me on it too!! guess that saying “you snooze, you lose” is appropriate for me today. happy knitting to you all.

  17. Wow, I just ran across your blog and was excited and ready to join, but than I got to the bottom and I am sad as well. Happy knitting everyone and if you open back up, shoot me a email and I will join. Until, next time.

  18. please add my name to your waiting list, or next year’s list.. i am so!!

  19. So sad I missed your opening! Is there some sort of list to get on to find out about next year in time to register? Don’t want to miss it again!!

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