Well, now – that was fun!

DSC00477.JPG(“Hello? Is it safe to come in here today?” ……. creeping in slowly ……..)

Hi. Ahem. So about that Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club. I’m so thrilled with the great response. (and seriously – I wasn’t worried about crawling in here today. You all have been very understanding, and even cheering us on, which is downright upright of you. You all are the best!) We had waaaaaaay more than I anticipated. Obviously I have had my head in the sand. (Actually, I have had my head in a pile of yarn.) I thought 50 would be a nice number to shoot for, with sock club participants. And then I quickly upped it to 75. Then 100. Then 125. Then, I upped it one more time to 150 and had to stop and put blinders on and go sit in a corner. You see, I really hate telling people no. Especially when we were full in about 12 hours, keeping in mind these were hours when most people are sleeping (7 pm – 7 am). If it were up to me, I’d be happily sending out welcome emails to any and all who wanted to participate, regardless of the rising numbers. Or at least until Wonder Husband got home and knocked some sense into me, or Zoe pushed the screensaver button to watch the fish some more. But there are limits to what I can ask my awesome dyers to do. And isn’t that one of the things that makes a sock club special? The exclusivity of it and the unique, one-time-only colorways you get? Next year, I’m going to try to find a way to make it 200-ish. Someone will have to come over here the day of sign-ups and keep me from upping it and upping it again. Or else I’ll have to develop more discipline in this area. We’ll see which sounds like more fun when I get there. Thanks to all of you for wanting to be a part of this and for such great encouragement. YOU make this such a fun business for our family!

Speaking of all of you, I did want to give a big shout out to the latest new members of the Loopy Groupie Club, over the past couple of weeks! A very warm welcome to these gals who have received (or it’s in the mail) their Loopy Groupie Gift Bag: Sarah in FL, Phoebe in MO, Vickie in CO, Rachel in NY, Pam in CA, Rosemary in TX, Barbara in MO, Dynna in MI, Stacey in CA, Michelle in MI, Capi in AZ and Theresa in Italy! (Theresa gets the distinction for being our very first international Loopy Groupie, but there are a few others who are not far behind!) You know we love you here!

Guess who comes home this afternoon for a long weekend? College Boy!! And we’re working on getting our fun photo galleries up on the website while he’s here. So I’m closing this out for the day, but will leave you with a super easy crock pot recipe. Why do I like crock pot recipes? Because you can throw dinner in there and knit all day long. πŸ™‚ Why do I not like crock pot recipes? Because it makes the house smell wonderful all day long and it makes me feel hungry all day long. Note re: the food photos on this blog – there is a reason that I’m a knitter and not a food stylist. I know it needs sprigs of parsley and all kinds of other wonderful things to give it color……

DSC00440Chicken On The Go

6-8 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
8 oz. cream cheese
1 stick of margarine or butter
1 pck. dry onion soup mix
1 can cream of mushroom soup

Add all ingredients to the crock pot. (You can even put the chicken in frozen – how’s that for not having to plan ahead?) Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Serve with rice or noodles. YUM!

Thank you again for all of the wonderful memories you all shared about your grandparents. That will probably always be my favorite post ever, because I loved reading about how special they were to you. I have used the “random number generator” to pick a winner of The Loopy Loot for this month, and Minnie is the winner! Minnie – email me your address and I’ll get this fun gift off to you!

This weekend – I’m still working on my Franks. However …. I just got the most wonderful skein of yarn from one of our new indie-dyers that I haven’t told you about yet, and I do not think I’m going to be able to pass up the chance to start knitting with it a little bit. I’m trying to resist, but I think it will be futile. It’s too enticing. (Speaking of knitting – is there anyone out there who might ever want to be a test-knitter for me from time to time?)

Sheri Zoewantsthecomputerbacksoshecancatchherselfsomefish


  1. Is that an imac I see the fish swimming? WTG, that is my computer too. So do you ichat? My ichat id is wandatreece.

    Are you crazy, 150. You aren’t going to get any sleep trying to get these orders out. I may have to finally make the drive to St. Louis to help you out.

  2. Ooh, and I nearly forgot to say congrats on being so hugely popular! I couldn’t do it this year, but I’m really hoping to get a slot next year!

  3. Ooooh, that chicken sounds yummy! I might give that a try this weekend as I will have my hands full painting the spare bedroom! πŸ˜‰
    I would definitely be interested in test knitting for you! That would be really fun for me!

  4. Well, I’m very sorry to have missed out on the sock club, but I am widly excited that I received my sKNITches yarn yesterday. Girl…you shipped that fast! The yarn is yummy, and kudos to WH for taking excellent pictures. The color in his images is very accurate to the actual color of the yarn. Congratulations on the success of the sock club. I’ll look forward to joining the next one.

  5. I, too, would love to be a test knitter. It would help soften the disappointment I felt when I logged on Thursday morning about 9:00 to find that the sock club I SOOO wanted to join had filled up before I even knew it was open (sigh). Oh, well, there’s always next year, right? I think you should start a waiting list for next year. Sheri, enjoy College Boy while you can. My baby just joined the Navy and is away at boot camp for nine weeks, and my daughter is a college senior and planning to move into her own apartment this summer. Time flies!

  6. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’d be glad to test knit for you any time!

    So glad I made it in to the sock club sign up list in time! YAY!

  7. I’ll help test knit too if you need it. What a fun thing!

    Btw, I could not STAND it anymore and CO last night usig sKNITches Collegiate. It is pretty alright and have the toe done. Now back to my Frank I guess. (sigh) Life is rough isn’t it? hehe

  8. I wanna test knit, too! Me! Me! Pick me!!

    (I am SO GLAD AND GRATEFUL to you for upping the club – I was really itching to get in. I’m thrilled you can’t stand to say no.)

  9. Enjoy your time with College Boy! I am sooooo glad I made it into the sock club….you are popular for a reason…YOU ARE THE BEST! I am actually sewing – yes sewing up some drawstring sock bags this weekend for my projects…..I have found some “yummy” fabric…..bright red/cherries with lime green lining and a blue/yellow combo……..

    Have fun! Diane

  10. Zoe has the right odea – watching fishies!!! And I will also volunteer to be a test knitter but I have enough socks on the needles right now. Actually, I could probably use some more needles than I could start more socks. Oh wait, I need to finish some first because my feet are freezing!!!!!

    I am curious to see what will be in my package that you mailed out yesterday. I am working on my Loopy Groupie perks,

  11. Oooh, I’d test knit!!

    I’m in the process of moving in with my fiance and asked him where I should put my yarn stash. He said, “Why do you want to put it away? You should just make a pile of it on the floor. Then you can jump in it.” Don’t I have him well-trained? πŸ™‚

  12. 150??? Holy Cow, you crazy lady! LOL!.

    Enjoy your son. I’m going to a cheer competition in Columbus over the weekend and will get to see my OSU sophomore. Hooray!

    Yum on the recipe and cracking up over the photo comment. I can’t ever get good photos of my food either. Janice’s food always looks soooooo good!

  13. Your Joking right? I wasnt even close to getting on on the sock club! but maybe you will call on me to be a test knitter? you dont have to ask me twice to knit with beautiful yarns!

    Have a great day!


  14. I would be happy to test knit, if needed. Also available if you need help shipping out 150 (+ regular orders’!) boxes every couple of months. Poor postman–you should get him a birthday present too. Hee hee.

    I think a good way to keep you from upping and upping again next year will be to pile up 200 boxes between you and the computer to remind yourself that you have to mail out that many four times.

  15. well, how many test knitters do you need? i could volunteer for that too. maybe a different test knitter for each yarn brand and each color from them? then we could all test knit for you!! sounds like fun to me. the recipe looks yummy and we love cream cheese. i’ll be trying that out for sure. the crock pot was a wonderful invention and you are so right about having more knitting time and yummy smells. happy knitting.

  16. Hi, College Boy! Don’t let Sheri work you too hard! And (don’t let Sheri read this) look around—there’s a stash of yummy valentine cookies around there somewhere!

  17. I’m not sure whats involved in test knitting, but I’d be game — and if you start that waiting list, I am very interested in getting right in there. I’m among the envious onlookers, and hope to be able to vicariously enjoy the club via blog postings. I think it will be a big hit! Its destiny — anything you do with the care and passion you do is a surefire winner. πŸ™‚

  18. Sherrie,
    I just got my first package from you the other day, and I have to say that you now have a customer for life!
    I am so excited that I got in on time for the sock club..what a great idea!
    Oh, and I would LOVE to test knit for you.

  19. I can personally vouch for the deliciousness of that chicken recipe!! Yum Yum!! (although I’m still sure you said it was a roast……) I would love to test knit once I get my sock knitting time to less than 6 1/2 months per sock…. The yarn would probably be discontinued by then or of a WAY different dye lot at the very least! I am casting some Speed Demon Sock on today onto 2 circulars…. I have my fingers crossed. (well, that could be some of my knitting problems, I guess…. I need to uncross my fingers!)

  20. That recipe sounds great! I must try that next week!!

    I’m so bummed about the sock club! Just not fast enough I guess!!

    It’s so exciting that it’ll be popular! I must get in for the next one!

  21. I would be more than happy to test knit! How much fun would that be? I already own everything you sell, so you wouldn’t even have to send me anything! LOL!!

    Qualifications? I’ve been doing this for over 46 years now (egads… am I THAT old???), am working on the Masters program for TKGA, and teach knitting and crocheting. I also don’t work (except for my teaching), so I’ve got all the time in the world.

    By the way, thank you for the warm welcome into the Loopy Groupie ranks. I’m also thrilled to have made it into the Sock Club. This is going to be a good year!

    Pam in California, where we desparately need rain

  22. I’m so happy to be in the club-I have found I need no reason to buy anything from the fastest shipper on the planet. You give customer service new meaning :).

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